Buying Murder (Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries, #3)

Buying Murder (Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries, #3) Murder Gets Personal When Human Remains Are Found In The Beach Cottage That Real Estate Agents Regan McHenry And Her Husband, Tom Kiley, Buy The Murder Victim Has Been Hidden Away For Sixteen Years, And Although The Authorities Quickly Discover His Identity, The Trail To His Killer Is Cold After So Many Years Regan Has Sworn Off Playing Amateur Detective, But When It Becomes Clear The Police Have To Focus On Pressing Crimes, She Has To Break Her Promise As Her Friend Police Ombudsman Dave Everett Says, Your House, Regan, Your Murder Welcome Back To Santa Cruz, The Community Whose Unofficial Motto Is Keep Santa Cruz Weird, For The Twists And Turns Of The Third Book In The Regan McHenry Mystery Series The Murders Are Invented, But Nancy Lynn Jarvis Uses Real Events And Stories From Her Twenty Plus Years As A Realtor For Background Details, Although, Sometimes They Are The Parts Of The Books That Seem Like FictionThe Series Has Been Called Smart And Funny Perfect Books To Kick Back With And Have A Good Read

Nancy is a happily former Realtor Without a license to hold her back, she is free to share her opinions about all things real estate especially in Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries She s had a checkered career past she s worked for the San Jose Mercury News, been a librarian, photo archivist, and been the business manager of Shakespeare Santa Cruz Her work history reflects her philosophy pe

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  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Buying Murder (Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries, #3)
  • Nancy Lynn Jarvis
  • English
  • 05 January 2018
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    Buying Murder is another highly entertaining cozy murder mystery from the pen of Nancy Lynn Jarvis The plot is tight, the characters interesting and well developed, and the excitement never slacks.

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    In Nancy Jarvis Buying Murder , Regan McHenry, a savvy real estate agent from the Santa Cruz area, gets a call to list an old, unoccupied cottage on the beach and finds the spot so darling she decides to buy it for herself In a rush to make the purchase, Regan neglected to do the usual inspections before closing Shortly after the purchase, Regan had a known inspector come over and take a peek and advise on some renovating when they realize that the house was already occupied by a corpse Regan, intent on finding out what happened to the soul that had rested inside the walls of the cottage for so long, embarks on a fact finding mission Unfortunately, someone is on a mission of their own A mission to silence Regan Has she come to close to the murderer or is she dealing with a disgruntled son of an eviction she had assisted with This was the first of the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries I had the pleasure of reading and was not disappointed Working in the real estate industry myself, I found Nancy s views and perceptions spot on with reality The story was very entertaining with a hint of eerie realism to it While several times I would have bet my book money that I knew the outcome, within pages I would realize I was wrong After doing this three times, I gave up on trying to speculate and just enjoyed the read This is an easy reading, solid murder mystery that keeps you turning the pages and asking the ever famous question who dunnit.

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    Really enjoyed the story, thought it inventive and a great idea Would recommend.

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    I enjoyed this book was good entertaining read

