Riche$ This novel was better than I expected It was a fun read which was like Indiana Jones meets Gossip Girl Frustratingly, the ending was a bit abrupt for me and I didn t like how much men had to help intervene to save the three female protagonists While I foresaw some of the twists and turns, it was still a cute read Overall, it was very light and would make an ideal beach read. Fabulous, as there is a truth about relationships in there, but after someone has cheated you once, why did you then fall for him again When you have ideas of what he is Surprisingly good for a beach read Impressed a great twist on a romance never saw it comeing if you have only read this book by megan cole you should read forture also by megan cole. The beach read just got bigger Get even further away this summer with this globe trotting, back stabbing, boy snaring, snog busting follow up to FORTUNE CELINE has all of Buenos Aires at her feet She s hot, she s talented, and she has a glittering future as a fashion designer ahead of her Well, if she can get her pushy parents off her back JHUMPA is this close to breaking into Bollywood She s moved out of her dad s house in Mumbai, and into an apartment paid for by her agent she s so confident she s going to be a star that she s not looking back LUCI has the looks and the brains Gorgeous darling of the Tatler crowd, equally at home on a pheasant shoot or on the dancefloor, she s also studying archaeology at Oxford.Three very different girls suddenly united by one terrible tragedy The question is, can they solve the mystery that united their parents a mystery that involves the most valuable jewel in the world You wouldn t want to bet against them Sisters might be doing it for themselves but get them to work together, and there s nothing they can t do Meet Celine, Jhumpa, and Luci, three really different girls who under normal curcumstances, wouldn t be friends, go out to search for their parents and an aincient diamond rud to be the biggest diamond on earth They find out suprising secrets their parents have, meet new friends, make enemies, go diving, nearly die all for the diamond and hoping their parents are safe.I picked up this book because the book cover looked interesting, so I decided to read the summary and reviews They were both good so, I started reading the first few chapters The writing style was easy to read and the book had a good beginnning, it got me hooked.I finished this book because it had some mystery and if I start a mystery, I would want to know how it was solved, that was one thing that kept me going Another thing was that the book was good, simple as that, whenever I read it, I would read a couple of chapters at a time, and before I knew it, it was getting late So I was anticipating what happened next since I usually stop at a cliff hanger I have really good timing.I recommend this book to Irene since she likes adventure books and this book has a lot of adventure in it. I don t really know what to think of this book I didn t really like it until page 250 or so Everything was happening so slowly and there was very few character development But when the story got exiting, I wanted to read on and on I started to like it, but for me, it was just to supperficial to enjoy There were hardly any feelings discussed for example, whilst it s quite a heavy subject I don t really know I liked the book Nothing , nothing less. The Beach Read Just Got Bigger Get Even Further Away This Summer With This Globe Trotting, Back Stabbing, Boy Snaring, Snog Busting Follow Up To FORTUNECELINE Has All Of Buenos Aires Especially The Boys At Her Feet She S Hot, She S Talented, And She Has A Glittering Future As A Fashion Designer Ahead Of Her Well, If She Can Get Her Pushy Parents Off Her BackJHUMPA Is This Close To Breaking Into Bollywood She S Moved Out Of Her Dad S House In Mumbai, And Into An Apartment Paid For By Her Agent She S So Confident She S Going To Be A Star That She S Not Looking BackCI Has The Looks And The Brains Gorgeous Darling Of The Tatler Crowd, Equally At Home On A Pheasant Shoot Or On The Dancefloor, She S Also Studying Archaeology At OxfordThree Very Different Girls Suddenly United By One Terrible Tragedy The Question Is, Can They Solve The Mystery That United Their Parents A Mystery That Involves The Most Valuable Jewel In The World You Wouldn T Want To Bet Against Them Sisters Might Be Doing It For Themselves But Get Them To Work Together, And There S Nothing They Can T Do After reading Fortune, which I loved and highly recommend, I was excited to read riches The plot was good, the characters were good but I can t help but compare it to fortune and I was disappointed The book lacked any thrill and didn t completely grip me into it like fortune I m still happy I read it, but it was definitely a let down from the amazing fortune This book was painful The writing was at the level of a young teenager The cliches were abundant and bland The characters were barely developed Their interactions were ridiculous and unbelievable The dialogue was cringe worthy Editing mistakes were littered through out the book One of the worst books I ve read in a long time.

Megan Cole is a celebrity and fashion blogger who lives in London with her best friend Jess She has written for numerous magazines, flown all over the world interviewing stars and was once asked out for mojitos by an A Lister, but had to leave to catch her flight He wasn t her type anyway honest but it was nice to be asked Megan Cole is the pen name of a journalist and writer.

[EPUB] ✻ Riche$  By Megan Cole –
  • Paperback
  • 413 pages
  • Riche$
  • Megan Cole
  • English
  • 20 October 2018
  • 9780007364787

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