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Monday is One Day A Love Note From A Working Parent To A Child, Counting The Days Of The Week Each One A Special Opportunity To Spend Time TogetherOne By One, The Days Of The Week Roll By Monday Is One Day, Tuesday Is Blue Shoes Day, And Wednesday Is Halfway DayWhen Saturday And Sunday Finally Come, It S Time For Little Ones And The Adults Who Love Them To Play, Share, And Celebrate Every Day Of The Week Offers A Special Opportunity For Families To Enjoy Being Together

The Rough Face Girl and two Caldecott award winning titles

[Reading] ➶ Monday is One Day  By Arthur A. Levine –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Monday is One Day
  • Arthur A. Levine
  • English
  • 02 July 2019
  • 9780439789240

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    This simple, short book is a sweet, rhyming poem about parents missing their children when the go to work each day and looking foward to weekend family time What is so great about this book is the families it depicts Monday is a single, white, blue collar dad with a son and a dog Tuesdiay is a single, white mom carrying a briefcase Wednesday is a black, straight couple with twins and a cat Thursday is an older couple with a farm who could be the grandparents of the little boy Friday is a middle or upper class, white, gay male couple with a son and a dog Saturday is a white, straight couple with a daughter It only doesn t get five stars because there are no inter racial families and only one non white family But overall, it s a beautiful book worthy of a PRGS award for its positive portrayal of alternative families.

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    A sweet reassurance to children of working parents that parents look forward to coming home and spending time with the kids on the weekend Ironically, I received this book weeks ago but didn t read it until yesterday, the first day of my summer vacation Several different family make ups are represented in this book single parent families, mom and dad families, dad and dad families, and what appears to be grandparent families , and not all the families are white, so just about any child will recognize his or her situation in this book Simple, rhyming text makes this good for toddlers and preschoolers, children who are at the age where saying goodbye can be traumatic I ll be setting this one aside until school starts again in August and then I ll read it with Piper to prepare her for her return to daycare.

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    Reading this book to my four year old the night before back to school PD made me really sad It is basically about making it through the weak.The thing I find most interesting in this book is the families Each day of the week has a picture of a family doing something with their children Monday has a single dad saying goodbye to his boy Tuesday a single mom with her daughter The illustrator also includes families from different ethnicity One family appears to be grandparents raising a boy Things get interesting on Friday where it appears to be two men raising a young boy I felt like the book is trying to make different family situations okay and I applaud the book for that effort.

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    Monday is One Day presents the days of the week as countable, a wonderful next step concept for kids who are ready to learn how to think about them as than rote sequence.At its heart, the book is about how we miss spending time with our families during the work school week It s a relatable social emotional story that teaches two simple coping skills counting the days and finding special moments in everyday life.The days themselves aren t explicitly counted which I d have preferred Instead, for the first four days, the parents and children count something special to them that helps them to mark the number of the day For Monday, it s one cuddle for Tuesday it s two stomps in a puddle, for Wednesday it s three raspberries on the nose, and for Thursday it s four T Rex growls These are great interactive moments in the book that we enjoy acting out as we read the story.It s too bad this structure breaks down for Friday and Saturday, which don t have any counting elements When we finally arrive at Sunday, all the families are having a good time together in a park relaxing.Although the rhythm is shaky in parts and the overall structure is imperfect, I like that the book rhymes and uses a restrained number of words It s easy for both of my children to follow along.It s also a book that shows a diversity of family types, which is so important for children whose families don t look like most families in children s books My wife Janet and I are a same sex couple, so when a book uses a diversity of family types, I sit up and take notice Monday is One Day includes a single dad, a single mom, two dads, two moms, grandparents raising a child, and a mom and dad family I review books for children from the perspective of a parent of kids with autism The review above is from a longer blog post about great books for kids with autism that can be used to learn the days of the week

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    What I liked lots of types of families represented, kids being reassured that they will get to see of their parents when the work week is through What I didn t Only a Monday through Friday workweek is shown This isn t true for a large percentage of us Also, neither my kids nor I are just making it through until we see each other They re having fun, they re learning, they re hanging out with friends, and I m doing important things at work I like to think that is a good thing for them to see as well.

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    This is a rhyming story about how parents and children go through their week despite missing each during the day It is a lovely story and I am very impressed by the fact that it depicts diverse types of families There are single parent families, a family with two dads, a family with a child and grandparents and an African American family It is nice to see diversity without that being the focus of the book Overall, a lovely story that many families will relate to.

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    For parents who say goodbye to their children in the morning, and hello again in the evening, this book helps count down to the weekend where they can play together again It just didn t really strike my fancy, I like to have fun with my kid during the week too And too much counting down, means missing what s right in front of you.

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    I opened up Monday is One Day thinking that it was just a book about the week After a few pages, I realized it was about parents and their children working through the week and looking forward to the weekend when they get to spend a lot of time together Then I noticed the representation of different families Also, the illustrations are just pleasant Wonderful book, on so many levels.

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    Homage to the rat race Honestly, why not tell your child the cool stuff you do whilst away Alas, this book just feels anachronistic and odd True, schools run on a Monday through Friday cycle, but those of us in the service agricultural entertainment creative research etc worlds don t know what you mean by weekend, and it s weird to be left out of the frame.

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    Simple text describes one week in the life of various families with their children all looking forward to the weekend when they can spend time together A Family with grey haired adults, a pair of dads, single parents, and a family of color Missing is a mixed race family.

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