Relative Chaos

Relative Chaos Poppy Cartwright S Klutter Killer Business Is Taking Off But When Her Aunt Millie, Hoarder Extraordinaire, Wants Professional Organizing Help, Poppy Moves Millie To The Top Of Her To Do List Surprised By The Appearance Of A Handsome And Mysterious Handyman Hired By Her Aunt Out Of The Blue, Poppy Is In For An Even Greater Shock When Amid The Piles Of Junk In Millie S Garage She Discovers A Corpse Poppy Is Content To Leave The Case Of The Unidentified Man To The Police Until Witnesses Begin To Describe A Suspect Who Matches Poppy S Son To A Tee Now She Must Juggle Her Messy Aunt, A Suspicious Cousin, And A Booming Business As She Searches For Clues That Will Clear Her Only Child One Thing Is Certain Poppy Won T Rest Until She Lines Up Every Detail, A Task That Might Organize Her Right Into A Killer S Sights

Kay Finch is a Pennsylvania native but, as her husband likes to say, she got to Texas as fast as she could She has worked as a legal assistant in Houston for the past seventeen years, beginning in the criminal law arena at Richard Racehorse Haynes firm before turning to a specialization in family law Series

[KINDLE] ❀ Relative Chaos  Author Kay Finch –
  • Hardcover
  • 231 pages
  • Relative Chaos
  • Kay Finch
  • English
  • 05 March 2018
  • 9780803477889

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    Relative Chaos A Klutter Killer Mystery by Kay Finch is the third mystery book written by Finch, but the first for this series Relative Chaos is a mystery readers dream Kay does an outstanding job of creating characters that are both funny and mysterious This novel is a fast paced mystery that starts off from the first chapter Poppy Cartwright is the main character that has started her own business Klutter Killer Her Aunt Millie is a hoarding nightmare and Poppy comes in to help her out When a dead body is found in the garage of Aunt Millie s place, the book begins to take off There are many supporting characters that make this book a winner Janice, who is Poppy s cousin and Aunt Millie s daughter, is the stand out Kay was able to take every character and make them all suspects in the crime Like vintage Agatha Christie, all the characters had motive, means and opportunity to commit the murder When one of the suspects turns out to be Poppy s own son, she is then in a race to not only find her son, but clear his name and save herself All mystery fans will love the debut of Poppy Cartwright and the writing of Kay Finch The Klutter Killer Mystery Series is a winner and we are excited to see what adventures lay ahead Reviewed by John Raab, CEO Publisher EIC for Suspense Magazine

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    This book was so obvious how it was going to turn out I knew who the killer was in the beginning of the book It was great read and light read for those days when you are looking for something to read.

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    Great quick funnyLite read great to chill out and relax for a few minutes a day Will make you smile and laugh

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    Well plotted and well paced, Relative Chaos kept me turning pages I shy away from cutesy cozies and was delighted that Kay Finch didn t settle for gimmicks she has created a very human protagonist in Poppy Cartwright, a professional organizer, whose Klutter Killer business is intregal to the mystery Poppy is a hard working heroine for readers of a certain age, who juggle family and work, loss and hope Plus, the book gave me some good tips for cleaning my closets.

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    A heckuva whodunnit with a unique protagonist Poppy runs a business that helps people with lots of clutter get organized But when she helps out Aunt Millie packrat extraordinaire , she stumbles upon a body in the garage The list of suspects is long, and among them are several quirky neighbors, a hunky handyman, and Poppy s son Now Poppy has a vested interest in getting to the bottom of the mystery and the body count is growing A fun read that kept me turning the pages to the very end.

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    This is a terrific new series about a sleuth that works as a clutter organizer Not only is her business off to a brilliant start but so it her first murder mystery Oops, they are in the same location.The characters are fresh and new and yet at the same time, familiar.I loved the size of this book It was a hardback but about the size of a mass trade paperback Easy to put in my purse and read in bed Nice sized print and I look forward to episodes of Poppy Cartwright.

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    Gosh I had to check to see if I wrote this book because I knew everything that was going to happen before it happened And then I realized that if I had written the book, I would have been able to make it interesting and have a better ending.

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    This was a good solid cozy and I even got some clutter clearing tips that I will be happy to use I had a good idea on who the killer was but it was an enjoyable read to the end I am looking forward to reading from this author.

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    DecentDecentI m a fan of classic lit and not a big mystery buff, so this book was not a typical read for me It s an easy read with a good enough plot that there were some surprises.

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    Cute Good read Passes the time.

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