The Diamond Heartstone

The Diamond Heartstone Special Price This Title Is On Sale For Cents For A Limited Time Grab The First Book In This Great Series At A Seriously Low Price Alycia S Always Possessed An Affinity For Cats, Big And Small But When She S Kidnapped By A Being Feline Than Human It Turns From An Asset To A Issue A Six Foot Five Sexy OneBarrick Never Dreamed When He Paid The Best Matchmaker In The Galaxy To Find His Mate She Would Choose One So Different Alycia Is A Headstrong, Opinionated, Melt In Your Mouth Delicious Distraction She S Nothing He Wanted And Everything He Needs

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❰KINDLE❯ ❂ The Diamond Heartstone  Author Leila Brown –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 65 pages
  • The Diamond Heartstone
  • Leila Brown
  • English
  • 06 October 2018

10 thoughts on “The Diamond Heartstone

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    Yay, it was InstaLUV There are so many dangling plot threads, I don t think the shirt is wearable Also there was some just plain retardedness If I wasn t desperately avoiding my homework I most likely wouldn t read this.Cardboard cut out characters.

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    If you re having trouble falling asleep, try to read this book It took me three days to finish this story becuase I kept falling asleep and when I finishedI was upset that I will never get that time back, I could have been reading something good I got some good sleep, though score Its quite possible that becuase I couldnt keep my eyes open while reading this, that I may have missed some key points But, here is what I took away Alycia is alone in the world, at some point she was forced to leave home or her people left her not clear on how she ended up alone She s on her last year of college, and spends all her time and money on her big cats While out shopping she splurges on a diamond that is worth MILLIONS of dollars but she got it from a witch for a steal Enter, Barricka tiger lion hybrid cat man he wears his fur while on 2 legsthink werewolf, but not scary werewolf He s from another dimension and has hired a matchmaker who will assist him in finding his mate In order to do this she has to obtain his heartstone two plus two equals Alycia s diamond Here s where the story gets spotty for me I could never figure out WHY he needed a mate, either it was to increase his production of pheramones OR he was some relation to the royal family and he wanted to start his own dynasty There was some mention of purebreeds not producing a lot of offspring Ok, I ve given like three possible plot lines and I m still not sure which one is the one true plot line Anyway, these two lovebirds cats find each other, predictably she is oddly turned on by the whole cat man thing while being disgusted She runs away, he rescues herthey fall in love Blah, blah, blahread at your own risk.

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    HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT When I first got this book, my expectations were high Maybe a little too high I was disappointed by the time I ended it, since the story was really short and nothing really happened Our story begins slowly, and it keeps that way until the oh so gorgeous Barrick comes to kidnap Alycia back to wherever he lives From this moment on, my excitement began to fade Amid all the romance novels I ve ever read, the various predestined if I may call them this way had always at least one characteristic in common they were deeply and madly in love with their soul mates which doesn t happen here or, at least, I couldn t feel it Both protagonists seemed to be too preoccupied with lust and carnal desire to actually demonstrate the love soul mates are supposed to have In my POV, this book could ve been much, much better Leila Brown had here an awesome idea, but she blew it up when she put it together, not attempting to the main characteristics a romance even erotic should always have.Thank you for reading my very first review, and I apologize if my grammar is wrong I m foreign, so it s sort of a challenge having enough vocabulary to write a whole, detailed review, but I ll try harder for the next time

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    So this was a novella and it was okay A little to unbelievable that the woman just said okay I am on another planet and I am cool with that I am glad that I borrowed from a friend but will probably not read any by her.

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    A very uneven story, with a heroine that acts one way in one scene and then has a complete turnaround in the next If it had been expanded and better plotted, I could see it being a worthwhile read, but as is it really didn t do anything for me.

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    Too out there for me She get kidnapped by aliensimmediately has sex with himescapesfalls in hands of bad kinggets saved by kidnapperkidnapper punishes her for escape with public sexshe says I love youhappily ever after All in about a day or so Too quick for me.

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    A very good read, I like aggressive hero but not scare cat heroine, over all this book had emotion and determine will i glad the the heroine came to her sense about the hero eventually.

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    Was ok until the MCs meet, then it tanked Hero turns out to be an alphole, heroine turns out to be a wimp DNF.

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