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God Is an EnglishmanFrom Master Author R F Delderfield, The First In The Beloved Classic God Is An Englishman SeriesThe First Novel In The Epic God Is An Englishman Series, This Book Is A Stirring Saga Of England In The Th Century, As The Industrial Revolution Takes Hold, Forever Changing The Landscape Of England And Her PeopleAdam Swann, Scion Of An Army Family, Returns Home In After Service With Her Majesty S Army In The Crimea And India, Determined To Build His Fortune In The Dog Eat Dog World Of Victorian Commerce Swann Is Soon Captivated By Henrietta, The High Spirited Daughter Of A Local Mill Owner As Swann Works To Build His Name, He And Henrietta Share Adventures, Reversal, And FortuneA Beloved Novel By A Beloved Author, God Is An Englishman Is A Treasure Both For Delderfield Fans And The Growing Legion Of Fans Of Historical Fiction R F Delderfield Is A Born Storyteller Sunday Mirror A Book To Get Lost In An Epic Historical Novel Artfully Contructed New York Times Book Review A Novel In The Grand Tradition Of Thackery And Dickens Milwaukee Journal A Delightful Bounty Of Characters Fairly Jumps From The Pages Of God Is An Englishman Columbus Dispatch


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  • God Is an Englishman
  • R.F. Delderfield
  • 04 February 2019
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    I decided to sample Delderfield after finishing the Poldark series and having withdrawal symptoms I wanted another family I could sink my teeth into and become completely involved in This novel was set in the same time frame as Poldark, but actually covers completely different issues, so I stopped comparing the two and just settled down to enjoy this story as a thing apart That worked out fine, because there is a lot to enjoy here.Adam Swann is a very interesting and smart character and his aims to build his own place in the world are a kind of microcosm of how industry and entrepreneurism changed the world in the mid 1800s His feisty wife, Henrietta, adds another dimension to both this man and the story, and Delderfield peoples the novel with a supporting cast that feels real and substantial While there are sections in which the building of Swann on Wheels, Adam s business, can become a little laborious, the understanding of it is essential to understanding the characters and their lives There is an incident in the book that involves a train crash, and it turns out Charles Dickens is on the train I happen to know that this was a significant event in Charles Dickens life, so I liked the touch of reality that lent to the situation I am always pleased when fiction and history can cross paths seamlessly I suspect that this novel is a very well researched narrative and that life as described here is very akin to what life in 1860 s England would have been.I have the second book in the series winging its way to me, so I am not done with the Swanns I seldom select a series of books, I usually prefer my stories in one sweet volume, however, I am feeling a nice bit of satisfaction knowing that I have not closed the final page on Adam and company.

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    Overall I enjoyed this novel although I have to admit to enjoying some parts so than others.It s rich in period detail, in some ways an old fashioned read The story of Adam Swann his family and his other family who make up his haulage business during the Industrial Revolution and beyond.It was the secondary characters that I felt in tune with some great characters on offer Far readable than I d originally thought.

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    God is an Englishman is historical fiction written in the 1970s about the Victorian era I ve always had a soft spot for this era, and only turned to historical fiction once I grew tired of re reading my favorite classics of the period Finally, I ve found something that satisfies what I ve been searching for ever since, something that goes beyond an individual or two who happen to be living in a Victorian setting This is different It takes account of the sweeping social and economic turmoil of the Industrial Revolution while bringing individuals to life and capturing the energy of the age in a way that I haven t felt since Dickens or Gaskell But yet it has a tone and style completely its own, easy to read, and direct in dealing with issues of intimacy in marriage or women s roles, for example, than you get in the classics Don t expect it to read just like a Dickens novel.This first volume in the trilogy follows Adam Swann as he decides to leave the army and start a business back home It may not sound very exciting, but I was surprised to find the details of Adam s startup, from idea to fledgling to success, with ups and downs along the way, to be quite fascinating Most historical novels focusing on the 1800s stick to the upper classes, and you wouldn t even know the Industrial Revolution was going on at the same time But here you get a very interesting picture of England, both urban and rural, with cotton mills and railroads taking over everything and changing the face of the country You can feel the shifting energy and the clash of old and new All of this is seen through the eyes of Adam as he puts his flexible mind to the question of how to succeed in the middle of it all while maintaining human dignity and avoiding exploitation It s an invigorating tale full of industry, hope, daunting challenges, and perseverance Although the business may seem to be the primary focus, Adam s personal development is the true story He learns, grows, and changes significantly as he is affected by people he deals with in his public and private lives, as well as external events that impact him He marries early on, and the story of his marriage is set alongside the story of his business The marriage feels real with a full range of affection and distance, knowing and misunderstanding, trials, difficulties and surprises, and learning about the true nature of love It manages to deal with these variations without growing cynical or using the struggles as an excuse to veer off into infidelity Instead, they are opportunities for growth and increased understanding.Aside from Adam, there are also two very capable women in the story who develop and grow significantly throughout the book One is Adam s wife, Henrietta She starts out naive and shallow but with a spark of intelligence waiting to be coaxed into flame She gradually blossoms and discovers depths and strength you wouldn t expect, and I ended up actually respecting her The other one is Edith, a woman who works beside the men in Adam s business and takes a special role in Adam s development as well Both of these women manage to break out of the mold of their rightful place in society, at least for a while, and I really loved how indispensable they became to Adam and his success But the story does remain realistic enough that they end up back in the home, a quiet strength behind the men This is not to say that the men aren t strong too I liked that the men and women are essentially well matched in strength and intelligence although their roles end up being traditional.There are other less important characters as well Adam s handpicked managers each get a bit of the spotlight, and their stories add another dimension I believe they are important in giving you a real feel for the time and place, adding geographical variety as well as interesting personalities I have to admit that I skimmed some of these sections, though, because I wanted to get back to the main story and the details got a bit much for me at times Still, they added an extra bit of flavor that I think was important looking back at the whole.Essentially, this was really well done historical fiction I cared about the characters, and I was not bored by historical details mostly At some points I wondered where it was going there s not much predictability in the sudden turns a man s life can take but overall there was momentum and motion and purpose, and satisfying change in the characters I m still trying to decide if I want to read the second book I really liked how this one ended, and sometimes it s better to leave things alone But as I find myself thinking about Adam and his family and his network, I am tempted to read on.

