Michael Foot: A Life

Michael Foot: A Life Michael Foot Has Been A Controversial And Charismatic Figure In British Public Life, Political And Literary, For Over Sixty Years Emerging From A Famous West Country Liberal Dynasty, He Rose As A Crusading Left Wing Journalist In The Late S This Biography Does Full Justice To Both The Public And The Private Side Of Michael Foot

Kenneth O Morgan, Research Professor, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and Honorary Fellow, Queen s College, Oxford.

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  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Michael Foot: A Life
  • Kenneth O. Morgan
  • English
  • 21 July 2017
  • 9780007178261

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    Kenneth Morgan s biography of the late Michael Foot is an enchanting examination of the life of one of Britain s most important and influential political figures of the 20th century Morgan s research and knowledge of Foot s life is deep and enthralling, but this text also functions as an important account of the political existence of 21st century Britain Largely due to his exceptional skill as a modern historian, Morgan is able to capture the atmosphere of the times he chronicles, while centring his work around the life of one of the Labour party s most controversial figures This ability is particularly evident in the chapters Morgan dedicates to the 1970s and the early 1980s, where Foot s political influence was at its highest while in Cabinet and as party leader.While the most interesting elements of this work are in the in depth historical writings, Morgan also successfully assesses all other elements of his subject s life, paying close attention to his literary tastes and marriage with Jill Cragie, which ensure that the book does not drift into a simply academic account of British political history It is unlikely that you will gain any new insights into Foot s life through the reading this book, as the common themes and people here are much the same as they are in other writings on him, Swift, Bevan and Beaverbrook recurring as frequently as you could expect but Kenneth Morgan s Michael Foot A Life is one of the most interesting, readable and enjoyable biographies you are likely to encounter.

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    Fascinating insights into one of Britain s most misunderstood politicians in modern times Comparisons with Corbyn are grossly misplaced Foot was a democratic socialist, patriotic libertarian and above all, a party man.It just misses out on the 5 stars due to the condescension with which Morgan treats the Bennite movement in the 70s and 80s which sufficiently detracts from Morgan s role as biographer , and the somewhat sparse treatment of the Foot leadership years 50 pages out of 450 Perhaps this reflects the priorities of Foot himself The Labour leadership was thrust upon him, the self conscious tragic hero uniquely placed to prevent an irreversible Healey Benn split The book is less an exploration of Foot s times as perhaps one would expect an intensely personal treatment of Foot the man As Foot wrote, No attempt is made at impartiality Unbiased historians are as insufferable as the people who profess no politics and Morgan succeeds in evoking a deep respect for Foot.

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    Good Excellent chronicle of a decent man caught up in the joint turmoils of the Callaghan government and turbulent early 1980s Labour A decent principled man , never cut out to be leader

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    it s well written in the main, but the author is not at all sympathetic to Foot s politics or point of view Thus, most of the time he doesn t even begin to grasp what really going on at least from Michael Foot s view , while at times he can be rather disingenuous Maybe it was a mistake giving such a right wing figure the task of writing Foot s biography

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    A brilliant biography of the Labour Party s most knowledgable and romantic leading lights Perhaps the greatest moments in the book are those that recount Foot s earlier life his family roots, as a journalist, as a leading Bevanite rather than the events surrounding his disasterous leadership in the 1980s.

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    Excellent A superbly written biography of an important person in recent British politics.

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    Evenhanded well researched

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    Brilliant book about a brilliant man

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    Interesting but it took me weeks reading it off and on to finish it.

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