So Silver Bright

So Silver Bright Act Three, Scene OneBertie Thinks Her Quest Is Almost Done With The Help Of Ariel And The Rest Of Her Friends, She Has Managed To Find Her Father And Rescue Nate From Sedna, The Sea Goddess Now, All She Has To Do Is Reunite Her Father, The Scrimshander, With Her Mother, Ophelia, And She Will Finally Have A True Family Of Her OwnExit Stage RightHowever, Things Are Never Easy For Beatrice Shakespeare Smith Her Father Has Vanished, Sedna Is Out For Revenge, Her Own Actions Have Trapped The Th Tre Illuminata In A Strange Kind Of Limbo, And The Stress Of Her In Between State Is Tearing Apart The Fragile Threads Of Her Mother S Sanity Bertie S Best Hope For Salvaging The Situation May Lie In A Summons By Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Of The Distant Castle, And The Hope Of Winning The Magical Boon Given To The Best PerformanceBertie Is Caught Between Her Growing Responsibilities To Home And Family, And The Dream Of Flying Free Just As Her Heart Is Torn Between Her Two Loves, Nate And Ariel With So Any Forces Pulling On Her, How Will Bertie Be Able To Choose Which Wish To Make Come True or get your Backstage Pass by becoming a Patron

[KINDLE] ❥ So Silver Bright ➛ Lisa Mantchev –
  • Hardcover
  • 354 pages
  • So Silver Bright
  • Lisa Mantchev
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9780312380984

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    COVER, COVER, COVER, OOOOH, PRETTY COVER D And Silver for Ariel, perhaps 3

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    I am upset that the Th tre Illuminata has come to a close I m so upset, I could throw an apple at a Charmeleon.Moving on, finishing this trilogy gave me many emotions I just wanted to run away and not finish it because thenwell, I d be finished Finished with Bertie, finished with Ariel, the fairies, the Th tre Illuminata I don t want to leave this magic.And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIwill always loooove youuuuuu For the first time since My Sister s Keeper, I was violently crying I teared for Peter Pan, this is true, but So Silver Bright just broke me all together I couldn t find my damn tissues, and I couldn t leave my room being that it was 2AM and my parents would yell at me for still being awake and ask, The hell are you crying for They get weird ideas so it was better to stray away from them Lisa Mantchev has finally hit her grand slam Not that the other two books of this series were bad, no no no, but here, in So Silver Bright, it was just so well done It wraps up the series so nicely and we get all the answers and magic is everything and everywhere and there are so many wonderful characters and I will make a run on sentence if I want to Oh golly have I ever gushed about a book before It s possible, but I am fully aware of announcing my love for Lisa Mantchev and her works hopefully I ll get to see Lionel Coulston in her upcoming novel winkwinkMantchevwinkwink.Enough fangirling though, let s get to the meat and taters of the review.Bertie Shakespeare Smith just punched Sedna in the face and escaped from her underwater lair Oh ho ho, but there is no time for resting, as Bertie and Company are invited to Her Gracious Majesty s Birthday Extravanganza While Bertie must prepare for the show, she ll finally learn about the holes in her family s plot, stop Sedna at last, and figure out who she really isoh and pick a boy but thankfully that isn t taken into the mainstream plot YES, MANTCHEV THAT S HOW IT S DONE I love you.Following Her Admiration for Originality A Breakdown starring Ghirardelli, her equally popular brother, Hershey, and not as popular sister Gertrude Hawk Not really Let us begin with the usual the writing.I think Lisa Mantchev takes her inspiration from the lovely plays and stories she references This inspiration being the writing of a sort of logic that doesn t pale in comparison with other styles The particular logic she follows is what I ve named Peter Pan Logic.This happens where there is a moment that is described as ludicrous and completely illogical, but it completely fits the universe that s been built, and so it makes sense anyway and it s okay An example would be Bertie when she is literally crying stars Stars are falling out of her eyes and rolling down her dress Peter Pan did this a shit ton, which is why I name the idea after it Now fantasy asdifferent as this may not float some people s boats, but I beg thee to just go with the flow And because I did such a thing specifically for So Silver Bright, I think I enjoyed this installment so much than the previous two Lisa Mantchev also has a way with her words She is very poetic, but it doesn t come off as purple to me for whatever reason The way she warps her phrases and gets us into Bertie s head just gets me so good I really want to write like this some day I can t do poetic shit to save me life, but after reading a few wonders like this book, maybe I have a chance to practice and get it done.But in short, Lisa Mantchev knows how to write and knows what is important Like keeping to character development AND CLOSURE I can t remember the last ending book I read that had perfect character closure But let us move on to these characters.BERTIE SHAKESPEARE SMITHBertie Smith She is such a badass This is a girl who loves her two interests equally She is distraught about them, but she doesn t play them off each other She isn t making them fight over her, she isn t playing hard to get What she IS doing about them is letting them be She is focusing on her family matters and Sedna s death wish.Her wordmagic is probably my favorite thing about her, because it s not some deus ex machina It s hard work to master which is obviously mastered by this end , but seriously, every time Bertie would tell her tales, use her words to help others, I just sat in wonder.Such beauty Such wonderful imagery Such SUBSTANCE Sparkles everywhere It was glorious to get fabulous images into my head, and as vivid as Barker s writing, too Oh Bertie was so wonderful She defended herself so much, and was never needing her hot dudes to help her out She BROKE A DUDE S NOSE without hesitation Bertie are you amazing, or are you amazing I think the best part about Bertie was that independence Though she was distraught about her suitors, she did not let that overwhelm her duty to help her family come back together THE PLOT CAME FIRST AND I WAS SO THANKFUL FOR IT I love Ariel I will always love Ariel And you can t stop me from loving Ariel Ariel, like Nate in Perchance to Dream, had an absence in this book, but I m glad that it didn t stop Bertie from thinking about him.I was MORE than upset that he wasn t around as much as I was hoping but the way his character closure went was fucking perfect Perfect There was nothing wrong about it It was the absolute best end to his arc and I honestly can t see it any other way Well done, Mantchev.Nate was also a lot easier to handle in this book I do like him, honest It s just that I never saw his chemistry with Bertie to be anything than brotherly And he was referred to by everyone as Bertie s hound anyway Kinda sad if you ask me, but Nate got better throughout this book and I was happy to see the change.THE FAIRIES were enjoyable to me in this book They even made fun of the love triangle phenomenon including Bertie s Mantchev, you deserve a medal for that.I also love the new characters introduced Varvara who still reminds me of Volvagia as a flare dancer and Her Gracious Majesty, the Queen The Queen was quirky and though she existed for two scenes TOPS, I loved her She had this interesting twist to her that made me say, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT Awesome Same with Varvara, except she was around .I plan to do an artist interpretation someday because I LOVED her description in this book It was stunning.Le plotIt was perfectly cut in a pretty structure I also enjoyed the symbolism of the four elements written into the story I was nervous that it d turn AtLA on me, but it didn t It was awesome I plan to go back and reread Eyes Like Stars and see it all back in there The beginning climax was nice, that middle climax got me reeling, and that finale just caught me off guard and brought me to tears Oh god tears forever If I say I will spoil And I don t even want to put the little spoiler tags Here s some gifs instead with appropriate thoughts attached Hold the fuck up What s that What is happeni DON T YOU DO THIS TO ME STOP BREAKING MY HEART Sadness forever SADNESS FOREVER Overall, this book is die hard original and it breaks my heart to see it hiding about so lonely like GUYS, THIS IS MAGIC Pure magic It is whimsical, beautiful There are lovable characters, hilarious moments, beautiful writing IT IS ALL RIGHT HERE The first book, Eyes Like Stars, starts out decent, but the series gets better with each book This is the best of the three and ends everyone perfectly.Read this series.Right fucking now.And tell me how you like it, or don t like it I m a fan of all opinions.Lisa Mantchev has now become one of my favorite authors 3

