The Cater Street Hangman

The Cater Street Hangman Careless Of Both Murder And Manners, Charlotte Ellison And Her Sister, Two Determinedly Unconventional Young Women, Ignore Victorian S And Actively Join The Police Investigation, Led By Young Inspector Thomas Pitt, Into The Murder Of Their Servant Girl Reissue

Crime Through Time.

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Cater Street Hangman Author Anne Perry –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Cater Street Hangman
  • Anne Perry
  • English
  • 04 August 2018
  • 9780449208670

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    In July 2003 I first came across Anne Perry s Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series I read 17 of them, including this one However, I read them all out of order and many of them were not available at all at my Library so it was a bit of a scrambled mess One thing I do remember I loved reading this series.When I decided to fill in the gaps, I noticed that I had not read 2 through and including 5 So as soon as I had an available series spot, I decided to rectify this Then I decided to read the very first one over again so there would be a bit cohesion I am very glad I did This series takes place in the Victorian era in England and Anne Perry did her research So many of the rules for women in polite society would probably come as a gigantic surprise to many younger women today It is even possible they might read this and decide it was all made up nonsense, but I hope they read my review first I can assure them that this was indeed the way women were required to behave, and we have come a very long way in a relatively short time historically speaking.Then there is Charlotte The middle daughter, she is independent in her thinking and frequently gets into trouble with her family for her forthrightness At the same time, her mother especially admires this daughter who doesn t bother to hide her emotions and speaks her mind possibly because that is what she would prefer to do herself.We meet the rest of Charlotte s family in this novel as well There are several murders that take place and the frequency, combined with everyone knowing the victims, terrorizes the entire neighbourhood as they all take place on Cater Street Inspector Thomas Pitt meets the family and Charlotte when one of their young maids becomes a victim.Anne Perry is a terrific storyteller and guess what I love reading terrific stories If you are looking for a series that will keep you entertained and absorbed into a different time and place, I can highly recommend this series as it will definitely satisfy.

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    Historical mystery has turned out to be a favourite genre of mine There is something very intriguing about watching the police attempting to solve crime without the use of all our modern techniques Often, as in this case, the murderer is captured in the act which is pretty conclusive I had a few small issues with this book, for example the occasional info dumps which I actually skimmed However these were than made up for by the excellent story and the characters I loved the little romance between Charlotte and her policeman and the ending was unexpected but sweet.Anne Perry has written literally dozens of books yet this is the first that I have read However it will not be the last I very much enjoyed this introduction to Charlotte and Inspector Pitt and I will be following up the series.

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    More of a family drama in the background of a series of murder of local womenA bit trying, all that drama, was, and the end too abrupt.However, I did like the MCs well enough to try the next book in the series of 30 odd books

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    Anne Perry is beloved and prolific I picked up many books and discovered they belonged in series At first I worry historic society will feel too oppressed to enjoy or relate to protagonists This writer shows a world without reciting an instruction manual and a reasonable percentage of scenes scurry towards the point of the story With mystery, that is a must In fact I would encourage her to let us unwind, following revelations Her novels end with a thud exciting but I would love a chance to absorb the adventure The speed engages you so much I m sorry that it was a personal loss, the death of my dear young cat that put this novel aside I was forty pages from finishing, that sorrowful day This public record is for you, my Love Charlotte is forward thinking immediately likeable as well as relatable Her fairness makes it impossible to suppress retorts and intelligence, as ladies of her station usually do Her family winces over her, as much as we readers laugh over it A second element that yielded enjoyment is a bold and suspenseful mystery that cannot classify as cozy There is something to be said for literature that delves skilfully into the original genre and which is devised entirely for the adult audience Multiple murders have startled a neighbourhood into thinking about their safety The acts are brutal, there is no known motive, no forewarning, nor any trace of the killer.It seems policemen comprise a lower class and Charlotte s family is uncomfortable with the frequent canvassing of Inspector Thomas Pitt He scrapes together enough clues to make a few connections with her family in particular, warranting repeated visits to them and all neighbours Caution is illustrated vividly, about putting religiosity and propriety, ahead of who we are.