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    Buying MurderAuthor Nancy Lynn JarvisReviewed by Fran LewisEveryone wants to buy a great house to vacation in or just have in case company comes to visit and they need a place to stay Regan McHenry and her husband Tom Kiley get much than they bargained for and definitely way above the sale price when they find something extra in their new home These two Santa Cruz real estate agents get a call that an old unoccupied cottage is on sale and she decides to buy herself As a real estate agent, before allowing client to purchase a house and before the closing, she would have it inspected But, Regan does not until later on What the poor inspector found was a whole lot then he expected to find up in the attic of a cottage Yes, you guessed it A DEAD BODY So, as Barry, the experienced inspector checks the walls of the cottage, the wiring and much he finds the body of a young man who has been dead for quite some time Added to that the murderer made sure that the body would be partly preserved by covering it with kitty litter But, if you think the murder will be her only woe then you don t know our creative and talented author Nancy Lynn Jarvis who added mystery to poor Regan s life when she has her dealing with being summoned to court and dealing with the person that she wants evicted from a house that she sold to someone else Let s not forget her friend at the police department, Dave, who provides the gory and detailed account of the murder victim s demise and temporary burial that starts our amateur sleuth on her own quest for answers when the police show little or no interest in solving the case The hearing for the eviction should have been a slam dunk and clear cut but you know where Regan is, nothing is simple and definitely never clear cut as the defendants are personally offended by her testimony in court and then things happen that let you know there is to the murder than just a simple burial.The woman being evicted thinks she sees and hears aliens and wears tin foil to block out rays and her son is her protector who feels she is being wrongly evicted even though she has defaced the house she rented But, that is only the beginning of Regan s woes as she is set up by an unknown caller to show a house and is pushed off the road and injured, winding up in the hospital Added to that she finds out the name of the murder victim who seems to have a connection to a man named Charles Alfrey who works for another Realty Company along with his wife Corrine Sometimes the right questions bring about the wrong results Regan finds out that sometimes too many questions will irritate the wrong people and the end result might not be what you quite expected A termite inspection report from the original owners leads her to the termite inspector and that leads her to the connection between his daughter and the murder victim But, too many questions and suspicions alienate her from others.Charles Alfrey and Julian Rochette, the murder victim, have a working past His wife might have a quite different one with him and yet he seems to be loyal to her and she to him Could she have something on him that tames his highly volatile and mean personality into something like a docile lamb when she speaks to him So, why is everyone pointing fingers at the evicted woman s son Why is everyone pointing fingers at so many different people Who really killed Julian and what was the motive Why was Jessie, the termite inspector, so angry with him and why didn t he want him to marry his daughter Why did she think he disappeared What happens when she learns the truth Regan is persistent and will not give up her own investigation even after verbal threats and the car accident By the time I complete this book I might actually understand what is entails to list a house and buy one, and after going through the process recently myself, I can honestly say that what Real Estate Owner and author Nancy Lynn Jarvis has written is definitely accurate, interesting and quite informative for the reader Regan is really quite perceptive, she reads people and often banters about her thoughts with her friend Dave who becomes exasperated at her tenacity for always poking her head into murder and often solving the crimes before the police Your house, Regan, your murder, says Dave Everett Well I guess she does not need a real estate license to pursue what has been deemed hers So, how will this all tie together Just wait and see There are confessions from two suspects who claim to have killed the murder victim Facts that are out of whack and fingerprints that show up may not be enough to hold one suspect and why did the other one confesses Are they protecting someone else and why As Regan thinks she has all of the pieces together and creates what she thinks is a foolproof plan, what happens when she confronts the murderer is right out of a Thin Man Movie She is clever and has the right perpetrator but she outfoxes our Regan or so she and the police think But, Regan is lured to her new cottage with a phone call that sends her into than just a dangerous situation What happens you won t believe Who was behind her attack and behind the murder you will have to find out for yourself You see the listings are sealed and the murderer has the evidence hidden away in the triangular space in a lockbox in Regan s new house and no one can get the key You will have to go to or Barnes and and buy a copy of the book to find out who killed Julian and why Author Nancy Lynn Jarvis weaves a story so true to life filled with humor, suspense and two people that are so right for each other and yet not perfect Tom and Regan Who knows what Regan will get herself into next Fran Lewis ReviewerThis book gets FIVE PERFECT LISTINGS FOR REGAN AND TOM

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    It is like reuniting with a good friend when one can continue a book in a loved series Book 3 held me from start to finish in a few delicious hours.This is an intelligent, educational and entertaining cozy series The author researches and relates relevant information as the story unfolds, giving the reader an education while enjoying the read The opening is factually based on the fires in Santa Cruz, the forensics, the real estate background all add substance Book 3 is a fun read, with plot twists and turns that keeps one guessing Didn t see the ending coming, a tribute to the author s skills.