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    I rescued several of Delderfield s novels from the local transfer station dump a few years ago So now it s time to read one, I reckon Pretty good so far A whiff of Hard Times is present.So, I m well into this well crafted story and wondering just a teeny bit if my interest will be sustained for next 600 pages or so This is a tale of mercantile industrial capitalist challenge and success in mid 19th century England Doesn t SOUND so promising but we ll see.Life unfolds for Adam and his bride and Adam and his true love, his transport company This stuff is apex entertainment literature Nice to pass the time with, but not exactly excitement filled RFD is an English i.e somewhat restrained Nelson DeMille Still entertaining especially the tale of the escaped lion Better than Annie Proulx She d have had the lion devouring dogs, cats, children I ve just slipped under the 200 pages to go mark in this 800 plus page beast and am still enjoying the storytelling as long as I don t try to read a lot at a time One wonders from time to time about the believability of it all, but after all, it IS a novel One s mind also tends to wander when the mundane details of Swann on Wheels are dwelt upon Still, the author does have the gift of interesting gab about him.Finally close to the 100 pages to go mark and the kitchen sink has come hurtling through in the form of a disaster Based on a true incident involving a Very Prominent Victorian My lips are sealed Oh so close to finishing now tonight I hope so Unfortunately, the author has chosen to bog the reader down in a lot of relationshippy observation vis a vis Edith and what s is name and Henrietta and our hurtin hero This is NOT what s called for at the end of 800 pages Reminds me of Stephen King words, words, words Skimming is likely to be the tool that gets me to the end of this Free at last, free at last etc.FINALLY Done and done with a bit of skip skimming as the author steadfastly refused to smartly wrap things up w o tedious hosannas hung onto the title notion Please All in all a decently entertaining book Would ve been better with fewer ruminations about England s gifted males and some females and overall wonderfulness Also too much blah blah about relationships and love and all that sort of thing as my step father used to put it.3.25 rounds down to 3.

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    Just arrived from USA through BM.This is the first volume of the Swann Family Saga series in the period of 1857 to 1866.After returning from the wars in the Crimea and India, Adam Swann decided to leave the army and started his own business Swann on Wheels The company s name was suggested by Henrietta Rawlinson, daughter of a local mill owner, who will become his beloved wife.Their life will change drastically after a train crash By coincidence or not, the Swann s family just met the famous British writer Charles Dickens who was already well known at that time.The title of this book comes from Adam s returning to England after a very painful period of his life, in the quay of Calais, where he saw every other ship flew the British flag and quays were piled with packing cases, some of them stenciled with names he recognized page 781 A lot of British writers are mentioned along this book in addition to Charles Dickens, such as Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, Charlotte Mary Yonge, Wilkie Collins However, a special attention is given to East Lynne by Mrs Henry Wood with is cited several times along the narrative and was mostly related to Henrietta character while the firs ones were related to their children s education.This saga continues with Theirs Was the Kingdom and Give Us This Day.

