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You Ve Got A Good Idea You Know It Could Make A Crucial Difference For You, Your Organization, Your Community You Present It To The Group, But Get Confounding Questions, Inane Comments, And Verbal Bullets In Return Before You Know What S Happened, Your Idea Is Dead, Shot Down You Re Furious Everyone Has Lost Those Who Would Have Benefited From Your Proposal You Your Company Perhaps Even The Country It Doesn T Have To Be This Way, Maintain John Kotter And Lorne Whitehead In Buy In, They Reveal How To Win The Support Your Idea Needs To Deliver Valuable Results The Key Understand The Generic Attack Strategies That Naysayers And Obfuscators Deploy Time And Time Again Then Engage These Adversaries With Tactics Tailored To Each Strategy By Inviting In The Lions To Critique Your Idea And Being Prepared For Them You Ll Capture Busy People S Attention, Help Them Grasp Your Proposal S Value, And Secure Their Commitment To Implementing The SolutionThe Book Presents A Fresh And Amusing Fictional Narrative Showing Attack Strategies In Action It Then Provides Several Specific Counterstrategies For Each Basic Category The Authors Have Defined Including Death By Delay Your Enemies Push Discussion Of Your Idea So Far Into The Future It S Forgotten Confusion They Present So Much Data That Confidence In Your Proposal Dies Fearmongering Critics Catalyze Irrational Anxieties About Your Idea Character Assassination They Slam Your Reputation And CredibilitySmart, Practical, And Filled With Useful Advice, Buy In Equips You To Anticipate And Combat Attacks So Your Good Idea Makes It Through To Make A Positive Change This did not need to be a whole book The simplification of the types of obstacles new ideas encounter is helpful for quick reference, and some of the stories are good examples, but it seemed too full of fluff for its less than 200 page length. It was my first Business book in English and even though the book has written by 2 authors,it was very coherent an exceptionally realistic and helpful. 24 Attacks and 24 ResponsesHere is a list and discussion of the 24 attacks that have been used quite commonly As you will see, they all draw on one or strategies based on confusion, fear mongering, death by delay, or ridicule and character assassination There are many slight variations on these 24, but these two dozen seem to be the most basic and confounding There is also a response to each of the attacks which will not silence valid criticism, but will help stop verbal bullets from killing good ideas 1 We ve been successful, why change Attack We ve never done this in the past and things have always worked out OK.Response True But surely we have all seen that those who fail to adapt eventually become extinct 2 The only problem is not enough money Attack Money is the issue, not computers, product safety, choice of choir songs, etc.Response Extra money is rarely what builds truly great ventures or organizations 3 You exaggeratea the problem Attack You are exaggerating This is a small issue for us if it is an issue at all.Response To the good people who suffer because of this problem, it certainly doesn t look small 4 You re saying we ve failed Attack If this is a problem, then what you are telling us is that we have been doing a lousy job That s insulting Response No, we re suggesting that you are doing a remarkably good job without the needed tools systems, methods, laws, etc which, in our proposal, you will have 5 What s the hidden agenda Attack It s clear you have a hidden agenda and we would prefer that you take it elsewhere.Response Not fair Just look at the track record of the good folks behind this proposal And why would you even suggest such a thing 6 What about this, and that, and that etc Attack Your proposal leaves too many questions unanswered What about this and that, and this and that, andResponse All good ideas, if they are new, raise dozens of questions that cannot be answered with certainty 7 No good It doesn t go far enough or, It goes too far Attack Your proposal doesn t go nearly far enough.Response Maybe, but our idea will get us started moving in the right direction, and do so without further delay 8 You have a chicken and egg problem Attack You can t do A without doing B, yet you can t do B without doing A So the plan won t work.Response Well actually, you can do a little bit of A which allows a little bit of B which allows A which allows of B, and so on 9 Sounds like killing puppies to me Attack Your plan reminds me of a thing disgusting and terrible insert totalitarianism, organized crime, insanity, or dry rot Response Look, you know it isn t like that A realistic comparison might be 10 You re abandoning our values Attack You are abandoning our traditional values.Response This plan is essential to uphold our traditional values 11 It s too simplistic to work Attack Surely you don t think a few simple tricks will solve everything Response No it s the combination of your good work and some new things that, together, can make a great advance 12 No one else does this Attack If this is such a great idea, why hasn t it