Hogg The Classic And Controversial Novel Made Available Again Acclaimed Winner Of The William Whitehead Memorial Award For A Lifetime S Contribution To Gay And Lesbian Literature, Bestselling And Award Winning SF Author Samuel R Delany Wrote Hogg Three Decades Ago Since Then It Has Been One Of America S Most Famous Unpublishable Novels The Subject Matter Of Hogg Is Our Culture Of Sexual Violence And Degeneration Delany Explores His Disturbing Protagonist Hogg On His Own Turf Rape, Pederasty, Sexual Excess Exposing An Area Of Violence And Sexual Abuse From The Inside As Such, It Is A Brave But Necessary Book A Shocking And Contemporary Insight Into A Parallel World Of Sex And Cravings That Lies In Wait In The Shadows Of Our Own World

Samuel Ray Delany, also known as Chip, is an award winning American science fiction author He was born to a prominent black family on April 1, 1942, and raised in Harlem His mother, Margaret Carey Boyd Delany, was a library clerk in the New York Public Library system His father, Samuel Ray Delany, Senior, ran a successful Harlem undertaking establishment, Levy Delany Funeral Home, on 7t

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    This is a book I can t give a star to I need some sort of alternate system to rate it, and just sorting that out would take all day It s both the worst book I ve ever read and one of the best, but I m not going to give it a three, because I think that s a cop out with this book Most people should not read this book That s not a tease to get you to read it It really is awful This book is to sex and masculinity what the Exorcist is to horror it s going to be too much for most people Rape Murder Child exploitation Dirty DIRTY sex I have one real squick with sex, and they hit it Over And over And over.But what this book shows to me is our culture s male archetype stripped to its bone I kept thinking of Camille Paglia while I read this book and her insistence that men are by their nature raw and rough I ve always felt that is too simplistic, because not all men are reading this book, I realized that this raw, rough, rude vision of masculinity is a cultural trope that we all swallow, and Hogg is its embodiment.What we have here is a man so raw and vile that he rapes and murders for a living, and for fun he takes along a young man boy who narrates the story and who we only know as cocksucker Hogg is unapologetic He is also creepily accepting of who and what he is He isn t a sociopath He isn t out for vengeance He doesn t blame a bad upbringing though you do get a hint of his past, which did seem to set him up for what he became Hogg just is he is the archetype of his name He is a pig wallowing in the trough of life He has no aim for power or control He simply enjoys and takes and, like an animal, does what he needs to survive There is no philosophy here There is just Hogg, having as good a time as he can with absolutely no moral filter He is male He is raw He is And that s it.Cocksucker, however, is another story Cocksucker worships Hogg because of his rawness Cocksucker is the boy archetype submitting to the man archetype of Hogg He does what he is told He follows He allows the men to tell him what to do, who to be, what to engage in Sometimes he seems to love the acts most of which made me want to puke, many which would enrage most people , but mostly he seems to love the submission, the giving into this baseness Nothing is too far in this book Nothing is forbidden Nothing NOTHING.I don t want to give away the end, but I will say that the conflict in the story is mostly the reader reading along to see just exactly how far this is going to go, to see what can possibly come next It is a train wreck, and it ends that way Delany successfully draws you along with cocksucker, and you become him too, if you keep reading Maybe you hate it than the boy, but you still read And when you get to the resolution, when you see cocksucker s reaction, you realize that there s a Hogg and a cocksucker in all of us, that love it or hate it, embrace it or shun it, we are all pigs in our own way We all want to go too far Probably not like this But we all love the edges And like cocksucker, we aren t looking for redemption or love or sacrifice or meaning Sometimes we are just looking for a ride I think the temptation is to view this book as voyeuristic It isn t It is, as its protagonist is, raw and unflinching It isn t titillating It is a peek inside the human psyche you might not want to see, and the biggest danger isn t want you learn about Hogg or cocksucker It s what you might find out about humanity, and what you might learn about yourself.

