The Phantom Of Valletta

The Phantom Of Valletta I loved the book and musical of The Phantom Of The Opera, so I was intrigued to read this sequel to it But, as soon as I read this sentence in the first chapter, I knew that I shouldn t set my expectations too high Life was a bit dull, until a certain young woman by the name of Christine Daae caught my eye Life was a bit dull that s how the Phantom, the Angel of Music, the operatic genius describes his tortured life before he met Christine really And then, near the end, was the passage where two characters, questioned about their relationship say that it s alright because they are consenting adults That phrase just seems a little anachronistic for a book that s set in the 1800 s. I would have given it 5 stars for the idea of it alone, which is brilliant, the delivery though was weak I thought This could have gone on for a series view spoiler Maybe Erik could forgive Desiree, but I couldn t, and in the very end she just turned into another blubbering Christine, who BTW showed up at the end, I sat back and thought, Is there no getting away from her hide spoiler Out Of PrintAnother Chapter In The Life Of The Infamous Phantom Of The Opera Continues, As He Leaves Paris And Moves To Malta In Search Of A New Beginning Clothed In Secrecy, He Purchases The Royal Opera House In Valletta, Which Has Been Destroyed By A Devastating Fire In An Attempt To Bury The Pain Of His Past, The Burned Out Shell Becomes His New Obsession He Is Determined To Resurrect The Structure From Ashes And Return It To Glory To Raise Funds For His Task, He Holds A Masquerade And Encounters A Strange Woman Who Prophesies His Destiny Of Undoing And Death Her Words Haunt The Opera Ghost, But He Continues On His Path Of Restoration After Years Of Hard Work, The Gala Reopening Occurs The Phantom Is Convinced He Has Reached The Pinnacle Of Success In His Life He Rests In Peace Over His Accomplishments For Sheer Amusement, He Takes On A New Student, Which Leads Him Down A Path Of Romance, Mystery, And Danger His Fortune Unfolds Before Him, And He Discovers He Cannot Hide From Those Who Seek Retribution For His Former Sins He Is Forced To Reap The Consequences And Comes Face To Face With His Darkest Demons And Fears In The End, His Insatiable Hunger For Beauty Is Challenged To The Core Will He Survive The Obstacles He Encounters Or Will This Finally Be His Undoing And Death As an avid Phantom of the Opera fan I ve decided to start reading a few of the independently authored novels within the Phantom genre I chose this one as my first because Vicki is a personal friend and has actively supported other Phantom authors and artists in their own endeavors I very much enjoyed the cleaver plotting of The Phantom of Valletta, which made the characters taken from the original novel, fresh, while at the same timethey are familiar enough to feel like old friends Ms Hopkins Erik is written with all the characteristics a Phantom should be he is funny, sensual, dark and clever If you are a fan of Phantom of the Opera, I think you will enjoy seeing this Phantom relocate and begin a new life in Valletta, where despite his efforts to reform.he is haunted by the sins of his past even as he tries to redeem his present. After lots of thinking and numerous battles against my urge which is constantly thirsty for Phantom of the Opera , I gave in to searching about its independent sequels by different authors It may sound daft to even mention such an internal conflict, but you see, this wonderful story will always be my favourite, or shall I say, my precious obsession , and thus I was very much scared of the changes any sequel would surely have the power to make in my perspective to the story However, I finally gave in to this longing, because come on, who wouldn t be curious to find out possibilities to poor Erik s tragic outcome After watching Love Never Dies the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber s stage musical version of Monsieur Gaston Leroux s genius novel which touched me to the core, I picked The Phantom of Valletta by Vicki Hopkins to be the next independent sequel I allowed myself to read I was really intrigued to start reading it, especially since I happen to live in Malta, the small island nobody seems to know much about to which Valletta is its capital It enticed me to even think that the Phantom could actually have something to do with my little country, unknown to so many, when in my head the story always seemed so far out of reach since I never had the opportunity to go discover the beautiful city of Paris.Anyway, I finished the book today, and may I say, wow It was wonderful I can t really say it didn t instill any differences in my viewpoint towards the story, because that is always inevitable with a sequel especially by a different author However, Vicki Hopkins is