Half-BloodThe Hematoi Descend From The Unions Of Gods And Mortals, And The Children Of Two Hematoi Pure Bloods Have Godlike Powers Children Of Hematoi And Mortals Well, Not So Much Half Bloods Only Have Two Options Become Trained Sentinels Who Hunt And Kill Daimons Or Become Servants In The Homes Of The PuresSeventeen Year Old Alexandria Would Rather Risk Her Life Fighting Than Waste It Scrubbing Toilets, But She May End Up Slumming It Anyway There Are Several Rules That Students At The Covenant Must Follow Alex Has Problems With Them All, But Especially Rule Relationships Between Pures And Halfs Are Forbidden Unfortunately, She S Crushing Hard On The Totally Hot Pure Blood Aiden But Falling For Aiden Isn T Her Biggest Problem Staying Alive Long Enough To Graduate The Covenant And Become A Sentinel IsIf She Fails In Her Duty, She Faces A Future Worse Than Death Or Slavery Being Turned Into A Daimon, And Being Hunted By Aiden And That Would Kind Of Suck WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT This is what I was talking about Ms Armentrout You really know how to make your fans scream out Merged review MY REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOK image error SPOILER ALERT THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR BOTH VAMPIRE ACADEMY the whole series AND HALF BLOOD BELOW Similarities Between Half Blood and Vampire AcademyEVERY SINGLE THING CAUTION if you re looking for originality this is not the book for you It s like the author just took Vampire Academy and changed all the names The only character missing from this story is Lissa Read below for details EDIT Apparently Lissa is in this book as well You know the connection that Rose and Lisa have that allows them to experience each other s feelings and hear thoughts It s the same as the connection between Alex and Seth in Half Blood So Seth is actually playing the part of Lissa Here s our cast Alex AKA Rose HathawayAidan AKA DimitriDeacon Seth AKA Adrian Deacon HB and Adrian VA both have drinking problems Caleb AKA MasonLea AKA Mia.gosh their names even rhyme In the Vampire Academy Mia s mother dies due to Strigoi attacks, in Half Blood Lea s parent dies due to Daimon attacks They are also both the mean girl antagonist of the story who turn out not to hate each other towards the end Seriously Could this be even obvious that this is a rip off without stealing such a minuscule detail from the story Terms HALF BLOOD Basically the same thing as DHAMPIRSPURE BLOOD Basically the same thing as MOROI notice that they both coincidently have the same ability to control the elements and not the Half bloods dhampirs DAIMONS Basically the SAME thing as STRIGOIOther similarities In Vampire Academy Rose escapes from the Academy school for vampires with LisaIn Half Blood Alex escapes the academy with her motherIn Vampire Academy Rose goes to visit Dimitri at his house and they almost go all the way In that scene Dimitri talks in Russian In Half Blood Alex goes to Aidan s cabin and they almost go all the way In that scene Aiden talks in Greek In Vampire Academy Rose is distraught when Dimitri gets turned into a StrigoiIn Half Blood Alex is distraught when her mother turns into a DiamonThe structures of the school and the society THE EXACT SAME THING.In VA there are Dhampir and Moroi vampires Dhampir half blooded, Morio pure bloodedDhampirs in VA are meant to protect and cater to the needs of MoroiIn Halfs Blood, Halfs are expected to cater to the needs of PURES Halfs are considered below the pures Same for VA In Half Blood HALFS train in combat to Protect people from DiamonsIn Vampire Academy DHAMPIRS train in Combat to protect people from Strigoi The similarities are endless Bottom line this story was a complete rip off of VA Coincidence I think not The story follows the plot way too closely It s impossible not to miss Good news I loved the author s voice style and Alex s characters Why Because they re the only thing about this story that s even remotely ORIGINAL I have a strong dislike for books that are rip offs of other books rip off isn t even the correct word for this book like half stolen but I enjoyed the story nonetheless mostly because I missed VA and this story was basically a re write of it Towards the end the author surprises us by using some of her own ideas I hope she continues with that in the next book.UPDATE 11 13 11EX OF SIMILAR DIALOGUE You will lose what you value most, so treasure it while you can Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss Doesn t the witch lady from Half Blood say the EXACT SAME THING I didn t even notice this till today but seriously I m speechless There s also A LOT copies of dialogue during the Alex Rose and Dimitri Aiden moments.2.5 starsI try to never compare books to each other I actually find it kind of annoying But this book isn t just similar, it s been copied to the point where I got confused over whether I was reading Half Blood or Vampire Academy Whole plots characters scenes and dialogue have been copied And no I will not convince myself to give this author credit for stealing from VA just because she wrote a novel Let me explain this in a different situation A person steals a college essay off the internet and changes the names, locations, and switches the words around, but at it s core it s somebody else s words somebody else s hard work That person gets into their top college, in big part to their gut wrenching essay That person does not give credit to the original essay writer and is taking all the congratulations for getting into this college that s super tough to get into Would YOU think that was okay to do That is why I cannot reward plagiarism, even though I enjoyed reading Half Blood It s not fair, it s unprofessional, and it s an insult to the person she stole from I mean, she s making profit from someone else s work, without their consent NOT cool at all, whatsoever You want to be proud of something that you created, not guilt ridden So I went on to read the second book, hoping the rumors were true that the it was completely vampire academy less So not true But I admit that she did try harder to use original ideas than she did in the first book Here s my review of PURE Surely this book is illegal I mean, someone once tried to sue J.K Rowling because their book included a kind of wizard sport tournament similar to the one found in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, they claimed she had stolen the idea from them and this small matter