Undead Ahead (The Zombie Chasers #2)

Undead Ahead (The Zombie Chasers #2) BRAAAAAINS Zack Clarke, His Best Pal, Rice, And Middle School Queen Bee Madison Miller Survived The Night Of The Living Dead But The Nightmare S Not Over Yet Zack S Sister Is A Zombie And His Parents Might Be Goners Rice Has Uncovered The Source Of The Zombie Outbreak, And Madison S Health Drink Habit May Be The Key To A Cure Ozzie, The Newest Zombie Chaser, Is A Nunchaku Wielding, Monster Fighting Machine Who S Ready To Kick Some Undead ButtThe Whole Country From Their Parents To The President Is Counting On Them Can The Zombie Chasers Save The Nation From Brain Gobbling Ghouls Or Will The US Of A Become The US Of Z

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Undead Ahead (The Zombie Chasers #2) book, this is one of the most wanted John Kloepfer author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Undead Ahead (The Zombie Chasers #2)
  • John Kloepfer
  • English
  • 12 July 2017
  • 9780061853074

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    verey intense its realley gory and awsome.

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    Personal ResponseI liked this book because you never knew what was going to happen next Every where they went there were a lot of zombies and they were trying to get their parents out of the school I also liked the book because they were doing all of this stuff to save their parents Another reason I liked the book is they had to work together as friends or they wouldn t survive.Plot SummaryThis book was about a zombie outbreak from eating burger dogs, and after you eat the burger dog you would be turned into a zombie The kids were doing fine until their parents called and told them that they were stuck inside a school and the zombies were getting closer to them Once the kids found out that they were in there, they rushed to get to the school so they could save their parents Once they get to the school, they have to find out where their parents are in the school and they also found out that there are tons of zombies in the school The kids think that their parents are in the principal s office, so they go and look there when they get there their parents are in there but their dad isn t doing too well he has a cut on his leg They try to stop the bleeding bur his dad accidentally falls into zombie slime and turns into a zombie When he wakes up as a zombie he bites their mom They take their zombified parents to the bank and put them in the money vault The next thing they do is go to the white house and look for a cure to the virus, which they do find there and then the book ends.Recommendation I recommend this book to middle school and above because it would be hard for an elementary kid to understand and read I think this was a good book for middle school and above because it was very fun to read and easy to know what is going on.

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    Pirm da a bija for ka

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    Personal ResponseThis is a good book but it doesn t seem to tie up to the first book very well It seems like they re just running around not getting very far until the end of the book It still does show the same purpose of the first book, and they accomplished what they set off to do in the end of the first book, finding Madison.Plot SummaryMadison is sent to Washington DC to a lab to find the cure in her and try to recreate it to stop the zombies Zack and his friends go to the school to find their parents, when they find them they turn into zombies so Zack locks them up at a bank They get over run by zombies left and right, and Ozzie breaks his leg, so they needed to get to Madison at Washington DC to help them The doctor at DC has the cure but she needed to test it and Zack was the guinea pig, and it worked.Characterization.Ozzie is a young soldier that they picked up from the army base and has many skills Even though he is is very brave, he has many skills that make him very prepared for the zombie apocalypse He knows karate, can fly a plane and a helicopter, and is prepared for emergencies Even though he is crippled for most of the book, he is still one of the strongest characters in the book.RecommendationI recommend this book to anyone who has read the first book I would be hard to understand without reading the rest of the series because it ties together It might not be to interesting for girls because its about zombies but it is a good book.