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    Buying MurderbyNancy Lynn Jarvis When I read the jacket cover for Nancy Lynn Jarvis s third novel Buying Murder, I was hooked I fell in love with the title, and then the premise I had my next cuddle up with a cup of tea, music, and a quiet evening mystery Buying Murder happens when protagonist Regan McHenry and her husband decide to buy a beach house Before beginning a remodeling project, they have a home inspector come in During the inspection, a partially mummified body is discovered in a wall Regan, who claims to have sworn off playing detective since her narrow escape in Backyard Bones, cannot resist trying to find the answers to whom, what, and when After all, she knows where, and as her friend, Dave Everett says, Your house, Regan, your murder How can a naturally inquisitive person just walk away from such a quandary, especially when the police put the murder on the back burner What I find the most intriguing about Regan s adventures and Ms Jarvis s writing is that the stories of the buyers and sellers are interwoven As Ms Jarvis weaves her tale of fiction, she shows us the quirks and foibles of the real real estate industry Ms Jarvis did this in her first two novels and skillfully continues it in her newest novel Buying Murder In this story an eviction hearing, something that is supposed to be clear cut and simple is anything but Her life is threatened when the defendants take Regan s testimony personally As the mystery of the dead man in Regan s beach house wall begins to unravel, the death threats become serious Whom should Regan fear The family, friends, and enemies of the dead man, or the tin foil wearing, alien fearing, renters.The author, Nancy Lynn Jarvis is a real estate agent Ms Jarvis takes her plot, her characters, and her stories from her real life experiences Her protagonist Regan McHenry is also a real estate agent and when she stumbles across a mystery, it has something to do with the buying or selling of a house As was the case in Ms Jarvis s, first two books Backyard Bones and The Death Contingency, the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mystery series is set in sunny Santa Cruz, California Ms Jarvis takes the reader on a tour of her community, and when she describes the fires of 2008, drives the streets, county roads, or walks the beach, you take that journey with her.The truth is, Buying Murder, is one of those books you want to read from beginning to the end with no interruptions It stands alone from the previous two novels, but I suggest you pick up the other two because that is what a good mystery series author is all about quality Ms Jarvis delivers ENJOY

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    Who doesn t love a great mystery Buying Murder, by Nancy Lynn Jarvis, is once such novel In this book, the main character is Regan McHenry, a realtor living in Santa Cruz, California Although she is not a detective, she can t help herself when mysteries unexpectedly come her way Thus, when she and her husband Tom find a dead body in their newly purchased cottage, Regan is dying pun intended to figure out what transpired Dave Everett, a policeman and friend of Regan s, appears interested in solving the mystery However, Regan becomes easily frustrated with him when he doesn t believe her accounts or listen to her hunches Dave encourages Regan to leave the case alone after all, she is not a professional detective and the murder occurred years ago But Regan continues on, soon focusing on the mystery than on her realtor duties It isn t long before Regan is placed in harm s way as she uncovers and missing pieces to the puzzle So, who killed Julien Rochette And how did he end up in Regan s newly purchased cottage Guess you ll have to read the book to find out .This was the first novel that I have read by Nancy Jarvis, and it had me hooked from the start I enjoyed the different plot twists that occurred along the way I kept trying to figure out who killed Julien, but I changed my mind several times The way Nancy Jarvis added little details here and there made it a challenge for me to decide who the true suspect was A great mystery novel should be able to keep the reader guessing, and that s exactly what this one did The story was well written and lively I quite enjoyed the dialogue because it seemed natural, fluid, and realistic The banter between Regan and Dave was especially humorous All in all, if you want to read a good mystery, Buying Murder is a great book to pick up It is a part of the Regan McHenry Mystery Series, so there are other novels from Nancy Jarvis to read as well I hope to read books from this series.

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    Buying MurderBy Nancy Lynn JarvisGood Read Mysteries2010 Reviewed by Angie ManginoRating 4 starsRegan McHenry, a real estate agent, thought she was buying with her husband, Tom, both a beach and lake house It was only steps to the beach with a lake behind the house Instead, they bought a dead body that was in the house for sixteen years This third book in the Regan McHenry series by Nancy Lynn Jarvis gives readers a gripping mystery When police cannot make this cold case a priority, Regan breaks her previous vow to stop playing amateur detective, taking readers along with her following the clues to attempt to solve the murder.Has Regan bought than she can handle this time Jarvis keeps readers caught up in this excellently plotted story, with its unanticipated twists and turns, right to its satisfying conclusion.Angie Mangino currently works as a freelance writer and book reviewer.

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    Author Nancy Lynn Jarvis has used her 20 years as a Realtor and a BA in behavioral science to craft a believable and entertaining mystery with a glimpse behind the scenes into the world of real estate You might say that Buying Murder is a cautionary tale of what could happen if you buy a home and fail to have it inspected before settlement All the television home shows stress the importance of that inspection and now we know why All the characters in Buying Murder seem real and not forced I can imagine sitting down to dinner with many of them but the major characters of Regan, Tom and Dave, seemed liked old friends by the time I finished the book I particularly liked the way Ms Jarvis tied up all the loose ends at the conclusion of the book so the reader is not left to wonder about some detail or other Reading Buying Murder was a rare treat for me I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others.

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