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Civil War Life Couldn T Be Complicated Or Dangerous For Peter Parker After Rushing To The Aftermath Of The Stamford Massacre, He Travels With Tony Stark To Washington, DC Where The Enactment Of The Superhuman Registration Act Appears Imminent As The Marvel Universe Braces For The Implications Of Legislation That Will Forever Change The Societal Status Of Super Heroes, Peter Is Forced To Make What May Be The Most Important Decision Of His Life As Civil War Tears Apart The Super Hero Community, Will Spidey Stay True To That Decision COLLECTING Amazing Spider Man , Sensational Spider Man , Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man

Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and showrunne

❰Ebook❯ ➨ Civil War  Author J. Michael Straczynski –
  • Hardcover
  • 544 pages
  • Civil War
  • J. Michael Straczynski
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9780785148821

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    This might be my favorite volume of the Civil War epic thus far So glad that Peter switched sides, and the reader really gets to see how important Peter s family are to him as a driving force for his super heroing.

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    Reading this collection shows why it was in Marvel s best interest to eventually break down the various Spider Man series into one consistent thrice monthly book There is just soooo much going on in here, and a lot of it seems to contradict or at least not acknowledge concurrent events in other series.Oddly enough, my favorite storyline in this whole thing was JMS s main Civil War tie in from Amazing Spider Man , which actually did a pretty solid job elaborating upon Peter s emotions during the whole thing The central Civil War series has Spider Man making so many huge choices with so little explanation that it felt completely unjustified JMS sought to justify those decisions with some pretty good stellar for him character development and plot momentum We of course see Peter struggle with the fact that he s unveiled his identity to the public, but that s surface level stuff We also get some great internal conflict and reasoning about the Superhuman Registration Act, which was the only real debate about the act in all the Civil War stuff I ve read that actually felt realistic If this was the only thing in this collection, I d have given it 4 stars.However, then we get into the extra stuff from Sensational and Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man A lot of this feels like muck piled onto the already solid Civil War story, and reaches a point where you have to realize that there s no way Peter could possibly be handling ALL of these crises at once without a serious mental breakdown or a couple of clones running around covering for him which I guess isn t out of the question in the Spidery verse He fights, like, every bad guy he s ever even met, and not a single one of these fights is resolved satisfactorily Most fights just end with the villain running off into the night, sure to attack again whenever the next writer comes up with something interesting for them to do.I was hoping to have seen the last of the Spider Man has stingers in his hands garbage and move past the ole totemic powers thing, which JMS s story actually avoided somehow However, the other stories in this book seem to be moving toward another big reveal about his damn spider spirit or whatever the hell, and I just wanted to scream get over it It s such a dumb idea at this point, only being used when they feel like it, never really informing Peter s character or abilities, and I just want it to end.Anyway, lackluster and LOOOONG as the additional stories in this collection are, I still recommend reading JMS s stuff if you re into Civil War If you re not, it probably won t make a ton of sense, so I guess take that how you will.

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    Other than Tony Stark and Captain America, Spider man is probably the character most deeply involved in the Civil War storyline Therefore, it makes sense that an entire tie in book is needed to cover his perspective Before the SHRA is passed, Tony begins cultivating Peter as a prot g and right hand man Civil War Spider Man opens with Tony taking Peter to his private meetings with Congress about superhero registration Tony is arguing against it, though he knows it is inevitable When the Stamford tragedy occurs, he is proven right and he puts his plans into effect The first half of the book goes behind the scenes of the Civil War, in particular Tony s actions, as viewed by Peter If Tony looked bad before, he s revealed as downright ruthless and unethical here Peter s life begins to unravel after Tony convinces him to reveal his identity to the public First, he is terribly conflicted when he has to hunt down his former colleagues, especially Captain America His conviction begins to waver when he learns that Tony and Reed are making billions of dollars off of government contracts to build a prison and create tech to hunt and contain superheroes Secondly, he realizes that Tony is using the Spider armor to monitor Peter in addition to helping him When he visits the prison, he is horrified to see that the heroes are being imprisoned without due process, permanently, and in the Negative Zone Further, Tony emphasizes that the prison is not on American soil, or subject to law, and that all the prisoners are now non entities It s no surprise when Spider Man switches sides The second half of the book focuses on confrontations with various villains from Spidey s rogues gallery who now know who, and where, he is Aunt May and MJ are guarded in Avengers tower until Peter takes them on the run and into hiding Since Spidey ends up switching sides during Civil War, the second half of the book was sometimes difficult to follow as to exactly when the battles were occurring in the timeline However, it wasn t strictly necessary to know Peter switches costumes back to his original one once he defects There are some excellent action sequences in part two, and many familiar faces like Rhino, Mysterio and Black Cat.Overall, this was an excellent tie in I thought it was better than Civil War Fantastic Four omnibus, and as good as Civil War Avengers Highly recommended

