Grace [Eventually]: Thoughts on Faith

Grace [Eventually]: Thoughts on Faith The Sharp, Funny, And Heartfelt Follow Up To Her Bestselling Plan B, Anne Lamott S Newest Collection Is A Personal Exploration Of The Faith And Grace All Around UsIn Grace Eventually Thoughts On Faith, Lamott Examines The Ways We Re Caught In Life S Most Daunting Predicaments Love, Mothering, Work, Politics, And Maybe Toughest Of All, Evolving From Who We Are To Who We Were Meant To Be This Is A Complicated Process For Most Of Us, And Lamott Turns Her Wit And Honesty Inward To Describe Her Own Intimate, Bumpy, And Unconventional Road To Grace And Faith I Wish Grace And Healing Were Abracadabra Kinds Of Things, She Writes In One Of Her Essays, That Delicate Silver Bells Would Ring To Announce Grace S Arrival But No, It S Clog And Slog And Scootch, On The Floor, In Silence, In The Dark Whether She S Writing About Her Unsuccessful Efforts To Get Her Money Back From An Obstinate Carpet Salesman, Grappling With The Tectonic Shifts In Her Relationship With Her Son As He Matures, Trying To Maintain Her Faith And Humor During Politically Challenging Times, Or Helping A Close Friend Die With Dignity, Lamott Seeks Out Both The Divinity And The Humanity In Herself And Everything Around Her Throughout These Essays, She Writes Of Her Struggle To Find The Essence Of Her Faith, Which She Uncovers In The Unlikeliest Places

Anne Lamott is an author of several novels and works of non fiction Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her non fiction works are largely autobiographical, with strong doses of self deprecating humor and covering such subjects as alcoholism, single motherhood, and Christianity She appeals to her fans because of her sense of humor, her deeply felt insights, and her outspoken views on topics such

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    The last five years or so, maybe, I ve made it a point to begin the year with a book by Anne Lamott, maybe it s become like reading holiday stories around the holidays, something to hopefully remind me, us, of what is important other than the list of people to buy gifts for Anne Lamott s words remind me of what is important beyond all the hoopla of the daily ins and outs of living, traffic jams or last minute runs to the grocery store or even walking the dog Dogs in my case This year, than maybe than others, I really wanted to find a way to make sense of some things that really boggle my mind As I read through this, not unusual lately, politics were on my mind a lot if you ve read Anne Lamott s books or even other reviews of almost any of her books, you ll find at least one review, it seems, where someone complains about her political leanings More to the point, her dislike of George W Bush So through much of this I was thinking both about how reviews for this must include some comments to the effect of how someone wishes she d stop talking about GWB and all I kept thinking was how I figured Anne Lamott must be in a tizzy over the latest office holder So, yes, she does mention politics, ecology, the things you d expect from her, how she tries, and sometimes fails, to incorporate her faith in her everyday life, her son The rebellious teenage years that wear one down It s been ten years since she wrote Grace Eventually Thoughts on Faith, she s older, she talks about the toll of age on her body, the toll of being a parent, the indignation of getting a ticket for her dog being off leash Some are just rants, like she s called you in a moment where she feels momentarily as though her world is coming apart, but needs to get this off her chest to feel so she can examine why she feels this way I seem to hang on to my hates because they help take my mind off the cracked reflection in the mirror.It s that willingness to be so raw and real but still charming in her awful behavior that keeps me reading her books every year To share these stories, these feelings with the world, to transform that into something on the page that is sometimes amusing, but always true and honest and beautiful I am really looking forward to her soon to be published Hallelujah Anyway Rediscovering Mercy which is scheduled to be published in a few months.