takes up such a minuscule percentage of the novel Not to mention the fact that no one I knew had ever heard of the guy s novel beforeNow, pretty much everyone I speak to has heard of if not read the Vampire Academy series The first two thirds of Half Blood is exactly the same as the first in the VA series, I m not even exaggerating There are some scenes where if you changed Alex to Rose and Aiden to Dimitri then you would have a difficult time guessing which book is which In each novel, the protagonist has been away from their centre of training St Vladimir s and The Covenant for a long period of time When they return, they are admitted for a trial period in which they must attend training by professional and super sexy hunters In the training rooms, they fight the older and forbidden pros and get their arses handed to them repeatedly then slowly they get better, stronger, and things start to get just a little too hot and sweaty between them and their trainers.Oh, and another in your face similarity There are pures and half bloods, the former look down on the latter, pures would never stoop so low as to start a relationship with a half blood, etc, etc Alex, like Rose, is a half blood The only big difference is that Aiden, unlike Dimitri, is a pure So the relationship in this novel is even forbidden than the one in Vampire Academy But I was just astounded by how many characters mirrored the ones in VA, this wasn t an accident, it simply couldn t be.Two stars on goodreads means it was ok and, trust me, this very nearly got one star because plagiarism is never ok But there was a big improvement in the last third that gave me the feeling that the second book in this series Pure would leave the VA books alone and show some originality Things started to branch off from the obviously stolen idea and take their own shape like the introduction of Apollyon a half blood who is granted super powers in order to keep pures in check, but only one can exist at any given time and some other interesting discoveries that I can t talk about without giving away huge spoilers.Even though Half Blood is a well written, dark and sexy novel, I couldn t help but be turned off when I discovered that the author had taken someone else s idea Perhaps I d have felt differently if I hadn t just read Vampire Academy in 2011 I don t know, but I m not particularly interested in reading Pure right now. I m in love with Aiden St Delphi.Of course that s not a big surprise, since he s the reincarnation of one of my first and eternal book crushes, Dimitri Belikov, but still it s a reason to smile well, not for my mother, she weeps every time I fall for another fictional character instead of producing grand childrenYou will kill the ones you love It is in your blood, in your fate So the gods have spoken it and so the gods have come to foresee itThere is a secret society, one us mortals are not aware of Once upon a time, the horny greek gods mated with humans, and thus the Hematoi or Pure Bloods Moroi were born Due to their divine heritage, they are extremely fast and strong and beautiful , and they can wield elemental magic Their lesser halfs are the Half Bloods Dhampirs They can t control the elements, but they re equally strong Not particularly respected though A Half Blood will either become a servant, or will get the proper training to guard the Pure Bloods, and the best of them, they can become Sentinels Daimon hunters Which brings us to the third kind of supernatural, gods descended beings Daimons Strigoi are the Pures that switched to the dark side, and feed on Pures Our main heroine is Alexandria Andros why her last name is a greek island is beyond me , who fled the Covenant with her mother, only to be dragged back after her mother s death In order to graduate, she must train with my aforementioned love Aiden, a badass Pure, and try to survive the Pures politics, daimon attacks, shocking revelations about her powers and her ever growing yearning for Aiden Because relationships between Pures and Halfs are strictly forbiddenOkay I m ready to move onto something else, like practicing with knives or defense against the dark arts Cool things Did you just quote Harry PotterAs you can tell, there are many similarities with Vampire Academy That s not a bad thing in my agenda, it s just that due to this resemblance the whole story lost the element of surprise for me I knew exactly what was going to happen, when and where and how But setting this aside, Half Blood was delicious When it comes to action, rich mythology, feisty characters and scorching tension, you know Jennifer L Armentrout can not disappoint Fast paced, snarky, funny and equally heart breaking, Alex s story hooked you from the start, from that very first show down with daimons to the melancholic and beautiful last chapter There was just one problem.Alex.I am the President of the Alex Andros Sucks club The position of the Vice President is still up for grabs I had such a hard time liking her, since her lack of self control and discipline, her total disregard for the rules, her selfish, reckless and impulsive attitude that kept endangering not only her, but also the people close to her, were too much for me I know that most YA heroines are like this but, believe me when I say it, she is worse So much worse.On the bright side, Rose Hathaway really grew up throughout Vampire Academy, so I m not losing hope yet Even though Alex is the reason I almost gave Half Blood 3 stars, it is Aiden that deserves all the stars in the sky He s so caring, fierce and sweet that he makes your heart melt The chemistry between Alex and Aiden is simply sizzling, their scenes are both tender and toe curling, and swooning is inevitableThen he leaned forward and rested his cheek against mine Hot tingles spread through me as his lips moved against my ear You should tell me to stop I didn t say a wordBut alas, I can sense a love triangle coming, and somebody will end up crying Probably me The good thing is, there is a reason behind it It won t be thrown for drama purposes only, but it serves the plot, so I m going pretend it won t bother me a lotNeed covers itself with love, but need need is never love Always beware of the one who needs you There is always a want behind a need, you seeDespite its flaws, Half Blood is an addictive ride I absolutely recommend to every paranormal forbidden romance greek mythology lover Instagram Twitter Facebook BookNest

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