The Haunted Mesa

The Haunted Mesa The Navajo Called Them The Anasazi, The Ancient Enemy, And Their Abandoned Cities Haunt The Canyons And Plateaus Of The Southwest For Centuries The Sudden Disappearance Of These People Baffled Historians Summoned To A Dark Desert Plateau By A Desperate Letter From An Old Friend, Renowned Investigator Mike Raglan Is Drawn Into A World Of Mystery, Violence, And Explosive Revelations Crossing A Border Beyond The Laws Of Man And Nature, He Will Learn Of The Astonishing World Of The Anasazi And Discover The Most Extraordinary Frontier Ever Encountered

Louis L Amour was an American author L Amour s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels, 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world s most popular writers Wikipedia

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 426 pages
  • The Haunted Mesa
  • Louis L'Amour
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9780553270228

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    What the hell was that Okay, I have to take some of the blame I was in the mood for an action packed, western, shoot em up bang novel, so I went to what I thought was a sure thing in Louis L Amour My mistake was that I only took the time to browse the titles and make sure I didn t grab one I had already read I did not read the intro big mistake Nope, this book was not a shoot em up bang at least not in the old western gunslinger sense Instead, I ll give you an idea of what I found bigfoot, a writer who knows Karate, sci fi, Kimono dragons, a mystery, alternate worlds, a scientist with connections to the FBI and CIA, a wereleapord, and people named, Xzpl ww87XVKzz.Okay, maybe you are a little adventurously minded than I am, but if you are going to Louie for a Sackett style gunfight, don t say I didn t warn you.

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    I thought that Louis L Amour was a hack author just turning out formula Westerns, but when I read this book, I found that he is a very good author and very engaging I have read many of his novels and enjoyed them.

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    Mike Raglan a well known investigator and writer,gets a strange message from a friend.An eccentric rich scientist, aren t they all who needs help quickly So he arrives in the southwest, four corners area Utah,Colorado,Arizona,New Mexico and no friend Weird rumors abound that the Anasazi, ancient cliff dwellers have been seen.Ghosts Real,Who knows Raglan decides to visit the scientist unfinshed house.Oh,its located on top of a haunted mesa,no problem he ll go alone.Unbelievably an unknown new world is discovered.The ancient Indians have survived, but the natives are restless.Can the friends now numbering five people,including a couple of beautiful women avoid destruction

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    The Haunted Mesa is a book consisting of approximately 250 pages of a man trying to decide when and how to save his friend in another world and less than 100 pages of him actually doing it Not one of the worst books I ve ever read, but one that is disappointingly mediocre Especially given the fact that I had read it as a child and had fond memories of it I have read all of Louis L amour s books, every single one of them between 4th and 6th grade and he was my all time favorite author during that time period As an adult, I plan on re reading them Hopefully, the rest of them won t fall as flat on its face as this one did.

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    Explaining what happened to the Anasazi is an interesting concept and adding the fantastical elements made it interesting still Unfortunately the book itself wasn t very interesting It started out mysterious and kind of spooky but then it settled into a rut Mike Raglan goes to save a friend from some unknown danger and he has to think about it a lot You hear him go over the few facts he has in his head and then he explains these facts to someone else and then he goes over them in his head again, and again He keeps repeating that he s scared, that he doesn t know what he has gotten himself into or why, that he could just turn around and go home He keeps asking the same unanswerable questions The same things in much the same words over and over again until you could almost recite the passages yourself Introspection is fine but in this case I don t think we needed 250 pages of it When there is no new information or new insights it starts to get monotonous I think L Amour wanted to make a point that Mike was just an ordinary man who got scared like the rest of us but did what had to be done anyway He did make that point Endlessly It did pick up in the last 100 pages or so when thinking led to a decision and then some actual action The concept was good and the characters were fine but I think if 100 pages of Mike s repetitive thoughts were cut out it would have been a better book.