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    I m not a big Marvel resder I ve only started reading Spider Man and X Men quite recently since I always found it hard to find a starting point to get into the Marvel Universe something that has gotten a lot easier with the Msrvel Now reboot.This is the first Marvel crossover event I read I bought this collection years ago together with the Civil War miniseries and read them together using a reading quide I found on line It was a fun reading experience, laying aside one book to continue the story in another.I enjoyed the Civil War miniseries, but didn t love it I liked this companion much better Spider Man plays a large and important part in the Civil War so this companion is essential But besides that, this hefty collection of Spidey issues from Amazing , Sensational and Friendly Neighborhood features some gamechanging events making some of these issues the best in years Which is hardly a surprise given the fact that this run was written by the likes of J.M Straczynski and Peter David Surprisingly, the best issues in my opinion and the stories that struck a chord with me the most were the issues written by Roberto Aguiire Sacasa for Sensational Spider man He takes the time to show us how the events of the war affect not only Peter Parker but Mary Jane and Aunt May as well Great stuff throughout and essential for fans of Spider Man.

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    I ve only read a fraction of this book it is in actuality a compendium of a storyline for the Marvel Civil War arc I ve read one comic from the collection featured in this book This seemingly small comic contains one of the best speeches about patriotism and moral and ethical thought that has ever been put to paper Surprisingly graceful and succinct, I picked this up at an airport convenience store while wasting time before a flight, and I stopped dead Shivers broke out along my arms and up my scalp Never have I read something so truthful and well placed And to be clear, I dislike comics, Marvel ones in particular for their sophomoric angst brigade of bubble chested and over powered heroes But with one speech, My heart and mind was caught and will never be the same shape again, even if only in some small but important part Ignore every other comic in this series, ignore every other comic on the planet, but read this one volume.

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    Civil War Spider man is about how Peter Parker s life changes when he goes public as Spiderman to tell everyone his secret identity This was good story but not a lot of action I would recommend this book to fans of Spider Man and Marvel comics even if there was little action.Tony Starks asks Spiderman to join the registration group and work with him Spiderman has strong feelings about against making his identity public because his enemies could attack his loved ones He finally decides to join Tony Stark s team Tony has a press conference and Spiderman took off his mask and told the public he real name was Peter Parker Even though he went public he still is wandering what will happen next and how his life would change.

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    Of the three distinct Spider Man titles and their respective tie in trade paperbacks collected here, only Civil War The Amazing Spider Man is really worth the average reader s time in that it s interesting enriches the storyline of Civil War That trade paperback earned 4 stars It s the other two trades Meh ness that bring down the rating of this particular collection to 2 stars They can easily be skipped.

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    If you are a huge Spider man fan you ll want to read this for reading ever other Spider man story If you re not, then I say don t bother.SPOILERS This is the volume where Spider man infamously reveals his identity If you re looking to read that story, this is it Why 1 star 1 the whole emotional touchstone was undone by Brand New Day and the wiping out of Peter s marriage to MJ So, what did Peter do during the Civil War Should we care Also, the volume ends on a cliff hanger and a mighty big one so it is not in and of itself a satisfying read.

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    I m really, really, really tired of Civil War stories, but even I can t resist Straczynski s Spider Man This is an enormous collection, but I wasn t bored and as an interlude to the Dan Slott era, it was a very nice change.

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    It started off relatively promising then it just became dull didn t feel like continuing turning the pages so for me the book was done.

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