The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party At A Remote Cattle Post South Of Gaborone Two Cows Have Been Killed, And Precious Ramotswe, Botswana S NoLady Detective, Is Hired By Fearful Client, Himself A Suspect She And Secretary Grace Makutsi, Wooed By Phuti Radiphuti, Both See Her Old White Van Mr JLB Matekoni S Apprentice Runs Away Under Pressure To Wed Violet Sephotho Runs For The Botswana Parliament, on

[Reading] ➶ The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party ➬ Alexander McCall Smith –
  • Hardcover
  • 213 pages
  • The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9780307378392

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    This is like it After the disappointing The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection with its collection of lame stories with no overarching plot and rather limply written characters, this is back to a good story and realistic people.The main story is about a couple of dead cows and who killed them There are lots of suspects, a confession or two which aren t necessarily the truth, and instead of a denoument a face saving solution to the problem that has caused the torture of these two innocent and trusting bovines The second story was of course the wedding at last of Madame Makutsi to Phuti Radiphuti involving little side stories of jealous aunts, the manipulative Mma Potokwani from the orphan farm, a pair of really rather crappy shoes but so attractive all us girls have bought totally unsuitable shoes we couldn t resist, so I laughed at this incident There was a story of where one of Mr J.L.B Makatoni s apprentices had had his dipstick in the oil pipe and illegitimate twins had resulted, or had they Highly recommended for a warm and comfortable read, no sex or violence apart from to a couple of cows , an enjoyable book.The rest of this review as written before I started to read it and all I can say is I was wrong, wrong, wrong and I m glad view spoiler I know, I know, after the low rating and less than overjoyed review I gave The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection here I am reading another episode of the past its sell by Precious Ramotswe soap opera Why am I doing it I think it might be like an addiction You kind of despise yourself for giving in to another drink, another cigarette, another helping of cheesy mashed potato with bacon bits And that s just it, the appeal of cheese.There you go, maybe I ll have reached bottom now and be able to be strong and climb out of this pit or maybe its the last one of the series I haven t read and I really ought to try and be a completist As Sketch says, the fibs we tell ourselves hide spoiler

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    Wonderful Like a warm tasty comforting free meal on a cold night Some surprising developments in the case of Charlie the apprentice who finds out that he has twins to support, until Precious Ramotswe discovers that perhaps he is not the father after all Precious finally gets her tiny white van back and Grace Makutsi marries Phuti Radiphuti in style after Mma Potokwani invites herself to the wedding and takes over preparations Much simple wisdom and funny situations and talk, but the book is so relaxing despite everything Therin lies the true genius of Alexander McCall Smith He can write well, he can create beauty, but he is perhaps the only author I have read who can give his reader a sense of peace, comfort and relaxation book after book after book His characters are realistic and subtle neither overdone nor underdone His plots are have the same mix of simple and complex parts as real life does, and he brings to the fore the beautiful simple things, friendship, rain, good fortune with understated skill A marvelous book in a marvelous series from a marvelous writer.

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    In this addition to the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series set in Botswana Mma Makutski plans her long awaited wedding to Phuti Radiphuti while Mma Ramotswe handles a difficult case Mma Ramotswe, the detective agency owner, is approached by Mr Botsalo Moeti, a cattle farmer who reports that two of his cows were purposely maimed Mr Moeti doesn t want to contact the police and asks Mma Ramotswe to investigate The detective drives to the client s farm and finds a fairly common situation Mr Moeti bullies his servants and pays them poorly Further inquiries reveal that the client is a difficult man who quarrels with his neighbor about fences and wandering cattle So there are plenty of suspects for the cow injuries.As the case proceeds Mma Ramotswe acquires troubling information and, not sure what to do, consults The Principles of Private Detection by Clovis Anderson This is the book that launched Mma Ramotswe on her detective career and serves as her investigative bible As always Mma Ramotswe exhibits common sense, sagacity, and thoughtfulness as she solves the case of the injured cattle.While Mma Ramotswe is detecting Mma Makutsi is making wedding arrangements She has to get wedding shoes a happy chore that doesn t go quite right , make a guest list, arrange accomodations for relatives, organize two wedding feasts, etc To add to her worries Mma Makutski has to deal with a greedy uncle who demands too many cattle for the bride price It s interesting to read about wedding customs in other cultures and I enjoyed these parts of the book Also the beef stew, mashed pumpkin, fruit cake and other wedding foods sound very tasty Yum As all this is going on both ladies have something else on their minds Through the grapevine they ve heard that Charlie apprentice to Mr J.L.B Matekoni Mma Ramotswe s husband at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors abandoned the girl who gave birth to his twin babies Mma Makuski, in her usual combative fashion, gives Charlie what for And Charlie calls her a warthog and runs off So Mma Ramotswe wanting Charlie to do the right thing has to deal with this issue as well.I enjoyed this cozy mystery but the case and side issues are less engaging than other books in the series Moreover the resolution of the problems has a fairy tale whifftoo convenient to be believed Still, it s nice to visit with the familiar likable characters as they go about their everyday lives I can just picture Mma Ramotswe sitting on the porch after dinner, sipping bush tea, and thinking deep thoughts.You can follow my reviews at