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    tis the season13 TALES OF TERROR BOOK 2 read during my Social Work Years I Remember a young lad s journey into the dark side abuse degradation, times a million droolingly graphic depictions of rape, pederasty, blood, piss, shit, the whole kit kaboodle bikers whores drug addicts, oh my is that some form of Stockholm Syndrome or is this the kid s true destiny everything is so fuckin ugly i feel sick i suppose Delany had his reasons.i later gave this to a colleague who loves Delany he enjoyed the book a lot he called it tender at least near the end of the novel apparently it was tender enough to bring a few tears to his eyes huh maybe i have a heart of steel or a low threshold for such things ours is not to wonder why

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    The most depraved, disgusting, brilliantly sickening perversion I have ever read Although it is worth 5 stars for its brilliance, I cannot give it anything other than a ONE STAR Yuck.Before I begin my review, I would like to quickly share some information to those with closed minds with possibly limited understanding of the literal or alternative definitions of words in the English language.Try to open your mind just a wee bit and understand that there are words in which we have given a specific value or definition For example, Skinny versus scrawny although they have similar meanings, we as a society see skinny as beautiful and acceptable, whereas scrawny is sickening skinny and ugly.Every word has alternative, literal definitions Keep in mind that regardless of whether you place a positive or negative note and feeling to the word, it is simply just that a word choice Get over it.Ok I shall rant and rave and begin My apologies for the unorganized review But I just want to get the damned thing over with.SIDENOTE Please, please, please, please Read this review in its entirety before assuming that this is just another book with mild forms of entertainment of perversion this is not a simple they are raping her in the next room book this is an erotic novel with constant descriptions of murder, homosexuality, child molestation, incest, coprophilia, coprophagia, urolagnia, sodomy, necrophilia and rape If you don t understand the warning above, grab a dictionary.Hogg is by far the most incredible, the most amazing, the most erotically perverted and disgustingly abhorrent book I have ever read and by ever I mean that in its most literal sense.The first line of this book When I was eleven, I used to suck off a kid named Pedro behind the bottom landing of the stairs that went to the basement.This book is written in first person by an eleven year old boy.I have made a tremendous amount of notes that I had every intention of including in this review then I realized there is no way in HELL I could ever include those notes Although they are extremely pertinent and important to parts of the story, they are downright graphic and puke worthy.Unfortunately, below is one of the mildest of the notes I have prepared for you A woman, who was being raped by a gang of hired serial rapists, fought back and managed to cut the man who has a fetish with knives He smiled You cut me, lady He licked his bloody palm You cut me, lady, and I m going to cut you now His other hand brought the knife out of his pocket I m going to cut a hole in your belly and f it, lady I m going to cut your leg up like a Virginia ham and fry the slices for lunch I m gonna hack out a piece of your gut, poke out the shit, and wear it for a ring Hogg is a disgusting man who falls in love with the eleven year old boy who is telling the story Here is his rambling logic about how it is acceptable for him to screw an eleven year old boy, rape women for money and his attempt to have others see that all of the socially unacceptable talk about using a mild phrase for something so ungodly is really OK and that IT IS WHAT IT IS and that we ALL WANT IT BUT WON T SEE IT S OK You know what I think, Ray That was Hogg again Him and the bartender were ambling around the crowding bikers I think I ain t never met a normal, I mean normal, man who wasn t crazy Loon crazy, takem em off and put em away crazy, which is what they would do if there wasn t so many of them Every normal man I mean sexually normal, now man I ever met figures the whole thing runs between two points What he wants, and what he thinks should be Every thought in his head is directed to fixing a rule straight line between them, and he calls that line What Is I mean it, now I think about things like that And thinkin about it, I think I got it figured out That s what a normal man thinks is reality On the other hand, every faggot or panty sucker, or whip jockey, or SM freak, or baby fu ker, or even a motherfuc er like me, we know and his hands came down like he was pushing something away We know, man, that there is what we want, there is what should be, and there is what is and don t none of them got anything to do with each other unless unless we make it, Hogg went on I am going to exclude my personal Have I really managed that views and judgments of the depravity in which you will undoubtedly read from this review and leave you with this There is absolutely nothing simple about this book It is in length and by far the most outstanding don t assume the positive twist of meaning book I have ever read If you are interested in reading a book that quite frankly will be incredibly memorable, a book of perversions brought to life this book is for you.With that said I have never said this I do not recommend this book to anyone with a weak stomach, to anyone who would not wish to become enraged with remorse, to anyone who refuses to see that there are certain aspects in our world that we turn a blind eye to, and to anyone who does not wish to live alongside a worthless get over my word choice it s quite appropriate I assure you eleven year old boy who is passed around a world that is filled with toes drowning in jam, asses oozing with slime beckoning attention.I wish I had never read this book But it s one hell of an eye opener.I do not hope for happy reading My last bit of advice If you so choose to experience Hogg, keep a trash can nearby for those paragraphs that will quite possibly make you puke.

