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With Good Behavior Re Release In We Have Re Edited With Good Behavior Conduct , Book One Of A Complete Romantic Suspense TrilogyIn The Midst Of Organized Crime And Dim Hopes Of Redemption, Can Love Persevere For Sophie Taylor, A Psychologist Who Lost Everything When She Violated An Ethical Boundary, And Grant Madsen, A Naval Officer Who Sacrificed Himself To Protect His Uncle, Finding That Love Seems UnlikelyAs They Start Their Lives Over In Chicago, Both Fight Family Influences And Run To Escape The Past When Their Paths Cross Outside Their Parole Officer S Door, Attraction Sparks Too Bad A Hidden Connection May Not Only Shatter Their Fledgling Love, But Prove Deadly To Them Both

Psychologist author psycho author Jennifer Lane invites you to her world of romance, sports, and suspense By day she s a therapist, and by night she s a writer She can t decide which is fun Jen s most recent novel is psychological thriller, Twin Sacrifice Psychologist Matthew Durante risks his own life to save his twin brother s as their foster father tries to take them down.Jen loves

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  • 223 pages
  • With Good Behavior
  • Jennifer Lane
  • English
  • 05 July 2018
  • 9781936305261

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    In the full interest of disclosure, I m going to say this I am so not a romance fan The only way I even remotely get into romance is if it s Chick Lit, Young Adult, or fanfiction But most of the time, I stay away from the actual entitled romance books However, I used to lurk in fanfiction circles and that s how I learned about With Good Behavior and decided to try to win it on First Reads Luckily for me, I did because it absolutely did not disappoint.First things first I loved Grant Yes, I did I wanted my own McSailor He was just so sweet and loyal and hot my imagination can do wonders, thank you very much Sigh Now that I got that out of the way, let me continue with the other characters Sophie was actually a smart heroine That s one of my pet peeves since other romance books I ve read Twilight, Loyalty s Web, Companions of the Night tend to start out with a smart heroine and then proceed to make her lose many IQ points when she meets a hot guy But maybe it s because Sophie didn t start out on that high pedestal she was just released from prison, after all , but she didn t completely irk me Again, she was intelligent and pretty kick ass in her own right Plus, she retained that fiery spark even after she met McSailor and didn t go all submissive like Oh, and I loved the fact that she was a psychologist since I m currently doing my undergrad in psychology.But I absolutely loved and adored the supporting characters I m a supporting characters slut I tend to love them all than the actual main characters Roger might ve been my favorite just because he brought the funny I was seriously laughing out loud every time he appeared on the page I also liked Jerry Stone with his heart of gold no matter how hard he tried to hide it I also loved Sophie s relationship with Kirsten I m a sucker for a good female friendship in fiction All of the supporting characters were made of win My absolute favorite part of With Good Behavior was that it was action packed It wasn t just a romance and wasn t all I LOVE YOU NO I LOVE YOU, MORE There was an actual plot that was filled with twists, turns, and a whole lot of suspense From what little I ve read of other novels in the romance and chick lit genre, this seems to be unique Now, I ve categorized With Good Behavior as chick lit only because the thought of creating a Romance shelf and have this book all lonely within it made me break out into hives not really, but it made me supremely uncomfortable I m weird that way , but it s actually way angsty than chick lit and should go in a romance shelf if it were any other person, but me that is , as well as a crime mystery shelf.Anyway, the point of this semi coherent and very rambling review is to say that I completely recommend With Good Behavior It was a romance with a lot genres packed into it It was also a really feel good kind of story and may be one of the only romances I may like I m not going to go around yelling that romance is my fave genre anytime soon, but this one didn t make me want to poke my eyes out with a Twizzler So, it was really pretty much full of win.

