Cleopatra Had Julius Ceasar Not Been Murdered, Cleopatra, Queen Of Egypt, Might Well Have Become The Empress Of Rome And All The Mediterranean World, Living To See It Ruled By A Julian Ptolemaic Dynasty The Queen Of The Nile Was Only When She Ascended The Throne Of Egypt In BC This Ambitious Young Woman Married To Her Younger Brother And Co Ruler Ptolomy XIII Watched The Savage Struggle Between Ceasar And Pompey, Hoping That Rome Would Destroy Itself In The Process This Astutue Politician Devoted Her Life To Trying To Save The Kingdom Of Egypt From Domination By The Romans That She Became The Lover Of Both Ceasar And Mark Anthony Was Perhaps Prompted By Political Considerations Rather Than Passion This Text Presents A Biography Of One Of The World S Most Legendary Women

Ernle Dusgate Selby Bradford was a noted British historian specializing in the Mediterranean world and naval topics Bradford was an enthusiastic sailor himself and spent almost thirty years sailing the Mediterranean, where many of his books are set He served in the Royal Navy during World War II, finishing as the first Lieutenant of a destroyer He did occasional broadcast work for the BBC, was

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    Cleopatra by Ernle Bradford gives a decent overview of the last Ptolemaic queen of Egypt, insight into who she really was, and her relationships first with Julius Caesar and later with Mark Anothony.There s no doubt that Cleopatra was a powerful woman, with a keen political mind, who would do anything to secure the future of her dynasty ultimately to no avail I received an advanced readers copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Al ser una biograf a de Cleopatra, me esperaba que Cleopatra fuera nuestro personaje principal Pero, siendo sinceros, al final se da m s importancia a las posiciones estrat gicas de Julio C sar en primer lugar, y m s tarde de Marco Antonio y Octavio, que de lo que est tramando mientras nuestra protagonista.Se entiende, por supuesto, puesto que hay mucha m s informaci n recopilada de la Roma antigua que de la vida de Cleopatra los escritos sobre su persona, de hecho, no son nada objetivos y la reina egipcia queda en ellos totalmente desfigurada Por tanto, este personaje quedar siempre entre la realidad y el mito A n as , es una mujer fascinante de nuestra historia, que luch con todo para defender a su pa s y a sus hijos, y nadie deber a perder la oportunidad para aprender un poco m s de ella.A pesar de sus fallos, me ha gustado much simo Seg n iba leyendo se multiplicaba mi curiosidad e incluso he compaginado mi lectura con varias investigaciones online sobre la Dinast a ptolemaica o las batallas por el control del Imperio, por ejemplo.

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    Review My fascination for Egyptian history attracted me to this book and I am glad to report that my choice didn t disappoint me at all The name of the book pretty much says it all and that s the reason why I am excluding synopsis from this book review Cleopatra is one of the most common names in the history books when it comes to Egyptian and Roman history Usually her character has been described as a seductress who used her wiles for political aspirations But sex hardly ever defines a person This book is a clear representation of the same The Queen of Nile has been brought to life through each chapter detailing out the political life of Egyptian and Roman empire The author presents a depth to the famous character of Cleopatra with the help of a thorough use of ancient and modern historical resources which manages to capture the interest of the reader as well maintain it throughout the book Each chapter is well thought out and presented and that gives this book an extra edge If you think it is just about Cleopatra you are thoroughly mistaken The entire book is a detailed narrative of political journey from the eyes of Egyptian and Roman history and clearly brings out how closely entwined both are.Being a historical account, some of the language presented in the book is quite tough to understand and follow through which does make it a difficult read However, I must applaud the author for his attempt to keep the book as simple as possible for a reader of all genre However, a pictorial illustration of the book will definitely bring not only color to the book, but also can bring a change in the pace of reading Having said that, I would recommend a use of different image for the cover page since the complicated image contradicts the simplicity of the title.My opinion A definite read for all historical fanatics out there.My rating 3 out of 5.

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    Cleopatra by Ernle Bradford is a scholarly book that tells about how Queen Cleopatra tried to save her country.The premise of his book can be neatly summed up as the author writes at the end of his book Cleopatra was a woman of great courage and not a woman known for perfidy.At the end of his book you ll find a select biography, if you wish to do research into Cleopatra s life.Recommend.Review written after downloading a galley from NetGalley.

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