Whisper of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #1)

Whisper of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #1) As the tag line in my blog header notes, I don t just read a book I crawl right into one I read, I devour, and I consume every last word until the story is running like a movie through my brain and with Whisper of a Witch , Suza Kates will have many a reader devouring every last page Her use of setting is extraordinary to the point where readers will actually feel like they are there that they are seeing Savannah through the characters eyes For some, being able to picture the setting of a story is of the utmost importance and to have insufficient narrative description can be quite disappointing even to the point of disastrous to the overall reading adventure However, Suza Kates has an obvious mastery that will entice readers to close their eyes and enjoy the scenery In the first installment of The Savannah Coven Series, we meet Shauni a very wholesome, down to earth biologist whose family has reared her to be passionate about her work, but also extremely compassionate to the earth and it s inhabitants, both human and animal kind alike Even the very thought of violence is foreign to her and she leads her life with a gentle hand and but also has one very personal secret which she fears could, should she choose to reveal it, change her life dramatically.Upon surrendering to the unknown force urging her to travel to Savannah, Shauni has stumbled upon a sisterhood, of sorts As it turns out, Shauni is a witch, destined for greatness and to share in the fight to save human kind from extinction However, Shauni s discoveries, both about her true self, and that of the sisterhood coven , bring her much confliction That which she has been is asked to do, while most definitely for the greater good, goes against her every belief it goes against the true grain of her very self Ms Kates takes the reader on this characters emotional roller coaster with a finesse such that the reader can almost feel Shauni s turmoil We are lead through the process of Shauni s curiosity, confusion, fear, and finally, acceptance on such a logical line that Shuani s satisfaction almost becomes our own Suza Kates takes the reader on an adventure that s sure to please not only on the visual level, but both the emotional and intellectual levels, as well Included within these pages, readers will find snippets of Georgian History, local Folk Lore and even a good dose of Wicca Neo Paganism and Witchcraft With an obvious talent for character and plot development, Susa Kates tells a story that will keep many readers wanting .With the perfect blend of suspense, romance, danger, and intrigue, Whisper of a Witch is an awesome start to what promises to be a spectacular series I won this book in a first reads giveaway, and I m really glad that I did otherwise I wouldn t have known about how fantastic it was The book begins with a prologue that introduces a whole bunch of women all seemingly heading to the same place It was a bit confusing to be bombarded with all this information first thing, but it s only a quick introduction, so it s not that bad really Anyway, after that the story begins properly We meet Shauni, who has the ability of communicating with animals This made for some great scenes with her pet cat, Cuileann, who I thought was great He had such a no nonsense attitude, just like you d imagine a cat to be really Shauni s ability to communicate with animals means that she inevitably ends up meeting the town vet, Michael Black A man who s sweet, sexy and loves animals he might be my ideal man lol I liked the relationship between Shauni and Michael, although it did seem to happen a bit quickly As for the action part of the story, well there s the coven of witches, including Shauni, who are the good guys, and they re up against some demons There are, of course, some obligatory fight scenes, and it s all very exciting, if a little predictable The author builds up this thing about Shauni having to face a test of her powers at the end, but when it came it was a bit of an anti climax Overall I really enjoyed the book and I loved the characters I m looking forward to readingbooks in the series My only real complaint is that the author seems to have a habit of describing everyone s hair, which got on my nerves after a while. Shauni Miller Has No Idea Why Her Life Is Changing, But She Must Answer When An Unknown Force Summons Her To A Mystical Island She Also Harbors A Secret, One That Has The Potential To Alter Her Life Forever Dr Michael Black Helps Shauni In Her Time Of Need, But Sees In The Raven Haired Temptress Than She Ever Meant To Reveal He Knows She S Hiding Something, But Then, So Is He Only The Fates Know What Role They Will Play In A Centuries Old Prophecy Or If One Of Them Has To Die Cute series Bought it because of other buyers purchased books by these authors feature onReference author was Deborah Geary love those witchy books of hers This series Savannah Coven witches of characters doesn t pull me in quite the same way as those Witch Central characters of Geary s, but they re a pleasant diversion for a few hours Quick, but immersing read. Whisper of a Witch is the first novel in the new Savannah Coven series by Suza Kates I won Whisper of a Witch from goodreads and am so glad that I did Shauni Miller has a secret that she has shared with very few people She feels a pull towards Savannah Georgia where she meets Dr Michael Black, a vet in Savannah Also in Savannah are others waiting to meet Shauni and get to know her, they too have their own secrets Working with these people will test Shauni in ways that she never imagined not to mention the thrill of getting to know Michael asthan just a vet Shauni has to work on developing strength and courage as well as learn to trust others with her secret if she and those she cares for are to survive.Filled with a mix of characters than are both good and evil, Whisper of a Witch is a fast paced and at times humorous read I was immediately