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    So this book was mentioned in another book as being a document of evidence about the existence of alternate universes I also glanced upon another review on GoodReads and I think what the book was about was stated very clearly in that review s first sentence What the hell did I just read I was left with the same impression This book was one of L Amour s bestsellers, but my guess is that was related to curiosity rather than to it being a great read There was an opening mystery and a disappearance Followed by many repeated questions and aimless wanderings An alternate world appeared and an ancient people resurfaced Two old timers fall in love with ancient younger women from another dimension Many ancient Indian gods appear There s even a cameo by Bigfoot All in all this book was a hot mess.

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    I thought this would be a western book so I didn t pick it up for awhile, then took it on vacation to Bandelier in New Mexico Could not have picked a better book for this vacation It is a good read about portals between worlds and the Anasazi indians who guard them.

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    To be honest, I felt like this book was just a hot mess The short version of why I hated it The narration was so awkward and circular and repetitive that I often had no idea where we were going with this, and nothing really happened in the first 300 pages I couldn t figure out if the author was trying to squeeze in worldbuilding as a replacement for plot or what, but there wasn t even much of that Basically the whole first three fourths of the book was protagonist Mike trying to decide whether and how to go rescue his friend Erik, who is presumably trapped in some alternate world populated by alien Indians, and the windows to said world do not operate by predictable physics, nor do its tenants operate by typical human logic.That s the really striking thing about it The whole time it s built up how DANGEROUS this place is, with everyone and their mother bleating OH MY GOODNESS NO YOU CANNOT FIGHT THEM YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU RE GETTING INTO MIKE at every turn, only to have him actually go there and shoot things in the head and fight dudes who apparently are so unused to being fought that they don t know how to fight Like, that s actually the plot No one ever resists them, so they have gotten confident and just assume people won t resist if they say no, stay in that prison Mike punches them once and they just die or explode or fall over And they re just all so shocked about this, because my goodness, why isn t he intimidated by our reputation NO DON T FIGHT THEM MIKE Why not And the villain seems to have absolutely no motivation There are several groups and or individuals cited as baddies for this book, but none of them seem to have any desires or motivations certainly not any that have to do with kidnapping Mike s friend Erik which is ostensibly the reason Mike has to go to this godforsaken place and kick some ass in the first place Why Why did the plot even happen Now, let me talk about Mike and his narration style He s always gazing into his navel contemplating things in this obnoxious circular way, and everything had a question mark on it Here s an example of the narration We accept the fact that there may be other worlds out in space, but might there not be other worlds here Other worlds, and other dimensions, coexistent with this If there are other worlds parallel to ours, are all the doors closed Or does one, here or there, stand ajar Let me reiterate that this is NARRATION It is not dialogue.More Where was Erik Why had he not kept their appointment Why had Erik chosen such a remote place Had he been kept from that appointment Was he dead Injured A prisoner That was preposterous Yet, was it I m not kidding Stuff like that was literally on every page And boy did I get sick of him wondering Where was Erik Here, suffer through some That man now The one he had found in his condo, stealing his book Who was he Why did he want the daybook Did he want it for himself or was he sent by someone to find it You see what I mean And these are generally questions that the usual reader would be wondering we don t need to be prompted to wonder A dude breaks in to steal Mike s mystery package and yeah, we re gonna wonder who he was and what his motivation was We don t need three or four mental soliloquies involving Mike pelting us with the question marks of his life.But the dialogue was often worse People would ramble on for multiple paragraph whinges, in terribly stilted phrasing that read an awful lot like the narration, and they would literally just appear to Mike and start talking A couple times someone just walked up to him in a restaurant and sat down and started pages and pages of conversation wherein they relayed plot relevant details They seriously felt like video game checkpoints press A to talk to character, collect clue Like, toward the end, when Mike was questioning the loyalties of his allies, he s having a coffee and in comes a guy he doesn t know Who sits down in his booth, introduces himself, and just randomly starts talking about a guy they both know which makes Mike suspicious about whether his ally has been bought off Oh, and when Mike finds a book with notes from his friend Erik, the journal details composed by Erik are identical to L amour s writing style complete with question marks There are like three chapters at the beginning involving Mike picking up the daybook, reading Erik s scribblings, and then stopping and whining about not knowing what s going on and flip flopping on whether he wants to believe help and then going back to the book The conversations are not only poorly rendered but shockingly circular the characters will discuss things they ve already discussed, reiterate things they ve established, and spell out absolutely obvious things There s one where Mike meets a policeman who s investigating arson and he just slides into the booth and talks to him and they discuss that Mike had a guy break into his room to steal a package Mike says the criminal seemed like a professional The police guy, eager to move the plot along, prompts Mike to explain what he means by professional So he rambles a while about what clues he thinks lead to the criminal being sent by someone else for the purpose and why he was probably really experienced, and then later in the