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    Annie, we need to talk First of all, why do you keep telling the same stories and quips over and over, repeating yourself like a demented party guest Remember Jesus drinking gin straight out of the cat dish Let s get back to that type of hilarious creativity But let us never speak of Jesus as a 13 year old punk again It was funny the first time in Plan B When you brought it up in this very next book, verbatim, I physically cringed.Also, nature is lovely and healing and all, but I got bored the third time you embarked on a cleansing hike in this book Even so when you continued to describe such walks in minute, stultifying detail for the remainder of the essays Have you forgotten how to find God in the city Or just how to write on than one theme I don t know maybe I m just not that outdoorsy.I ask all this out of love, because you can do so much better This is evident in the final section of the book, where you write so lovingly and compellingly about Sam as a teenager Samwheel, in particular, is heart wrenching in all the right ways To my surprise, I even liked the stuff about your relationship with your mom, which could quickly have gone the way of the aforementioned nature hikes But it turns out that describing the slip and grip of grace in everyday relationships is still your strongest suit, whether those relationships are with the physical world and its institutions, the life of the spirit, or with those around you The way you talk about people and their quirks is as astonishing as ever, and I mean that in a good way.I ll keep hanging onto that until your next book, Annie For all of our sakes, I m hoping it s a novel.Kate

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    Hmmmm.I noticed a lot of really negative reviews about this book by folks who are Anne Lamott fans I did enjoy it and, yes, as other reviewers noted it is of the same of what we were given in Traveling Mercies Plan B, but I don t know that I would expect anything different from her The reviews that were negative sounded to me as if folks expected Lamott to reveal some sort of progressive improvement in her approach to life instead she is honest about her daily struggles to be the type of person she would like to be I admire her for that and for not attempting to try to make herself look spiritually grounded than she is She is willing than most folks to discuss those sides of life that most people put a lid on and never show to others So, yes, she may complain about things at times, but hey she s open about her crap days we all have them as much as she expresses deep appreciation for those people and things that bring her joy I can t ask for than that

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    I don t know that this was the way I should have been introduced to the writing of Anne Lamott I have so many friends who just love her books, writing, honesty, and faith There were times where I laughed out loud reading about her skiing efforts, her experiences with Sam as a mother and her dog getting lost, her mishaps and successses But the abortion rant put me off a great deal And I think the central conflict in the life of the author was her hatred of George W Bush as a president I am not a Bush lover, but I do not think that this country was so bad off while he was in office that the whole of life has come crashing down as a result of his leadership I got tired of the rants about the former President There was some here to like, but I m not sure in the long run that it was worth it in reading the whole memoir Maybe I ll read one of her others I guess we ll see.

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    I seem to have forgotten to add this book to my book log, probably because as soon as I finished it, I started reading it again I can t write rationally about Lamott anyway it s like trying to write logically about your first junior high crush when you are thirteen Here s my truth about her I try to get her books on the day they come out I read them once and then I read them again I try to find them on audio and listen to them again I force other people to read her books, even agnostic friends who have taken to rolling their eyes when I say the word Lamott I drive into Houston and pay lots of money to hear her speak at a benefit and I don t even care I dare to bring my Author Tablecloth to the benefit and boldly ask Lamott to autograph it And, probably the most amazing of all, I even trudge through her fiction, wondering and wondering how someone who writes such lovely nonfiction can write such tedious fiction Yes, I m one of those awful creatures a raving fan.

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    I know that everything about this book should say RUN RUN The author is a recovering alchoholic, born again Christian, hippie from Northern California with dreaklocks Aparently, she and Derrick Jensen have a lot of drama, which is, of course, utterly hilarious But don t be swayed by crabby Ol Derrick s accusations that she is a vapid liberal Anne Lamont is intensely likable, unprentious, self depracting and goofy I don t even hate her for being a former coke head or a current hippie or for believing ernestly that a read in is a successful form of social protest The fact that she writes constantly about praying for the grace to love George W Bush as a fellow child of God should be annoying but.she really means it Her theology isn t dippy but some combination of sophisticated Universalism and day to day paganism God accepts and loves us all unconditionally and we are all saved, but we still have a responsiblity to clean up our messes She writes that a enlightend friend of her prays only two prayers In the mornig whatever and in the evening, oh well She, not beings so enlightened pray only two prayers help me help me help me and thank you thank you thank you If I believed in God it would Anne Lamont s God, by whom we are all loved and chosen.

