That Which Bites

That Which BitesA great concept, wish the writing was a bit better I liked the horror elements and there plot was good I think that was the direction the author should have gone, adding tension would improve this story a lot The characters were just OK, not really fleshed out and Poe was too juvenile at times It s biggest fault was the writing but I will read the next book which is saying something. Love love loved this book The Gray Armageddon Has Destroyed Most Of Humanity Vampires Have Slinked Out Of Hiding, Penning The Few Human Survivors As Blood Cattle Young Julia Poe Survives The Horror She Has Dodged The Undead Since She Was Eight Years Old In Downtown Los Angeles And Has The Only Untapped Vein In The New Realm Now She Celebrates Her Nd Birthday As A Cattle Rustler, Fighting The Vampire Factions Alongside A Gun Toting Nun With An Even Bigger Vendetta Kaleb Sainvire, The Master Vampire And Architect Responsible For Milking Cattle, Is First On Poe S List That Is, If She Isn T Taken By His Vampiric Allure I had to skim through the last half of the book Totally my mistake in choosing this genre I am not overly interested in the action aspect that took up most of the book I found it tiring I could not get past the talking to the herself part, her over exaggerated reactions and the over dramatic execution of the plot Don t get me started on the vocabulary half dead, leech, second dead, immune vampire, cattle I couldn t keep track of them Getting to understand the world was interesting, at least at the beginning I cannot go through another two books though so I wouldn t continue this series Read this book if you are into gory action If not, stay away. I didn t like this book, but I find it hard to put my finger on exactly what it is I didn t like about it For starters, the scene setting felt weak at best The whole with with the gas cloud that caused people to die seemed to only have happened so that our protagonist could find herself alone in a post apocalyptic world of sorts The narrative was also somewhat confusing, since we seemed to be experiencing the story from a third person kind of view, or something like a not so neutral observer Sometimes I found that background information or descriptive text was lacking I find it easy to imagine what the author wanted the book and the characters to be like, but I don t think she achieved her goals Unless one of the goals was to make Poe, who is supposed to be almost 22 years old, sound like a twelve year old instead who just looks into the mirror and discovers she has breast, I mean REALLY So yeah didn t do it for me and I didn t finish it, sorry. Julia Poe has been alone since the age of eight Her family was murdered by vampires after the Grey Armageddon occurred, a poison that killed most humans She has survived on the streets of Little Tokyo, hiding in a bunker Her first kill happens at this age and she was left with a reminder for life, a scar on her face.Fast forward to age twelve she meets a nun, sister Ann and Goss who showed her how to protect herself and kill vampires She is a great shot and has learned combat from her friend Goss and the movies that she has watched to keep her company for so many years.In this world a Vampire Council exists Two master vampires have divided the city QuillonTrent who has turned the beautiful people and cops and Kaleb Sainvire who has created the Human Cattle society Humans are treated as cattle and their blood is the milk that gets distributed.After one of the cattle rescues goes wrong, they decided to stay low for a month, they are to meet for a late birthday celebration for Poe When her friends don t come back, Poe goes out looking for them She gets captured and at the end saved by Kaleb who takes her to his home There she learns that not all vampires are equal and there is a way to help the remaining humans.This book is full of action, sometimes unnecessary violence Julia gets hurt so many times, that you wonder how can she still be alive She attacks Kaleb and his friend Jonathan without a second thought as to if she may be wrong about her conclusions The end leaves you with a notion of a second book.2 5 Fangs cross posted at my blog A very interesting concept and a dark and gritty world with an unusual heroine.Some parts of it were better than others, but, unfortunately, there were a lot of inconsistencies that detracted from the story There were some confusing and vague transitions in the timeline and sometimes the characters felt less than well defined, especially Poe Some of those problems wouldn t have been there, had the story been better edited.Although it was enjoyable and bloody enough, I m not sure if I ll continue with the series Either way, the next book is Dead Surround. Sometimes, my go to book review sites rave about a book that Boston Public Library doesn t have It doesn t happen often, but when it does, I put in a request that the library buy it, then forget about it If the book turns up at the hold desk it is usually a nice surprise That Which Bites was one of those requests and let s just say I wish the library could get their money back I love genre fiction, but there is no plot premise fascinating enough to make up for poor prose However, given the other reviews floating around for this book, someone else might get some enjoyment out of it Sorry BPL. What a great book Julia Poe is an amazing heroine and as in these dystopian fantasies that I seem to love love love, I admire her strength and vulnerability I would have folded like a house of cards Day 1 Heck, reading the first 60 pages of this book I often had my hand over my mouth and I am not very squeamish Orphaned at 8 Lived on her own for years and suspiciously observed by allies she loved and thought of as family I would have loved even tender mundane moments of her ordinary humanity Kate Daniels and her Boone s Farm, pie baking and dreams of a family to come home to Kate and Julia would be very very good for each other I liked Kaleb but martyrs rarely make good lovers But since no one taught Poe to wear a bra they probably never gave her warnings about the success ratio of types of men I gave up sleep last night to begin plowing through book 2 I hope there is a book 3. I ve had this book recommended to me by a friend on Goodreads, and only managed to buy and read it last month.I can honestly say that this is one of the grittiest, harshest, most hardboiled urban fantasy series I have ever read And I read a lot in this genre.Julia Poe Chronicles blends almost childish simplicity of Blood Red Road, Reapers Are The Angels and Mad Max in post apocalyptic landscape of vamp infested, deserted Los Angeles, and some of the intensity of earlier Connie Suttle and Lilith Saintcrow.Poe certainly is one of the most messed up heroines I ve had pleasure reading about Her whole family perished in Gray Armageddon an unknown airborne plague which killed billions instantly and allowed vampires to assert their dominance over human race Poe was only eight when this happened, and had to find an abandoned bunker where she was hiding and learning about fighting vampires through action movies and books until 4 years later she met her first companions.Julia is a fascinating creature, mostly due to her lack of any upbringing savage, bloodthirsty, paranoid, lacking almost all social skills She never gives up and that s what makes her so terrifying for vamps and their flunkies alike, and that s why she unwillingly becomes one of the symbols of human resistance.This is an amazing true grit, which I hope any UF fan won t like to miss You truly feel and root for Poe until the bitter end She is a heartfelt, stubborn and strong willed heroine who just can t catch a break Highly recommended.

Celis T Rono studied English and Sociology She is a voracious reader of American Literature and is a movie buff This is her first novel She is currently working on the sequel to That Which Bites Celis lives in downtown Los Angeles.

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