For the Heart of Phillip

For the Heart of Phillip From Amos Lassen Phillip has known that he is gay since he was 13 years old Because he is shy he did not have much luck meeting people but along came Andrew, another shy guy They became fast friends and Andrew fell in love with Phillip Sounds good, right Hold on, Phillip had already fallen for someone else, Robert and this caused Andrew to stop being friends with Phillip and staying away Phillip and Robert continued with their relationship and even spoke of getting married Again, something causes the plot to shift when Andrew appears on the scene again He once again wants Phillip and on one rainy evening, Robert is out and Andrew is in Robert and Andrew are pitted against each other for the man they love.Looking for and finding love is the theme of Danielson s book and we see that the path to love can be an arduous journey The book spans thirteen years and is filled with romance and twists and turns and we are there as Phillip is loved by two men one who has been by his side through everything and the other who fell madly in love with him when he was sixteen Here is the perfect summer read that requires nothing of you but the willingness to read a really good story I don t really read much gay erotica, and I have to admit I was a little bit afraid to start Maybe that makes me a middle aged homophobic, I don t know What I do know is that the book was well written with characters I alternately wanted to get to know, scream at, worry about, and smack.The characters are all extraordinary self centered Then, they re remarkably empathetic You think you understand them and Danielson changes direction with them and you re thrown for a loop It s crazy She creates believable characters that are undeniably stupid and then completely astute That s the mark of a skilled writer.This is a good book, and the sexuality of the characters doesn t really matter They re interesting and engaging and irritating andwell, I guess the word for it is realistic Great book, and I m looking forward to reading from this author. I was really looking forward to this one and was sorely disappointed I think this is the first time that I ve ever rated anything with two stars since I consider three as average Firstly, the author has absolutely no grasp on bi polar disorder That wouldn t be a big deal if it weren t such a big part of Phillip s life I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she researched, but wasn t successful in building Phillip with these attributes.It seems odd to me that the characters when they were very young exhibited a lot maturity than they did even in college As soon as he was of relationship age, everything started to go downhill I felt like I couldn t root for either relationship because I hated both other men for their attitudes Phillip was a rag doll between them as they flung insults at each other.Some reviewers clearly enjoyed it and I m glad that they were touched by the story It just didn t work for me. At the age of twelve, Phillip Marnier has three strikes against him he s overweight, he s bi polar and he s manic depressive Being six foot tall only helps to keep him in the radar of his taunting peers Then one morning, while riding his school bus, Phillip meets a new boy, two years his junior Andrew Bradley Horner and his life will never be the same.Phillip and Andy become fast friends the first true friendship the troubled older boy has ever experienced When Phillip hits puberty, he thinks his meds aren t working, cause things don t feel the same, including what he feels for Andy His perceptive mother tells him to be patient, it will come to him When Phillip leaves Andy behind for high school, the younger boy is worried that he will lose his friend he meets and becomes good friends with a young girl named Rachel, although she can never take Phillip s place in his life.When Phillip s family takes him on a forced family vacation, he meets Robert Marshall, who actually goes to school not far from them They become very close very quickly, and when each confess to liking boys, they share a first kiss together and become boyfriends When he returns home and tells Andy his news, Phillips isn t prepared for the other boy s reaction With time and gentle persuasion, Phillip finally gets to the heart of the matter Andy is also gay and he has feelings for him Quite the dilemma And thus begins the start of a pattern which is fated to continue for a very long time.Together they negotiate their high school years Phillip leaves for college first, and Robert is right there with him When Andy graduates high school and arrives as well, the triangle continues Life is a definite rollercoaster, filled with highs and lows, and drama galore Who will emerge the winner, possessing the heart of Phillip This novel spans sixteen years in the life of Phillip Marnier, and it has all of the drama of a soap opera Phillip isn t your typical hero he has problems up the yin yang, and yet he has two supposedly hot guys fighting over him like two dogs over a bone Frankly, I don t know why, but that is immaterial They do This fight goes back and forth for years, as Phillip