Death Masks

Death Masks Harry Dresden, Chicago S Only Practicing Professional Wizard, Should Be Happy That Business Is Pretty Good For A Change But Now He S Getting Than He Bargained For A Duel With The Red Court Of Vampires Champion, Who Must Kill Harry To End The War Between Vampires And WizardsProfessional Hit Men Using Harry For Target PracticeThe Missing Shroud Of TurinA Handless And Headless Corpse The Chicago Police Need IdentifiedNot To Mention The Return Of Harry S Ex Girlfriend Susan, Who S Still Struggling With Her Semi Vampiric Nature And Who Seems To Have A New Man In Her LifeSome Days, It Just Doesn T Pay To Get Out Of Bed No Matter How Much You Re Charging

Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resi

➜ [Epub] ❧ Death Masks By Jim Butcher ➦ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Death Masks
  • Jim Butcher
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9780451459404

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    I mostly like this series However, I m certainly not a die hard Dresdenite from the Church of Harry Dresden is NOT my literary BFF and, truth be told, spends far time languishing under the heading OAA Occasionally Annoying Acquaintance I like the stories so far , but that enjoyment comes with some mondo qualifications and some serious groans However, before I rail against the main character s penchant for lame cheesy flavored popCORNY, I m going to begin with what I think are the real bright spots of this book, and the series THE SUPERB The world building and various supernatural factions are both TIPPY TOP NOTCH, and I would almost continue to read the series for that alone Almost From previous books though mentioned or appearing in this book we have The White Counsel Wizards , the Red Court, White Court and Jade Court all vampires , the Realm of Fairy dealt with extensively in the previous book, Summer Knight and the Knights of the Cross maybe my favorite group In addition, several news groups factions are introduced in this installment My favorite of these are the Denarians, who I thought were definitely applause worthy Describing them would necessitate spoilers, but their background origin warrants some kudos to Mr Butcher So.kudos I also crushed on the Archive a powerful, neutral character and the Fellowship of St Giles Despite the plethora of different races, Butcher handles their power and socio political backgrounds very well, and he provides enough rules and limitations to keep the whole thing from getting silly This aspect of the book, and the whole series for that matter, is a no brainer 5 STAR EFFORT in my opinion Related to the worldbuilding, but separate enough to warrant special mention is the magic system created for the series Dresden s wizard powers are very well handled and never jump the shark into the realm of farce where you re left thinking he has a spell for everything Like the worldbuilding, Harry s spells, wards and magical abilities are pretty well grounded and explained, and this gives them enough realism to make their presence a compelling part of the series.Again, for this aspect of the book and the series, I would say 5 STARS ALL THE WAY THE GOOD The plot of the book is fast paced, well written and engaging The writing is, for the most part, good with one exception see below , and the dialogue is decent to good with one HUGE, GALACTIC SIZED exception again see below However, while the writing is good, it doesn t measure up to the quality of Butcher s other series, the Codex Alera I don t know if this is because he spends time on the other books, but the prose and dialogue in the Codex Alera just seems to me to be polished This may just be a matter of personal taste THE BAD TO SHITTY TO DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL Okayso, here we aretime for the bad stuff Unfortunately, my biggest gripe with the book, and the series, has to do with good old Harry himself, beginning with the dialogue exception I mentioned above Now, I have no problems with sarcastic and wise cracking main characters, especially in books that are meant to be light reads Thus, for much of the time, I think Dresden s wise ass not quite wise but not dumb ass remarks are fine and I even sometimes enjoy them deep breath HOWEVER, when Harry is tied up and facing certain, brutal death dismemberment, or confronted with a the world is ending scenario, then the I am not really taking this seriously jibes rocket into dumb assville, and ruin all sense of dramatic tension Even in a fairly light read, I find this problematic as I think the author wants me to feel the tension and suspense of those moments.I don t Harry s reactions really take the air out of what is supposed to be pivotal moments of the narrative I would LOVE, just once, to see Harry become truly enraged and threaten to shove his staff up some magi being s poop shoot But no, my desire for a raging MAD ON goes unfulfilled leaving my anger sack full and very, very blue Guys, we all know how painful that can be Also loaded with much SUCKNESS is the way Harry is always going on about his being over protective of women, or not always thinking rationally when it comes to women, or the sucker for a pretty face moments Holy gag reflex testers, Batmanenough already These all to frequent moments make me just want to shake Harry until the douchy falls out of him.It isn t manly, it isn t chivalrousIt s just STUPID My final gripe is simply that, as many things as Jim Butcher is good to great at, writing a love scene is NOT ONE OF THEM The 10 pages or so of this book in which Dresden and Susan are trapped in his place and getting down to business was NAUSEATING on a scale I have not experienced since the Kathy Bates nude scene in About Schmidt Mr Butcher, for the sake of your that goes for you too, Ms Bates.Overall, I think the series has some real strengths It just has areas that annoy me enough to really burrow under my skin I still like it, but it is precarious 3.0 stars.