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    Re read relevant to something I m writing at the moment D major skimmage So much of the novel s hook is wondering what depraved thing is going to happen next and how far Delany is going to go Upon re reading, with no surprises, the story is incredibly slow Original review In order of necessity, what I have to say about this book 1 Have I ever felt so angry that I needed to write Hogg Absolutely, but with almost none of the skill, and I m endlessly thankful that I didn t need to endure the writing process of this book.2 If I had to choose to endure the violence of a victim from either American Psycho or Hogg, it would easily be American Psycho Still, I feel that AP is excessive, and Hogg is necessary art Hogg is unipolar throughout, and would only make its statement if it was driven to the absolute extreme which it undoubtedly is the most disgusting thing I can possibly think of is view spoiler a child sucking pus from a dick with a rusty nail in it hide spoiler

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    As a quick game take a moment to think of the most vile and perverse sex act you can Really, push yourself That sex act is in this novel somewhere Corpses Yes A lot of the criticism or reviews I ve seen for this novel, written way back in 1972 but never published until 1995 and published by FC2, whose mission is to publish books of high quality and exceptional ambition whose style, subject matter, or form push the limits of American publishing and reshape our literary culture , spends a good amount of time confessing how harrowing the experience of reading it is, but that it s in the end so worth it, for the gift I guess we re given of a portrait so honest and revolutionary Hogg, a rapist for hire who never bathes and regularly voids both bowels and bladder right in his crusty jeans, is so the critics argue repulsive and yet alluring, immoral and yet moral, hateful and yet capable of love Delany, the point is, has found a way to make evil sympathetic.I don t buy it, maybe because I don t buy the representation of evil in these pages Surely I m not the first person to read and write about this novel who has slid shamed eyes across the scattershot lines of gay pornographic fiction before, right And Hogg s taken right out of good old raunchy gay porno Yes, the critics allow this novel to be labeled as pornographic, but their attempts are to hoist the novel out of the gutter and into fine art.To me, I think it just wants to wallow in the gutter Who would read such a novel Or, rather, who can enjoy such a novel Men who violently and fiercely hate women, first and foremost, will find much to love here Also certain scatophilic fetishists I ll even admit to having been aroused by a sex scene or two, but was quickly put off by all the wretchedness that followed.There s one other important demographic for the book, folks I ll call for lack of a better term Readers on the Wild Side Reading this book reminded me of an entry I read recently on Stuff White People Like about the self righteous joys of Having Gay Friends Readers on the Wild Side love this book because it s so dangerous and because they feel their eyes are being opened to some difficult truth.It s bullshit The opposite is true Hogg is Delany s silly but successful attempt to pull some pervy wool over the literary establishment s courageous eyes It s such a trifling, bratty read Everything in it is phonier than Juno.

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    Spoilers This book is very hard to rate It s a nasty read, it describes in full detail everything that could possibly make a person squick This is written through the voice of an unnamed boy who we only know as Cocksucker The telling of horrible scenes is done with the stunted feelings of a child who has seen too much and can no longer work up surprise or fear Or love At one point, the boy misses Hogg and I thought perhaps he had become attached to the man who was kind to him in a way Later you find that the boy is so disconnected that he doesnt even understand attachment Hogg is a disgusting character and yet, to show how well it is written, SPOILER ALERT in the last pages you feel disappointed that things don t end differently I softened to Hogg because he, in his way, professed a love for Cocksucker that you find will not be returned I think Cocksucker no longer wanted to be near Hogg once he felt tenderness, as if it was frightening than anything else Denny was a comical character to me Even though his killing spree would be sinister if not in a fictional work The fact that he scrawled All right on the wall after each killing seemed like dark humor.The story ends with the first mention of Cocksucker saying a word To me this signaled a change in the relationship dynamic between Hogg and the boy When Hogg professed his feelings, he changed in the boy s eyes No longer bigger than life, no longer someone to worship That word was the death knell of their relationship and left me surprisingly sad for Hogg The nasty man was actually thinking of settling down in his way, of making a life with the boy, but in confessing his shortcomings to the boy, he destroyed what made Cocksucker desire him.

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    For connoisseurs of semen and semen related adjectives.

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    Perverse, visceral, vascular Pushing a state of desensitization Depravity is subjective The world is corrupt.