same conversation the policeman again seems confused about why Mike thinks the breaker inner was a professional It s like an editor never read the book and said Hey Louis, did you know you already made this than clear Like, on top of that, why would a police guy not know what that meant And then we have the other world Indian characters who come from the other side of this veil, or Third World or whatever he called it They don t speak English there but an old guy from our world is apparently going around teaching noble savages how to speak English so that they can come here and talk to our hero in terrifyingly stilted pidgin English Wow, it was incredibly bad You know, one second the girl is saying I no understand and the next she is saying He said our three dimensional world was fantasy, something we had become accustomed to and accepted as the all What He just doesn t seem to understand what it would sound like if someone only had a passing familiarity with English And the Indian characters who didn t speak English very well had this really annoying tendency to preface unfamiliar words with what you call Things are five of what you call miles away and involve what you call science Ughhhh.And sometimes, Mike talks out loud to his dog for expository purposes I just started saying shoot me out loud when that happened.Now let me talk about the absurd plot and its repetitive, frustrating rendering We get sudden detours into Mike s backstory sometimes, and most of it is irrelevant though I think it was trying to explain why he had certain skills So Mike s an ex carny, has been around the world to tons of exotic places, learned fighting styles and shooting skills, speaks several languages, and has written several books about weird stuff Most of it is presented like by the way, he did this, and that s why he has familiarity with that We are told over and over again that his investigation of supernatural and magical happenings usually turn out to involve fraud and sleight of hand, but occasionally he runs into stuff that might be magic and he knows there s some mysterious stuff out there Oooooh, creeeepy I guess it was supposed to be for ambiance, and to play to the reader s presumed skepticism so we ll relate to Mike, but it s said over and over and over again how he s a skeptic but SOMETIMES NOPE and he s not sure if he believes it but SOMETIMES THINGS ARE WEIRD and yeah probably nothing s happening here but MAYBE ALIENS Some waffling is expected But tell us once and or show us This was just like round and round and round the pointless pondering train.But then The pacing is just incredibly slow and involves Mike just going back and forth between the mesa where his friend disappeared and his own room, I guess He ll go drive out to the mesa and think about things WHERE WAS ERIK , and then sometimes he ll realize things that make no sense So do other characters Like, there s this bit where Mike is reading his disappeared friend Erik s handwritten journal the only clue to where he might ve disappeared to and Erik s describing a series of creepy experiences that involved him digging out a kiva and having various interactions with the supernatural Erik sees a GLOWING RED marking appearing on his map Erik also loses his pencil and it is REPLACED WITH A JAR He randomly decides that the glowing red line means that a sinister spirit is looking for a way back into this world But the snatching of his pencil and replacement with a weird jar is obviously just a spirit being mischievous it s clearly a different entity doing THAT And leaving him sunflowers And stealing his sweater and bringing it back with another one with a sunflower on the tag And kidnapping his dog and sending it back with sunflowers tucked into its collar These are all friendly things But the other mysterious happenings are bad entities It s sinister I just don t know why the characters are interpreting these things this way Mike does it all the time just figures out that someone s bad or good based on seemingly arbitrary things.The daybook It contains written records of stuff that happened to Erik presumably less than a day before he disappeared, at which point he was pleading for Mike to HELP US FOR GOD S SAKE but he somehow managed to make arrangements for a messenger to get the book to Mike when he was already in mortal danger Guess he just sat down while being kidnapped and wrote about it, then sent his companion off with the errand I don t understand the timeline of this.The cop When a business is burned to the ground and a police guy is investigating, he comes to talk to Mike and the Indian girl from the other world, Kawasi Just finds them in a cafe or whatever and starts questioning them Later, Mike s in the desert and THE COP COMES OUT THERE AND FINDS HIM and just starts asking him questions and even suggesting that maybe he suspects Mike of being involved with the arson while admitting that he s reaching and fishing Oh my goodness A policeman isn t going to come follow you into the desert for VERY URGENT follow up questioning and then ramble for a while about how you could possibly be guilty but not do anything to arrest you or take you back for questioning And if they have questions for you they re not going to keep letting you wander around knowing you might become a suspect only to find you like three times to talk about the investigation Who is this jackass and how did he even get a job The suspicious woman, Eden Mike has her pegged from the beginning because he s so smart and observant so he noticed that she has his books on the shelf but hasn t read them and must have just bought them, and he just happens to have marked the book that got stolen from his hotel so he knows she s behind it But she s literally not involved in anything that makes any sense She sent someone to steal the book Yeah, and, uh, so It leads nowhere Her big revelatory moment is that she admits to being a poison woman, which was supposed to be this thing where the male characters are cautioned to never sleep with these woman because their nether parts will poison them Eden proceeds to never try to trap anyone with her vagina Who cares if she s poison And when confronted with info that links her to Erik s disappearance, all she does is tell Mike not to go rescue him and ramble a lot about how she s watched and controlled by her people and has no real power Why did she try to mess with Mike in the first place The whole thing was just absurd The banker I mentioned before that a guy just