The Unholy Consult

The Unholy ConsultI wanted to like this so much SO much I love his other books But it s awful in my opinion, just wretchedly awful It s about 30% super gross and repetitive gay snuff porn, maybe expect the first 40% of the length of the book to be little else Bakker repeats the same lines over and over and over with a lot of arbitrary italics to try and lend weight to certain phrases the Meat vile angel argh Always verbose, he takes it to the next level here, framing scenes of mass gay rape and necrophilia with ponderous musings about the shitty nature of the human soul Bakker, for some fucking reason, felt the need wax on with not just phallic imagery, but romance erotica language like his manhood and throbbing phallus and turgid horn too many times to even count Entire major storylines that have been built up over the last 2 3 books get dropped like red herrings Major characters die, but not in the George R Martin school of OMG It s like what, that s it Whole story arcs just fizzle into literary blue balls And when you come up towards the end and you re still baffled but you ve got another 20% to go so your figure there s still timeNOPE That last 20% of the book is appendixes Yes, there is good info there, but I shouldn t have to read The Unholy Silmarillion to understand the book I just spent days reading.And as usual, Bakker has issues with writing female characters They re all dependent on male characters and largely useless outside of their interactions with them, with one exception, which I m not naming for spoilery reasons Her character has strong development, but was still pockmarked with dumb things like when describing her genitalia, because of course he does the downy hair of her cursed sex No reason, it s not cursed in any relevant sense, Bakker apparently just felt like saying that And while her character is one of the best, she nevertheless feels like fan service, like look, I can write a strong femaleso I m gonna make this chick basically a superhero to offset all the whores and pregnant women who depend on men in this series She still dies in obscurity for what seems like no reason at all And a dragon literally yells I LIKE CUNNY lmfaoIt s a lot of pornographic pontification about blah blah the soul blah blah the holy blah blah ejaculating on a corpse blah blah human nature That may seem like a given, but this book took it to the nth degree It wasn t just shocking, it was incredibly boring and repetitive And most of the book just makes no sense at all.Yeah, I m mad at this book I am such a big fan, and I feel not only let down, but honestly a bit offended that this was even published in this state. The Unholy Consult by R Scott Bakker crashes into the inevitable contest between the D nyain Prophet, Anas rimbor Kellhus, and the vile Consult hierarchy This novel, the fourth and concluding volume of The Aspect Emperor series, chronicles a convergent conflict, millennia in the making, between Men, Nonmen, and Inchoroi abomination Tekne and Logos will vie for the fate of the world, the fate of souls The Great Ordeal will traverse the unnatural wastes at the end of the world to face it the Golden Horror Weaving the narrative threads of The Aspect Emperor into a rope, The Unholy Consult hangs from the Horns of Golgotterath The survivors of Ishterebinth make haste to join the Great Ordeal, which in turn staggers in its last desperate trek through the Fields of Woe Following the destruction of the Horde at Dagliash, the false Believer King, Nersei Proyas, struggles to steer the might of Earwa across ashen Agongorea Stripped to the foundation of their Meat, the Men of the Ordeal find they must overcome themselves to march upon their foe, to achieve the requisite mad ferocity to topple wicked and alien heights Besotted, crazed with loss and bewildered hope, the old Wizard, Achamian, and the pregnant Prophet, Mimara, draw near to gaze upon the Aspect Emperor with the Judging Eye Even the eyes of the damned will stand witness to the Warrior Prophet s ultimate disputation of war Gobozkoy like no other As the Great Ordeal unleashes its collective might on Unholy Golgotterath, Bakker rolls into one all the strategy, tactical reversal, and heartbreak of the battle sequences of his six preceding novels and the Gods play benjuka across the very the plate of the world Thematically, the darkness that comes before dominates all individuals through every faction In a contest of this magnitude, none can be sure their cause is righteous truth Meat and spirit, meaning and its wages compel reason run to the end of sanity The Unholy Consult emerges as the most profuse expression of Bakker s philosophical viewpoint on humanity s frame and substance Stylistically, Bakker furthers the coiled power of word and verse from The Great Ordeal epic fantasy as adventure and elegy This novel is word for word, line for line, condensed, packed, loaded In the end, Bakker sparks a detonation proper to the termination of The Aspect Emperor series A rebuke of and tribute to the Tolkinesque tradition, a rumination on holy scripture, and prophetic word, The Unholy Consult is above all a tale to grasp the heart Included with The Unholy Consult is an expanded encyclopedic glossary, elaborating on the glossary of The Thousandfold Thought, divulging history, secrets, lies, and promising A particular highlight is a short account concerning the Aspect Emperor, revealing insight into his peculiar magic and snatched, it would seem, while the Anas rimbor thought no one watching Bakker s, previously available online Atrocity Tales, short stories set in Earwa, The False Sun and The Four Revelations, are also included as Appendices Two and Three The False Sun constitutes an episode from the formation of the Consult and their grudge with the ancient Grandmaster of the Sohonc, mighty Titirga The Four Revelations takes the reader inside the mind of a Nonman Erratic, long lived beyond all dead glory and sanity Tragedy, tragedy averted, tragedy necessary and inescapable, The Unholy Consult marches toward Golgotterath, measuring its path by the suffering of