Elizabeths Education (Elizabeths Education #1)

Elizabeths Education (Elizabeths Education #1) Sensuous JourneySpoiled Elizabeth is accustomed to controlling everyone in her world But when she meets Lord Michael, she s met her match At first, he takes Elizabeth under his Dominant wing as a favor to her father He soon realizes that she s different from the other women he s known Wil he take her on as a slave Will she accept him as her Master This is a deliciously sensuous read Don t miss Elizabeth s Education. Elizabeth Is A Beautiful, Intelligent, Wealthy Young Woman, But Spoiled And Wilful, Flirtatious And Feisty She Is Also Totally Mesmerised By The One Man Who Shows Her No Interest The Dashing, Mysterious, Lord Michael But What The Young Virgin Soon Discovers Is That Lord Michael Is A Strict Disciplinarian, And When Elizabeth S Father Asks Him To Watch Over The Haughty Young Lady, Lord Michael Takes The Opportunity To Begin Her Education Forced To Surrender To A Sound Over The Knee Spanking, A Tearful, Mortified, Elizabeth Learns That Her Actions Suddenly Have Consequences Under His Artful Mastery, The Passionate Girl Is Led Through Deepening Layers Of Submission, And With Bondage And Discipline Constant Companions On Her Journey, She Quickly Learns The Torrid Lessons Of Pleasure And Pain, Reward And Punishment Ultimately, Her Submissive Nature Finds Her Aching To Serve Him Solely And Completely But If She Wants To Call Him Master, She Must Agree To An Intense Initiation, Proving Her Sincerity, Displaying Her Hedonistic Hunger, And Earning The Privilege Only Then Will He Collar The Young Supplicant And Call Her His Own Elizabeth s EducationThis was an interesting experience to read I was mesmerized by the characters and their adventure in this world of domanice and sexual experience. I felt this was a good solid period story.I was hoping for something from this storyI guess I am just an Epilogue kinda chick I would read again will keep in my Kindle I do like my other Maggie C reads I also hope for e tomes about Lord Michael Elizabeth.. I read Elizabeth s Education 1 and 2 back to back and even though I liked this book I enjoyed the second one I definitely would recommend this book and encourage the reader to not stop after this one..read the second. To come Loved it Period piece Lord Michael is every subs dream Enjoy this authors writing Recommend. FABULOUS ROMANTIC ADVENTURE Elizabeth is beautiful, but she s so much She s arrogant, obnoxious, bratty, often throws horrific temper tantrums to get her way, and treats everyone around her as if they are the dirt beneath her slippers She s even worse when it comes to the household staff that serve her Elizabeth s father and her brother James have no idea what to do with her other than to shake their heads at her impossible behavior and steer clear There is hope though for Elizabeth When James and her father are suddenly called away on business, Elizabeth finds herself the ward of Lord Michael He is a close friend of her father, several years older than she, and he has agreed to stay at the manor and look after Elizabeth in her father s absence Lord Michael quickly finds her behavior and treatment of the servants unacceptable and establishes himself as her strict disciplinarian in hope of turning the hellion into a proper lady This book is an amazing, wonderful introduction to the world of Domination and submission It s textbook worthy This is Elizabeth s adventure, and one that Lord Michael finds himself enjoying taking her on and as time goes on I loved this book the first time I read it I ve grown to appreciate it so much now I was even entertained the second time I read it, knowing what I know now I highly recommend it to everyone interested in this genre. This started out okay But Really Passing this as an historical The gowns and coaches work, but the father and brother leaving her alone with no chaperone, with an older man Really In what period piece is this supposed to be okay Especially considering the things that happened which, incidentally, was totally hot I could suspend the whole unbelievability of this story right up until the sharing started I am not into the girl on girl thing Gives me the icks Although I did finish the book, it was touch and go The questionable characters that she was subjected to was off putting Then I was left with only a hfn ending Again, so not period So This gets the three stars only because I was able to finish the book and it did have some awesomely hot scenes Otherwise, glad this was a KU read and I didn t spend money than the KU subscription which can be made up for in volume of books.

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[PDF / Epub] ✅ Elizabeths Education (Elizabeths Education #1)  Author Maggie Carpenter – Hookupgoldmilf.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Elizabeths Education (Elizabeths Education #1)
  • Maggie Carpenter
  • English
  • 23 February 2019

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