walks up to Mike in a restaurant and tells him stuff he needs to know about someone who will double cross him, but he also deposits two and a half pages of his own history in the banking industry It is completely irrelevant to the plot There are other things like this too, like when Mike is realistically considering the possibility that he might die or get trapped in the other world on his rescue mission so he s wrapping up affairs, and then he opens a bunch of his letters and TELLS US WHAT THEY RE ABOUT They re all irrelevant Or, I guess they re trying to show how talented and well rounded Mike is because he s conversing with people around the globe about topics on which he is considered an authority, but seriously, WE DON T CARE Also, apparently these people do not live in our universe, and I m not talking about the people from the other dimension There s a bit where Mike says that if Erik hadn t left his notes behind, everyone would have just assumed he fell off a cliff Are you for real Wealthy and well connected science guy disappears and leaves behind no body and no clue, but sure, people would just assume he got lost in the desert and fell off something and no one would have investigated That isn t how things work at all.Mike also makes a lot of assumptions about the other worlders and what they understand, and they always turn out to be right For instance, at one point he believes he is being watched, correctly targets which of the other restaurant patrons is watching him, and manages to sneak out without being seen because he has correctly surmised that the other world guy doesn t understand how doors work He knows nothing about their culture or their sophistication, but he just figures hey, a guy from another world probably thinks this whole back wall made of glass is solid, but I know there s a door Hee hee He s not watching that door, only the front door WIN What And this is exploited even when it turns out everybody in the bad old other world doesn t expect Mike to be able to fight They just come after him and expect to stop him, but he gives them a couple good punches and they go down Every single person he fights, with the exception of the final bad guy, goes down with a couple punches or a bullet And it s repeatedly expressed that it s because no one resists them in their world and they aren t expecting a tough guy like our hero I just what Why do you have a bunch of guards and armies but they don t actually fight What do they DO Mike s idea to FIGHT THEM is REVOLUTIONARY and NO ONE S EVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE OMG Kawasi and her people say they have only just defended when the bad guys come for them, but what does that mean They stand in front of their houses and don t do anything or what Mike s idea to FIGHT THEM is repeatedly portrayed as incredibly, shockingly original and radical, but there s no real explanation for how they got complacent except that they just kinda did And then, I just want to say there are so many disconnects with actual storytelling and with reality Like, okay, if you find your friend in a mysterious stone dungeon right out of cartoons with blocks that can be pressed to trigger sliding stone doors and everything , and he complains that the villains starved him, what do you do Give him some of your trail mix Or ignore the poor bastard until the third time he says he can t go on because he s too weak, THEN give him some food Because the latter is what Mike did I thought he must not have any food with him because Erik kept complaining that he was weak and starved, and then he pulls out the trail mix and I m like WHY DIDN T YOU DO THIS BEFORE And it s than 300 pages in before Mike suggests he might suddenly love Kawasi The narration even acknowledges that they ve spent no time together and that he didn t even know if he trusted her for most of that time, but suddenly their love is so important and he has to rescue her too and propose to take her back to his world and just suddenly start calling her honey Whaaaa There s no warmth to it and no suggestion that Kawasi viewed him that way, but I guess he needed a girl to save Sigh.And finally, one complaint about narration There s this weird redundant storytelling style that makes me think an editor never saw the manuscript Example At a glance he realized the ruins were ancient, older than anything he had ever seen, anywhere Mike Raglan had looked upon many ruins, but his first impression of this one was one of extreme age That happened constantly Observation, followed by observation reiterated Plus the narration had this maddening tendency to point out condescendingly obvious things Here s one example It was never easy for one people to understand another when their cultural backgrounds differ too drastically You don t say.I had an incredibly difficult time finishing this book The dialogue was staged and unrealistic the Indian characters are portrayed as noble savages and mystics the pacing is plodding and makes all the parts that are supposed to be exciting seem drawn out and tortured and the book is both conceptually simplistic and executionally convoluted It seemed like L amour had a bunch of cool ideas about the Anasazi myths and some various Navajo folk traditions that he wanted to develop into a story, but when you write a story about your friend vanishing into an unknown other world, there should probably be some reason the bad guys are holding the prisoner and some compelling reason for the hero to help, and for this there s just nothing here Pages and pages of the protagonist flolloping around in his head wondering what s going on and talking to people about how spooky it is, with absolutely no authentic character development and no driving force behind the plot or any of the relationships portrayed I definitely would not have read past page 50 if this wasn t a book assigned by my book club, and I don t like to review books I haven t finished anyway I m honestly confused as to how anyone finds this book readable, to say nothing of finding it fun Maybe there s a warmth people associate with the genre or some tropes I m missing, because I experienced absolutely no connection with this and frequently felt like I was reading the unfinished first draft manuscript of an ambitious high school kid who d just read a book about the Navajo and got enraptured, so it s just sort of shocking to me that this is the work of an extremely successful, established, experienced author I don t know what happened here.

