Family Man Volume I

Family Man Volume I LUTHER LEVY HAS FALLEN IN WITH THE WRONG CROWDNot That He Fit In With The Right Crowd To Begin With In The Germany Of , Having A Jewish Father Converted And A Christian Mother Determined Caused Than A Little Social Difficulty Until Recently, Luther Compensated By Ignoring His Heritage And Climbing To The Top Of His Theology Class At A Prestigious University When Some Ill Advised Research Takes His Belief In God On An Unexpected Detour, However, Luther Finds Himself Expelled From Both The School And His Promising CareerStuck Home With His Misfit Family, He Ll Take Any Job That Lets Him Lick His Wounds In Peace When A Mysterious Colleague Extends An Offer That Seems Too Good To Be True, Luther Must Decide Just How Much He Missed Life In AcademiaWELCOME TO THE ENLIGHTENMENT TRY NOT TO LOSE YOUR WAYIn An Obscure University Deep In The Forests Of Moravia, The Exuberant Feast Of Knowledge Called The Enlightenment Is In Full Swing Rector Jakob Nolte Reigns Supreme Over A Staff Of Eccentric Professors And A Magnificent Campus Devoted To The Pursuit Of Reason The School S Greatest Asset In This Endeavor Is Either Its Remarkable Library Or Its Equally Remarkable Librarian, Ariana Nolte The Rector S Only DaughterWhile The Library S Collection Offers Boundless Illumination, Deep Shadows Lie Between Father And Daughter Darker Still Are The Woods Outside Where Human Nature Is Forfeit To A Much Brutal Contract Than Any Philosopher Could DeviseThis Volume Collects The First Two Chapters Of The Acclaimed Graphic Novel By Dylan Meconis, Serialized Online At Lutherlevy

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Family Man Volume I book, this is one of the most wanted Dylan Meconis author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➶ Family Man Volume I  By Dylan Meconis –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Family Man Volume I
  • Dylan Meconis
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9780982343746

10 thoughts on “Family Man Volume I

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    The illustrations are outstanding and expressive, and the story though slow moving is good Readers definitely feel something building up by the end of Volume I Confession since I ve already read chapter three online, I can say that the story is worth staying with I hope to see another volume in print soon, as the format really suits the story In the mean time, I m happy the first 4 chapters are online.

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    A comic about theology Or rather, about theology professors Unusual, slow moving and yet somehow it s interesting And the art is great

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    I ve been following Family Man since the beginning, and since it s soon to be back from hiatus, I thought this was the perfect time to reread it Meconis is a seasoned artist and storyteller, so the comic starts off strong and keeps getting better It s gorgeous and deep and rare I once heard an author say that even if she could write totally period characters, readers would find their views alien and off putting, and that the best solution was to write misfits who don t quite follow their society s norms Meconis uses that technique to perfection here, creating characters who don t fit any of the roles available to them, who try to hold on to the worlds they know and create new worlds where they can belong without being torn apart.

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    i love dylan s stuff, but it s hard for me to keep up with serialized online graphic novels, so i was glad to pick this up in print form i warmed up to the characters right away their interactions are fun to read, especially within luther s family liesl 3 love the footnotes, which are funny and enlightening all at once i wish of that material could make its way into the text, but it s already a fairly leisurely story, which leads to my only complaint i wish the collection were longer it felt like things had barely gotten started when i turned the last page can t wait for volume 2

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    Never has the expression labor of love been literal I adore pretty much everything about this graphic novel the artwork and historical work and attention to detail make it like, a 25 star work but be warned the pacing is so SLOW Reading this in webcomic form was sort of agonizing, but thankfully having everything compiled fixes some of the reader impatience issues Paradoxically, part of me DOES enjoy the unusual pacing by following the webcomic model , Meconis can write this however she damn well pleases YOU GO, GIRL.

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    I m a huge fan of Dylan Meconis, and even though the comic is available online, there is something special about being able to hold it in my hands and flip through it The art is gorgeous, and the content is extremely ambitious 18th century German theology and philosophy set against a werewolf story Not many authors could pull it off, but Meconis does it with admirable aplomb She s quite funny too The comic will start updating again soon, and I m incredibly excited.

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    Hey, you know what s weird Reading 1 a biography of a sixteenth century thinker, 2 a guide to ancient Celtic spirituality, and 3 a graphic novel about eighteenth century theologians, all at the same time The names and dates and ideas, they all get sort of tangled together It s fun, though, and Family Man is completely awesome Beautiful and smart and just great I wish the whole thing were finished and in print form and in my possession.

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    Family Man is hard to describe Um Half Jewish Theology student in 1768 Germany makes some bad thesis decisions Spinoza, atheism andacademiaand hot librarianand werewolves, kinda Aw, man It s funny and sexy and it s all free as a webcomic on the author s website which also contains pages and pages of hilarious footnotes Do you love hilarious historical footnotes Go thou hence.

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    This was SO GOOD I wish there were like five volumes published, and that I didn t have to desperately refresh for a new page on the website, but Meconis has drawn an incredibly rich world with wonderful characters and secrets I would never have thought I d be so into 18th c Germany.

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    I love historical fiction Add to that a focus on philosophy and libraries and it s a no brainer PLUS, notes at the back with info Plus, Dylan s characterizations are beautiful Expressions, mannerisms and even sound effects are perfect.PS it s a comic.

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