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    fourth read Still love this series It s reliably great third read Third read, and still great I just love this series If you ever want a smile, try these books I highly recommend the audio performances by Lisette Lecat She is unmatched She turns a really good book into something truly spectacular I can t praise her or this series highly enough second read I m running out of things to say about this series I ve read this book now twice in the same calendar year I could be perfectly happy to be reading one of the books in this series all the time They are wonderful and they get better with each read and as the series progresses How many series can you honestly say that about First read Alexander McCall Smith is a treasure It s as simple as that I love this series so much For me, they are the perfect comfort read, because they re not sickeningly sweet or too fluffy theyre just right At times you will laugh, you may even have a sad or a sweet tear here or there If you d like to learn a bit about the culture of Botswana, spend some time with decent, interesting recurring characters, and immerse yourself in a non violent mystery that focuses on the goodness and kindness in the world than all the rest, you couldn t find a perfect series ETA I wanted to add a quote Against the gradually darkening sky, the branches of the trees traced a pattern of twigs and leaves a pattern of such intricacy and delicacy that those standing below might look up and wonder why the world can be so beautiful and yet break the heart I m going to move right on into the 13th book when I can get it from the library, and when I come to the end of this series, I m starting over at the beginning I find myself in a place and time where I really need to focus on what is above , and this is a perfect series for that The ending to this one left me with sweet tears What a wonderful series and author Can t say enough about AMS.