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    Excellent Victorian MysteryThis is my second book by Anne Perry, but my first in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series Ever since I stumbled across the book, The Search For Anne Perry, I have wanted to read her books So I began at the beginning in her popular Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series Book 1 This is the book where Charlotte and Thomas first meet and fall in love over a series of gruesome murders in the neighborhood where Charlotte Ellison and her family live The British class system is very much a part of this book.Policemen are considered as a lower class compared to the Ellison family The intrusion of Inspector Charles Pitt into their lives is intolerable After all, the murder of Chloe Abernathy must have been done by someone from the lower, criminal classes so why is he daring to question them It s only as the bodies of other young women they know start to accumulate in their neighborhood that the Ellison family and others of their class, are forced to look at the shocking fact that one of their own kind must be committing these atrocities.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would have given it 4 stars had it not been for the fact that I guessed who the killer was about halfway through the book Who knows Maybe I just have a devious mind At any rate I gave it 3 and a half stars.

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    I read this on a day I stayed home sick from work I felt terrible, but escaping into this book gave me several hours of wonderful distraction Perry perfectly evoked the spirit and flavor of the era and what life was like for an intelligent and curious young woman in a time when those were not considered favorable attributes for women.The mystery is good, touching as it does the obsessions the Victorians had for sex and religion The best thing for me in The Cater Street Hangman is the sense of increasing fear that Charlotte suffers as women are killed and she begins to suspect everyone around her She starts to realize that the pleasant faces shown in public hide a multitude of sins, hypocrisy, and secrets.

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    The story started so slowly that I was a little apprehensive about reading on, but it soon got better Although this is light reading I thought it very enjoyable.

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    3.5 Stars Imagine if you will a society that expected women to stifle their feelings for the good of all. A proper lady would marry, bear children and serve her husband and family She was to be pleasing and her household was presumed to run with complete order Her goal was to avoid any cause for upset and she was expected to look the other way when necessary.Charlotte Ellison was a product of the times Though they loved her immensely, she was the bane of her parents In her early twenties, she lived at home with no marital prospects on the horizon She had never learned to mask her feelings as her sisters had done Tempers flared, a few choice words were said and, depending on who the recipient was, forgiveness was asked I had to remind myself of two things as I was reading The Cater Street Hangman This was Anne Perry s debut novel and it was first published in 1979 If I thought it was a standalone, I might have rated it lower But I knew, going in, that it was the first story in a series One of Ms Perry s main purposes was to set up the background and introduce characters Charlotte was not the most likable heroine for the brunt of the story For that matter, I had issues with most of the characters Except Inspector Thomas Pitt He was tall, his looks were plain but he had a beautiful voice His clothes were rumpled and his hair needed to be brushed He was also intelligent, patient and managed to overlook the continual rudeness that plagued him by the upperclass Charlotte, included Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte She thought she was in love with someone that was unattainable She argued with her sisters She pestered her father She was snooty and abrasive at times I thought, than once, why was Thomas fascinated with her Besides the mystery, which was good, the novel was about hierarchy, social classes, and s Unlike so many historical romances, it did not glorify the Victorian era Besides the actual murders, there were secrets, hidden agendas, guilt and, for lack of a better term, characters with eyes wide shut.

