Aye, and Gomorrah: And Other Stories

Aye, and Gomorrah: And Other Stories A Father Must Come To Terms With His Son S Death In The War In Venice An Architecture Student Commits A Crime Of Passion A White Southern Airport Loader Tries To Do A Favor For A Black Northern Child The Ordinary Stuff Of Ordinary Fiction But With A Difference These Tales Take Place Twenty Five, Fifty, A Hundred Fifty Years From Now, When Men And Women Have Been Given Gills To Labor Under The Sea Huge Repair Stations Patrol The Cables Carrying Power To The Ends Of The Earth Telepathic And Precocious Children So Passionately Yearn To Visit Distant Galaxies That They Ll Kill To Go Brilliantly Crafted, Beautifully Written, These Are Samuel Delany S Award Winning Stories, Like No Others Before Or SinceContents The Star Pit Novella By Samuel R Delany Corona Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Aye, And Gomorrah Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Driftglass Shortstory By Samuel R Delany We, In Some Strange Power S Employ, Move On A Rigorous Line Novella By Samuel R Delany Variant Of Lines Of Power Cage Of Brass Shortstory By Samuel R Delany High Weir Novelette By Samuel R Delany Time Considered As A Helix Of Semi Precious Stones Novelette By Samuel R Delany Omegahelm Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Among The Blobs Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Tapestry Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Prismatica Novelette By Samuel R Delany Ruins Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Dog In A Fisherman S Net Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Night And The Loves Of Joe Dicostanzo Shortstory By Samuel R Delany Of Doubts And Dreams Essay By Samuel R Delany

Samuel Ray Delany, also known as Chip, is an award winning American science fiction author He was born to a prominent black family on April 1, 1942, and raised in Harlem His mother, Margaret Carey Boyd Delany, was a library clerk in the New York Public Library system His father, Samuel Ray Delany, Senior, ran a successful Harlem undertaking establishment, Levy Delany Funeral Home, on 7t

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  • Paperback
  • 383 pages
  • Aye, and Gomorrah: And Other Stories
  • Samuel R. Delany
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
  • 9780375706714

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    The way Delany uses loneliness, the desire for companionship and sexual fetishes in this story make it groundbreaking It is one of those stories you really should read to understand the development of the genre If Ellison was looking for controversy, then that is exactly what he got with this story I m not surprised at all he made it the parting shot of the anthology It is, there is no other way to put it, a brilliant piece of work Full Random Comments review

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    Soy muy fan de Delany pero esta antolog a me ha resultado decepcionante, a pesar de que, en general, se trata de relatos muy bien escritos y sorprende lo bien que aguantan el paso del tiempo No s exactamente cu l ha sido el problema, a ratos me parec a que los cuentos eran demasiado convencionales respecto a sus novelas, a ratos parecen meros ejercicios de estilo Cage of Brass o Time Considered as a Helix of Semi precious Stones , un pastiche de Bester que se me ha atragantado cosa mala , y a ratos me aburr a much simo Salvar a The Star Pit , una compleja reflexi n sobre la masculinidad, la paternidad, el talento art stico y la identidad racial, We, in Some Strange Power s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line , un relato que parece prof tico sobre la globalizaci n y acaba derivando en masculinidades chungas y machos alfa, Among the Blobs , cuento experimental burroughsiano sobre sexo homosexual en los ba os p blicos del metro de NY y extraterrestres primordiales, una mezcla tem tica que me ha molao bastante, y finalmente, el sublime Aye, and Gomorrah , cuento con el que ya flip hace muchos a os al leerlo en el Dangerous Visions de Harlan Ellison Un evocador relato extraordinariamente escrito que en un principio se puede interpretar como una bella met fora sobre el sexo de pago encarnada por una banda de chaperos hippies del espacio y que acaba deviniendo en una maravillosa, s rdida y trist sima reflexi n acerca del sexo, el deseo y el amor, sobre el sentimiento de inferioridad y desesperaci n, de sentir que no valemos nada ante el inalcanzable objeto de nuestros deseos, hundi ndonos en la miseria del desamor mientras sus ojos est n en otra parte, llenos de estrellas.