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    Can we talk about heartbreaking this was Like I m in actual tears.

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    WTF what kind of ending was that they killed my ARIEL okay not actually killed but the same nonetheless he s freaking gone I would have given this 10 freaking stars if they didn t banished ARIEL if he is supposed to be a wind in the first place you shouldn t have introduce him to us Why did Bertie set him free I m sure he wanted to stay right right I hate it I hate I hate it in the end she still chose NATE I have them both ARIEL is the only good thing that happened to me in here I freaking hate this series Why can t just the authors stop doing that killing the competition so that the heroine wont have the hard time choosing and in the end we readers suffer its not our fault especially me that the heroine can t seem to make up her mind She didn t end up with ARIEL and the little girl looks like him what s that supposed to mean what good it will do if he is gone already I hat this seriesI will mark this as to never ever ever read again I will bury it to the deepest sea if I have to

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    I loved this so much Lots of Nate just like I hoped I always a joy to read to a friend So much happens in such a short span of time Absolutely love it Wonderful ending that I m happy with hoping for .

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    Damn, that was good.If you haven t read the rest of this series, you need to go pick it up right this minute, and read it without stopping the world Lisa Mantchev has built with the Theatre Illuminata is intoxicating.You ll laugh, you ll cry, you ll go to Shakespeare and read the source material You ll wish the fairies from Midsummer Night s Dream would follow you around you ll contemplate dying your hair black and blue you ll quote well than half the text on your kindle and all the people in your feed will wonder if you ve lost your mind, or taken up plagiarism as a hobby.You will cry and cry and cry at the end or maybe that was just me , because the end is SO GOOD., and because this is the last book in the series I didn t realize that, then Ms Mantchev tweeted something about it being the last one I am going to immediately start a petition to send to Feiwel and Friends to get of these books Even if Bertie wants to set off adventuring, I want to know who else is in the theater.Does anyone know where I can get these signed I actually took the trouble to run down hard copies of all three, and feel they would benefit from a signature as you ll discover, words are important for those of you who are women in a certain age group, I will leave you with a Tweet quote favorited from my feed from Lisa Mantchev I keep watching for Jareth Bowie to show up in the not new WIP, At the very least, I am owed some Muppets revising Be advised this technically a YA book For the purposes of this series, you are now YA edited to add no new review material, just a last desperate effort to add to my twitter feed sosilverbright

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    Ariel My heart goes out to you The writing style hurts my head, and is best used in small doses With that said, my two star rating might be bumped up to a 3 at a later date, since I just read the entire book and gave myself a headache Basically, the only reason one might want to read anything other than the first and last page because, reading that, you ll be able to guess the whole story is to get the bits of Ariel and the fairies Bertie makes me gag at points, and Nate is just tooughhistorical romance guy.