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    Check out this review at Smash Attack Reads ThoughtsI was contacted by Omnific Publishing to review Jennifer Lane s debut novel, With Good Behavior Once I read that she s a psychologist, I knew I had to read the book because she would likely apply her knowledge throughout I am a budding social worker, and just took Psychopathology, so I definitely wanted to find out what she had to say.With Good Behavior is not my typical read, but I enjoyed the break from my fantastical normality It s a fictional story about two normal people, from very dysfunctional families, who get jipped by people they cared about, and sent off to prison to pay for their na ve loyalty We get some mafia action, some no no s in the ethics department, and betrayal, all wrapped up in a sweet love story.The two main characters, Sophie and Grant, are very relatable and likeable They both made bad choices and paid heavily for them They are now out of prison and on parole because of their good behavior, trying to piece their life back together while holding on to their last slice of dignity big social work value there Grant is a caring, compassionate soul and desperately trying to remain detached from his Mafia family Sophie is trusting, empathetic and trying to maintain her happy fa ade, all the while extremely embarrassed and disappointed about the ethical mistake she made They meet by chance and fall deeply in love, only to realize that it s a small world has never been applicable.I really loved Roger, who ran an architectural boat tour in Chicago and gave these two felons a chance He was hysterical with his potty mouth and easily ignited temper He gave Grant and Sophie a hard time throughout but you knew he was a softie underneath Another great character was Jerry, Sophie and Grant s parole officer Another I will send your ass back to the slammer if you smile at me wrong attitude but he fought for Sophie and Grant when the shit hit the fan The Mafia characters in the book aren t likeable in the least, go figure, but one of them tries to redeem himself, albeit too little, too late.As a social work student, I enjoyed reading about the helping relationship, certain mental disorders, ethics, proper parenting, the lasting effects of domestic violence and child abuse, and the like It was also interesting to learn about the background of the characters and how much our childhood experiences shape our future Grant turns out to be quite the resilient young man, and he also had a trusted, caring adult mentor during childhood These two things have been proven to improve the risks for children.Jennifer s writing is fun, knowledgeable and smooth I thought the chapter names were very clever and fitting, and always made me wonder How does Fucking Carrots fit into this story I think I might need to interview Jennifer because I have some questions for her I definitely can t wait to read the next in the series, Bad Behavior, in 2011.My Favorite QuotesRoger raised his eyebrows Madsen, you brought me Mother Fucking Teresa Hardly, Sophie scoffed I doubt Mother Teresa was a convicted felon Like most abuse survivors, he apparently blamed himself He thought his inherent badness caused the abuse and believed nobody would love him once they learned of it In my opinion, a trusting therapeutic relationship is key to change a relationship in which the therapist and client can partner together to help the client cope with life better.

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    There are many romance books out there that give love a bad superficial name Others are beautiful This book is beautiful The main characters Grant and Sophie are intelligent, well educated people with budding careers and good intentions But they have failings like the rest of us, arising mainly from their upbringing and relationship with their families This has landed them in BIG trouble and the book begins as they start to rebuild their lives after the shame disgrace of incarceration I adore Grant and Sophie, both individually and as a couple I enjoyed reading about a true sort of love wanting, and helping achieve, the best for each other people of integrity, complexity.The secondary characters It seems almost unfair to call some of these characters secondary because they are so entertaining Jerry Stone, the parole officer a tough cynic from years on the job but even he can see behind the figurative ex con label stamped on Grant and Sophie s foreheads Roger the ship captain with a MASSIVE personality and belly from crates of deep dish pizza, hee hee Kirsten Sophie s incredible girlfriend platonic just in case Marilyn Fox the definition of a good Detective I hope to see of her in later books in the series Grant s uncle Joe a stable influence in his life Ben Grant s impressionable young nephew And some REAL BADDIES but is it really that simple it never is The plot The lives of even the most interesting characters could get a bit dull if everything flowed too smoothly On top of a wicked twist from the past, are some very present dilemmas and action scenes as the book nears its end And by this stage you re in love with the characters S STRESS I m glad that this book is the first in a series because I m not ready to part with these characters yet

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    I love this story Jennifer is an amazing author and I look forward to reading MANY stories from her

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    4.5 stars With Good Behavior is an extremely well written engaging book It has one of the sweetest heroes I ve ever encountered, Grant Madsen He s honorable, charming, emotional, and so sexy He meets the delightful Sophie while visiting his parole officer She s a complete stranger to him and yet he offers her comfort in his arms He had me at that first hug As the two of them get to know one another, they tell each other about the circumstances and betrayal that sent them to prison, and you feel their hurt and shame right along with them I never rooted for a couple than I did for these two.Little by little we find out about Grant, his family and the tragic events from his childhood that continue to torment him and cause him so much emotional pain Early on it s also revealed to the reader how Sophie and Grant are intertwined, but yet when they find out, their shocked reaction made me anxious as to the future of their relationship What ensues after that when a family member of Grant s tries to right the wrong, brought me to tears and left me with an aching heart.Jennifer Lane had me feeling emotionally stressed, but she also made me laugh There is an amusing ensemble of characters that held the spotlight from time to time Parole Officer Jerry Stone and ship captain Roger Eaton gave plenty of grief to Grant and Sophie They always had a wise crack about the couple s relationship, but you knew that they wanted nothing than for those two to find happiness and love Always lurking in the background was Grant s family trying to drag him down again The book also had some nice heat to it, although the writing in the first sex scene felt somewhat awkward It seemed like JL was as nervous about writing that scene, as Grant and Sophie were about having sex for the first time From there on out though, their encounters were nicely written, smooth, passionate and I was pleasantly surprised Perhaps one of the most sensual moments was when Grant dressed not undressed yes dressed Sophie Oh my Grant, you can come a put my clothes on me any day, and then take it off againtalk about fun If you are looking for a unique romance that will stir all your emotions, is suspenseful, and has characters that feel real and relatable this is the book for you On to Bad Behavior and Grant and Sophie