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    I sit here, sipping a steaming mug of African red bush tea, wondering how to convey to you why I feel about Alexander McCall Smith, in general, and this book, in particular, as I do.Here in Atlanta there was a local right wing talk show host, eventually nationally syndicated and now retired and, I always remember, my exact same age who used to bluster that he said what everybody else was thinking but was afraid to say nasty, mean spirited comments about others, of course Alexander McCall Smith is his diametric opposite He also says what others think and are afraid to say, but, in his case, kind things, though no less true and sharp Just think, which words are most likely to have changed your life, the nastiest insults Or the kind observations For example You can tell her to shut up, Mma Charlie said That is very good All the time I thought everyone agreed with her There were all these woman You Her Mma Potokwane too All against me Well, I m not against you, Charlie I promise you that She paused And you ll come back to work tomorrow If you do, I ll tell Mr J.L.B Matekoni He won t say anything Nothing I ll talk to him too He ll understand Charlie considered this He s a good man Of course he is, Charlie, and so are you, you know Had it not been quite so dark, Mma Ramotswe would have seen the effect of her words Charlie, who had been slouching, as if expecting some sort of physical blow, seemed to grow in stature The furtiveness with which he had acted disappeared, and he stepped forward, as if putting the shadows, real and otherwise, behind him Thank you, Mma Thank you His voice became choked.On second thought, the above example deserves another comment The point is not to soothe or appease the behaviorally challenged by being nice Timing is everything in such matters, with the operative kind word not necessarily a matter entirely under our control but one that sometimes seems, rather, to smack of the miraculous And that s how it was in The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party.McCall Smith can observe and he can write People noticed things in Botswana they saw who went into which house and they speculated as to what took them there they noticed who was driving which car and who was in the passenger seat People saw these things, in much the same way as an expert tracker in the Kalahari will look at the ground, and see, written in the sand, the history of all the animal comings and goings.And, again She went out into the garden The sun had set, but there was still a faint glow in the west, above the Kalahari enough to provide that half light that makes everything seem so rounded, so perfect She stood in her garden and looked about her Against the gradually darkening sky, the branches of the trees traced a pattern of such intricacy and delicacy that those standing below might look up and wonder why the world can be so beautiful and yet break the heart.Recently I was complaining about a book God Soul Mind Brain A Neuroscientist s Reflections on the Spirit World by a neuropsychologist that purported to shock the reader by his discussion of how people project personalities and souls onto inanimate objects and, by extension, onto people Alexander McCall Smith does just as well plus is fun to read Her van had been her companion and friend for many years Can a vehicle a collection of mechanical bits and pieces, nuts and bolts and parts the names of which one has not the faintest idea of can such a thing be a friend Of course it can physical objects can have personalities, at least in the eyes of their owners To others, it may be only a van, but to the owner it may be the friend that has started loyally each morning except sometimes that has sat patiently during long hours of waiting outside the houses of suspected adulterers, that has carried one home in the late afternoon, tired after a day s work at the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.And, after a discussion of ghosts Mma Ramotswe laughed There are no ghosts, Mma No ghost people, no ghost vans These things are just stories we make up to frighten ourselves Mma Makutsi, now standing beside the kettle, looked out the window Yes, she thought, one can say that sort of thing in the broad daylight, under this wide and sunlit Botswana sky, but would one say the same thing with equal conviction at night, when one was out in the bush, perhaps, away from the streetlights of town, and surrounded by the sounds of the night sounds that could not be easily explained away and that could be anything, things known or unknown, things friendly or unfriendly, things that it was better not to think about Well, that s a little sample Also recommended are his 44 Scotland Street and The Sunday Philosophy Club Isabel Dalhousie series, both of which are set in Scotland.Just the dregs of the tea, cold now, are left Time for a walk before dark.

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    Taking her old shoes out of the box into which Paticia had tucked them, she slipped them back on her feet and continued on her way to the Tlokweng Road One or two people had witnessed the tragedy, or at least had seen part of it a young man passing by, a boy on a bicycle, an old man standing in the shade of a tree But they had only seen a woman racing after a white van and then stumbling they had seen her bend down and change her footwear before walking off towards the main road So might we fail to see the real sadness that lies behind the acts of others so might we look at one of our fellow men going about his business and not know of the sorrow that he is feeling, the effort that he is making, the things he has lost This paragraph from page 92 of The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party perfectly illustrates what I love about this series On the surface it is a gently comedic mystery series in which blood is rarely spilled and almost no one dies at least not from murder I know some readers find it a series in which nothing seems to happen But I love it because for me it is really about how we treat each other as human beings and how we struggle to decide what is right from what is wrong And sometimes whether it might not be better to be kind than right.Also, I love an author not afraid of the semicolon.

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    In the 12th volume of this delightful series, Botswana s most renowned lady detective looks into a mysterious event on a farmer s land Cattle have been slashed Who would do such a thing Of course Precious Ramotswe and her able, if somewhat shoe addled assistant, Grace Makutsi, are on the case, and you know they will get to the bottom of it, by and by.In the meantime, Grace is eagerly planning for her upcoming wedding This entails getting the finest possible shoes If you have read any of the prior books, you know that Makutsi and shoes have a magical relationship and you absolutely must smile when she converses with them Girl crazy Charlie, seemingly permanent apprentice to Precious s mechanic husband, may be the father of twins He does not respond well to the news Like the 56 T Bird in American Graffiti, Precious Ramotswe s much loved but finally junked white van keeps showing up, just enough to entice Is it a ghost Can inanimate things like cars have ghosts What s up with that If you are beginning this series at book twelve, that is not a traditional approach You might want to consider placing your new volume on a shelf while you head out to the local bookstore and pick up a copy of volume 1, The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.As usual, McCall has offered a light, breezy, comfortable experience One does not read books in this series for the action or the mysteries, though the mystery here is handled cleverly, as usual One comes to these books to spend a little time with familiar faces, to enjoy the ambience, maybe to pick up a bit of a taste of Smith s Botswana You need not look for hidden meanings, symbolism, references to classical literature Just check in with some old friends and see how they are doing By now, with a twelfth volume in hand, it has become a precious tradition.

