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Scary Stories Treasury: Omnibus3 stars, nostalgia 4 starsOpted to reflect where it hit me now instead of nostalgia It is very fun and engaging, and I honestly did not recall the detailed notes and bibliography because I probably ignored them as a child The illustrations continue to be my favorite part about this collection. , Telling Scary Stories Is Something People Have Always Done It Is An Old Fashioned Way Of Having A Good Time Nobody Tells Scary Stories Better Than Alvin Schwartz, And Here, For The Very First Time, His Three Most Spine Tingling Books Are Together In One Volume Scary Stories To Tell In The DarkMore Scary Stories To Tell In The DarkScary Stories Complete With Stephen Gammell S Splendidly Creepy And Bone Chilling Drawings, This Collection Is Perfect For Reading Late At Night In The Dark And Gloom If You Dare Just in time for Halloween The Gammell illustrated version I believe has enough surreal nightmare fuel to permanently shape someone s actual nightmares into that style for at least the next few decades of their life Beautiful art but so uncanny and eldritch.What s really neat about this series is how each book has sort of its own character , it even shows in the iconic illustrations as well.The original book is a mix of quirky ghost stories and American folklore, which like most folklore has an astonishing death count, casual cannibalism galore, and is generally very morbid Still, it s a little lighthearted than its sequels, having a lot silly songs and humorous stories, and even some of the darker ones have funnier tones to them.Best Stories Me Tie Doughty Walker , The Haunted House , The Wendigo , The New Horse Score 4.5 5The second, my personal favourite, is a whole lot occultish many of the stories feature black magic, the undead, shapeshifters, witches and devilish tricksters, but also human villains murderers, and of course some friendly neighborhood cannibals an oddly specific recurring theme here It gets inspiration from urban legends and creepy superstitions than folktales.Book 2 also has a lot darker of a tone than the first, being preoccupied with death, entrapment, and curses that can t be undone, to the point where it s difficult to believe it was supposed to be a children s book.Best Stories The Drum , One Sunday Morning , Delicious Meat , The Window , Oh, Susannah , Rings on Her Fingers Score 5 5The third and as far as I know, last Scary Stories, is way unrestrained, and the art is a whole lot Lovecraftian looking It is easily the most unsettling visually of the three For example, the two illustrations on the title page before you even start reading the book are of some kind of demented embryo mutant, and whatever this is Yeah, that s just the title page.Three deals with a lot of weird, dreamy, almost cosmic horrors horrible, irreversible deeds and bizarre things happening for no reason other than the universe just hates the characters.Best Stories Harold , all of the Five Nightmares , The Swamp Score 5 5Overall Art 6 5Overall Stories 4.5 5Content None of it is insanely graphic in the writing, but there is a heavy lot of death and murder, darkness and strange horror There is another edition with far less morbid, but equally talented, illustrations by Brett Helquist, but the Gammell illustrated version is a classic. Ah, the memories I recently picked up this omnibus of spooky favorites from childhood, including the three Scary Stories books by Alvin Schwartz Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Scary Stories 3 More Tales to Chill Your Bones and read them for the first time in my adulthood I really don t know what about these dark, macabre, downright creepy tales fascinated me so much as a child normally, I was terrified of anything remotely scary, having to leave the room if a movie showed even the slightest tinge of blood and shying away from even the most innocuous rubber zombie mask Perhaps because of this, I found these tingly stories all the attractive Perhaps, in spite of my fear, I enjoyed a feeling of dark, ghostly unease, and reading about the supernatural allowed me to experience it on my own terms From then on, I was hooked on reading of ghostly, eerie places and phenomena both real and fantasy and the spooky atmosphere of these and similar stories filled me with a delicious dread Even if I still could not bear to walk into the horror section of the video store, I relished Scary Stories Especially around late October, as Halloween always a favorite holiday approached and the wind blew the leaves from the trees over the plowed fields and pumpkin patches, I returned to such stories again and again.After so many years have passed, I am still greatly impressed by each of Schwartz s Scary Stories entries gathered in this one volume Despite being short, none than three pages these stories are still extremely effective, still bringing chills to my sister and I one particular story my sister could still not sit through The majority a drawn whole cloth by Schwartz from the deep lake of American and Canadian folklore, which in turn takes aspects from ancient stories from a multitude of cultures These stories touch the very essence of human fears, desires, and delights Each remains deceptively simple in its telling, rarely going into detail about the ghostly events they describe but leaving just enough to get across the plot, and they are all the spooky for it Interestingly, many don t really have a point or moral, which lends to them an aura of truth as if they were an actual recalled experience Also, it must be said that Stephen Gammell s art that goes along with many of the stories really gives them that extra edge of dread These drawings have a drippy, macabre, unsettling ambiance that