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    This is the first book by Anne Lamott I have tried reading, and it is also the last Her thoughts on faith seem to me like thoughts about herself I don t understand how thoughts on faith can have so little to do with God or Jesus I wasn t finding the book particularly interesting or inspiring, but thought I would keep reading Then I came to the chapters about how she once assisted with a suicide and how she adamantly supports abortion, and even seems proud to have had than one I knew then that she and I are on a completely different spectrum in our spiritual paths, and there was no reason for me to continue reading beyond page 105

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    Anne Lamott should edit out her vitriol toward GW Bush and Cheney when she writes a purported book on faith It alienated me, and I m not even among their fans.With regard to the portion of the book that was about faith, I was amused and moved by some of her anecdotes the weekend she freaked out in jealousy over the very new financial success of a happily married couple she was friends with, the many small miracles that occurred the afternoon she agreed to assist in teaching a dance class for mentally disabled adults Others, however, seemed far too navel gazing I know that s her forte the personal, the local, the immediate But I just wasn t feeling or wasn t prepared to buy the terror she felt when she briefly lost sight of her dog on a trail near her house, or the transcendent relief she experienced when the ski patrol rescued her from a self induced fall out of the ski lift Don t get me wrong Lamott s an excellent, loose writer, and I laughed out loud at the ski lift story But it just fell short in the life lessons category.

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    I am 4 5 of the way trough this book, and I loathe it The only reason I am finishing it is because I want to review it properly However, I can tell you that I m EXTREMELY disappointed Thankfully it is short Thank you, Lord, I am finally finished with this piece of drivel.This book should have been named Ann Lamott Continuously Thoughts on Myself, as that is ALL she talks about If she wanted to write yet another memoir of sorts , then entitle it market it as such To suggest that this book is about grace as in the grace of God is erroneous in the extreme Lamott simply DOES NOT GET the concept of graceat all I actually expected this to be a book of at least a modicum of substance, so I was thoroughly disappointed at the end It was shallow, doctrinally flawed, morally relative, and all in all, a very laissez faire approach to Christianity.If Lamott was looking to burn off readers specifically readers whose points of view differ from hers she has successful written a book that will accomplish that This is truly a shame, because she has a talent for writing and spins an interesting tale Unfortunately she seems unable to discuss issues that are dear to her heart without presenting them in a way that will appeal only to like minded readers The rest of us will want to and may indeed hurl the book against the wall.The most glaring problem with this book is her irrational anger toward and hatred for George W Bush Certainly she disagrees with him politically, but she expresses such such extreme reactions to him his policies depression, for instance that she comes across as unstable I mean seriously, I get being opposed to a politician s ideology, but to become so hate filled and morose is disturbing to me, as it seems to suggest that Lamott s life is not altogether balanced.Regarding her Christianity, she claims to be a devout Christian and to have a complete, encompassing love for Jesus I won t dispute her love for Jesus, but to claim that she is devout is committing a huge disservice to Christians who actually ARE devout What she subscribes to is Christianity Lite She picks and chooses what biblical truths she believes in adheres to, which makes me question her commitment to God What I don t question is her almost rabid commitment to abortion, even seeming somewhat proud that she herself had a couple in her younger years, and she declares it a moral imperative that children not be brought in the world who will be resented What astonishes me about this is how completely counter it runs to biblical teaching, which not only requires us not to kill, but commands us to care for widows and children There is simply no way to biblically justify her stance on abortion.She also assisted in a suicide, and was admittedly proud to be a part of this man s death plan Here again she believes espouses something that is absolutely not supported by scripture, and yet she is attaching moral superiority to the choice This is problematic for me, because we as humans are incapable of seeing all that God sees, or knowing all that God knows, yet she is willing to take on a God like role with the limitations of our humanity That s just scaryand stupidand arrogant in the extreme.Finally, she made a conscious decision to have a child out of wedlock For a devout, committed Christian, this is anathema, and yet she describes it as a decision she came to because she was ready to be a mother and there was no suitable spouse with whom to create a stable home Further, this in of itself verifies that she has engaged in premarital sex, not to mention that she has already admitted to having a couple abortions Granted, she may not have been a professing Christian at the time of those abortions and she was a practicing alcoholic drug user but to become a Christian and not loathe what are rightly labeled the sins of one s past, nor to express remorse for having done those things, is to completely miss the point of GRACE We are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, freely given to us, and when we truly accept that gift, we are reborn renewed in our hearts, with a desire to follow hard after Christ Of course we fail, but if our hearts are truly changed, then we continue striving to put Christ at the center or our lives No where in her book does Lamott describe a relationship with God that puts him at the center of her life How can she, when so many other things take precedence to God She swerves into grace occasionally, and even then, she describes it as of her own doing than God s.This was the most disappointing, frustrating and infuriating book I have read this year Unless you are a reader of like mind and heart, I would recommend avoiding this one It will save you a lot of irritation.

