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Live WireI wish LL would get a better proofreader already Maybe she should call up Nalini Singh since Nalini s world is much complicated and yet she never gets any of the details wrong Disaster so many errors you can t keep up with them Totally taken out of the story I can t understand why Lora Leigh doesn t get this problem under control. He Is Larger Than Life A Born Leader Bound By Duty, Seduced By Danger And Driven To Distraction By The One Woman Who Is Too Powerful To Resist A Hero Among MenMeet Captain Jordan Malone For Years He Has Been A Silent Warrior And Guardian, Operating Independent Of Government Protocol Or Oversight, Leading His Team Of Elite Ops Agents To Fight Against Terror At All Costs A Legend In The Field, Jordan S True Identity Has Remained A Mystery Even To His Own Men Until Now A Magnet For One WomanTehya Talamosi, Codename Enigma, Is A Force To Be Reckoned With A Woman This Striking Spells Nothing But Trouble For Jordan Armed With Killer Secrets And Body To Die For She Ll Bring Jordan To His Knees As They Both Take On The Most Deadly Mission They Have Ever Faced Because This Time, It S Personal Degna conclusione di questa serie con Jordan il capo del team,l uomo che non deve chiedere mai.Lui e lo zio di Noah il protagonista del il doppio volto dell a un personaggio che colpisce al primo impatto,che resiste all a con un autocontrollo impressionante ma che alla fine cede I just didn t know how to rate this book And its getting to be that way with each LL book I read.I enjoyed the story Jordan Malone was the leader of the recently disbanded Elite Ops group one, and let me tell you he s been a sonofabitch in the previous EO books So it was with relish I encountered his love story, after he s been so anti settling down with his men Luckily that didn t stop them, because he needed each one of them and their wives to solve the situation Tehya, his woman, and he find themselves in.Leigh writes the sexiest and steamiest love scenes ever But I admit they ve gotten just a wee bit repetitive and so I find myself skipping thru over the steam in this and recent books She also has a real gift for creating memorable characters, especially Navy SEALS and spec ops sorts And she knows how to bring out the tension and suspense in a story as very few authors do Live Wire Jordan s handle is no exception Great read and all that.So why did I only rate it 3 stars Because I have never, EVER read a book with such horrible editing and proofreading in my life I mean, does she even have help with that I don t think so The misspelled words are distracting, the terrible punctuation annoying and the repetitive sentence portions just inexcusable I found myself getting madder and madder as I read thru the book, thinking each successive LL book just gets worse in this regard I understand an author does not have total control over the publication process, but this is ridiculous If St Martin s won t hire an editor and proofreader prior to printing, then Ms Leigh needs to do it herself.In closing, thank you for listening to me snarl I apologise And do note that I have NEVER read such a heart rending and beautiful book dedication as Ms Leigh included in the beginning of Live Wire There is no doubt in my mind of her ability to write and her ability to draw my emotions. Jordan Malone has spent what has felt like a lifetime in the Elite Ops He has worked closely with his team, in particular Tehya Talamosi for the past six years Tehya joined the Elite Ops due to her specialized communications skills Ironically, her father, a white slaver is the enemy, having killed a good friend of Jordan s and who tortured and killed Theya s mother She has worked as Jordan s personal assistant among other things Jordan s SEALs training has taught him never make friends with those you could lose so he has hardened himself to push everyone away He has convinced himself that love will never be possible The last few years though, watching and lusting after Tehya has been pure agony He has tried to ignore her, tried to make his feelings go away But he has many enemies enemies that would pursue and hurt Tehya if he ever acknowledged with her.Now, it is the last night before Tehya leaves for good she is heading back into civilization to start her life over after her death was staged so enemies would not pursue her Jordan has to make the decision to follow suit or lead a new team in a few months This last night together, where they are the only ones left the air is thick with tension They give into a night of passion but at the end there is only heartbreak They both know nothing can come of this and with much sadness they part ways.Nine months later, Jordan intercepts a communication of someone who has located Tehya s new existence Tehya is now living in Hagerstown, MD, owning a small landscaping company, trying to live an anonymous existence Jordan assembles a team and rushes to keep her safe, but Tehya is not ready to be on the run again.Live Wire is book six in Lora Leigh s Elite Ops book The first that I have read, but it read very nice as a stand alone I do believe many of the supporting characters appear in the previous