Hannah (Daughters Of The Sea)

Hannah (Daughters Of The Sea) Bestselling Author Kathryn Lasky Plunges Into The World Of Teen Romance With A Magical Series About The Newest Supernatural Phenomenon Mermaids Hannah Is Not Like Other Girls In The Turn Of The Century Boston Orphanage Where She Grew Up Instead Of Seasickness, She Gets Land Sickness She Leaves A Ring Of Salt In The Tub When She Bathes, And Sometimes She Sees A Faint Tracing Of Scales On Her Feet It S Freakish, Horrifying And Deeply ThrillingHannah Feels A Change Coming But She Is Not The Only One Who Senses It A Young Painter Recognizes Something In Hannah A Connection With The Sea That Recalls A Secret From His Own Past A Choice Lies Ahead, And Hannah Must Discover If She Is A Creature Of The Land Or Of The Sea

The War of the Ember, is currently the last book in the

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  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • Hannah (Daughters Of The Sea)
  • Kathryn Lasky
  • English
  • 21 July 2019
  • 9780545238038

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    So, what s with the demonic cat and the strange bond with the crazy eldest daughter And what about the two vases Are they some sort of portal And does she really play the harp naked that night or did the author just forget that she told us Hannah likes to sleep naked because her sheets are softer than her nightdress And the painter, does he regularly go after 15 year old girls You know, for all the questions the author brings up and doesn t bother to answer, the plot is spread thinly There is plenty of space that could have been used to develop some of the ideas that pepper the book but are ultimately left to wilt Oh, and the main character gasps a lot And draws in her breath sharply A lot A lot a lot Basically, the book has a useable idea that it doesn t bother to develop so that the bits that kept me reading never bloomed Oh, and the ending was lame It just stops Yep If you want a very fast read that drags along and doesn t demand anything of you other than suspending your deductive mind , maybe you ll enjoy it For me, I think it ended up just being a waste of time.

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    WARNING This review contains spoilers, very general or from early in the book, in the penultimate paragraph.This book was so odd kind of like Upstairs, Downstairs with mermaids Which could be really cool, if the plot had lived up to the world building Instead, it felt like the author wanted to show off the research she had done on the life of domestic servants in the late 19th century, and leave the supernatural elements as an afterthought The result is a book that doesn t feel at all driven by the heroine s personal struggles, most of which get resolved without her taking action Hannah Albury is a fifteen year old orphan in 1899, who is sent into domestic service Her first position is to be in Kansas, but when Hannah is sent away from the sea, she becomes ill, itching all the time, and with crystals forming on her skin She then ends up in a position as scullery maid in Boston, in the household of the wealthy Hawley family Hannah must learn the ins and outs of domestic service while trying to figure out her own nature, dealing with the mental instability of the eldest Hawley daughter, and the attentions of the mysterious artist, Stannish Wheeler, who may know about Hannah s nature than he s letting on Hannah Daughters of the Sea is clearly designed to be a genre bending work, straddling the lines between historical and supernatural fiction I ve read many a novel that blends those two genres successfully, and it s a combination that I usually enjoy The problem with Hannah is the other lines it straddles, such as the line between Children s and Young Adult fiction Although Hannah is a teenager, and there are romantic scenes throughout the novel, to me this felt like a book written for younger readers than the typical young adult novel This is partly due to Lasky s reliance on telling rather than showing the reader the details of Hannah s daily life, which leads to the book crossing another line between fiction and non fiction Now I m not saying any of the characters are real or that the events of the story really happened it s just that the book read at times like those books shelved in children s non fiction, with titles like If You Lived in the Middle Ages or I Was a Suffragist In other words, books that use dramatization to educate kids about history, rather than books focused on telling a story, albeit one set in historical times.I d like to close this review by discussing character and conflict as it plays out in Hannah Daughters of the Sea I didn t really have an issue with Hannah herself, except that she didn t do much to solve her own problems Then again, she wasn t given a chance to For example, when Hannah is too old to stay at her orphanage, the cruel matron Miss Pringle sends her on an Orphan Train to Kansas, claiming Hannah is unsuited for domestic service, the kind of job that would allow her to stay in Boston In Kansas, since she is away from the sea, Hannah gets ill and ends up having to go back to the orphanage Logically, she should have to convince Miss Pringle she isn t unsuited for domestic service, so she can take a job in Boston But surprise Miss Pringle is gone and has been replaced by the kind Mrs Larkin, who has no problem with Hannah performing domestic service Hannah gets what she wants without having to do a thing Likewise, when she is working in the Hawley household, Hannah has some unfortunate encounters with the oldest Hawley daughter, Lila Lila is an interesting character, at first imperious and controlling, but gradually becoming unhinged and a threat to Hannah personally and to the household tranquility in general So Lila has to go Then she comes back Lila is sort of an antagonist in a box Lasky gets her out when needed to stir up trouble, then puts her away again Hannah s social status is far beneath Lila s, and it would be fascinating to see her negotiate this imbalance while standing up for herself, but she doesn t Despite its supernatural elements, I d recommend Hannah Daughters of the Sea to fans of historical fiction rather than fantasy The fantasy elements are introduced, and will hopefully be explained in further installments of the series the historical background, however, is detailed and interesting And I do like that domestic service is painted as, not glamorous or exciting, but a job one could live with, and have the prospect of promotion as well The setting is rich, some of the characters quite likable, but the plot utterly lacking in suspense Please note I didn t say accurate I know too little about the time period to make that claim