been done already Response There really is a first time for everything and we do have a unique opportunity 13 You can t have it both ways Attack Your plan says X and Y, but they are incompatible You can t have both Response Actually, we didn t say X or Y although, I grant you, it may have sounded that way We said A and B, which are not incompatible 14 Aha You can t deny this Attack I m sorry you mean well, but look at this problem you ve clearly missed You can t deny the significance of this issue Response No one can deny the significance of the issue you have raised, and, yes, we haven t explored it But every potential problem we have found so far has been readily solved So in light of what has happened again and again and again, I am today confident that this new issue can also be handled, just like all the rest 15 To generate all these questions and concerns, the idea has to be flawed Attack Look at how many different concerns there are This can t be good Response Actually, many the questions mean we are engaged, and an engaged group both makes better decisions and implements them successfully 16 Tried it before didn t work Attack We tried that before and it didn t work.Response That was then Conditions inevitably change and what we propose probably isn t exactly what was tried before 17 It s too difficult to understand Attack Too many of our people will never understand the idea and, inevitably, will not help us make it happen.Response Not a problem We will make the required effort to convince them It s worth the effort to do so 18 This is not the right time Attack Good idea, but it s the wrong time We need to wait until this other thing is finished or this other thing is started, or the situation changes in a certain special way.Response The best time is almost always when you have people excited and committed to make something happen And that s now 19 It s too much work Attack This seems too hard I m not sure we are up for it.Response Hard can be good A genuinely good new idea, facing time consuming obstacles, can both raise our energy level and motivate us to eliminate wasted time 20 Won t work here, we re different Attack It won t work here because we are so different.Response Yes it s true, we re different, but we are also very much the same 21 It puts us on a slippery slope Attack You re on a slippery slope leading to a cliff This small move today will lead to disaster tomorrow.Response Good groups of people all the time use common sense as a guard rail to keep them from sliding into disaster 22 We can t afford this Attack The plan may be fine but we cannot do it without new sources of money.Response Actually, most important changes are achieved without new sources of money 23 You ll never convince enough people Attack It will be impossible to get unanimous agreement with this plan.Response You are absolutely right That s almost never possible, and that s OK 24 We re not equipped to do this Attack We don t really have the skills or credentials to pull this off Response We have much of what we need and we can and will get the rest.http ou I m not a fan of story book format Key idea you can t just run a project with only barely crossing over the half way mark If it s an important project and you need to run it well, you need to get as many people on board You do that by inviting everyone to conversations, listening to everyone and not just the critics but not silencing your critics Respectful humble engagement. Kotter s writing style is so easy to read Peppered with narrative, informative and prescriptive With some large concepts to remember, and then piece by piece prescriptive steps This is one I will return to regularly as building buy in is definitely one of the skills I need to develop further. I had a hard time getting through the first part of the book usually a storyline helps me grasp the concept but this one was than what I needed and I had to slog through it Once the book began to get into the 24 ways people shoot down good ideas and how to address them, the book became interesting and practical to me. Informative ensemble of ways 24 in this book how people are going to attack verbally against you when you are giving them a presentation of a theme of your own choice, and how you can turn those attacks against you to your own favour Easy to read Other worthy small things too you can learn from this book Stories that keep you involved and not bored. What do you do when your rock solid idea seems to have feet of clay You pitch it to a group of people only for it to be pulled apart This book tells you what to do without being rude, evasive or duplicitous Its hard to think of a single aspect of your life that wouldn t benefit from this

John P Kotter, world renowned expert on leadership, is the author of many books, including Leading Change, Our Iceberg is Melting, The Heart of Change, and his latest book, That s Not How We Do It Here He is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School, and a graduate of MIT and Harvard He is co founder of Kotter International, a change management an

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