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    I stayed up until 5 30am listening to this audiobook, because it was due back at the library today I can t say that it was wasted time It was a pretty good book and the narrator, Davina Porter does a satisfying job However, I didn t love this book I think the major issue I had was that I found most of the characters unlikable.Charlotte did grow on me She had some notions and beliefs that weren t ideal she tended to be very naive about things and was somewhat snobbish and judgmental towards others , but at heart, she was a decent person She matured a lot over the course of this book, and I liked how her feelings evolved for Thomas Pitt and how they changed from where they were initially My favorite character, Inspector Thomas Pitt, doesn t have a point of view We only see him though the eyes of the Ellison family, including Dominic, who is married to the oldest daughter, Sarah It s a shame, because he s the only character I truly liked and respected without reservation I guess I can say that I didn t have anything against Carolyn, the mother, but she lacked depth to me She seemed to be a cipher for a good Victorian wife and did not seem to know how to be true to herself I am not being judgmental I completely understand the pressures that were on her After all, this book focuses a sharp lens on the Victorian woman and the tremendous societal forces on her In some ways, this book is of a social commentary than a suspense novel Yes the mystery is prominent, because someone is murdering young women and the police are hunting for the killer and this affects the lives of the Ellison family on a deeply personal level But I feel that this series of murders is really of a catalyst for the exploration of characters in this family and an examination of their individual roles in this microcosmic society of their family and the people they interact with in their periphery.Anne Perry seems to know Victorian society While she does not info dump facts about the time period, the narrative doesn t bypass any opportunities to give the reader insight on the time period I think that this was well done Perry uses characters, situations and conversations to convey the social s of the times It was pretty evident that Victorian women did not have it easy, whether they were upper class, titled society women or lower class women It was just a question of whether they had the dubious security of marriage or the uncertain and likely demoralizing life of a single woman with few prospects as far as earning a living Through the eyes of Carolyn and Sarah, we learn what it s like to be married to a man who we must spend our lives with and take care of, be the perfect wives to, and hope that they take their marriage vows as seriously as we do And if they do not, we don t really have the agency to leave him or hold him accountable for his failings as a husband Through Emily, we learn about the society girl s quest for an advantageous marriage to a man who clearly has shortcomings, but we have to make the most of the man and the opportunity Martha Prebble s character is the vicar s wife, and she has spent many years subjugated to an unfeeling moralist, which has done her great emotional and mental damage Charlotte is the next oldest daughter who has always felt alienated from society and who has been in love with her sister s husband for several years, but is unable and unwilling to act upon those feelings.As you can see, there is a built in complexity to this novel, despite the subtle presentation It gave me something to think about, but as I said earlier, it was hard to get as invested as I wanted, since the characters were largely unsympathetic in their point of views I don t know if that was a failing of the narrator in how she conveyed their POVs, or just the things they said and did The characters seemed to be in a state of arrested development, although I did see growth in Charlotte s character, and Sarah as well I especially disliked Dominic I felt little sympathy for him, but then I have a huge issue with marital infidelity Not to mention his inherent sexism He treated his wife and other women like they were intellectually inferior to him He was also a self absorbed snob Emily was a brat, and I didn t care for her manipulative nature Thomas, on the other hand, had a maturity, a depth of character, and a firm, steady personality that allowed him to navigate the stormy seas of both high society and the rookeries to get his man His love and admiration for Charlotte made me like her as a person I felt that Thomas Pitt showed great insight into the other characters that helped Charlotte to get past her emotional involvement with her family and societal counterparts and at the same time to trust her instincts about human nature as well After much rambling, I have come to the point of concluding this review This was a good book It had some insights to offer this reader, but it lacked characters that I could feel for, with the exception of Thomas and Charlotte, and to a lesser degree, Carolyn and Sarah I felt terrible for those girls who were murdered, and I wish that of the characters in this book were able to feel the wrongness and the waste of young life for reasons that were quite disturbing with the final reveal in this novel The whole structure of this novel points to the issues of Victorian society in which hypocrisy is a facade for dark decay and the deep dysfunction that was integral to its institution.I d give this book 3.5 5.0 stars Fortunately, my library has of these on audio, so I will continue this series.

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    What I thought I was getting i.e the synopsis on Goodreads Careless of both murder and manners, Charlotte Ellison and her sister, two determinedly unconventional young women, ignore Victorian s and actively join the police investigation, led by young Inspector Thomas Pitt, into the murder of their servant girl.What I actually got Charlotte Oh my These deaths are so tragic I ll say everything that comes to my mind Isn t my brother in law hot Women are so down trodden Emily Oh sure this guy I m seeing is a philandering gambler who everyone is warning me aboutbut he is titled so its okay I ll make him marry me Women are down trodden but we can use our wiles Sarah Do ALL the good works for the poor Women are down trodden Caroline Oh dear, my husband is coming Women are down trodden Then there is the back of my copy of this book which adds But it was not panic beating in the heart of pretty Charlotte Ellison And something than brutal murder was on Inspector Pitt s mind Yet, such a romance between a society girl and so unsuitable a suitor was impossible the midst of murder So I thoughts I would get a nice mix of romance and mystery The truth is I m still not sure Charlotte or Inspector Pit are even main characters The writing continually switches POV between the family members, which I eventually got used to It was not, however, the voices of two strong female leads Charlotte and Emily like I expected It is mainly the tragic shock of the women in the house as they discover men are not to be trusted and that even the most seemingly loyal of gentleman have horrible secrets Bleh.The romance is mainly Charlotte crushing on her brother in law at the end until, for no apparent reason, she decides That vulgar policemanhe might do I m now deeply in love The mystery was obvious There is really only two people who could be the hangman and view spoiler based on the down trodden, rebelling women theme it was obvious which of the two it was hide spoiler

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