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    Now see here, Ms Mantchev I ve gots a bone ta pick witcha bout that there endin Yes, it was beautiful Yes, it made complete and total sense But, view spoiler being Team Ariel through and through, it made me feel some type of way _ hide spoiler

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    To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with this book I remember feeling so much excitement with the other installments, but not so much with So Silver Bright I think Mantchev was trying to shove so much into this last installment the conflict with Sedna, Bertie s past, the love triangle, the large cast of characters that I don t feel as if anything was really flushed out like it should ve been If you re going to set up a love triangle, do something with the damned love triangle besides having Ariel and Nate growl at each other periodically I was really disappointed with the resolution of said love triangle, but as that contains a spoiler I ll hold my tongue I kind of wish Mantchev had taken longer to write it so we could actually spend time with all the elements of the story It moved so quickly, and it was so focused on the action, that I think the story lost a lot of character development that would ve been nice For example, I don t think we learned anything about the fire dancer character wise She was pretty and was really only a part of the plot in the ending, but she s in what, like, half the story Does she even get dialogue Was she really necessary So much could ve been done with the character and I feel like she was only there to look pretty.And speaking of elemental characters, it seemed kind of random to me to throw that into the story as well To me that s part of what makes the story feel like it has too much content for this one installment to handle I can t help but feel like the elemental parts of the story are contrived and only there because the plot says so It could ve been so much better had they been there from the beginning, but I only remember it being really elemental heavy with this novel I think the story had quite enough going on without that, too And I feel like it was never really explained, but it could be that it s just been a while since I ve read the other books in the trilogy The story is already so imaginative, and the elemental well, elements are a bit much in my opinion More time should ve been spent on this installment I really felt like it was just jumping from place to place with no insight as to what was going on I came away with this with the feeling that nothing was really explored and Mantchev just needed to make a deadline I also wish it weren t just a trilogy I hope despite that label, Mantchev pulls a Scott Westerfeld with his Uglies series and writes another installment anyway not that it was needed in his case Extras was really quite extra I believe if Mantchev has another installment in the works, she could redeem herself with some insight on Bertie s life after she has experienced so much The ending felt very open, and I d like to see how a grown up Bertie sees the world And despite my dissatisfaction with how the love triangle got resolved, I guess I could be happier with it if were written right I came away from this novel with a very meh feeling I do hope there s another in the works.

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    Parting is such sweet sorrow That is the feeling that Lisa Mantchev s new novel, So Silver Bright, evokes from the reader In the final book of the Theatre Illuminata trilogy, So Silver Bright provides a fitting, and bittersweet, conclusion to a wonderfully enchanting story So Silver Brightbegins where Perchance to Dream, the second book in the Theatre Illuminata trilogy, concludes The stakes are higher than ever as Bertie races to reunite her father and mother, save her beloved theatre that is caught in limbo, and defeat the evil sea goddess, Sedna, once and for all Add in thieves, mischievous faeries, and a spoiled queen, and it is safe to say that Bertie has her hands full To make matters worse, Bertie must also choose between her two loves the swashbuckling pirate, Nate, or the air elemental, Ariel Those unfamiliar with the Theatre Illuminata trilogy are missing out on a spectacular series However, one should read the first two novels of the Theatre Illuminata trilogy, Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to Dream respectively, before attempting So Silver Bright Mantchev s writing style is a breath of fresh air in Young Adult literature The story itself reads like something out of a dream, and is refreshingly unique Her writing enchants the reader and catapults them into an illusory world reality always a bit out of reach Because the writing style is so different from typical YA novels, readers may have a difficult time getting accustomed to it However, that is a matter easily settled within the first few pages, as the story itself takes hold of the reader The plot is solid, and all of the loose ends are neatly tied up The character development in So Silver Bright is nearly impeccable It is wonderful to read how these characters grow with each turn of the page Some readers may not be happy with how the story concludes, but Mantchev treats each character with respect, and honors them with an end befitting to their personal story arcs So Silver Bright is extremely bittersweet, but the reader can take solace in the fact that each character has a fitting end, and the story meets a satisfying conclusion Readers will laugh they will cry, and they will be sad to see the final curtain of the Theatre Illuminata fall.So Silver Bright will be released on September 13, 2011.Continue reading on Lisa Mantchev Proves Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Atlantic City Young Adult Fiction

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