Crimson: Heaven & Earth - Tome 2 (Crimson)

Crimson: Heaven & Earth - Tome 2 (Crimson) Teenage Vampire Alex Elder Returns In This Second Crimson Collection As He Struggles To Accept His Vampiric Fate, And Vows Never To Kill A Human Being In His Blood Thirst, Alex Is Caught Up In A Battle Between The Forces Of Vampirism And The Beautiful But Deadly Scarlet X, Member Of The Red Hood, A Secret Organization Dedicated To Wiping Out Supernatural Beings

Augustyn got his start in the industry in 1986 as an editor for Tru Studios Trollords He then edited Syphons and Speed Racer for NOW Comics in 1987 In 1988, he joined DC, starting out as a co editor on Action Comics during its period as a weekly title.During the late 1980s and early 1990s Augustyn was an editor for DC Comics, where he edited The Flash, Justice League and the Impact Comics line

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  • Paperback
  • Crimson: Heaven & Earth - Tome 2 (Crimson)
  • Brian Augustyn
  • English
  • 04 March 2018
  • 9781563896477

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    Alex Elder is still coming to terms with his current state of being a vampire If he hasn t seen enough already, there s a new layer to be examined as this story continues The question readers and Alex find themselves asking is, who are the true good guys in this world of night.

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    Humberto Ramos s dark fantasy series Crimson kicks into high gear in Heaven and Earth, the second of four volumes In the first book, troubled teenager Alex Elder is turned into a vampire, and not just any vampire Could he be the prophesied Chosen One that will end the vampires cycle of destruction Heaven and Earth starts with the famous Christmas issue, which to this day remains one of my all time favorite single issue comics In this issue Alex is put on trial by the Archangels of Heaven, and none other than Lucifer himself arrives to cast the deciding vote This unforgettable issue is proof positive that Crimson was so much better than people realized The rest of the book is non stop action starting with Alex s kidnapping at the hands of the Templars, who embark on a crusade to purge New York City of all Darklings, no matter how many innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire Saint George, Ekimus, and Scarlet X all play key roles in this story, and by the end of the book Alex encounters his real enemy the vampire queen Lisseth.Ramos and Augustyn really shine here The storytelling is action packed, but very well thought out There s obviously a greater plan for the series, and every event builds momentum for a major conflict that we still can t glimpse.The artwork was amazing as usual Ramos has a very unique style that draws from Arthur Adams s detailed X Men work as well as Japanese anime, and it continues to evolve with each volume in this series His characters look a lot cartoony and stylized, but at the same time his action sequences and overall storytelling is cinematic The scenes where Archangel Michael and Lucifer draw down on each other and Saint George s battle with the Dragon are flat out astonishing The coloring is another huge plus I don t think I ve seen another series this vividly colored.Crimson is pure gold for dark fantasy fans Anyone who enjoys Harry Potter, the Dresden Files, Buffy, and or Anita Blake should definitely check out Crimson.

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    Exceptionally good comic series While the main character is a vampire the story is really about the struggle between Heaven and Hell with the material Earth as the battleground A host of celestial characters appear in the series God, Satan, Lilith, Gabriel, St George, The Archangel Michael..ect Great read with very good artwork Very Recommended

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    Simply a story I could not get through after trying hard to make it through the first volume, the second volume was even tougher I believe it has to do with the graphics, which were a little too Japanime for my tastes, and a story which seemed hokey as it pulled from legends of Adam Eve, God Devil.

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    TPB 2 of 4Khidupan Alex Elder sbagai Vampire dan The Choosen One mulai smakin riweh Dia harus mengalami pengadilan dr para ArchAngels termasuk Lucifer, melawan para ksatria Templar mlawan Senator Vampire, mengungsi bersama para makhluk2 aneh, dan mnyelamatkan Ekimus dr tangan Lisseth, the Queen mother of all Vampires buku kedua makin SERU harus bacaaa

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    Things develop and get interesting as players are involved Contains the best single issue comic I ve ever read the first one.

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    Volume 2 still features some cheese and juvenile qualities, but it is leaps and bounds better than the first one The story is getting really good.

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