No Such Thing As A Secret

No Such Thing As A Secret Very much like Stephanie Plum Cop ex boyfriend, mystery Latino that has expensive cars and a security business It s an amusing read I wasn t laughing out loud like I saw from some reviews, but then the first Stephanie Plum wasn t very funny either the humour grew over time.Something that bothered me about this book Brandy went home to Philly to be in a best friend s, Frannie, wedding I couldn t see where she spoke to the friend about wedding planning and such other than one outing for bride s maids dress fitting She was on vacay for 2 weeks and she really had no wedding worries or obligations during her two weeksever The author never even wrote about her picking up the dress or someone doing it for her at the end A minor worry, but Brandy was doing her own thing the entire time she was visiting. This was such a fun book It reminded me a lot of the first 4 or 5 Stephanie Plum books, although I think I like this series better A funny girl and not one but two HOT guys, what s not to love Meet Brandy Alexander, A Young Woman From South Philadelphia, With A Big Mouth, An Even Bigger Heart And A Little Problem With Impulse Control It S Not Her Fault Trouble Seems To Follow Her Around Okay, It Is Her Fault, But Why Quibble Over Details When Brandy A Puff Piece Reporter For A Local Los Angeles TV News Station Returns To Her Hometown, After A Four Year Absence, She Is Thrilled To Be Reunited With Friends And Family But Her Joy Is Short Lived When Her Best Friend, John, Becomes The Victim Of A Tragic Accident Brandy Is Alone In Thinking That The Death Is No Accident, And As She Sets Out To Prove Her Theory, She Stumbles Upon A Political Scandal Of Major Proportions Things Begin To Heat Up When It Appears That Her Former Boyfriend, Police Detective Robert Anthony DiCarlo, Is Involved In Sabotaging The Investigation The One Thing Brandy Knows For Sure Is That People Keep Turning Up Dead, And If She Doesn T Get Some Answers, Fast, She Could End Up On The Short List As Brandy Searches Out The Truth, She Gains Some Unexpected Allies, Including Sexy, Dangerous, Street Savvy Nicholas Santiago, And The Now Married Bobby, Who Still Holds A Torch For His Former Girlfriend With Humor, Guts And Determination Brandy Tackles Each Challenge, Be It Dodging A Bullet Or Resisting That Box Of Tastykakes In The Cupboard Murder, Mayhem And Romance Abound In Shelly Fredman S Novel, Proving There Really Is No Such Thing As A Secret If you re bored and disillusioned with Janet Evanovich, give this a try Ignoring the similarities with the love triangle ex boyfriend cop and a mysterious possible badass its a formula thats tried and true but hardly unique to Evanovich it s a great, fun read with quirky and warm characters Brandy can always find an excuse to eat chocolate and that kind of reasoning is always endearing to me She s an accidental sort of heroine and decidedly less stupid and one dimensional than Stephanie Plum Looking forward to seeing what s next No Such Thing As A Secret is the first book in a series by Shelly Fredman I happen to stumble upon a recommendation for this series on Goodreads and once I started this book I was immediately hooked from the first sentence My name is Brandy Alexander Swear to God I wish I were kidding, but I m not What were my parents thinking Apparently naming me after a cocktail and a porn star would somehow enhance my life Brandy is hilarious from the moment we meet her She has sass and spunk and everything that goes on in her head and comes out of her mouth is hilarious I m what you d call a reluctant traveler and chocolate calms my nerves It also clears up acne, prevents colds and builds strong bones, so I eat as much as I want and feel really good about it Now who can argue with that logic Brandy having just left her home in L.A makes the trip to her hometown in Jersey to stand up for her best friend s wedding Brandy had previously left 4 years prior after having her heart broken by her long time love, homicide detective Bobby DiCarlo From the moment Brandy and Bobby reconnect, you as a reader, feel the pain Brandy harbors in her heart, as well as the longing It had taken me four years to screw up the courage to face him again I d dreamed about this moment since I d first gotten on the plane I was going to knock his socks off with my ravishing beauty, my daring wit, and my new found sophistication I d make him sorry he d ever left me My fantasies definitely did not include long, uncomfortable silences, and a yearning to rip his clothes off and pin him to the floor in a mad, passionate embrace He was supposed to feel that way about me To be honest what drew me to this series was the emotion and romance I LOVE mysteries and adventure and Shelly Fredman takes us on some wild rides, but I love the characters Brandy has a knack for trouble finding her, well really she finds trouble But Brandy where s her heart on her sleeve She