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    First published on my blog, ReadLove.Zack, Madison, Rice, Greg, and Twinkles all survived their own night of the living undead when a zombie outbreak occurred in their hometown of Phoenix When Undead Ahead begins, they ve reached Tucson Air Force Base where the President advised residents to go for safety There, our heroes meet Ozzie Briggs, who turns out to be a Colonel s son They share their thoughts on a zombie cure with the powers that be, convinced that ginkgo biloba infused vegan Madison has super immunity, and that she s the key to winning this war.Hang on tight You re in for another rollicking ride Undead Ahead picks up right where its predecessor left off and doesn t miss a zombified heartbeat Every enjoyable ingredient from the first installment is intact and fully present in this second helping the humor, the action, the guts and gore In fact, Kloepfer has upped the ante with an extra heaping of ooze, slime, pus, and putrification This series is a definite doozy that will be devoured by even the most reluctant of readers Filled with descriptive words and active verbs, Kloepfer s writing has an immediacy that brings the story to vivid life Readers will not only be able to picture the scene, they ll likely feel they can smell the rotting flesh And when Zack and company return to the school where it was parent teacher night to encounter throngs of zombified parents and teachers, kids may vicariously live out their most inspired school day imaginings.Kloepfer makes full use of each and every setting and venue, as the kids run from the Air Force Base to the school, the bank, the airport, and the nation s Capital His creativity and enthusiasm, along with Wolfhard s awesomely gross and gruesome supporting illustrations, keeps this zombie fest from ever turning rank and stale.Verdict 4 of 5 Hearts A Zinger of a Zombie Series The Zombie Chasers Undead Ahead continues John Kloepfer s fantastic feast of foul Kids will gobble these tales whole, so be armed and ready with the next installment, Sludgment Day Kloepfer has hit the ground running Be they attached or otherwise, this zombie series definitely has legs

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    This book was very gross and funny to me I gave this book a 5 star rating because John kloepfer did a very good job of describing the characters lives and consequences thorouout the story For example Zack Clake lost both of his parents after they were turned into ZOMBIES They are very quick and agile because mostly throut the story it just talks about them dodging zombies left and right There are like 6 or 7 main characters from the books that I have read In the back of the book there is a short passage from the NEXT book and just by looking at the cover I bet you that Zacks best buddy Rice either gets killed or turned into a zombie But either way he is not there but I haven t read the next book yet so I can t be accurate.

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    Kloepfar, John The Zombie Chasers 2 Undead AheadThis is the second book in the series book The Zombie Chasers This is a fiction book about some kids trying to overcome zombies This is a fun book that students will enjoy especially the boys This book can allow student to let there imagination fly as they read this book I can see this being used in the classroom as Selling the book to the students Beers, pg 290 technique Read and tease Beers, pg 291 Students will listen to the teacher read an excerpt out of the book and the book will be provided for students to read during allotted silent reading time This book is a fun adventurous book that student will love.

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    Undead Ahead By John Kloepfer is a great book It is about this kid named Zach Zach had went to the White house to find a cure Zach soon finds out that the doctor needs a sample so he has to turn into a zombie They get the cure and they only have one vile Soon the house gets over flown by zombies and they rush to the elevator What will happen next I really liked this book I would give this book a four star rating I really liked how the author went for a mysterious ending This book was good I recommend this book to people who read the first book I also recommend it to people who like mysterious books I really liked this book and you do to.

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    I felt the second book was even beter than the first The second book introduced two very important charachters There names are Ozzie and Mrs Willis Ozzie is a specially trained kid because his father is a four star general in the military Ozzies dad made him go to a special camp while the zombie warnings were in effect This allowed Ozzie to get trained so he could defend himself Mrs Willis is a science teacher at Zacks school She knows how to cure any zombie back to a human but she is waiting to cure her husband because she doesn t have the materials to cure everyone.

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    Not as good as 1 but still good The whole gang is back this time they have the cure They are headed home to Arizona but they are detoured to Minnesota to the home of the burgerdog dogburger in order to find the maker because he s the only one that can replicate the cure for use on all the zombies There are many laughable moments in this one For example, they go to the Mall of America run into not just mobs of zombies but also 2 bullies who want the cure because the girls were dumb enough to tell them about it Not the highest reading material but will entertain the kiddos.

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