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    Alexander McCall Smith s No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series is one of my favorite series This installment is probably the best of the twelve books so far In this book, Precious Ramotswe thinks at one point she would always take the time to drink tea, to look at the sky, and to talk What else was there to do Make money Why Did money bring any greater happiness than that furnished by a well made cup of red bush tea and a moment or two with a good friend She thought not p 198 This is one of my favorite themes, that living simply yields riches of truth and beauty and wisdom and value I love that she spends time looking at the progress of light and shadow, and the growth of natural things in her garden both mornings and evenings.I love that in this book the tiny white van enjoys a sort of resurrection.I love that Charlie has a larger part to play and that Mma Ramotswe finally sees into his heart and helps him grow up.I love that Grace Makutsi ruins her wedding shoes because she is so caught up in something else so important to Mma Ramotswe.I love that Mma Ramotswe figures out a way to honor her promise to a small child, when circumstances could easily have justified her breaking the promise.I love that justice is served even when the truth remains unknowable.I love that Mma Ramotswe is committed to kindness first, last, and always.

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    Join Precious Ramotswe, proprietor of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, for the weeks that elapse in this charming tale of life in Botswana, and you may emerge with fresh perspective on life Mma Ramotswe the prefix is a title akin to Ms and those who surround her live their lives in a slow and steady way that would be familiar to village based people everywhere but alien to those of us who populate the world s fast paced urban centers Mma Ramotswe s Botswana is a nation displaced from the passage of time as we experience it Botswana today is one of the world s fastest growing nations, an efficiently governed country that has raised its GDP per capital from 70 in 1966, when it gained independence from Britain, to 14,800 in 2010 There is no hint of this dynamism in The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party, which harkens back to an age before the Internet, before mobile phones, before American, European, and Indian films in short, before all the trappings of today s reality that are inescapable in all but the most resolutely isolated countries in the world today This is a celebration of the Africa that never was In this novel, as in its predecessors in the celebrated No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Mma Ramotswe s world is circumscribed by a stable cast of characters who play roles in all her various cases her husband, Mr J.L.B Matekoni, the best mechanic in all Botswana, and his two young apprentices, Charlie and Fanwell her socially inept sidekick, Grace Makutsi, who never lets anyone forget she achieved 97 per cent on her final exam at the Botswana Secretarial College Grace s nemesis, Violet Sephotho, a glamorous, man hungry ne er do well Grace s fiance, Phuti Radiphuti, the well to do owner of a furniture store and Mma Potokwane, who manages the orphan farm and the lives of anyone else who comes into her orbit All these characters play their assigned roles as Mma Ramotswe sets out to solve the latest mystery the murder of two cows under the dead of night at a remote rural cattle post all the while she pursues the ghost of a beloved tiny white van, confronts the accusation that Charlie has fathered twins but refuses to acknowledge them, and helps Grace prepare for her wedding Each of these plotlines is fraught with anxiety and yields up a surprise, but it all comes out just fine in the end, as always The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party is the 12th in Smith s series of novels about The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, his best known work in fiction However, this is just one among four other series of novels plus a much longer list of children s books And his work in fiction pales against his professional career as an expert in forensic law and bioethics and a respected university lecturer in both Scotland and Botswana In addition to his numerous works of fiction, he has authored or coauthored a dozen nonfiction books on medicine, the law, and other topics From

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    This one was way too repetitive if you ve read others in the series Everyone does what you expect them to do and nothing they haven t done before One of the side stories fizzles out into absolutely nothing almost as if the author forgot he had started that particular thread and the main mystery comes to an undramatic but still a bit disturbing closure Most others in the series that I have read so far are better choices.

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