is extremely loyal, brave and will not sit back and avoid helping people This leads to A LOT of reluctance from her family, friends and especially Bobby, who she tries to get help from him But Brandy finds a kindred spirit in the form of sexy bad boy Nick Santiago Nicholas Santiago is trouble Do you know how to spell TROUBLE According to Carla, Nicholas Santiago is Robin Hood, Al Capone and Che Guevera all rolled into one explosively sexy package Part saint, larger part sinner and as elusive as an honest politician he is the the stuff neighborhood legends are made of Nick is an intriguing mystery He is a womanizer and makes no apologies for it And despite Brandy s family objecting to her contact with him, Nick is there for her anytime she needs someone What changed your mind, Nick Hell if I know, he said quietly and he disappeared back into the studio Now I won t get too much into the story because I like to remain spoiler free as possible But this book made me smile, laugh, anxious, and excited There were moments where I felt butterflies in the situations Brandy was involved in, and then I would be worried for what was gonna happen next.Shelly Fredman gives us characters we can relate to Not only is Brandy one of my favorite heroines, but Bobby, Nick, John, Janine, Francine, Carla, Paul, Uncle Frankie and the rest of her family and friends give this book so much heart.5 stars Shelly Fredman s Brandy Alexander series is cozy mystery Brandy is a small bit LA reporter who does fluff pieces for a third rate TV network think dog show expose Brandy is a South Philly girl born and bred, but she fled her home after the love of her life and boyfriend of ten years abruptly ended things Brandy is forced to come home after a four year absence to attend her best friend s wedding But when her other best friend is killed in a boat explosion Brandy puts her journalism degree to good use and hunts down her friend s killer No Such Thing as a Secret was a great introduction to this cozy mystery series, and I fully intended to stick with the books I loved the fact that amidst the larger plot of discovering a killer, Brandy was dealing with some very relatable emotional issues Returning home after fleeing heartbreak makes for a wonderful kick off to this book The emotional stakes are further heightened when Brandy learns that her ex boyfriend, Bobby, has been having marital difficulties and could be facing a custody battle for his baby daughter Things are made ten fold worse when Brandy and Bobby are forced to work together on the murder investigation of a mutual friend.The mystery is great, a real page turner and brain teaser It s a misconception that putting cozy in front of mystery instantly makes it dumber or less intricately plotted Fredman proves how wrong that assumption is in No Such Thing as a Secret Clues are dropped, red herrings dangled and curveballs thrown She really keeps readers on their toes and writes an amateur sleuth to admire in Brandy Alexanderit s who I am, Bobby I can t stand by and watch the bullies win And maybe I don t always think things through, and maybe I don t always get it right, but I m never going to just sit by and do nothing while there are people in the world who can t fight for themselves You used to be able to accept that about me It used to drive me nuts, but I knew there was no stopping you But this is different This is life threatening He climbed off the bed and joined me at the window Brandy, he said, forcing me to look at him, I know I gave up the right to tell you what to do a long time ago But I care about what happens to you And underneath all the high stakes drama and intrigue, Brandy is acknowledging the fact that she has missed her home She left Philly for LA four years ago, and in a bid to avoid Bobby and opening old emotional wounds, she hasn t been back very often One of the highlights of this book is Fredman writing about Philadelphia and Brandy in all her South Philly home grown glory Fredman clearly knows and loves this city, and the suburban side of things She writes about restaurants, food, sights and smells with such aplomb that I felt as though I was walking down those streets with Brandy South Philly really becomes a character unto itself in the book, for Brandy s love of the place and later for the insider knowledge that helps her in the murder investigation.The secondary characters are also great and wonderful indicators of why Brandy has missed her home town so much Her friends are loud and proud Philly natives the women wear shorts skirts and big hair and the men frequent a local boxing ring for their work out A very different scene to Brandy s life in LA Her friends include twins Fran and Janine, and her gay best friend John These characters are loud and wonderful and it soon becomes clear that Brandy has missed than just the Philly food in her four year absence.Half way through the book Brandy realizes that she needs to get an in with the