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Aaron Bradley Aaron Bradley Is Restless Despite A Privileged Upbringing, At Twenty Seven He Still Hasn T Figured Out Who He Is Or What He Wants To Do With His Life Then His Friend Joe, A Successful Public Prosecutor, Asks Him For A Favor That Will Change Aaron S Life While Investigating Joe S Enigmatic Girlfriend Candice, Aaron Meets Bo, An Out And Proud, Easygoing Waiter, Causing Unfamiliar And Confusing Emotions To Flutter To Life Caught Up In The Middle Of Candice S Clandestine Activities, With Bo Gently Nudging Him Out Of The Closet Along The Way, Aaron Will Have To Review Everything He Thought He Knew About Himself As He Tries To Make Sense Of His Feelings For Bo

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  • Paperback
  • 262 pages
  • Aaron Bradley
  • Timothy Owen
  • English
  • 13 November 2018
  • 9781615814756

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    Aaron Bradley Closet Detective is a difficult story to review Parts of it I liked quite a bit and this is an author I eagerly await for but to be honest, I couldn t buy into all of the characters and the story Parts of the story are authentic, interesting, and above all the writing is very engaging and keeps the story interesting Yet I couldn t connect with the main characters, who are really the straight couple Joe and Candice while I liked Aaron This is a mixed bag with good writing and a good, solid story that really depends on whether readers can get into the heads of Candice and Joe, and so like them.Aaron Bradley is a privileged wealthy orphan who is doing very little with his life He spends his time doing odd jobs and helping out friends of friends with things like fixing a leaking sink or installing electronics He s pretty handy and smart so when his best friend Joe asks him to subtly tail Candice, Joe s mysterious girlfriend, Aaron reluctantly agrees He s not that stealthy and almost immediately he is spotted by a nearby waiter, Bo Bo strikes up a conversation and Aaron soon finds himself wondering if he s attracted to a man and what it means Aaron s newfound sexuality isn t the main mystery though The main suspense comes from Candice s late night activities that start a chain of events involving everyone and turns dangerous At the same time, Candice and Joe are really in love and think the other may be the one so they must discover what s important, doing what s right or what s right for you.The plot is pretty tightly paced and drives the story Not to give too many spoilers, the main thrust of the book is what Candice is hiding and why Aaron is brought in initially to tail her but that soon tapers off around halfway through and the rest of the story is about how Joe handles the truth about Candice and what it means for their relationship while Candice makes some life changing decisions of her own Aaron is almost a peripheral character at this point and Bo is pretty unimportant, which is very sad since Bo is a great character and his chemistry with Aaron is wonderful I admit I was pretty surprised when the focus of the story slowly turns to Candice and Joe as the main driving force I had thought that the Candice mystery would be a vehicle for Aaron rather than the main story In fact the final third is all about Joe and Candice with very little mention of Aaron and Bo.I have mixed feelings about the strong focus on Candice and Joe The story is told from numerous third person perspectives, including Candice s very prominent voice but there are also scenes from Aaron, Joe, and even a minor Bo On the one hand the writing is really great The story is engaging and the mystery well crafted with a lot of subtly and interest There are some leaps such as the technology but these are negligible Aaron as a detective is minor at best and so I was partly frustrated since he s such an interesting character, along with Bo, but pretty much wasted being in such a small role I wanted to get back to Aaron s perspective and have him actually do some amateur detecting rather than the lengthy focus on Candice s motives and actions.The flip side to this is that Candice in particular is a strong, well developed character with a lot of hidden depth She is perhaps the best characterized of the cast with Aaron as a close second Since the focus is so strongly on her, the story spends a lot of time looking at her background, her thoughts, her motivations, and her actions What bothers me is that despite all this set up I can t quite understand why Joe, Bo, and Aaron are so enad of her She s a good lead character and holds the story well but since the men pale in comparison, I can t quite understand the strong connection they each have with her, thus I never really bought into the various justifications and excuses Joe keeps saying how in love he is with Candice and I can t help but think why most of the time Ultimately, I didn t like the character of Candice, mostly due to how the men act around her and make excuses for her and not because she s a strong female in what is supposedly a m m romantic suspense I got annoyed with both Joe and Aaron several times for justifying Candice s behavior and supposedly all of this is ok because really it s not about right or wrong Except, well in this case it is so I find the insistence on both the story and the men making everything ok with Candice frustrating.Now there is a romance between Aaron and Bo they have the only on page sex though it s tame but again this feels very minor Aaron is a fun character with a lot of possibility and if there are any in the series, perhaps a book focusing on his relationship with Bo and another mystery, I d be interested in reading it Aaron s struggle with his sexuality is easy but nice He never really explored his sexuality until finding someone he has instant and charged chemistry with Once Aaron meets Bo, he understands why people are so excited about sex and their gradual romance is interesting and engaging There is a weird philosophical conversation they have halfway through the story that feels like a preaching lecture about the gay perspective and place in the world but other than that, their relationship and Aaron s awakening is nicely done.This story is an interesting mix of mystery and romance and I think it ll appeal to mystery fans the most The romance between Aaron and Bo is not the focus so romance fans may be disappointed whereas mystery fans may enjoy the action and reaction plot a lot The focus on a straight couple, Joe and Candice, didn t bother me but I disliked Candice and as the story went on so and was frustrated with the men and their weak arguments This definitely affected my enjoyment negatively If this is the start of a series with stories about Aaron, then I look forward to the next one The writing really drew me in from the start and the engaging prose had me rooting for the story despite the issues Aaron s chemistry and interactions with Bo are adorable and I liked reading about them together Joe is a good best friend and makes a good contrasting character with his own issues that make him stand out and has promise, despite his easy excuses for bad behavior.I m curious to see what others think about it as it s definitely not a typical story for this genre or publisher.