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    This is my favourite Dresden File to date because for the very first time reading this series, I actually felt emotional resonance In the past few instalments, I was entertained, intrigued, and mostly treated these books as my guilty pleasure when I needed something I can breeze through for some fun and action with than a touch of snarky humour In Death Masks, there were less unrealistically badass moments where I ll go Oh, come on Really Instead, at least a couple of scenes in here elicited poignancy and really tugged at my heartstrings As I have alluded to in quite a few of my other reviews, emotional investment a significant factor in determining whether the book is merely good or great, for me Hence, with me coming out of this feeling the way I did, I have to say that Harry s story is moving to greater heights as I am starting to care.I was also fascinated by the introduction of a new kind of adversary in this book Without giving away too much, let s just say that eternal battle between Heaven and Hell or between the angels and the fallen ones has been a perennial favourite supernatural theme of mine Side note The Constantine movie with Keanu Reeves is another one of my guilty pleasures, and I have watched it at least half a dozen times While I m not sure of how I feel about the romantic angle in these books yet, I am loving the themes of friendship, loyalty and sacrifice Even Michael whom I found too self righteous and stuffy in the previous novel, is great here I ll end this short review by saying that this was also the first time I felt like starting on the next volume immediately after finishing one of the Dresden Files That alone probably indicated how much I enjoyed Death Masks This review can also be found at Booknest

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    What I noticed right away after reading the first few chapters would be that the series has a routine It starts of with Harry complaining about his broke life, then a lover appears or a new villain It s not a bad routine, on the contrary I actually enjoy it Harry Dresden s life is really fascinating and adventure filled.The plot tried to be action packed but ended up on the mild side The new enemies presented were quite interesting but honestly were all over the place They weren t introduced well enough to make a lasting statement I liked them but they were all forgettable I like characters that are awesome enough to be remembered Harry Dresden himself is obviously unforgettable, but I ll need than one to really enjoy the novel Murphy and Michael are also old favorites, but I need new ones I m not fond of the Harry Susan love team I just don t see any love between them I didn t like that this novel focused on their relationship too, aside from the duels Harry had Susan has this pretentious vibe that I never really liked right from the start I m hoping not to see her that much in the next novels.3.5 5 stars Not my favorite of the series, but at least it s still not the worst This novel was enjoyable for some parts, but quite tiresome for the most It was still good though, so I m still recommending this I can t wait to continue on with the series.

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    3ish stars To anyone who still isn t convinced that Harry is a chauvinistic, narcissistic douchebag My blasting rod thumped against my leg rhythmically Blasting rod, eh Someone s cocky pun intended I gathered in my will and settled my grip on my blasting rod I jerked the tip of the blasting rod up and away from the girl, releasing the gathered energy Wow, Harry First of all ew Second, woman, not girl, that s demeaning and to think you consider yourself chivalrous Third, enough with the blasting rod talk, a little humility would do you some good She frowned at me until I coaxed the blue beetle to life and pulled out It s a start.Posted in Mr Philip s Library

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    I really do love this series This book was my least favorite but I did enjoy it a little I loved the last four so I am excited to start the next one.Death Masks is the 5th in the series and I really have to say that I am so over with the war with the red court.In Death Masks, a vampire named Ortega challenges Harry to a duel that will end the war between the vampires and the wizards Harry has no choice but to accept, and almost no hope of winning the duel However he has another problem A catholic priest who doesn t believe in magic needs Harry s help in finding the Shroud of Turin, which stolen by a trio of thieves, on of which has turned up very dead Harry traces the remaining two thieves to his hometown of Chicago He also quickly finds out that he isn t the only one after them A group of terrifying demons wants the shroud, and the demon leader wants Harry s soul too Phew Life is never easy for Harry, all he wants is to just do private investigations and earn a living He realises that he must accept help from all of his friends, including three Holy knights, his police officer friend, and even his half vampire ex girlfriend, Susan.The story is well paced, the action well done, humour abounds in spite of grizzly events Jim Butcher cleverly twists religious history and the occult, and builds on events from the previous books without you needing to have read them Harry s world is increasingly complex, and he continues to grow as a character.However, I just couldn t say this is a wow book for me a few things irk me Why is Harry the only Wizard doing anything yes I know he is on the out as far as wizarding goes but this is threatening the whole magical world, why let him do all the work I hope there is less war and investigations into creepy magical beings in the future books.