Philly underworld Through a friend of a friend she is introduced to Nick Santiago, a shady martial arts instructor who rubs the police the wrong way and is rumoured to have a hand in everything from weapons deals to training soldiers from the Congo Nick is a sexy, suave and seductive man and a temptation for Brandy who has had a dry spell since Bobby broke her heart Nick steps in and does lots of leg work for Brandy and the murder investigation, and at times it did feel like Nick was a scapegoat for the plot Brandy still does plenty of legwork, but after Nick s introduction he does a fair bit of heavy lifting Plot semantics aside, Nick provides a hot and frustrating distraction for Brandy, and a nice alternative to Bobby s complications.The book did remind me a little of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series, because of Brandy s two love interests There s Bobby DiCarlo, Brandy s ex boyfriend love of her life who dumped her four years ago for reasons unspecified but still devastating Then there s Nick Santiago, a karate trainer who is rumoured to do dodgy dealings with the Philly underworld and who sets the local police on edge Bobby reminded me of Stephanie s Joe Morelli, while Nick was reminiscent of Ranger It was just a little similarity, and only so far as Joe Bobby Ranger Nick had similar jobs and contribution to cracking the case But whereas Evanovich s series is all about the funny, Fredman s book is a wonderful mix of light and dark, comedy and tragedy Brandy s love life is far robust as well Brandy and Bobby have a complicated past, and while a few niggling questions are answered there s still plenty still to be unearthed about these two and their rocky relationship Nick is likewise an intriguing character, an obvious ladies man with a dark side but Brandy and readers can t help but be a little bit smitten.I really liked this book, and I am delving into the next three instalments with enthusiasm I loved Brandy as an amateur sleuth, and as much as the murder investigation intrigued, the love triangle left me equally breathless Wonderful start to a series I AM KICKING MYSELF BECAUSE I JUST FOUND THIS SERIES Dear Shelly Fredman, Where have you been all my life Since 2010 anyway I am a huge Plum fan, but this series, these characters and this STORY TELLING totally kick ass I am actually happy I m only finding these now, because I have binged these books I m on 4 now and I love when I can do that Brandy Alexander is so wonderfully brave and kind hearted Her friends are wonderfully supportive and loving All these characters are well fleshed out and the brevity of the books keeps the stories fro getting boggy and repetitive If you are here reading these reviews because you ve seen or heard of these books and are looking for confirmation that they re worthyour time money, they so are Thank you Shelly Fredman So much Brandy Alexander headed for LA after her cop boyfriend dumped her, where she landed a job as what she considers a puff piece reporter for a local TV station Four years later, she s back in Philadelphia for the wedding of her best friend Brandy s happy to be back with family and friends, but these warm feelings are short lived when her good friend Johnny s boat blows up while he s onboard Brandy suspects this is no accident, since Johnny confided in her that he had evidence related to the recent death of a gay man which he turned over to the police, on top of which, he thought he was being followed But the cops don t have the evidence, nor does the DA s office If that isn t bad enough, Bobby DiCarlo, Brandy s ex, seems to be involved in the cover up Brandy, determined to find the murderer, plays amateur sleuth which gets her in a world of trouble with her ex and an axe wielding mystery man who keeps trying to kill her She joins forces with just this side of the law Nicholas Santiago, who s so hot, Brandy sizzles every time she s around him Bodies pile up and suspects abound but will Brandy survive long enough to reveal the murderer If book one in the Brandy Alexander mystery series is any indication of what s to follow, this series is a guaranteed bestseller Fredman excels at characterization and is adept at pulling the reader into the story so that they will feel as if they re part of the gang, along for the ride Brandy Alexander is a refreshing character, a girl next door type who doesn t seem to realize the impact she has on others No crazy diets for this girl, she s a sweets lover through and through and not afraid to prove it Dialogue is so realistic, readers will think they re in Philly enjoying all the great food and locales First person narrative is witty and entertaining, leading to lots of laughter The chemistry between Brandy and Bobby and Brandy and Nicholas is teasing and fun The plot is thick with suspects and readers will be challenged to solve the mystery All in all, an outstanding debut for this entertaining series. The author has an