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    Anne Lamott has many endearing traits as a memoirist She can be very funny and has a lovely command of language In the first story of this collection, I found her sympathetic and self aware as she described growing out of a troubled period in her 20s, when she drank too much, took too many drugs, and accidentally ended up sleeping with other women s husbands The title of the book, Grace Eventually seemed to promise she would find her way But unless you share her reflexive, rigid and seemingly fatal anger at political conservatives, most particularly the evil George Bush, this book becomes unbearable For example, in an otherwise charming chapter writing about teaching 5 year old boys in Sunday School about what the Wailing Wall represents, and the concept that everybody in this world is loved and chosen, she struggles to believe her own lesson In truth, everyone is loved and chosen, even Dick Cheney, even Saddam Hussein Maybe the 5 year olds got it better than the teacher.Despite this sort of lunacy, I read on, but was duly punished for it In a later chapter, ostensibly about learning to forgive the obnoxious traits of a friend s husband because of the care he extended to his cancer ridden wife, she begins I don t hate anyone right now, not even George W Bush, a condition she attributes to the presence of grace, or dementia or both Lamott frequently acknowledges that her emotions and anger can get the better of her, and admits the damage she does to herself by her own Bush Derangement Syndrome Yet instead of pulling in the reins, she barrels on, chapter after chapter, bringing him up again and again, each time with loathing This book supposedly is about finding peace with herself and correcting other relationships that needed tending, but she cannot resist sticking politics in everywhere angry, vitriolic politics She also slams Tom Delay, Karl Rove, and Donald Rumsfeld, though their sins seem to be that they are white, male and Republican Thinking of George Bush, which she seems almost powerless to stop, contributes to her binge eating, and occasional depression She mentions him at least half a dozen times by page 141, when I could take no Lamott is among other feminist writers who want to glorify their anger because it s for a good cause, but they fail to see that their unbridled anger reinforces one of the worst stereotypes about women that they cannot control their emotions It is discouraging In a chapter about speaking on a panel discussing abortion and faith, she blasts patriarchal sentimentality about miniscule zygotes Yet in the very next paragraph she is confused enough to claim that really, she lives to fight for the sacredness of each human life Oh, thanks for clarifying She justifies her anger on this because she is tired and menopausal and would like for the most part to be left alone Not exactly People who want to be left alone don t keep cashing in on books about their lives That is being very public, not being left alone Couldn t she be honest How anyone can view a woman this angry and so rigid as a reliable witness to what a life of faith and grace looks like is beyond me Because after all this, I don t see any Grace, Eventually.

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