excellent enough to keep loyal to the original novel as well as to Andrew Lloyd Webber s grand musical, and that is what makes this novel an easily believable continuation to the immortal story, for the reader The author undoubtedly knows the characters and the original story very well indeed and respects it, so much so that I truly enjoyed reading another book of hers last month known as Lessons From The Phantom Of The Opera , where she shares the most amazing reflections upon the story The plot of this novel is beautifully written, unfolding seemingly new characters, who know about Erik s past than one could imagine at first encounter Truly this concept alone is the reason for all the exciting and unpredictable happenings in the novel, which at the final end lead tooo Erik s undoing death or his so thought forbidden happiness I encourage you to find out for yourself, enjoy the journey. Vickie Hopkins sequel to the Phantom of the Opera titled the Phantom of Valletta is an ingenious fictional debut Taking up where Gaston Leroux left off at the end of his classic story, Hopkins begins her evocative tale with Erik still alive after the Opera House fire in Paris Finding an interesting advertisement in the morning newspaper that peaks Erik s interest into believing that maybe there is still hope for him yet, he devises a plan to resurrect his soul and his love of music Across the seas on the island of Malta off Italy s Mediterranean coast, there is another Opera House lying in ruin and crying out for restoration Thinking he could escape his horrid tragic past by relocating where society members would not know of his ghostly legend, he believes a project of this monumental scale will act as a healer, and give him renewed strength to begin anew allowing him to finally create an Opera House of his very own Arriving to Malta along with his longtime friend Madame Giry and the ex manager of the Paris Opera house, the three work diligently for three years slowly rebuilding the new theatre to it s original glory and Once finished and restored to opulence and grandeur, Erik is for once happy yet still craving the one thing his heart desires most, love While prowling the catwalks of his new architectural wonder, he comes across a young woman sitting in the orchestra pit stroking a violin Shocked at her audacity to play with it as if a toy, he jumps down from the balcony above her to frighten her Against his rage, Desiree Martin professes to have always yearned to become a violin player Thinking her silly, Erik laughs at her believing no mere woman could coax passion out of an instrument so esteemed as the violin Challenging her for sport and to occupy his time, Erik takes on what will be his second adventure into tutoring a beautiful young woman, though fearing it will end up in a perilous heap as it did with his beloved Christine But lesson after lesson has Desiree improving greatly and Erik begins to fall in love, again But something is not quite right with Desiree, and with the Opera House that is now being threatened by an anonymous villain seeking revenge The Phantom of Valletta brings many wondrous things to the pages Hopkins vividly pens Romance, passion, mystery, murder and mayhem, drama, music, action, and a grand scope of how the power of love can heal all, and that appearances don t matter when choosing someone to share your life with I thoroughly enjoyed this new twist on the age old Phantom of the Opera tale, and highly praise the author for her inventiveness, great character development, and a story well told Loved it From the Militant Recommender Book Review Blog is gone Erik has freed her to marry Raoul Now, alone in his lair, he despairs, feeling he must be dying of love, or the loss of it anyway Then an opportunity presents itself The Royal Opera House of Valletta in Malta has been destroyed by fire and Erik decides to purchase it and give it, and himself, a new lease on life Together with the Persian s servant, Darius, and Madame Andrea Giry, his long time friend, they will raise it from the ashes and he, Erik, the Phantom will now have his very own Opera House to command This is a wonderfully original premise and very believable as you can imagine Erik s excitement at such a task no matter how daunting the destruction facing him He has the knowledge as a world class architect to, eventually, bring his vision to life Though it seems this jewel has been damaged almost beyond repair Erik decides to do some fundraising and find investors to bring in the funds to make the hugely expensive reconstruction How he and his friends go about this makes for engaging reading Will Erik forget Christine and move on with his life in this new place Will anyone else ever take her place in his heart Desiree , an opera house employee with an interest in learning the violin, perhaps There are other