Monday the Rabbi Took Off

Monday the Rabbi Took Off Monday Takes Rabbi David Small On A Private Exodus To Israel For A Much Needed Rest But As Usual, Trouble Follows The Rabbi While His Congregation At Home Is Busy Plotting His Dismissal, The Rabbi Is Up Against The Wall In An International Incident Involving A Young American Student, Israeli Intelligence, And A Group Of Arab Terrorists With Murder On Their Minds

Harry Kemelman was an American mystery writer and a professor of English He was the creator of one of the most famous religious sleuths, Rabbi David Small.His writing career began with short stories for Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine featuring New England college professor Nicky Welt, the first of which, The Nine Mile Walk , is considered a classic The Rabbi Small series began in 1964 with the

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  • Monday the Rabbi Took Off
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  • 09 June 2017
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    Rabbi Small goes to Israel around 1971 There s not much to the murder mystery in this one, but the description of his visit is interesting.I m amused by the temple politics in this series I remember being a little shocked the first time I realized that religious organizations have just as much squabbling and politicking among their leadership as any other human institution.

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    I liked the Rabbi series of books a lot The problem is, after Wednesday or so, the formula wore a bit thin the rabbi has some argument or disagreement with someone in his congregation Someone gets killed The rabbi has a fight with the Board of Directors at the shul He threatens to leave He solves the murder mystery He resolves the problem with the person in his congregation and his Board of Directors, and everything is fine Until the next book, where we repeat.Still, these are well crafted, engaging little mysteries, and frankly, I learned a good amount about Judaism from them.

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    This time amateur sleuth Rabbi Small goes to Jerusalem The setting made it all the enjoyable and I also liked the look behind the scenes of a religious community.

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    Rabbi David Small decides he needs a vacation a real vacation and goes on a 3 month trip to Israel with his wife and young son Note It s called a sabbatical but I never heard of a whole family on sabbatical like this It s really like a family vacation David has been having issues with the congregation as usual and just wants to get away for a while David and his family are welcomed by his wife Miriam s aunt, Gittel, a savvy, resourceful and very secular Jewish member of the government The Smalls adjust to life in Israel quite well, and it is tempting to make the stay permanent Meanwhile, some members of David s congregation plot to replace him with someone to their tastes The tension between Jews and Muslims, religious Jews and non religious Jews, and young and old is a running theme throughout the book Roy Stedman rebels by associating with Muslims rather than other Jewish students at his college Gittel has to deal with her son becoming religious to please the girl he loves There are terrorists at work setting off bombs and killing people, though not on a grand scale This is before the Intifada One of the problems with the book is that there is not much of a mystery In fact, the murder can almost be overlooked and the face of the killer is anti climactic The whole subplot falls flat It s like no one cares Then there s Roy Stedman Apparently, his little subplot is supposed to be full of suspense but it s not Part of this is because Roy is a singularly unappealing character an extremely self centered, spoiled, obnoxious brat who never thinks about anyone other than himself, and is nasty to almost everyone he meets Frankly, I wouldn t have minded one bit if he had ended up dead view spoiler Unfortunately, he didn t hide spoiler

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    This is a cute series, informative about some aspects of Judaism and very predictable I liked this one less because of the secret service element It just seemed so far fetched for bookish Rabbi Small to end up in this situation.

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    Less a mystery than an easy to digest lesson on Judaism and Israel.

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    I have enjoyed the..the Rabbi books, started reading them about 2 years ago Interesting mysteries, and also to see what everyday live was like in the 50 80 s some real throwbacks in time here Some interesting views on attitudes towards race and religion of the time come up in the books, too In addition, each book has a little bit, just a couple pages, about Judaism fit into the story why the rabbi approached something this way, how the Jewish faith interprets something, etc I find it interesting back when I got married, I had to take religious training my to be husband was Jewish, I am not , 3 hours a week for 12 weeks In the books I have read, I doubt less than a hour of the reading total has been on Judaism, yet I have learned so much about Judaism through these..the Rabbi. books than the classes ever taught

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    This series is fun to listen to as audio books I ve learned a lot about Judaism, and some of the references to the 1970s when the series was written makes me smile Good narrator.

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    Rabbi Small takes a mini sabbatical in Jerusalem

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    Rabbi Small goes to Jerusalem circa 1970 Nothing happens for the first 200 pages of this book.For a book of 315 pages that s pretty boring It s only interesting as a dated travel guide By the time someone dies you re almost upset that it wasn t people dying and it finally dawns on the Rabbi as to who and why the fellow dies on page 300 I like the series but this one s a huge yawn Pass up on Monday and see what happens Tuesday.

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