books, but I didn t feel like I was missing out on the storyline This is actually the first full length book by Lora Leigh I have read I read it in almost one sitting, so it definitely kept my attention It has a very, very alpha male in Jordan Tehya and Jordan s relationship or their on and off relationship takes center stage They have one night of hot lovin before Tehya runs for the hills It takes nine months and Tehya s life threatened for Jordan to come back into her life The big conflict revolves around Jordan feeling like he can t commit himself to anyone, since experiencing devastating loss in the past Actually, I sometimes felt like this fear he has is a little unfounded Because we are told Tehya is in love with him, waiting for him to come around But once Jordan is there Tehya is the one that is always running So I m not sure if I fully believed in Jordan s resistance.As I said, this is the first Lora Leigh book I have read and the sex scenes definitely lived up to the hype I have read about They are very edgy, dirty, and oh so smexy There is enough erections, tight balls, and fluids to last me for a good while I enjoyed them definitely not the run of the mill sex scene Maybe not the most romantic scenes in a romance book but they are intense and memorable However, the continuation of them having this hot, emotional sex followed by both of them pushing away from the other got a little old after awhile.My biggest complaint with this one is Tehya She has worked for years in Elite Ops yet still when runs into trouble, refuses to seek refuge Several people come out to risk their lives, and she acts immature and whiney I just didn t see her as an Elite Operative She has been on the run for most of her life, and is sick of it But, she knows her father was truly an evil man and most likely the people after her will torture or do worse to her if caught So why walk around so nonchalant She knows the life she is in she may not have chosen in, but it is her life Her attitude wore on my nerves through a lot of the book.I don t know if I ve ever said this in a review, but I have to note the editing in this book surprised me Numerous times I found misspelled words or a duplicate or missing word I read the finished version as well, not an arc It definitely detracted from reading.So I m no longer a Lora Leigh virgin I m not sure if I will pursue from this series, but I definitely am interested in checking out her other work.Rating C 2.5 5 Damn, I really wanted to love this book It might be the curse of anticipating a character s book so much that it could never live up to those expectations That s what Jordan s book was for me I ve wanted it for ages, and it was a letdown The plot read odd to me, not sure if it s because it just wasn t written clearly, or if I just wasn t engaged enough, probably a combination of both Half the time I was trying to figure out how certain people fit into the plot, and sometimes I was trying to figure out where people came from when they showed up on page Very confusing I love my hot, dirty scenes, but um wow Jordan and Tehya don t disappoint there, however the number of scenes was over the top For me, the plot suffered from it It got to the point where the sex scenes were so repetitive I was skimming through them And that NEVER happens.I m interested about the potential of a Beau and Journey story She gave us just enough set up that I d love to read their book.My favorite part of the book was seeing all the characters come back and most having an active role in the book in some small way Loved catching up with them and it was nice to see Noah play a big supporting character in his Uncle s book Love him Decent book, but still disappointing. This was the book we waited for for Leigh to write for Jonas in the Breeds series The culmination of watching tough Jordan and Teyha flirt with each other through a series of books comes to an explosion of Love, lust, and power.What an incredible read.I was breathless through the sensual and powerful story, and the sexual sparks flew all threw this book.10 stars I guess I m just a slut because I really liked this book It s one of the best LL books that I ve read in quite some time and although the plot is a bit weak.the sex is hot, the dialogue is witty and the sex is hot..Oh, did I already say that This is the final book in LL s Elite Op Series Jordan is overseeing the dismantling of his Ops center He meets Tehya who is the last to leave her underground home Sparks Fly..and the sex is hot..but then they go their separate ways Several months go by..she buys home started new bizz and tries to put past behind her..While he is trying to decide if he wants to stay in Ops or retire He gets word she s in danger shows up at her new home with the whole team to help gets her to safety they have lots of hot sex while team is trying to protect them loved seeing all the previous characters too..Jordan team discover who the bad guys are, why they want her dead and then Jordan team save the day.Epilogue is nice..All the team wives babies and an HEA I thought I d be sad to see this series come to an end.but then I realized that it s not the series I m sad to see s that LL no longer is an auto buy for me