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    Context here sheds useful light, but remains inadequate to actually dissipate the deep shadows around the incontrovertibly messed up core of this very anomalous Delany novel The relevant context after a prolific decade of sci fi novels that enjoyed a surprising level of mainstream success given their often experimental devices and complicated aims, Delany closed out the decade with this relentless and unpublishable until 1995, in fact transgressive fiction, the first draft of which was complete just three days before the Stonewall Riots in 1969 So there s a potential source of vitriol fueling what I can only really describe as a libidinal dystopia, though that only scratches the surface Later, Dalgren s surface devastation actually maps a kind of Utopian counter society by comparison or his East Village memoir Heavenly Breakfast Certainly, there is plenty of broader social commentary mapped in the titular character s monologues to support a broad based frustration.And yet no amount of analysis seems likely to be adequate to explain away, intellectualize, or sterilize the sheer horror and revulsion this book seems necessarily to induce Doubly so, since locked within a complicit if an 11 year old semi hostage can be considered actually complicit viewpoint that passively observes atrocities with minimal objection amid an unending parade of human ruin, there s a lot of room for ambiguity of intent Even so considering the literally pornographic detail, nearly all interactions mapped by pages and pages of unconventional or worse sex acts, a gratuity that seems to suggest either genuine erotic interest or sheer aggression towards the reader Does this make it all the successful as transgressive literature Arguably Delany is nothing if not thoughtful in any form, leaving the troubling content even harder to dismiss Admittedly it s a tension that I find consistently engaging in Dennis Cooper s work and in that way, I suppose, softer and digestible, though these are very relative terms, as any Cooper reader will attest Cooper himself considers Hogg tiresome and indulgent but a highly charged object , which I d find difficult to argue with.The most conclusive thing I can offer right now is that this should never be anyone s Delany starting point, but it s very interesting, if uncomfortable, in the larger context of his work and the social progression of the 60s and 70s.

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    Yikes Ok, I have to admit that I haven t read much Delany yet I have a bunch of books on my shelf, tried to read Babel 17 once but sort of gave up although it was pretty interesting and I vowed someday to return , and remember enjoying a number of short stories over the years Still, I grabbed this because it was on a list of unusual books , and while there wasn t any information given about it there, I figured, Delany s pretty interesting why not give this a try The book opens with the narrator, a young boy of about eleven if I remember right, getting his cock sucked by an older kid I thought this was just some kind of reminiscence about his first time , initially, but we quickly move on to group sex, gang rape and the self made man, hogg himself, truly one of the most vile and disgusting creatures to be spawned by the Beast of Literature.But here, look, I know Delany s a smart man I think he was driving at something with this book, and I think I might even know what it was, but the truth is that it just goes on, and on, and on with all this depravity and pederasty and love of ones own filthy body excretions and so on I guess it s not a long book but it certainly feels endless Skipping pages was mandatory for me and I still think I took in too much Apparently Delaney wrote this book in the sixties but didn t get it published until much later, and I can see why, but also wonder if perhaps the point he was trying to make would have struck home a lot better forty years ago than it does now The clue to what he s driving at, if it isn t obvious at the end there s a sort of soft scene between Hogg and the nameless boy, where Hogg reflects on the nature of life, human relationships and so on scratching his arse the entire time, of course Throughout the book, the boy hasn t said a single word IN the last paragraph, he utters one, and it s nothing , or something equally trivial That s how Delaney ends the novel Throughout this entire work, the I that tells us the story has been ruthlessly and systematically objectified He doesn t have a name, a history, a place.he s nothing than a hole I get that a lot has been written about the depersonalisation of human beings due to pornography, prostitution and so on, and it s a real, disheartening phenomenon Delaney seems to make this the whole thrust of this angry, semen soaked, vile narrative though, and I m not convinced it couldn t have been said with depth, complexity, and in different shades As it is, this is like a long and bitter diatribe an experiment, perhaps an attempt to make sex seem as un sexy and flagrantly un erotic as possible, and I don t for a moment only say that because I m a straight man reading a book that s largely about queers drawn to complete depravity Most often, I believe that the journey really is of greater importance than the destination, or at least, it makes the destination arrived at seem of greater significance Here, I think I recognise where Delaney wanted to go, but the journey is a most unpleasing one, and anyway, this just isn t very profound and he should have aimed higher, or else maybe the crawling cess pit really isn t for me.

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