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    I m just reviewing the title story here andum, ok I don t Bible, so the title was kind of lost on me, and Wikipedia is refusing to help in a short and manageable way The structure is pretty oldschool, with a couple of characters thrown together randomly, expositing highfalutin sci fi concepts all over each other, which is fine for when it was written There s a cool in medias res opening that sets the story up to be a little complex than it actually is, and there s a interesting subtext in which the eunuch spaceman is trying to get the fetishizing terrestrian lady to pay him for something that eunuch spacemen typically get paid for in this world, probably weird spaceman sex, although he describes himself as sexually retarded, so I don t know exactly how that all works Anyway, that sort of loose ends weirdness modernises and complicates the whole thing a little further than the main concept allows for, which is okay Also Delany wrote an afterword in my version which just made everything confusing and worse Probably I m just dumb, but I m okay with that.

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    Strange and wonderful, like all Delany s writing Some of the later stories don t seem to fit with the earlier ones as well, which is why I m giving four stars instead of five, although I immensely enjoyed all of them Favorites include The Star Pit, Driftglass, We, in some strange power s employ, high weir, corona.

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    Some thoughts on rereading the individual stories I ve put a next to stories that I think are unique in Delany s body of work mostly these are the highlights of the collection, though in a few cases it was great just to see him try something so different The Star Pit 4 5 I remember this being one of my favorites, and it s still good with lots of interesting ideas and nice character, but a bit obvious Still amazing though for a first published story.Corona 2.5 5 I still don t like this much, but even without being remarkable it still shows Delany s early excellent control of tone, and focus on racial working class issues back when nobody wrote that kind of SF Though this approach is developed much better in the other stories Aye and Gomorrah 4.5 5 Beautiful language, fascinating ideas Driftglass 5 5 Genuinely great Compact, beautiful, and intensely sad We, in Some Strange Power s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line 5 5 A masterpiece The centerpiece of the collection in a lot of ways.Cage of Brass 2 5 Sort of a gothic experiment It s interesting but I m not sure the tone or form entirely work.High Weir 2 5Delany s take on the classic astronauts on mars premise Lots of potential and ideas that would have been great with some development, but this one just didn t work for me One of the only times I got the sense of him writing a story that just didn t suit his style.Time Considered as a Helix of Semi precious Stones 1.5 5Ambitious, but something about this one is just sort of thin.Omegahelm 2.5 5Great language and ideas, but ultimately like part of a story than something interesting in itself Among the Blobs 3 5Experimental fiction that ruptures the tone of the collection so far and verges into Delany s later lgbt work Tapestry 3 5A grotesque inversion of a fairy tale Hints at Delany s later theoretical writing Prismatica 3 5An early fairy tale that also shows Delany s ability to inhabit any linguistic register Fascinatingly different, though the resolution is so hetero and easy it just feels weird in Delany.Ruins 1 5One of the worst things Delany has written The last few pages show an indication of his later concern in Neveryon with how developing societies function, but otherwise this one is kind of just pulp trash Dog in a Fisterman s Net 4.5 5A realist story set in Greece, deeply tragic and powerfully felt Another of the best stories in the collection, and Delany really hasn t written anything like this since Night and the Love of Joe Dicostanza 4 5An abrupt leap into very Freudian surrealism.

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    I wish I could give this 3.5 stars, or maybe even 3.75 It grew on me drastically toward the end Longer review later, hopefully, but for now Favorite story High Weir unsurprisingly reminiscent of some of my favorite Le Guin stories Also a big fan of Driftglass Dog in a Fisherman s Net A pairing with interesting resonances Really liked some of the ideas but not all of the execution Aye, and Gomorrah We, in Some Strange Power s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line Night and the Loves of Joe Dicostanzo Deeply divided on The Star Pit Time Considered as a Helix of Semi Precious Stones Neutral kind of forgettable Cage of Brass Omegahelm Among the Blobs Ruins Slogged to get through Corona Tapestry Prismatica

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    short stories by the master sci fi stylist himself this book contains some of chip s best known, award winning stories sure those are great, but i especially liked the other ones that i had read for the first time.

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    Read most of these stories in his earlier collection, Driftglass, and was wowed by the range and intensity of the pieces The Nebula winners are the ones that stand out in memory, but all of the stories are terrific and strange and wonderfully wrought.

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    I loved the stories with future merpeople I loved the story about electricity I loved the story about the star pit And the fairy tale about Far Rainbow.

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    Ah, this is the Delaney we love to be weirded out by.

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