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    Poor Harry Dresden.You sweet, oddly sexy, powerful wizard You just CAN T catch a break I adore this series and I adore listening to it on audio I think James Marsters just keeps getting better and better I can hear a wider range of voices in this one than in the previous books, and he is so SO DAMN PERFECT as Harry Dresden I could listen to these books all day, every day Interestingly, a lot is left hanging at the end of this book I can t wait to see where the next few books take me

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    Harry Dresden can t catch a break or a full night s sleep He s up against the Red vampire court, he s being attacked by supernatural creatures with powers he s never seen before and his ex girlfriend is back in town.But, you can t keep a good wizard down, right Even when you introduce a holy relic into the tale Someone stole the freaking Shroud of Turn I demanded Yes I settled back into the chair, looking down at the photos again This changed things This changed things a lot pg 28In case you haven t read the first four entries in this series Harry Dresden is a wizard for hire He solves supernatural crimes, he finds lost items and he never seems to make enough money to be comfortable I d learned something in several years of professional wizarding Never walk into a fight when the bad guys are the ones who set it up Wizards can call down lightning from the heavens, rip apart the earth beneath their enemy s feet, blow them into a neighboring time zone with gale winds, and a million other things even less pleasant but not if we don t plan things out in advance pg 58Some criticisms of this series are that the humor is juvenile and corny I ll confess it is But I still love it I get threats before nine a.m than most people get all day, I responded, and shut the door on him Purely for effect, I locked it too Me, petty Surely not pg 110If I was a male wizard, I think I d be something like Harry I d go in with the best of intentions and end up with the most mediocre of results.Harry stands up for the little guy and has a soft spot for the ladies He protects children and holds the door for women.He likes to drink, wears a leather duster and can t seem to sleep even when he s exhausted.Aren t we all, in some ways, Harry Dresden Fighting the good fight, even though we know that death waits around the corner Apocalypse, as you refer to it, isn t an event Apocalypse is a frame of mind, he said then A belief A surrender to inevitability It is despair for the future It is the death of hope pg 353Recommended for fans of urban fantasy and especially the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne I am a fan of The Dresden Files despite the fact that it can seem formulaic I think Harry Dresden is worth the read.Thanks for reading

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    4.5 Stars The best one yet

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    The story continues here and stays true to form.The Dresden books are some of my favorite novelsbar none, hands down These are great brain candy They re pure escapism, total Urban Fantasy fun, comic drama that do several things very well Each novel tells it s own story making them individually readable and enjoyable while in the back ground evidence and details mount to tell a larger involved tale.Here we open up with Harry broke not that unusual and in a spot he isn t all that happy abouta TV studio He s on the Larry Fowler show seems like it might be something like the old Jerry Springer show as Chicago s only consulting wizard The producer offered double his usual fee He s trying to control his emotions lest he accidentally destroy thousands of dollars worth of TV equipment Things seem to be going pretty welltill a major Red Court vamp noble shows up as another guest known to the world as a debunker of paranormal beliefs of course, not a vampire.We ll not go into the damage done when Harry loses a bit of emotional control.One of the other guests is a representative from the Vatican Father Vincent also debunks the paranormal.The priest and the Vampire are not really in town to appear on Larry Fowler of course big surprise, right..and the real reasons they are in town have to do with Harry well, if they didn t we wouldn t have a book You see the vampire war is dragging on a bit and Harry has been recommended to the Priest Vincent as an investigator What does the vampire Duke Ortega want What does Father Vincent want Harry to find That would be telling.My recommendation Don t miss any of the Dresden books.I know some aren t as taken with them as I, fine But try them yourself I m not here to run down objections and complaints about the novels While there may be some flaws and they may not be to the taste of some I think most will find this book these books at least greatly enjoyable and some, like me fantastic The series opens wonderfully and gets better as it goes with the books seeming to me to hit their stride around volume 3 or 4 and continuing to get better as they go.Highest brain candy recommendation.

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    Reasons to read this book.1 Harry Dresden is a believable character He learns, he grows, but he does not gain a new power every book In fact, he doesn t seem to gain any power in any of the books He gains awareness and knowledge 2 Susan is cool, but flawed like Harry Love her.3 Godfather with a helicopter.4 One of the best love sex scenes I have ever read Butcher could write a good romance novel.5 Good female detective who has smarts.6 Vampires with bite.7 Butcher knows his myth, legends, and religion.8 An agnostic black Russian knight.9 A woman who knows how to make armor.10 A good cat.11 Most importantly, an ending that works in terms of the rules of the series.

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