enjoyable, chatty, humorous, self deprecating style Good characters, plot, mystery, motives, and action.STORY BRIEF Brandy was in love with Bobby during their 10 year relationship Four years ago he slept with someone else, and they broke up In pain, Brandy moved to Los Angeles where she has been a reporter for a local news station Bobby later married Marie Brandy now takes a vacation returning to Philadelphia for a friend s wedding Another friend Johnny took pictures at a party After the party, one of the guys in the pictures was murdered Johnny gave the pictures to a cop Johnny was then followed and disappeared in a boating explosion Brandy is trying to figure out what happened She meets and hires Nick to help her investigate Nick owns a martial arts studio and has connections with the seedier side of life Brandy also interacts with Bobby who is investigating from the police side Brandy still loves Bobby and is lustfully drawn to Nick.REVIEWER S OPINION This is the first book in a series It s a witty story with two potential love interests I m rooting for both guys and wonder who she ll end up with down the road in a sequel It s told in first person The author has an enjoyable, chatty, humorous, self deprecating style Brandy has an assortment of interesting friends She has always wanted to be an investigative reporter and can t seem to stop herself Her style of investigating is to jump in feet first and do things and talk to people without considering the risks.I prefer romance novels where the guy and girl are together at the end, but for readers who don t require that, this is one of the best It s enjoyable I laughed and chuckled many times I only have two complaints 1 I wanted a better understanding of why Bobby broke up with Brandy 2 Even though Brandy is attracted to this new person Nick, I felt sadness for the Bobby Brandy relationship They still love each other but probably won t be together unless Bobby gets divorced Bobby s wife left him, and he misses his daughter which is sad.By the way, there is a happy romantic ending in book 4 If you think of all four as one long book, it s a romance.DATA Story length 336 pages Swearing language strong, including religious swear words Sexual content none Setting current day Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Copyright 2008 Genre humorous female mystery, potential romance to be continued.OTHER BOOKS Following is the Brandy Series of books, in order You can read any book as a stand alone, but I think it s best if you read them in order The first book sets up important things to know.4 stars No Such Thing As A Secret5 stars No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date5 stars No Such Thing As A Free Lunch5 stars No Such Thing As A Free Ride Have you ever finished a book and thought to yourself How is it I ve never heard of this book before That s the question I ve been asking myself as I search the internet for the rest of the books in this series.Brandy Alexander is a small time reporter for an LA station on her way back home to Philadelphia for her high school best friend s wedding She s avoided going back in the four years she s been away because of a certain cop who broke her heart But her best friend Franny, the bride, has demanded she come home to be in the wedding, so here she comes.Trouble seems to find Brandy almost as soon as she sets foot back in the city of brotherly love She has a kid pee his pants in front of her while waiting to buy food at the airport, is almost run over by a van being piloted by eighty year old nuns, takes a drunken tumble off a stage at the sight of her ex boyfriend we won t mention the boob that pops out just prior to this incident , believes her best male friend Johnny has been blown to pieces and manages to get her brother s priceless to him car towed This all within a few days of coming home Troubled by what happened to her friend Johnny, she decides to start investigating the story he had told her the day he picked her up She figures she owes to Johnny to find out why he was blown up and exactly who s responsible When she takes the obvious route, the police, she s disheartened that no one seems to believe her story, which leads Brandy to start investigating on her own.While navigating the trouble thrown in her path or rather what she places in her path , she also must deal with the unresolved issues between her and Bobby the cop ex boyfriend , the hideous bridesmaid dresses Franny has picked out and her suddenly very alert labido when she enlists the very sexy and very mysterious Nick Santiago.This book was a riot I was laughing out loud at various parts of the book that had me remembering what is was like to grow up back East in an Italian family It was priceless.If you enjoy the Stephanie Plum series, you will devour this book It s what Stephanie was back in the beginning.Can t wait to read the next book in the series

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