its persons This is the seventh book in The Second Apocalypse series Apocalypse is revelation Bakker delivers humanity, character and reader alike, to the revelation of the fate of worlds.Behold The Passion of the Warrior Prophet. The Darkness That Comes Before reviewThe Warrior Prophet reviewThe Thousandfold Thought reviewThe Judging Eye reviewThe White Luck Warrior reviewThe Great Ordeal reviewIf there is one thing this series has demonstrated again and again is that it does not stick to conventional fantasy narratives Characters can and will die in terrible ways Good and evil are but labels applied to achieve some other end by those in power The greatest power is not strength of arms or magic, but the ability to manipulate the beliefs and aspirations of whole peoples There are no shining heroes, there are no maidens in far away towers, the sum of an individual s achievements is insignificant when arrayed against the tapestry of humanity Bakker s world is bleak in a way that is both refreshing and a bit transgressive when compared to other fantasy that is out there I have found the entire series both engaging and challenging, though I will be the first to admit it is not for everybody.That being said I can see how lot of people who have made it this far in the series could come away from this book feeling disappointed The series itself has evolved quite a bit from the first installment In fact what initially caught my attention was how the first book and indeed the first trilogy was basically a retelling of The First Crusade set in a really fascinating fantasy world I am a sucker for good world building and this series delivers that in spades It then evolved into this apocalyptic struggle between humanity and genocidal space aliens that sought to save themselves from eternal damnation by closing the world through said genocide to the Outside trust me, it makes sense in context As you can see, there was a bit of a topical shift between the first book and this one In spite of this, however, I think the series holds together very well What is unfolding in this book is a consequence of the elaborate history and world building work that was present since the first book It is the natural by product of following the world and its conditions.That being said, this particular installment did come up a bit short for me compared to the others in the series.First off the initial plan was for the Aspect Emperor series to also be a trilogy Then Bakker decided to split the last book into two, this one being the conclusion to the installment The final product, in my opinion, did not need to be split into two books I think Bakker could have cut some rather graphic and probably unnecessary fluff in this book and merged it with The Great Ordeal to deliver a complete and compelling conclusion to the Aspect Emperor books.And this book was short, clocking in at only 451 pages with a good chunk of the space between the covers taken up by an extensive appendix which I loved but acknowledge was probably not necessary and two previously released short stories which weren t terribly compelling There was also a section towards the beginning of the book that was as repetitive as it was revolting So the percentage of the book that comprised compelling reading was lower than previous books.I also thought a few character s arcs were cut short or just turned out to be sort of pointless I can certainly understand why somethings turned out the way they did, but that didn t make me feel any less disappointed with the end results.That being said this book did deliver some amazing scenes and developments that I have been waiting for since the beginning Just about all the characters come together after being separate for the past three books We see a clash between the Great Ordeal and the forces of the Consult We get to see the Consult itself There are lots of payoffs that have been building up both from the Aspect Emperor series and the series as a whole And the ending was one of the ballsiest endings I have come across in any fantasy book I did not for one moment think things would turn out the way they did and I applaud Bakker for his decision on how to end the Aspect Emperor series.So while it wasn t the best possible book to end this series it was still a compelling and engaging read the delivered some really fantastic scenes and revelations If you have gotten this far you will probably find a bunch of things to like about this book even though it is by no means perfectThis is not the end, there will apparently be another two or three books that follow the events of the Aspect Emperor series I am really looking forward to them Speechless. A review came swirling downI have now read six gargantuan tomes of the Second Apocalypse my slog of slogs, my Great Ordeal, and in this final outing we will have our questions answered let s grab Golgotterath by the horns and get on with it I read the first one as it was pitched as a gritty, philosophical Game of Thrones to scratch the Winds of Winter itch When I was immersed in the fanaticism and butchery of the Holy War, I was hooked When it transpired that the Cishuarim, Fanim and the whole Three Seas were but pawns in some cosmic chess game of unparalleled bleakness, I stayed When we got to the spaceships and rape aliens and wait a minute maybe Kellhus actually is Jesus,I, eyebrows arched, loins girded, awaited some conclusion But I was perversely fascinated by the sheer scale of Bakker s imagination, and his ability to treat with deadpan dignity a plot whose premise I cannot explain to people without them thinking this is some 1920s Pulp mash up bullshit about Orcs on Mars The sheer, dazzling, maddening complexity of his cast of thousand An as Ordealsman who has waded through throngs of battles and treatises and the many, many, many engorged phalluses of this series, it was with a hungry eagerness I hoped to see Kellhus crack open Golgotterath, punch the Consult in their engorged phalluses and finally tell us what the fuck is happening in this fucking crazy series I have finished almost four thousand pages of purple prose