surprises in store for the reading audience so get a copy of Vicki Hopkins Phantom of Valletta and enjoy the pleasures of the Phantom s opera I have had mixed minds about this book since downloading it and still after reading it Being a huge fan of the Phantom on paper and on stage I had high expectations Whilst I enjoyed the book and who doesn t love a happy ending and the tale as old as time, beauty and the beast love story I didn t find myself liking this version of the phantom as much as the tortured, sad, scared, loveless soul I have come to feel so much love and empathy for Maybe it is because he became Erik and started to develop a personality which I think was missing from his obsession in the phantom.One quote I love from the book and will take with me A rose is a flower filled with both beauty and thorns Its creation is for one purpose to remind you that love is a fragrant experience, but it can also prick you until you bleed. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.This was a quick, short read that just took up a couple afternoons, but it was a highly enjoyable vampire book, that included absolutely hilarious moments for the main character, Lexie, while she deals with ninth grade drama, pixies, and trying to become human.I wanted to give this book five stars, but there were certain factors that I felt bumped it down a notch This story picks up with The Phantom of the Opera, Erik, fleeing Paris to start a new life on the isle of Malta, restoring a burned out opera house The author has taken a classic work, and continued the story of the characters in a modern way It started out wonderfully, capturing Erik s obsessive nature and dominating personality as he struggles to maintain control in all things.Then Desiree, a mysterious young woman enters his life It was easy to guess where the plot would lead after this, but the slow romance is told in such a way as to make it compelling My biggest disappointment in this book came at then end, when Christine Daae and Raol appeared on the scene, I suppose to bring closure to the events that took place in the classic Phantom of the Opera story, but I did not buy everyone s forgiving attitude, finding it highly improbable Desiree s subsequent jealousy at Christine s appearance also seemed out of place, especially when she took it to extremes, actually contemplating jumping to her death.The only other thing I found troubling had to deal with grammar issues missing commas, typos, and especially the phrase stood to his feet, used throughout the second half of the book with great consistency.All that said, I love the original Phantom of the Opera, and this book takes that character and makes him a bit modern, and easier to relate to I love all the details of the Royal Opera House, and the research the author put into get those details right I just wish the ending and the edits were as high in quality. There are authors who take characters from an original book turn it into a sequel or continue the story after its ended sometimes it looses its magic With The Phantom Of Valletta this author lost none of the magic nor the character we have come to love She kept Erik true to who he is the dark tormented man while also giving us a lighter sometimes humorous Erik I found myself laughing out loud at Eriks attitude or comments.The story starts out with Erik coming out of solitude from a broken heart as a new project appeals to him to rebuild the Royal Opera house in Malta.The author was very descriptive in seeing threw Eriks eyes what a feat was ahead for was like being there feeling his sorrow,anger, and his vow to raise it from its ashes begin anew Not just with the Opera house but with himself.Then enters a mysterious woman Desiree who becomes student The Phantom the teacher.When I reached the part where Erik played the violin for Desiree it was so moving in the way the author described him playing,then he went to his room Erik s pained soul released within and his own eyes produced tears Wellso did mine This is truly a book for those who share the cry of Erik s heart as the author dedicated her book to As we get to know other characters better in the story their secrets..Erik sheds a few himself he is not aware he has He has been shunned all his life for his deformity but how does he cope with anothers He see s for the first time what others see The author did this self discovery very well Does Erik finally find happiness love Without giving to much away this book is filled with mystery,romance,danger,suspence,I highly recommend this book for members of my POTO group and anyone who loved the original book,play or movie Thank you Vicki for writing such a beautiful,moving story.It had me laughing,crying,and wishing for it not to end If there was a 10 star that would be my rating LOVED IT

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