Keys to Love

Keys to LoveThis series always seems to fall into the just ok valley for me I liked it well enough I like the dynamic of the band and their personalities, but the overwhelming insta love and ooooh we have to hide things from out best friends tends to annoy me a bit I would give this one 3.5 stars in the end.Look, I like Morgan and Julian together I actually enjoyed Julian as a character a lot Jules training from Julliard and his abilities as a concert pianist make him very interesting as he choose a life in the world of rock He s just that little bit different and a very sweet man As a character I like him I even like the little bit of an edge he has and feel like Morgan is the perfect guy for him in a lot of ways But the one look and he s head over heels was a bit much Especially as view spoiler Morgan goes crazy stalker dude on him to meet him You re desperately trying to save your music store and your livelihood and instead of putting the 30 grand you ve begged borrowed and stolen towards your bills you anonymously buy a charity concert from Julian so you can meet himWHEN YOU ALREADY WORK FOR HIM hide spoiler The third installment of Conquest is a great story with lovable characters I loved Julian and Morgan from the beginning They fit well together and made a cute couple.I really enjoyed seeing Jesse, Evan, and the rest of the crew again Jesse and Evan are still so damn sweet and Kenny he finally found the girl of his dreams I m looking forward to Conquest No 4 and Brandon and Shun s experiences with Dillon. For Two Years, Julian Forrester S Been Playing Keyboards And Piano For Conquest Having Left Behind A Classical Career, He S Reached A Level Of Fame Like He S Never Dreamed But Fame And Fortune Can T Bring Him The One Thing He Wants Most LoveMorgan Chandler Spent Years Teaching Students To Love Music Until Budget Cuts Forced Him Out Of A Job With Family Debts Rising, Morgan Accepts A Job As A Roadie For Conquest He Thinks He Ll Hate It With One Exception He Ll Be Close To JulianCan The Two Find The Right Music Together That Will Lead Them To The Keys To Love Even though Jesse and Evan are still my favorite couple, Keys to Love is my favorite book so far I loved the slow burn as opposed to the insta love Of course their attraction was there but thats insta lust I loved how Morgan finally got his dream man and that Julian was everything he hoped he would be I adored Julianso talented, so sheltered and never peed outsidesay what I loved the camping trip , it was amazing.I knew Kurt was a jerk but wowreally dude I loved and felt bad for Remmy I know he probably won t get his own story but I hope we see of him in the future books I love the shy guys and he deserves a HEA.But what I really like is that this story begins immediately after No Fear ends and the transition was flawlessyou are never ripped out of the story and that kept me interestedso interested I read this in nearly one sitting Yeah I loved it I am loving this series Its sweet simple but with characters you really grow to love Julian and Morgans story was sweet with a touch of mystery to keep it interesting I loved the way it seemed to start out obvious but then doubts started to creep in, so for me it was suspenceful, if only mildly view spoiler My only niggle with the plot was them bringing in Julians real piano as bait As expencesive as pianos go no way would I think they would use Julians pride and joy as bait Much realistic would be to find out it was just a copy imitation Also the whole point of bringing in the piano was to catch the villian, yet it was by luck not design in the end If the piano was brought in as bait then shouldn t there of been security guards hidden to catch the villian That again kinda spoilt it for me hide spoiler Oh Boy This series just keeps getting better I love that the characters just continue on into the next book, its like reading one long story instead of a bunch of individual ones these are always my favorite types of series I feel like I m part of the story meaning these people feel real to me I get all their emotions and find myself getting anxious when something not so nice is about to happen and weirdly find myself wanting to warn them, how strange is that There s two very hot guys in this book that I just wanted to wrap my arms around Julian is so sweet and innocent and Morgan is a perfect for him, he s someone who can help him experience everyday things that Julian has never been able too before and the same goes for Morgan, Julian can give him a life he s never had, how great is that It s always a nice surprise for me to find a book that has me thinking of the characters as real people that I m somehow involved with S.J Frost s books do that to me I love reading them, they make me escape to somewhere so far removed from my normal life that it s relaxing and stress reducing I m really bad at writing reviews, I think I am anyway , and I don t write them the way most people do My idea of a review is saying about how I feel about the book rather than giving a recap of what the books about, that you get when you read the description before you buy the book Knowing how people feel about the book or rather how the book made them feel is what I hope to find in reviews. 