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    1.5 stars So so m m romance with an identity crisis Calling this book Aaron Bradley Closet Detective is deceptive only a tiny part of the book is about the deeply closeted Aaron Far of the book is devoted to the mysterious Candice and her shenanigans I think that this book, while definitely written in an engaging style, needed a lot of editing to give it some focus and maybe it shouldn t have been published by Dreamspinner.

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    This could have been a good and maybe even a great book, if the book would have been about the gay couple Aaron and Bo and not about Candice and her criminal mind activities.

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    This book is incorrectly classified as gay erotica if that s what you are expecting you will be very dissapointed There is no sex in this book, only romance.If you are looking for a fun amateur detective story, then read it It is also completely hetero friendly and in my opinion shouldn t even be classified as a gay book half the characters in it are str8.Thank you.

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    This book is incorrectly classified as gay erotica if that s what you are expecting you will be very dissapointed There is no sex in this book, only romance.If you are looking for a fun amateur detective story, then read it It is also completely hetero friendly and in my opinion shouldn t even be classified as a gay book half the characters in it are str8.Thank you.

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    wont read because from the reviews looks like the book focus on Candice and her secrets and just not interested

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    This is not a typical gay book which I think the people who wrote the previous reviews were expecting and is the only explanation for their low rating Why shouldn t it have a woman in it It s a story of love, friendship, betrayal and revenge, with a dose of coming out and a slice of detective work on the side.The writing is clever and humorus and the love scene, specifically because it is not graphic, is sweet and tender SMALL SPOILER HERE I adore the characters, except Candice who is not a nice lady Timothy Owen has done a remarkable job with the character of Candice, who has some severe personality disorders which slowly become and apparent as the story progresses As unlikable as she is she is the most complex character in the book a point which seems to have alluded my co reviewers.If you are expecting erotica, skip this one This is the perfect book if you are looking for a bit of escapism and a laugh or two.I sincerely hope this is the first book ai a series as I would really like to know how the relationship between Aaron and Bo develops.Rating 5 of 5 Stars

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    The story started really well and interesting both characters Aaron and his friend Joe where funny Then the plot began and I have to say, it was totally boring and wasted read _ I will never read it again And than that female role Candiceomg, why put a female into the story Blah

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    Good read My first from this author Aaron, Bo, and Joe were great characters Not 100% sure I liked the ending how things turned out for Candice Didn t need that visual

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    Aaron Bradley Closet Detective seems to have been advertised primarily as a gay romance novel However, this book, written by newcomer Timothy Owen, will appeal to a much wider audience and should not, in my opinion, be just limited to this target readership.In fact in many ways the romantic focus of the novel is on the straight couple, Candice and Joe, than on the gay couple, Aaron and Bo Be that as it may, I believe that there is a little bit of something for everyone including a mystery, suspense, good old fashioned greed and yes a little bit of romance.The plot unfolds around 4 main characters Aaron, Joe, Candice and Bo although, at times, it is hard to establish who the central protagonist is The title suggests it is Aaron a twenty something South African who, despite being an orphan, has grown up in privileged circumstances However, as the story progresses, we meet Joe Aaron s long standing friend who is a successful public prosecutor, Candice Joe s girlfriend and apparent philanthropist come cat burglar, and Bo a charming and openly gay waiter who is instrumental in helping Aaron to acknowledge his true sexuality.Without ruining the plot, the story revolves primarily around Candice s secret life which is the trigger for Aaron s fledgling detective activities It is also the main catalyst for his meeting Bo who will be instrumental in guiding him through the rite of passage that is his coming out of the closet The storyline is well thought through with some clever twists and sub plots, although many readers may not like the ending The ending of the book is quite open ended which, whilst it might frustrate some readers, could also provide a perfect opportunity for the author, Timothy Owen, to continue this story in a second instalment.Favourite scene The show down between a husband and wife who have ostensibly become the targets of Candice s illegal activities showing that, once again, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

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