A Porcupine Named Fluffy

A Porcupine Named FluffyShould Mr And Mrs Porcupine Name Their Baby Lance Needleroozer Quillian Perhaps They Should, But They Don T Instead They Decide On The Unlikely Name Of Fluffy Fluffy S Name Is A Source Of Sorrow To The Sharp Quilled Youngster, Until He Meets And Befriends A Rhinoceros Named Hippo Munsinger S Bright, Cheery Pictures Are As Whimsical As Lester S Delightfully Silly Text Together, They Create Nicely Absurd Images, Such As A Scene In Which Fluffy And Hippo Roll On The Ground, Laughing So Hard That They Start To Cry Lester And Munsingerwho Have Collaborated On Other Picture Bookstell A Sweet Story With Joyful Exuberance I love it when people share their favorite books with me You receive one as a gift and it is like getting a little piece of that person together with the book For my birthday this year my sister shared this little gem with me She said it was a favorite book of her five year old triplets Now it is a favorite here at my house, too I have to smile at the way FLUFFY made the rounds through my family The day it arrived in the mail, I read it to my two little boys at lunch They giggled and laughed at the story of this inappropriately named porcupine, and the antics he resorts to in order to make his spikey quills turn soft and fluffy Then I set the book in a basket under the table in our family room When my daughter came home from school, she found it and quickly read it, giggling at the conclusion and running to share the book with her younger brothers, who were happy to read it again That night when my huband came home from work, my five year old asked Dad to read the book to him again Which is when my nine year old discovered it and laughed along with his dad and his brother After each reading, througout the day, somebody was sure to conclude, That is a funny book. Now I gave it a three because I really enjoyed it It was too over the head of the preschoolers and even the illustrations weren t enough to keep them interested But my 5 yr old paid attention somewhat, even though he grew listless in the end But perhaps it wasn t the right time of day for us Everyone seemed a little distracted so I ll probably give this one another try soon At least a level 1 reading level, the adorable pictures and cute story to accompany it will bring smiles to at least some in your family. Mr and Mrs Porcupine were overjoyed at the birth of their first child, but what to name him Prickles Needlerozer Qullian In the end, they choose Fluffy But as Fluffy grew up he began to doubt that he was fluffy at all He had problems that a fluffy porcupine shouldn t have He poked holes in his mattress when he accidentally rolled over and he had a very unfortunate incident with an umbrella So he decided to become fluffier He imitated pillows, covered himself in whipped cream, and ate a whole bag of marshmallows But nothing worked, he just wasn t fluffy One day he walked along the road, thinking of ways to become fluffy when he met a very large rhinoceros who growled and asked for Fluffy s name When Fluffy told him, the rhinoceros began to smile, then giggle, and pretty soon he was rolling on the ground laughing Fluffy was not amused, but he politely asked the Rhinoceros his name After some hemming and hawing, the rhinoceros finally told him that his name wasHippo Fluffy laughed and they became best friends.Each word has been carefully chosen, so even though the text is short, it is very descriptive There s a tongue in cheek quality, which seems very appropriate because Fluffy just isn t fluffy The illustrations work so well with the text because they have the same humorous quality I especially love the pages that show Fluffy trying to be fluffy his face is priceless And I like the subtle moral of the story you don t have to conform to your name to be your true self.Full Review at Picture Book a Day This book was recommended by another parent at a group social skills class my son attended It was really cute, and fun A book about not letting labels define us I think I ll buy it. 5 stars for nostalgia. This was the second book chosen by a camp group It was a participatory group and the enjoyed answering No to the various name questions and they seemed to enjoy the humor. This is one of my older niece s favorite books I can tell, because she takes it out from the school library every other week She s going to be SO thrilled to get it for Christmas this year, I just know it So, here we have this porcupine And when he was born, his doting parents went through a whole list of normal names Spike, Quillian, Lance before settling on, doncha know it, Fluffy No, I don t know what they were thinking either and neither does their son With the literal mindedness of the very small, he sets out to make himself, well, fluffy Obviously, he s already Fluffy, but it doesn t make much sense to be Fluffy when you re not, does it He eats marshmallows He takes bubble baths He covers himself head to toe with shaving cream.It doesn t work, and as he walks off into the woods to think about it, he runs into a BIG SCARY RHINO Nevermind that rhinoceroses aren t indigenous to the same area as porcupines, it works And the rhino is dead set on being a bully until he hears Fluffy s ridiculous name It is an absurd name, and the poor rhino just cracks up laughing And when he confesses that his OWN inappropriate name is Hippo , well, there s just no cure They become the best of friends, and don t worry so much about their stupid, ill chosen names again And accepting the inevitable is much better than trying futilely to change it, so there you go.It s a very funny book, and it s simple enough for middle small children to read to themselves I highly recommend it. This may end up being my favorite Lester book Funny all throughout Fabulous illustrations to go with the story A fun twist near the end And a happy ending with even a moral, if you choose to see it Great potential for a storytime read aloud, probably for school age A fun lap read, too And the I think on it, the I think preschool might get it, too.2 1 12 I had decided the day before storytime that this book might just be too long for my preschool groups I left it on the table as a just in case Well, my 1st group was full or newbies and no regulars, so they didn t get as involved in the books I read So I actually managed 4 books 5 songs and still had 10 minutes Thus, I thought I d give it a go And it worked well Though new, the kids who were the right age for the group sat well and enjoyed the book Of course, you had to really look to see that they enjoyed it since they were playing the I m mature than these little kids because of all the toddlers in the room But I saw them trying not to smile And by the time they met the rhino, they were loosening up a bit If I d known that, perhaps I would have read the book earlier on Oh well I m glad it turned out well.9 25 13 I was doing a Name theme and this book asked to be done again I think I had one girl who was there the last time, but she didn t seem bored she was actually in to it Adults and kids all loved it story and pictures Yay 3 18 15 Used in Opposites theme They enjoyed the story and they got the humor.10 19 16 Used in Big Animals theme They enjoyed.6 13 18 I meant to have this out on Display for R, but I forgot to get Sheep Blast Off for Lit Moment So I used this Kids picked out something in the pictures, and then told me beginning letter of the word Only a few volunteers, then we enjoyed the rest of the book. Helen Lester has a knack of taking difficult situations and making them funny and acceptable Children can relate to her unique characters and the predicaments they get themselves into In this story, there is a porcupine named Fluffy who just doesn t understand why he was given that name He tries everything he can think of, including covering himself with marshmallows to make him look fluffy , but he just isn t Then Fluffy meets a rhinoceros and these two, very different fellows, become the best of friends who share a common bond A fun story to share that will give you all the giggles

Helen Lester is the author of many children s books Her background with children includes being a mother of two and a former elementary school teacher of ten years While at home with her children, Helen realized the importance of quality children s literature Helen started her writing career as a struggling author facing many rejections by publishing companies Her first book was finally publis

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