3.5 StarsThis is one of those books that I start, thinking I will just read for a little while, and don t stop until I get to the end.Julian was a great character Coming from a wealthy family, he was sheltered in many ways, and it was great to see Morgan take him out of his comfort zone Even better, was the way Jess taunted him about it.Morgan was nice enough, but I didn t love him as much There wasn t anything about him that grabbed me.My favourite parts were that we got to catch up with all the other band members, and seeing Jess and Evan, and how much they love one another still, made me an extremely happy reader In fact, it has made me want to go and re read their story again.I will be reading of this story, as soon as I finish my re reads of the first two books. I really enjoyed this but for some reason I didn t get as attached to Julian and Morgan as I did to Jesse and Evan Don t get me wrong I still really liked them and the story can t go wrong with rockstars in my book and I love SJ s writing I just kept hoping the originals would come into every scene, and they did a lot which of course, made me happy Julian is such a wonderfully dialectic character classical pianist to rockstar and back again I love his insecurities and his dreams and I think he and Morgan are a wonderful pair As for Morgan, he just seems like a big playful but protective puppy dog, with a tremendously sexy side, of course I loved the auction and how Morgan went about winning and I have to say that though I suspected who had been doing the sabotoge several times, SJ wound the plot so that by the end I thought it was someone else Nice job. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about stories with gay rocker boys What They re hot Keys to Love is the third book in the Conquest Series The first two, Conquest and No Fear focused on the relationship between lead singer Jesse Alexander and Evan Arden This one centers around the keyboardist of the band, Julian Forrester and his to be partner, Morgan Chandler In Keys to Love, Julian finds love in Morgan, an out of work music teacher, who is working as a groupie on tour with Conquest The two decide to keep their relationship hush hush, afraid of what the other band members will say about Julian dating a groupie This dishonesty leads to a lot of sneaking around and heartache for both characters Then, when someone starts sabotaging Julian s keyboards, which Morgan oversees setup of, things begin to take on a dangerous edge Since Morgan is with the keyboards for setup before the shows and Julian is obviously playing them during the shows, no one knows for sure if the perpetrator is after Julian, Morgan, or perhaps both There are a few different characters introduced in the book who could be responsible for the crimes, but I, for one, wasn t entirely sure who it was until S.J revealed him.Top that all off with the sweet, endearing love that blossoms and grows between Morgan and Julian throughout the story and I thought it was a completely captivating, made me swoon, read Now all I want to know is when I can be expecting book 4 I was a little concerned before I started reading this one because I wasn t sure about the character of Julian We really didn t get to much about him in the previous books that made me want to read about him I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and pleased I liked both him and Morgan together At first I honestly thought that he would get together with Jesse brother, Brandon, but glad that they brought in a new character for him I was glad that there was no conflict again with leaving to protect the other because that was done in the first book and gets old The story that revolved around them as a secondary plot was alright, but seemed a little thrown in to give the book mystery and or drama, but honestly the author could have just left that part out It didn t add anything to the story I enjoyed that we still get all the characters from the first two books still an important part of the story instead of just localizing on just Julian and Morgan I am really enjoying this series This series is just an enjoyable read for me.

S.J Frost resides in Ohio with her family, pets, and horses Her short stories have been featured in several erotic and romance anthologies, and her novels are published through MLR Press Rock stars, vampires, fantasy heroes, and , she enjoys dabbling in many different sub genres in gay romance, but no matter what she writes, love and passion are the driving forces in every story.

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