She was one of the best in her field and because of her captivating sensual books I became an erotic romance fan however, she no longer writes the great romantic erotic novels I ve come to cherish I miss her OK so most romance readers love their Italian, Greek, and Spanish etc heroes but for VERY personal reasons my fav type of hunky hotties will always be the Irish H well, at least guys of Irish descent Lol Anyway, I don t often get to read about my preferred Irish hotties since they re not that many of them in romancelandia, unfortunately I was supposed to read this novel a very long time ago, after I had really enjoyed and loved Wild Card, but the subsequent books in the series weren t that great and I kept postponing this one The H in this is a sexy Irish American called Jordan Malone and he s the uncle though they re only a couple years apart in age of Nathan Noah, the H I loved from Wild Card Jordan disappointed me a lot in this novel He was a strong alpha male H, who is the Commander of the team of Elite Ops and yet spends the entire novel running away from his feelings for the heroine Tehya He doesn t run away from having sex with her though Men.Anyway, I loved Tehya She is a petite, beautiful, red haired Israeli who also worked for Jordan s elite ops team for 6 years Tehya s also a badass with a lot of personal tragedy She s been in love with him for all that time but he had always kept things at a purely professional level, even though he wants her than anything in his life The MC s have sex for the first time at the start of the novel when the Elite Ops team is disbanding and they re going their separate ways What frustrated me beyond reason is the fact that Jordan would have let Tehya go and start a new life had she not gotten in trouble and needed his help This maddened me actually This is the woman he wants above all others and he doesn t even deny it to himself yet he thinks he needs to safeguard his heart from that kind of love There s a lot of action, suspense and a major story line that revolves around Tehya s criminal relatives who had been involved in white slavery especially the selling of white women Jordan brings the Elite Ops team back together for one last and unofficial mission to protect and save Tehya The sex is HOT in this novel Sometimes there was just a little too much of the sex and not enough time spent trying to really communicate with each other and work things out But I did love Jordan s hot, possessive and protective nature towards Tehya.I won t go into the story line details because in a novel like this, one needs to read it oneself in order to enjoy all the suspense and the catching of the bad guys I was thrilled to see Lora Leigh provide some beautiful scenes with lovable and kind old Grandpop Malone I loved him in Wild Card and I still love that sweet old man I admired how much he still loved his late wife Erin He was so faithful to her even after her death He would visit her grave and talk to her about their kids and grandkids My husband had better turn out like Grandpop Riordan should I die before he does Lol It might be weird to other readers but my fav scene in this book is not one with the MC s but one where Grandpop Riordan goes to visit Erin s grave at the end Alpine, Texas Riordan Malone, father, grandfather, Irish stock, and a man who longed to join the woman who held his soul, sat at her graveside and stared into the night.He could feel it His Erin had always laughed at him when he looked at her and told her when he felt his sons and his grandsons He blinked back his tears and reached out a gnarled hand to touch his wife s headstone, feeling the warmth of the marble as he fought to imagine it was the warmth of his beloved Erin She d made him swear that if she went before him, he d stay long enough to see her babies wed and happy.There would be another wedding soon, he thought, then he d just have to wait on his namesake, young Rory, to find his future Damn, that boy could be slow, though He d never been one to move fast on anything, and he didn t seem to be in a hurry to settle down anytime soon What are we gonna do with him, my Erin he sighed into the night He s too slow, and I m tired of waiting I m ready to come home Home Back to his wife s loving arms And God he missed the warmth those arms held The gentleness, the acceptance He missed his Erin Bending his head he kissed the top of the stone, touched his forehead to it for a moment, then rose from the bench he d placed there He was getting too damned old to kneel the way he used to But he couldn t miss saying good night to his laughing lass To the woman who had completed him Good night, my love, he whispered.Lora Leigh Live Wire Kindle Locations 6552 6558 St Martin s Press In the epilogue, the author presents a cameo appearance of my fav Irish H Nathan Noah with his wife Sabella and 2 kids We re also told that Jordan and Tehya have a baby girl whose name is Erin, after her late grandmother I would have given this novel 4 stars if Jordan had taken his head out of his ass a whole lot earlier and stop fighting his love for Tehya.

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in

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