Stakeout for Love

Stakeout for LoveTLhis book by Bos was an interesting book It has some twists and turns that are delightful Enjoyed reading it.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms This was another free Kindle novella I liked this story It s about a woman that was recently divorced and decided to begin dating again She tried the bar scene and then computer dating, to no avail So her friends decide to do a little matchmaking of their own Taking matters into their own hands, the friends create their own dating profile of their friend as they see her and decide to vet out the would be suitors and narrow it down to 3 potential dates They set up a meeting at a somewhat local coffee shoppe and park across the street to see the dates as they arrive and then her friend goes over pretending to be there on a blind date to talk them up and see if the friend should bother to meet the date It was a good story. Dating Websites Suck Skylar S Found That Members Lie About Everything And Photo Manipulation Is Rampant Don T Get Her Started On The Guy With The Surprise Peg Leg She D Rather Be A Workaholic Than Take Her Chances On Another Loser With Mad Photoshopping SkillsSkylar S Best Friend Cath, However, Has Some Unconventional Methods To Help Her Snag A Mate Including A Stakeout, Complete With Donuts And Binoculars Well, What Does Skylar Have To Lose Besides, Cath S Methods Have Worked BeforeFor Of Cath S Zany Matchmaking Antics, Check Out The Write Man For Her Stakeout for Love is a book about a girl named Sklar She has trouble dating and her friend Cath decides its time to help She creates a stakeout consitsing of two things, binoculors and donuts Cath helps Sklar find the guy who is perfect for her The message in this book is that friends are alwasy there to help, even if you don t wnat them to Another message is don t give up, youy will find that perfect somebody if you keep trying I learned that friends can be tough but that they always mean well I also learned that working hard and never giving up can lead you to get something that you may really want This was an okay book I was kind of upset that this book was really short Ity literally took me five minutes to read This book connects to me because my friends always push me to do things that I don t want to do They always mean well and tell me to never give up which leads to good things. This was a great fun freebie I definitely got than my money s worth I loved the characters and the the story line I was instantly gripped and kept reading This book was over in a flash and I was sorry it was over, but glad to have read it It had humor, friendship, emotions, inventiveness, sweetness, and an overall great feeling to it I ll probably read it again for a quick fun pick me up read I was smiling the whole time I was reading A sweet walk off into the sunset type ending and great personalities Enjoy Stakeout for Love by Christie Walker BosNow this is the meaning of true friendship How many friends do you have that would not only set up your dating profile but also screen your would be dates Luckily Skylar has such a friend in Cath and what a laugh it was to be on the stakeout with these two ladies Ms Walker Bos touches a real life issue with humor gloves on.Favorite linesupload a recent photo , some people interpreted that to mean anytime after the birth of Christ It s exactly what s wrong with computer dating people lie A short story which you can read in less than half an hour Perfect to put you in a great mood before going to work, for killing time during a trip or just to enjoy after a bad day An injection of good humor that will make you laugh Fun, funny, and sexing Recommended for exactly what is said above. Cute, funny, short story about friends who set up blind dates for a workaholic woman Only 3 stars because I wanted details, a little background, and the plot could easily have been a full length novel Yes, I look forward to reading from this author There is potential. I got this Stakeout for Love by Christie Walker Bos and I ended up giggling It s not really that I can relate because it was that the characters are quite aged Ok I m being mean.So the story goes around online dating and what is reality.Funny as it may, people usually either do not know that they were looking for love until they bump into someone or they get envious with the mushiness around them or just being lonely is enough of a reason Going on a blind date has its quirks as friends would refer other friends and it would sometimes end up really awkward if things simply didn t go well or just perfect since friends supposedly know their friends If you are like an onion and have a lot of layers then I tell you now run the opposite way It s just a waste of time.With the new technological developments, online dating sites popped in like pimples on a teenager s face in the market You have to admit, even though human beings need physical interaction, we have easily slipped in that online interaction is almost as equal as the real one given that we are busy with our normal day to day routine Not only that, as children, we were taught not to talk to strangers But as we grew older and hopefully mature, talking to strangers does have its perks as they provide a different perspective and better yet a non prejudice conversation.In Stakeout for Love, Skylar also learned that with technology comes the power of deceiving in online dating websites as well People would upload photos taken years before they looked sagged and ugly, or write fanciful trivia about them that is far from reality, resulting to eyeballs EBs , or dates as it was referred, so disappointing that she gave up.With loving friends who know her well, brainstorming, and a help from an online dating website, Skylar s friends picked out prospects for her to meet without her knowing and devised a way to weed out her potential date They pulled up in a car close to the ron dez vous point, and as the title states, they whip out a binocular and check each guy that went in with a rose I guess you can say it s pretty much inspired by You Got Mail of John Hanks and Meg Ryan To filter , Skylar s friend, Cath, volunteers to wait in the meeting place, which is a coffee shop, and strike a small conversation with the guy It s really amazing how first impressions strikes you and this book really does tell you how true it may be.I m not going to spill the whole detail but Skylar does find the right guy to date with.This book is a good read for 15 30 minutes while you re having a coffee Story wise and structure, it s pretty ok I have to admit I m pretty envious on how thoughtful her friends are If you think this is a book right up your tea break alley, download it Nothing to regret really. Reactions A short story which you can read in less than half an hour Perfect to put you in a great mood before going to work, for killing time during a trip or just to enjoy after a bad day An injection of good humor that will make you laught The author paints a delicious portrait of all the deceptions and lies from people who sign up online to find their soul mate In a story full of humor, Christie Walker Bos examines the case of Skylar, too honest to play the online dating game by the lying rules Hopefuly, her best friend, Cath takes things in her hand It s hilarious, funny and brilliant Too bad this is only a short story because I would have feasted on the details on the relationship between Scott and Skylar.Available for free on for the Kindle version, I was a bit surprised by the size of this short story But frankly, readers in possession of a Kindle, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of this one Further, it allowed me to discover an author I will not fail to follow the work as it came as brightened my afternoon Wonderful discovery Read about this book Lucie

When looking for her soul mate, Christie Walker Bos made a man list with 65 items, created a magical ceremony and buried the list in the mountains Two months later, her magical man appeared with 63 of the 65 required traits, so she had no choice but to marry the guy Now she lives with her soul mate Robbie in a mountaintop community in California surrounded by pine trees, crazed squirrels a

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