turns even the most mundane object a chair, a stairway into a horrifying, unnerving apparition They are without a doubt the most frightening aspect of the book, and Gammell was an excellent choice to illustrate these scenes Not all is scary, though Each book also includes of a collection of joke stories that bring humor as a counterpoint to the horror of the unknown Best of all, in my mind are the copious references, citations, notes and bibliography that Schwartz includes to trace the provenance and background of each of the tales, and invites the reader to continue their exploration of spooky folklore from North America and elsewhere For me folklore has a timeless quality that lends itself to telling around a fire in the dark, delighting in imagining all the spooky details.In conclusion, the Scary Stories theory is ideal in my mind for spine tingly story telling for both adults and children at any time of the year, but particularly around Halloween I was happy to see that this book remains as memorable now as it had when I was just an easily frightened kid If you were born in the 80 s, there s no way you escaped reading the Scary Stories books when you were young This edition collects all three books, along with all those illustrations you remember I found the Treasury edition on sale while waiting for the DC to NY bus, and I had to have it I ve pulled it out at several black outs since then to scare my foreign national room mates who recognize some of the stories from versions in their home countries And yes, they can still be scary to twenty somethings As always, what really makes these books are the strange and oozing illustrations by Gammell These images were burned into my brain when I was seven, and it s amazing how vivid they ve stayed within my memory The stories are simply told and demand to be retold with your own personal flair As an adult, I was able to appreciate the Notes and Sources at the end of each book, listing the origin and analysis of the story After talking with my room mates, I almost wish there was a 4th book going beyond the Western Ghost stories Buy it Read it to your children You know you want to. I spent my parents hard earned money at scholastic book fairs, as an elementary school kid, on all three of the individual Scary Stories collections I was thrilled the other day when I saw this treasury in the bookstore, and couldn t resist bringing it home It combines all three of the collections, and includes the amazing illustrations by Stephen Gammell that absolutely scared the bejeezus out of me as a child I have to admit, reading through the stories now, that even as a kid these must have been pretty vanilla I guess the fact that they have whole chapters dedicated to stories where the last line instructs you to jump at one of your friends yelling AAAAAAAGHGHGHGH should have given it away Still, there are a lot of stories that honor the old, classic urban legends you know, phantom hitch hikers, hook handed psychopaths on lover s lane, face nesting spiders, and dog sized rats from Mexico The short story, The Wendigo , pays homage to Algernon Blackwood in a way that was lost on me as a child it gave me chills for far, far longer than any of the others.The real reason this book has such an unshakable soft spot in my heart, though The drawings For goodness sake, the drawings Stephen Gammell s artwork gave me nightmares back then that still make me shiver today Yet, even as a kid, I was addicted to them When I was six, I wanted to tattoo myself with them Today I just want to paper the walls of my office with them. Not too long ago there was announcement that was made that stated Alvin Schwartz s god bless his soul Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark would be making it s debut on the big screen Growing up, I am sure many of you may have seen these books in your local library or bookstore One cannot simply forget the chain smoking pipe skull.Sadly, I was told that these books were also removed from libraries because of the offending artwork that is portrayed by Mr Stephen Gammell However, that hardly stopped us kids from clamoring over these stories.The collection of short stories are still amazing today as they were yesterday, and as many of these stories weren t particularly horrifying, the tales still seem to hold their own in the current horror on Legless Corpse I love these I had all three of Schwartz s Scary Stories books as a child, and remember reading them over and over The tales are mostly re tellings of classic urban legends The stories are creepy, but what really made this book great were the disturbing images by Stephen Gammell I remember staying up late reading these stories and staring at the images with a mixture of fascination and horror.Seriously, pretend you re a ten year old girl for a second and just look at these Now an adult, I went in search of a copy of this book to share with my nephew who loves scary stories Much to my dismay, I learned that the original version with the images by Stephen Gammell is out of print and has been banned by several institutions The newer versions have a new illustrator and less creepy imagery Stephen Gammell s illustrations MADE this book If you re looking to buy, try to find an old copy if you can Make sure the seller s description says the illustrations are by Gammell It s totally worth it It will probably freak your kids out, but that s the whole point.

Alvin Schwartz was the author of than fifty books dedicated to and dealing with topics such as folklore and word play, many of which were intended for young readers He is often confused with another Alvin Schwartz, who wrote Superman and Batman daily comics strips and a novel titled The Blowtop.

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