pulled into the characters world and have found myself yearning forI very much look forward to reading the future books in this series and getting to know some of the other characters better, especially Kylie, Paige Willyn. During the first few pages of this book my thoughts were a little confused There were so many characters brought into the picture all at once that I half convinced myself that I d never remember who was who In actual fact, the author was very clever in this respect and it didn t take long at all to feel I knew each and every one of them.The story is about nine witches who have always been destined to come together The girls didn t know each other before they felt the calling Most of them didn t even know they were witches Each has their own specific powers and each has to pass a test to stop a Demon called Bastraal being resurrected This first book in the Savanah Coven series concentrates mainly on Shauni who is to take the first test.I really enjoyed this book The characters were great, including the animals I loved Shauni s cat, Cuileann A cat with a dry sense of humour and Suza had her speaking just how you d expect a cat to speak I did feel a little disappointed towards the end of the book when Shauni took her test There was a lot of build up to this and I expected it to be a littlepowerful that it actually was, but all in all, a really enjoyable read. squee I may have just found a new favorite series Whisper Of A Witch is the first book in the Savannah Coven Series I gather that there will be 8 Happy Dance This first book really hooked me as it introduced me to the coven and Shauni She s the main character in Book 1 I love how Suza made each of these characters so different and interesting She really opened up the way for a great series I simply adored this book and personally found it to be different and refreshing If your a paranormal fan and looking for something new then maybe this is one for you to try and SuzaI expect you to fill me in on the next book grin Shauni has a special talent She can communcate with animals When she finds herself irresistabley drawn to an island near Savannah, she discovers that she is not the only one with hidden talents On the island she joins eight other women who are destined to fight an evil that has been dormant for years She also finds another irresistable source in the form of a delectable guy with secrets of his own.This is a really fun novel It is sort of an old fashioned witch story real magic I enjoyed the setting, the characters, the magic and the cats I am looking forward to the next in the series. Whisper of a Witch is the face paced stunning Savannah coven series by Suza Kates that is written with delicate humour and the intensity I have not encountered until now I was completely blown away by the secrets of the characters, the many different and entirely captivating characters in this book are in my opinion what makes the books storyline come to life through every turn of the page At times while reading I found myself breathlessly turning the pages wanting and intrigued beyond imagination to know and learnof the intensity and fast paced book that is well written and constructed by Suza Kates.I felt an instant pull towards Shauni in her quest to find strength and courage during her journey through the book, and her impeccable pull towards Michael whom she wants to get to know that much , this leads to a great storyline that is both imaginative and creative and the added concepts of romance to blossom and speak out.The many characters we meet each have their own individual strength and unique voices that speak out throughout the chapters, a delicate piece of creating characters by an author, that I feel is sometimes over looked in other stories where the plot is the main concept The plot of this story however, is one I cannot wait to readon, it has depth, pace and humour not to mention the romantic storyline.If you re looking for a book that will capture you and make you fall into the pages and the storyline of a book then look no further, this series speaks for itself within the first few pages with the wonderfully written characters and storyline I cannot wait, and I sit here waiting, holding my breath for the future releases by Suza Kates who has the creative writing skills to become a truly worldwide recognised author.Review by Laurie BowlerAuthor of Moon Rising series and Serena Embracing Darkness This book has a lot of characters which are all basically introduced in the first few pages of the book which made it difficult to keep all of the straight until at least halfway through The characters are somewhat interesting although there s a lot of typecasting and for some reason everyone is gorgeous There quite a few cliches sprinkled all over the place for the way magic works and feels at times a hodgepodge of a lot of different myths Also, there are random descriptions that felt like they were put in there because the author felt like it was something cool to say or had always wanted to put something like that in a book.As a romance novel this is great The plot is much better than most As a fantasy novel this is rather ho hum.Disclaimer I won this from First Reads.

www.suzakates.comSuza Kates is the bestselling author of The Savannah Coven Series as well as other suspense and paranormal romance books She has a thing for magick, danger, characters you d love to hang out with, and love stories that spice it all up She s a member of Romance Writers of America and has written fifteen novels with the help of lighted candles and full coffee mugs, all color themed for each book And apparently, she s a little superstitious Suza currently lives in the German countryside with her husband and two fierce attack cats at least until a tractor drives by.

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  • Paperback
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  • Whisper of a Witch (The Savannah Coven #1)
  • Suza Kates
  • English
  • 14 January 2017
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