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    In September 2019, I enjoyed the many highs and lows of To Serve Them All My Days, my first book by R.F Delderfield, and so was keen to sample of his work When I espied a copy of God Is an Englishman for a mere 99 pence, I snapped it up.God Is an Englishman is a 700 page whopper and the first part of a trilogy I notice that the second book in the series, Theirs Was the Kingdom is 900 pages, so the series is perhaps not for the feint hearted.Helpfully, God Is an Englishman is wall to wall plot which is, I think, a good thing I felt I was getting than just a competent page turner though, not least many historical and social insights R.F Delderfield is brilliant at immersing his readers into different periods, in this instance Victorian England What helps set great historical fiction apart from the average is the little details of everyday life and, probably the most important aspect, credible dialogue.It s somewhat melodramatic but irresistably so I was swept along by the increasingly addictive plot The rich period detail is there in abundance, not least the sweeping social and economic turmoil of the Industrial Revolution whilst also credibly bring the characters to life All in all, it s capturing the energy of the age in a way that would have done Dickens proud.Delderfield lived in Devon and this article offers some insight into his recurring themes The novels are concerned with the portrayal ordinary, decent folk , striving to get on and become a success, whilst remaining true to themselves and their values These values include patriotism, decency, integrity, thrift, industriousness, success gained through service and hard work The novels, now described as old fashioned , celebrate English history, humanity, and liberalism while demonstrating little patience with entrenched class differences and snobbery.This was certainly my experience with To Serve Them All My Days and God Is an Englishman I think most of us like honest and decent people to prevail, which to varying degrees seems to happen in his books, albeit with the slings and arrows which most poeple have to endure at times in their lives.Whilst not quite up to the standard of To Serve Them All My Days, this is still well worth reading if you enjoy chunky, good quality period fiction.4 5 The blurb Adam Swann is hungry for success He is one of the new breed of entrepreneurs thrown up by the Industrial Revolution, determined to take advantage of current economic conditions to build an unrivalled business empire And he is determined to win the beautiful, strong minded Henrietta, and persuade her to share in his struggles and triumphs About the Author R.F Delderfield was born in London but has lived much of his life in Devon, where he started writing as a reporter on his father s newspaper, the Exmouth Chronicle During World War II and immediately thereafter he achieved quite a success as a West End playwright one of his plays ran five and a half years Then, at the age of forty, he stopped to take stock of his life What I really wanted was to be a novelist, he told one interviewer, to project the English way of life in the tradition of Hardy and Galsworthy Out of that resolve have come his great family sagas The Avenue, A Horseman Riding By and its sequel, The Green Gauntlet, and now his latest and most ambitious saga which begins with God Is An Englishman.In preparing himself to write one of his vast family chronicles, Mr Delderfield draws a detailed map of the territory, county or city that he will cover, placing the houses where his characters will live and adding the place names and details that will build up into a rich and convincing background Then he steps back and lets inspiration take over He writes regularly in the morning, averaging about 4,000 words a day, then takes the afternoons off to go strolling over the moors.