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    With Good Behavior is an exceptional novel, written by an author who has a refreshing writing style and way of storytelling The story is centred around two parolees, Grant Madsen and Sophie Taylor, whom fate literally pushes together Initially, they embark on a budding romance Unbeknownst to them, however, hangs a terrible truth that could jeopardise everything including their very lives Each character in this novel is an authentic human being a product of their history The plot is brilliantly planned out the book grabs the reader s attention from inception and does not release its grip until the very end The story is jam packed with love, romance, humour, passion, friendship, excitement, action, psychology, complex family dynamics, ideas of redemption and second chances Although With Good Behavior provides readers with a satisfying sense of closure, it leaves the door open for its sequel, Bad Behavior, which I am already highly anticipating Bad Behavior is due to be released in 2011 Jennifer Lane is an incredible new talent this novel is the first in my collection of all the novels that she may release in her career.

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    This was an outstanding story It caught my attention from the moment it started and wouldn t let it go And from the instant the two main characters meet, their connection is electric.There is something about two such honest, wonderful people finding themselves in a position they never imagined themselves being in, and discovering love and themselves in the aftermath that is so enticing The connection is immediate, and I never wanted to see them apart The characterization is fantastic, right down to Jerry, the parole officer and Roger, the boss I loved the romance, the suspense, and the desperation Sophie and Grant have for fixing their lives and fixing each other.Really well done A pleasure to read I look forward to the sequel.

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    There s something unique about this book I think it s the characters they re rich real and I m not just talking about the main couple I liked the multi layered characters, the tension that builds as you learn and about how the main characters are connected whilst they remain ignorant , the odd bits of humor and the nailbiting action at the end I ll definitely be reading the sequel and any other book that this author releases.

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    This is a very well written story with lots of action, plot twists and interesting characters The backdrop of Chicago is blended into the book very nicely, and the subplots work well together too It s a compelling read, especially for the psychological insights.

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    Review copy provided by author3 starsWhy I Read this Book I had recently become obsessed with the TV show Prison Break I mentioned this in one of my monthly wrap up posts and Ash from Smash Attack Reads left a comment letting me know that Grant Madsen, the male lead in With Good Behavior, was modeled after the Michael Scofield character from Prison Break Color me intrigued when I learned that little bit of information And so I simply had to read With Good Behavior.What I Liked With Good Behavior helped me with my Prison Break obsession I had recently finished watching all 4 seasons of the TV series but I was in a serious funk a I just finished reading the Twilight Saga and I m obsessing about Edward and Bella kind of funk It was sad, really So Ash saved me from my misery with this recommendation.Grant Madsen had some physical similarities, as well as personality traits, in common with Michael Scofield from Prison Break He s easy on the eyes he s made some mistakes in life and his family are no saints but all in all, Grant s a good person He means well and he does every in his power to take care of the ones he loves He makes sacrifices even if it means putting himself on the line He s not your typical ex con.Sophie s character also reminded me of Sara Tancredi s character from Prison Break She fell for someone whom she shouldn t have, because of her job And just like Grant, yes, she s made some mistakes but overall she s a good person and means well.What I Didn t Like With Good Behavior was told in 3rd person narrative from multiple point of views While I m fine with type this of narration, the transition from one character s point of view to another in this book wasn t always clear I found myself re reading sections to find out when the shift occurred and whose point of view I was reading.Thirty year old Grant has never consumed alcohol, ever, because people in my family have addictive personalities I get this and can totally relate because that s the exact same reason I choose not consume alcohol But then something happens that completely baffles me Sophie convinces, a little too easily I might add, Grant to take a shot of tequila to take the edge off It s too unbelievable It made what happens next a funny scene but it put a dent in his character for me.The main characters Grant, Sophie, and Logan acted much younger than their actual years, maturity wise.Memorable Moment It s like a huuuuge, throbbing penis piercing the skyyy Overall Impression With Good Behavior was an enjoyable story with interesting plot twists Fans of the TV Series Prison Break will enjoy With Good Behavior and readers will get the added bonus of an actual romance, which was missing from Prison Break I m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

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