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    How can I diss such a great author as Louis L Amour I really went back and forth between a 2 star rating and a 4 star rating, so settled with 3 stars I loved the story He is a master in telling a great and interesting tale, and it is rich with history, so how can someone that has over 120 books and over 300 million books in print be so careless about details especially in the first 300 pages The last 100 pages were thrilling I don t want to give anything away, however the first 3 4 s of the book is mostly spent in the mind of the hero while drinking coffee in whole in the wall cafes The author repeats the same history several times in much of the same way, and then makes blatant errors regarding his dog on many occasions At least three times people are able to walk right up on them while asleep or camping out in the desert and the dog does nothing, after having been built up early in the book as a huge aggressive guard dog that no one could approach In the entire book the dog is fed two cans of dog food and one cracker, is often forgotten about to just miraculously reappear as an after thoughtI m sure you get the point.What was particularly frustrating in this book was the blatant mistakes not spelling or grammatical errors just plot problems and the repeated history lessons, oh yes and his favorite linegetting cold at night, as deserts are apt to be The frustrating part was hanging in there and wading through the first 300 pages to get to the much, much, did I mention much anticipated ending Do I regret staying with it No not entirely as the story line was very interesting and the ending although somewhat predictable was what I had so eagerly been waiting for My regret is that I didn t just read the first chapter or two and then skip to page 300 and finish it from there This book could have been Great As written it barely pulls three stars Sorry LL, I still admire you as an author, as a great story teller, and am thrilled all your books are still in circulation 25 years after you passed on to the next realm.

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