Bakkerverse and I m still basically ignorant of his world s metaphysics and rules And I like that it s a world of dazzling byzantine detail and soaring mythic tone a universe of flesh and of the mind, and one of the most believable universes If you don t like it and you didn t like it you will be sadly disappointed by the final conclusion The unrelenting bleakness and savagery is still there there are three chapters of unfettered rape and cannibalism that make the Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like the Teletubbies If you like the previous outings, this is pure, concentrated Bakker refined to an arrow point in his style I read the whole 482 pages in a single breathless weekend, waiting for the ending.SPOILERS AVOID RUN AWAYThe ending is shit, isn t it We marched and massacred our way to here in order for the following things to happen 1 Mimara to never look at Kellhus with the Judging Eye.2 She gives birth to the last baby ever, then presumably is murder eaten by a trillion Sranc 2 Achaiman to hang out with Esmenet for a bit, neither discussing or acknowledging the situation.3 A brief summary of what the Inchoroi are about.4 Serwa my favourite Anasurimbor, kills a dragon This is never mentioned again and achieves nothing Cynically, this girl power moment feels like Bakker trying to undo some of the accusations of sexism in the series 5 Kelmomas the irksome little fucker we all hated in every book because if there s one thing Bakker likes than engorged dicks its italicised Mummy is magically invisible to the gods for essentially no reason, and momentarily distracts Kellhus in his moment of triumph and then some random Skin Spy offs him They chuck Kelmomas in a coffin and now he s Mog Pharau and everyone in the world is going to die sorry And like a reject from Les Mis, we ll be treated to Mog s soul searching WHO AM I whilst he kills everybody, making the entire trajectory one of the longest bloody paths in fantasy literature totally fucking pointless Do not get me wrong I loved the majesty and scale and artifice of this series but I cannot understand the sense of the ending. WTF No, really, WTF Really This is it Probably the most devastating series finale I ever red. From the first time I saw a map of R Scott Bakker s Earwa, I ve wondered about Golgotterath The name metal as hell , the location the middle of crater it has Dark Lord of Evil written all over yet But despite its importance, it s stayed in the background, a threat, yes, but something distant and abstract That all changes in The Unholy Consult After 6 books of teases, R Scott Bakker finally pulls back the curtain and reveals the nigh impregnable stronghold of Earwa s enemies And what a revelation it is The book itself is structured in two acts the convergence of forces at Golgotterath and the attack on the stronghold itself.The first details the various groups converging upon the Black Furnace Plain I don t want to give too much away about this but I will say that it s an emotional rollercoaster Long anticipated reunions, shocking betrayals and acts of unspeakable horror Bakker outdoes himself here it s a hell of a ride I ve been an avid fantasy reader for 30 years and honestly can t remember feeling so emotionally drained as I did by the end of this section Tip of the hat to Bakker by the time you reach the Maw of Golgotterath, you are every bit as blasted as the men and women of the Great Ordeal.The second act features quite possibly the best battle sequence ever written in the fantasy genre It is, of course, mind bogglingly epic What makes it transcend, however, is how skillfully Bakker weaves a coherent thread through the action Unlike the closing battles in other masterworks Wheel of time or Malazan Books of the Fallen , I didn t find myself struggling to remember who someone was or why they were doing what they were doing And despite being a long sequence nearly half the book , it somehow felt lean excellent work by Bakker and his editors.The final chapters are as revelatory as you d expect from Bakker and then some There was one particular moment hint it involves stairs where I literally said are you f kidding me out loud and put the book down for a day to process But what I really appreciated was that like any great mystery, the surprises made perfect sense within the logic of Bakker s universe and the seeds that he s planted since the opening sentence of The Darkness That Comes Before.And the ending All I ll say is that it s perfectly Bakker 5 5 A Score Of Years After He First Walked Into The Histories Of Men, Anas Rimbor Kellhus Rules All The Three Seas, The First True Aspect Emperor In A Thousand YearsThe Unholy Consult Is The Hugely Anticipated Final Novel In R Scott Bakker S Acclaimed Aspect Emperor Series, Set In A Vivid World Of Myth, War And Sorcery It Is A Series That Stands Alongside The Finest In The Genre, For Its Grand Scope, Rich Detail And Thrilling Story The Second Apocalypse forum is the place to discuss Bakker s fiction, especially the Second Apocalypse narrative www.second apocalype.comThis is the second rendition of the Second Apocalypse forum.Past links to the Ch 1 Excerpt are now down new links Ch 1 ExcerptCh 3 Excerpt SummaryCheers.THIS BOOK CANNOT BE RELEASED SOON ENOUGH SUPPORT R SCOTT BAKKER I have never waited so intently for ANYTHING No book nor movie has ever had me checking online once a week to see if a release date has been posted I don t think I was even this excited to lose my virginity I know it will still be a while, I just really need to know when I ll save all my paid time off because I will not be leaving the house until Kellhus is dead Long live the Padiraj

Richard Scott Bakker, who writes as R Scott Bakker and as Scott Bakker, is a novelist whose work is dominated by a large series informally known as the The Second Apocalypse which Bakker began developing whilst as college in the 1980s.The series was originally planned to be a trilogy, with the first two books entitled The Prince of Nothing and The Aspect Emperor However, when Bakker began writin

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