Make Me Remember

Make Me Remember Hannah Bryant Has Always Been Different Since She Was A Child, She S Had Vivid Dreams Of Death And Loss Years Later, Hannah Is A Successful Doctor Who S Gotten Past The Terrors That Used To Plague Her In A Flash, Everything She Has Worked So Hard For Is In Danger When The Dreams Return With A Vengeance But The Dreams Haunting Hannah S Sleep Now Are Nothing Like The Ones From Her Childhood No Longer Does She Dream Of Death And Destruction Now Her Dreams Are Of A Man Who Elicits A Reaction From Hannah S Body That S Strangely Familiar And Startlingly Brand New At The Same Time

Emma Petersen wrote her first romance in high school after falling in love with historical romances and has been writing ever since She lives in sunny California with a cool cat named Toussaint and is working through an addiction to shoes and internet porn.

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  • Make Me Remember
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  • 17 December 2017
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    In the Runes Make Me Remember was given to me by Emma Petersen through some drawing I won in a chat room one day It is a short erotic romance about two people who meet and realize they have met before Hannah is a California doctor who is inexplicably drawn to a volunteer assignment in nowhere South Dakota to treat the poor folk in the Native American community She has a loveless relationship with a fianc who she plans to marry once her year of service is complete One day, the police chief, Gabe, comes into the hospital and they are immediately struck by each other It turns out, they were married in a past life where they vowed to each other to reconnect Sounds strange, but Petersen tells the story much better than I do, and it works really well There are several things that I liked about this story The emotional bond with these characters, both in the present and in the past was vividly described, which made my engagement into their story very strong At times, I forgot this was an erotic romance because the sex seemed like such an integral part of the relationship and the love It didn t feel gratuitous at all I also liked the idea of loving someone so much that you are bonded over multiple lifetimes The historic story was filled with tragedy and chaos, so seeing them together in the present truly does feel like a happy ending One of the things I had an issue with in this novella is Hannah s relationship with her fianc I didn t get why these people were together at all I know the reader is supposed to hate him and root for her hooking up with Gabe, but it seems like there needed to be something redeeming about the man to explain her initial attraction to him I didn t like the mother either.Overall, I give In the Runes Make Me Remember Plot 3 bookmarks It was truly unique On the other hand, since it is only novella length, you can expect sub plots and deeper elements to suffer Emotional Relationship 4 bookmarksSexual Relationship 3 bookmarksDream Cast otherwise known as who I pictured while reading Chaske Spencer Gabe , Halle Berry Hannah

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    Real sweet story, the ending could have been better.

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