Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday Illus In Full Color A Baffled Youngster Awakens One Morning To Findeverything S Out Of Place, But No One Seems To Notice Beginning Readers Willhave Fun Discovering All The Wacky Things Wrong On Each Page While Sharpeningtheir Ability To Observe, As Well As To Read

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  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Wacky Wednesday
  • Theo LeSieg
  • English
  • 01 May 2018
  • 9780394829128

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    I m always up for reading a Dr Seuss book When a little boy wakes up on a Wednesday, he figures out that everything around him has turned upside down, inside out and completely back to front Nobody seems to recognize the change Now it is upon the boy to discover the abnormalities and deal with it by himself Because clearly, nobody s helping him Simple, lucid and enjoyable One of my favorites.

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    Wacky Wednesday by Dr Seuss is one of my kids favorite Dr Seuss books They are ALWAYS excited to read it It s a whole book full of What s wrong with this picture pages There is a plot a child wakes up noticing a shoe on a wall, and the entire Wacky Wednesday proceeds with many, many things wrong all day long Until bedtime when things were righted, and I even got rid of that shoe on the wall 6 26 19 update Theo LeSieg and Dr Seuss are both pseudonyms for Theodor Seuss Geisel.

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    4 StarsThis was one of my favourite picture books when I was a beginner reader In classic Dr Seuss style this story is simplistic and fun, with illustrations that work directly alongside the story, requiring the reader to spot all the wacky things wrong in each picture It all began with that shoe on the wall A shoe on a wall Shouldn t be there at all

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    This book says it s by Dr Seuss but it s ACTUALLY by some other guy Underwhelming I was barely even whelmed at all Afterward my dad gave me this speech about how even if a book isn t our favorite we can always learn something from it NERD ALERT M

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    An ode to a really strange day12 February 2012 This is probably my favourite Dr Seuss book, having I read it many a time when I was a kid I guess the reason for that was because it was one of those books that you didn t just read, but actively participated in it as well On every page there were things out of the ordinary, and you, the reader, were to try and find as many of these Wacky things as possible I must also admit that I have not read it in a while, and I suspect that with my rather odd personality, would purposely find wacky things than the authors originally intended Basically this book is about a kid that has had a bad day He wakes up and suddenly discovers that things have simply gone all weird Well, granted, when you are on acid things do end up looking really, really weird just watch Fear Loathing in Las Vegas , but I am doubtful that it is suggested in this book that the boy took something that we was not supposed to before he went to school I would probably suggest that this book is allegorical as well allegory, as I have previously mentioned, is actually a very good way to assist a child in understanding the world around them C.S Lewis understood that when he wrote The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe The allegory here, and the lesson to be learnt, is that we will always have bad days, or Wacky Wednesdays I heard that used that as a term for coming down off of hard drugs However, we are to do our best to make good light of the bad situation Bad days will always happen, however we need to laugh and look at the bright side of life, just as Brian did when he was hanging on the cross.

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    Wacky Wednesday is an I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Book It looks like a Dr Suess book but is actually a book for beginner readers by Theo LeSieg and Illustrated by George Booth that won a Dr Seuss award The story is of a little boy who is having a wacky Wednesday and everywhere he goes has something wrong.This book is not only for the purpose of improving a child s reading skills it is also an activity book Each page has hidden objects that are wacky This keeps children interested in the book and also enhances their skills of observation One good thing about this book is that each page gets harder and harder There are and objects to find on each page By doing this it makes the child think with each page This means that by the end of the book their skills have improved that much .

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    I thought this was gonna be one of Dr Seuss s short books, one that might be a bit dull The rhyming is basic and the story is short but it was really good fun, a sort of play on a spot the difference puzzle You look at the page and have to find all the odd things, teachers in roll skates, somebody walking a crocodile or chimneys in trees It took us a while but we managed to find them all, a good puzzle book to do with your kids.

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    By cracky Something here s wacky

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    It s like.Where s Waldo mixed with I Spy mixed with Hidden Pictures in Highlights magazine Super cute book.

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