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    Don t have time to write a full review I probably will later.In short though, this book is really slow and dull The characters lacked any luster for me and the most unique ones were introduced at the end The main character, Hannah, was boring, too innocent, and just not easy to relate to Plot wise, it was awful I knew the ending before I even read the book, simply based on the description There s no guessing involved at all The only interesting part is the younger girl in the house that Hannah works at, with her creepy cat But, even that doesn t make up for the fact that the book is incredibly slow, and the whole thing leads up to an event that the reader should know is going to happen no matter what There were a few characters and ideas that the author could have expanded on to make the book actually interesting, but she didn t even do that much Honestly, I can usually find something in a book that I liked There wasn t much in this one I finished it with a gut feeling that I had wasted my time and money on the novel My advice is to not pick this one up I have no clue why it s a Young Adult book If anything, I would put it in the children s section as younger kids are the only ones that might find this interesting If you want a mermaid story, go read Siren by Tricia Rayburn or Mermaid Park this isn t exactly ABOUT mermaids, but it seemed to satisfy me when I was younger and extremely interested in them by Beth Mayall Apparently there s a sequel to Hannah out Hopefully it s better than this I personally don t intend on finding out.

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    Hannah is the story of one of three mermaid sisters who were separated at birth at the end of the 19th century The story starts out with her living in an orphanage in Boston Once the orphans turn 14 they have to work, most often as servants for wealthy families Hannah is found to be unsuitable for living in one of these homes because she is outspoken and smarter than the average girl, so she s stuck on an orphan train destined for Kansas to work on a farm On the train she develops a rash and her face swells up Since she looks diseased, only a pastor and his wife are willing to take her on as hired help Hannah quickly comes to realize though that she can t be so far from the ocean and she gets sicker and sicker until she convinces them to let her go back to Boston.Back in Boston she manages to get a job as a scullery girl for the very wealthy Hawley family She learns how to live life as a servant while also trying to come to terms with the strange things her body is doing We already know what Hannah is from the description of the book, but she has no idea what s going on The Hawley family has three daughters, and one of them, Lila, is pretty much evil Lila and her equally evil cat Jade dislike Hannah Things are made especially worse when the handsome painter that comes to paint the daughters portrait seems to take a liking to Hannah So Lila is quickly set up as the villain of the story and proceeds to wreak havoc on the household The bulk of this book is mostly about Hannah s life as a servant, and I think I would have been fine with that if the mermaid part didn t feel so tacked on at the end This could have been a nice historical fiction novel otherwise I could have easily rated this book 4 stars if it wasn t for the way it ended This book is part of a trilogy but it also doesn t seem to stand on its own It doesn t end in a cliffhanger leaving you wanting though, it just ends I honestly thought they forgot to print part of it And this is doubly frustrating without a date anywhere on the horizon for the next book.I enjoyed the characters and the world imagined for this story but the fact that it didn t have a solid ending really bothered me I will read the next book to find out what happens, but I m hoping it doesn t end the same.

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    I really got into this book But as with all books there are pros and cons This book was 2 3rds about servent life in the turn of the century with a very tiny part spent on the actual mermaid part As a fan of mermaids I would have loved to see then 5 pages dedicated to it, but alas it wouldn t be a series if we jumped to the good parts There s romance, drama, and a couple of boring interactions or details that could have been left out but over all it s a good book I will pick up the series later but I really hope that as the series mentions 3 sisters, that the second book doesn t focus on some other aspect of life and only have a tiny part of the mermaid in it Also this book left off just when it got good, which was disappointing 300 pages and I still don t know what happens I felt incomplete and that s not always good Great story for preteens maybe even teens, and I can see some adults getting into it

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    I gave this of a 2.5 ratings My issue with this was that it never really dealt with the mermaid issue until the very end of the book It was mostly her time living and working for the rich family If it had dealt with her being a mermaid then I would have enjoyed it .

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    I received this book to review from Scholastic, and while it was wholesome and a good clean read, I found that there were too many characters that got developed too late in the book Hannah had a great story that was lost with the development of the other characters, some of whom didn t play a huge role in her story I felt that the middle of the book should have spent time in developing Hannah s story, instead of towards the very end of the book The middle of the book talked about or had a lot about the family with whom she lived at the early turn of the century While you get a good understanding of what it was like to be a servant to a very wealthy Boston family at that time, you got very little of the changes that Hannah was going through and she discovers who is she and what she s becoming I liked Hannah a lot She s a great character who like many girls wants to find her place in the world, but stay true to herself and her quest to finding out what the feelings and yearnings she has for the sea are about.

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    Overly simplistic, very predictable The set up for the next book in the series happens in the last paragraph, leaving me wondering why I d just spent 300 pages to only get a promise of action The whole thing could have been edited down to 75 100 pages and served as a decent introduction to whatever comes next Which I won t know about since I have no intention of following up.

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    Why wasn t this good I was so disappointed.

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    I just finished this book I really liked the writing I could step into to a whole different world while reading this book a world of 19th century America, maids, love, ocean, and wishes.

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