vacillates between them, although in the end, he invariably follows his heart The trouble is, I think he also has a split personality, and he can never decide what he wants until after he ends up with something else.The characters are certainly not stereotypical if I had to choose my favorite character, it would have to be Andy But on the whole, I also want to slap all of them They cry sometimes at the drop of a hat, and their morals are certainly questionable Add accidental fatherhood to what is already a train wreck, and there is a big mess to be sorted out SL Danielson s style is not ornate or elaborate As she once confessed to me, it is derived from doing a lot of report writing It s succinct and to the point She deals with emotions, rather than descriptions, preferring to get to the heart of the matter her characters, their emotions and their reactions I have to admit the parents got on my nerves, being way too involved for adult men to put up with, but hey, I am willing to guess there are parents like these And face it, when it s your kid, you ll take his side and protect him at all costs.So, pull out a box of Kleenex, settle yourself in your easy chair, have a drink handy, and enjoy the story for what it is a story of love, exploration and discovery And fighting for the heart of Phillip. I couldn t enjoy this book I just hate cheating in my romance And the book is full of it I suppose some see it as realistic , but it is also realistic that many people do not cheat on their spouse. Wow what a story Phillip s journey through his teen years up to an adult were definitely an up and down roller coaster Early on Phillip meets Andy a new kid to the area and it doesn t take long for Phillip to realize he s finding himself attracted to men Andy doesn t make his intentions known early on While on a vacation Phillip meets Robert who he develops an attraction towards, and then things spiral as Andy makes his intentions known as well There is so much pain and suffering going on with Phillip as far as figuring out who he loves This book was a great coming of age story where true love does work out in the end I received this book from the author for a honest and fair review I can truly say it was a great story of 3 men and how Phillip chose his true love in the end. immature writing, characters plot didnt like either of the by the numbers , so i m not sure why i tried this one, but i should not have bothered it wasn t any better. Phillip has guys fighting over him, so he must be lovable, right But he is utterly clueless about his own heart Again and again his autism spectrum leaves him wanting to please the wonderful men in his life, most sincerely, even as his guts rebel and his tongue is in knots Maybe it s because he grew up right next door to the best love there is and took it for granted It s only when his protective instincts kick in that he can tell what is worth fighting for.Danielson s minimalist style puts us squarely in Phillip s shoes for this wild ride. I would have given this a five if it wasn t for the fact that I just couldn t understand why the two men kept fighting over Phillip and I thought one or other should have given up long before the end.The thing that I liked best about it was that Phillip isn t your typical, bronzed god He has flaws, lots of them and, as such he is very much someone people can relate to I know I could He struggles to unerstand the world around him and himself and he just can t make decisions If only he could have then he would have saved a world of pain for himself and the two men who are unlucky enough to be in love with him.It s not that he isn t an endearing character and, with his problems it s easy to understand how he has so much trouble making up his mind, it s just that you get so bloody frustrated as you see first one and then the other of his lovers getting hurt and SLD does SUCH a good job of making you fall for her characters that you hate them each in turn as they hurt the others.It s one of those books which has a twist every chapter and you never know quite what s going to happen next It s well written, tugs at the heart strings and has characters that are easy to relate to and to love. This Is The Redone Version Of Love Resurrected MUCH Different Than Before Get Ready For A Wild, Non Stop Drama, Sexy Ride Follow Arduous, Confusing, Wonderful Years Of Phillip S Life As He Tries To Decide On His Love For Two MenWill It Be His Best Friend Since Childhood Andy Who S Stuck With Him Through Thick And Thin Or The Hot Wild Card Robert Who S Been In Love With Him Since He Was Both Men Love Their Phillip And Will Stop At Nothing To Keep HimWho Will Win The Heart Of Phillip Come Along For This Ride And Find Out

aka Stephanie L Danielson I ve been an avid reader since a small child My first loves were science fiction as well as general fiction books.Later, I began writing my own stories with a romantic flavor to them.With influences running the gamut from romance,sci fi, and drama, my muse was found.In 2007 I was first published with Love Resurrected, and have since released over a dozen other books, m

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