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    Delderfield is one of my all time favorite authors Along with Nevil Shute, his assorted types of tales include multiple multiple re reads This first book in the Swann series is the only one of his thick sagas with sequels that have enthralled me in subsequent reading visits I prefer his compact, standalone stories.For folks new to Delderfield, this may be the best of his books to start with The series were bestsellers The characters are people I enjoy spending time with and the setting, focused on the transportation industry is historically of special personal interest A review copied from Frisbee A Book Journal Great Pop Fiction R F Delderfield s Theirs Was the KingdomR F Delderfield s entertaining Swann trilogy, God Is an Englishman, Theirs Was the Kingdom, and Give Us This Day, held the 9 and 10 slots on the New York Times best seller list in the early 70s God Is an Englishman was on the list for 24 weeks, 9 13 70 3 21 71, and Theirs Was the Kingdom for 13 weeks, 9 26 71 12 19 71 You couldn t enter a bookstore or Good Will without being inundated by displays of these stodgy titles, which were clearly marketed to middle aged readers The covers were old fashioned and romantic, depicting brides, horsemen, ladies with pink parasols, and gentlemen with canes How many younger people eschewed this series because of the conventional art Certainly no one of my generation, protesting the Vietnam War and Nixon s presidency, would be seen with a book called God Is an Englishman Imperialist pigs, die Or something like that.Fortunately, Delderfield s books are back Sourcebooks has reissued his Swann trilogy the three aforementioned titles and To Serve Them All My Days, a novel about a teacher, with attractive, contemporary covers Delderfield s skillful storytelling is far from hackneyed This is not great literature, but it is intelligent popular fiction These excellent historical novels are very moving, though slightly sentimental It s all about plot, with the writing good but plain, Delderfield s characters are decent and often heroic, and his voice resonates with humor and perceptiveness One of the most fascinating aspects of the trilogy is Delderfield s focus on work Every character, male or female, must work to fulfill himself or herself Otherwise, idleness leads to confusion and mistakes Delderfield describes Adam Swann s wagon haulage business in such detail that one could go to work for him This theme of the importance of work is unusual George Gissing describes work in The Odd Women, and Sebastian Faulks describes several different professions in A Week in December, but most fiction writers relegate work to the background.The first novel, God Is an Englishman, is set in mid 19th century England The hero, Adam Swann, a former soldier, founds a haulage firm after a railroad employee explains there is a need for wagons to carry merchandise from cities and small towns to the railroad Adam founds a national network of wagoners, and the stories of his workers, some of whom rise from the ghetto, are fascinating He and his spirited wife, Henrietta, with whom he originally has a rocky relationship, build a dynasty of employees and family Adam is a vigorous businessman, respected by his workers, and frankly the descriptions of his business make this worth reading Delderfield has thoroughly researched the relationship between wagons and railroads Delderfield is also a strong feminist Henrietta proves to have a good business head, and, after Adam is crippled in a terrible train wreck, she manages the business until he returns from rehab And another of Adam s best workers, Edith, is a manager, who works her way up the ladder after helping her own manager father Oddly, Delderfield has a radical political slant which doesn t suit the titles at all In Theirs Was the Kingdom, the second book in the trilogy, which begins in 1879, Adam is revamping the firm to meet modern needs Delderfield also tells the story of his children Much of the action is centered on their work.The oldest daughter, Stella, spoiled but well educated, foolishly marries an upper class man who turns out to be a homosexual, his lover already living at the dilapidated estate Their marriage isn t consummated, but his father tries to rape her, wanting an heir, after she discovers her husband s propensities and decides to run away She seeks sanctuary with a young farmer, who has always been in love with her, untll her mother can send Stella away to safety When the divorce is through and Stella comes back, she proves to be a heroine, helping the farmer weather a disaster when his house burns down Her work as a carpenter and assistant helps her grow up.Two of the other children are also so far among the protagonists George, the genial oldest son, is Adam s business protege, but after he discovers one of the managers is fiddling the books, he is almost blackmailed into marriage with the manager s scheming daughter Giles is a radical, hoping to work for rights of factory workers and other poor And the Swanns adopted daughter, Deborah, in her twenties, investigates prostitution in Germany and is beaten up by the police, who search her apartment for information This novel is very, very well researched and a pleasure to read The characters are very strong good role models for us all

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    This is the first of a Saga and I am already looking forward to reading the next one The story surrounds Adam Swann, a former Army Officer in the East India Company mercenaries He has become disillusioned with the colonial military life and the exploitation of weaker rulers The military has been a family tradition for multiple generations He returns to England with a string of rubies that literally befall him in battle The rubies provide the reassurance of capital.The story moves on to his launching of a transportation company based on horse carriage in the age of railroad dominance What makes Adam different is that he has applied his keen mind and moral code to founding and growing a successful niche in the ruthless industrial revolution economy of Victorian England Adam also bucks convention and impulsively marries a runaway teen, the daughter of a true industrial revolution mill owning brute His father in law is what the upper crust of British society thought typical of men in commerce Adam becomes a business owner of a different sort, treating his employees and managers as full team members His wife, Henrietta, grows and matures and eventually comes into her own to fulfill a critical role This book is long, detailed and characterized by antiquated language and bygone references It is also fascinating, engrossing and felt very authentic I was glad I read it on my Kindle so that I could use the Oxford dictionary as I encountered unfamiliar words and usages Maybe a British reader would have had fewer problems with these terms, unusual analogies and references However, this challenge is one of the reasons I loved it Unlike some family sagas, I really grew to like and admire these characters They are not single dimensional or described in villain good guy terms This is not an easy read but it is well worth spending the time it takes.

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    I loved this book on so many levels I will be writing a detailed review later but if you love family sagas, if you love English novels, if you just like a good read read peopled with multi faceted characters, this is the book for you I had heard of Delderfield but that s all and I don not know why he is not better known or read on both sides of the pond

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    I read this series when I was in high school back in the day when I didn t mind series, or historical fiction, or war themed stories I learned so much history from R.F Delderfield I don t know if his books are politically correct enough for today s standards, but he is what I grew up on His portrayal of women often left a lot to be desired One memorable line that I still recall from this series was the main character s comment that all a woman really needed was to have a fine home and a family to look after i.e, be the mistress of her own establishment , and she would be happy I think I was a feminist from birth, so I thumped my head against my desk at that one But Delderfield was such a fantastic writer that I forgave him this antediluvian notion and devoured all of his books He made history so darned interesting.

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