Waiting for No One

Waiting for No OneI really liked this book I ve put the prequel, Wild Orchid on my To Read list because this one was really good This story was told in the POV of an autistic girl woman and I enjoyed getting to know her point of view I was surprised at how much I shared with Taylor and how much was different from what I m used to thinking Taylor is a strong woman and I can t wait for the next book to come out. Eighteen year old Taylor Jane Simon is a typical teenager in most ways, except that she has Asperger s syndrome an Autism Spectrum Disorder that makes social interaction difficult In this stand alone sequel to Wild Orchid, author Beverley Brenna picks up where the previous book left off, and follows Taylor back to her home in Saskatoon where she struggles for independence by stepping out of her comfort zone and taking a biology course at the university and applying for a job As with the previous book, the story is narrated in Taylor s voice She is funny, intelligent, and honest The desire and need for independence is a typical teen issue, and readers will immediately identify with her She is an individual, and wants to be seen as such, rather than as dependent and incapable There are many aspects of normal life that confuse and challenge Taylor, but she works hard to overcome her fears, and to understand these challenges While she does hit stumbling blocks along the way, from the beginning to the end of the book, she grows emotionally and gains confidence, inching towards the autonomy she desires Another strength of the novel is the way the secondary characters are used to impact her life and to support her From the bookstore manager to the psychologist her mother forces her to see, she is met with a great deal of compassion and understanding People don t always understand Taylor, and are often confused or frustrated by her, but they reach out, and keep her from retreating into the solitary existence she fears With Waiting For No One, Brenna has created an interesting and compelling novel that resists the stereotypes so often found in this genre This is a book that is suitable for either junior high or high school readers.Reviewed by Rachel Seigel in Canadian Children s Book News Spring 2011, Vol 34, No 2 Taylor Jane Simon Is An Eighteen Year Old Girl With Asperger S Syndrome Who Has A Refreshingly Different View Of The People She Encounters And The Life She Wants To Have Young Adult Readers Will Identify With Taylor S Struggle For Independence And Self Control, And Empathize As She Outlines The Ways Both Positive And Negative That Her Asperger S Syndrome Affects Her Daily Life Connecting With A Play By Samuel Beckett, Taylor Explores A Fear Of Solitary Existence While Reaching Out To A World At Times Perplexing Most Important, Taylor Wants To Be Seen As An Individual, Not As A Stereotypical Person With Special Needs, Or A Rare Wild Flower Images That Haunt Her From The Past A Cameo Performance By Taylor S New Gerbil Harold Pinter Adds Further Emphasis To Themes Of Existentialism And Humour Very open and honestly written I liked it. I loved this book It is the second in a trilogy about the story of Taylor Jane Simon, a young woman with Asperger s Syndrome, and her passion for independence I am reading these in reverse order, simply because that is the way they were presented to me And it does not matter These are YA books, so are an easy read.And the author writes a compelling story in the voice of Taylor Jane Her concrete thinking, her logical and illogical thinking, her desires to get a job, to find a way to live by herself and not with her mother , her love for her gerbils, her obssessions, are all equally and beautifully written As far as I know, and I do not have Asperger s, it is a clear, compelling and accurate portrayal of a person with Asperger s I am waiting for the first book in the series, Wild Orchid , from my library I highly recommend these books. Intermediate Multicultural BookCopyright, 2010 Waiting for No One by Beverly Brenna is an intermediate book about a eighteen year old girl with Asperger s Syndrome I feel like this book brings to life what it would be like to live with Aspergers, even though I do not have the syndrome myself It is humorous yet thought provoking it shines the light on the high functioning type of autism I would recommend this book to any student in the intermediate grades, especially those wondering what it might be like to live with this syndrome Blooms QuestionsRemember Who were the main characters Understand Explain why the story has the title that it does In your repose include the reason why there is a flower on the cover of the book.Apply Think of a situation in the story and describe what would have been the result of that situation if Taylor did not have Aspergers Analyze What is the relationship between Taylor and her mother What is the relationship between Taylor and Luke Evaluate Justify Taylor s actions during her interview with the manager of the bookstore Create How would you rewrite the selection from Harold Pineter s point of view Remembering What is the disorder that Taylor has in the book Asperger s SyndromeUnderstanding Describe what is meant by the wild flower on the cover of the book Taylor wants to be treated like everyone else and not different.Applying How is Taylor s story where she wants to be treated the same similar to people with how people with other disabilities would like to be treated They all do not want to be labeled as such and such with the disability , they do not want to be defined by their disabilities.Analyzing What is the relationship between Taylor and Luke Evaluating What is your opinion of Luke and why do you feel that way Creating How would you rewrite the selection from Luke s or Taylor s dad s point of view A good story I loved the part about making sure people have the words they want need to say.Someone I know didn t like the bit about her references for the job, but as I read it I thought it actually made sense for this character because Taylor s thought processes are not as complex as you might expect, plus she was beginning to have trouble with OCD symptoms when she did it If she d been able to think through things a bit better she probably wouldn t have done it at all, but OCD clouds your thinking a lot and makes it hard to see any solution but the one OCD is pushing on you at the time. This book brings to life what it would be like to live with Asperger s syndrome It is humorous yet thought provoking I would definitely recommend that every school should have a copy in their library. This book brings light to what life would be like with Asperger s At times the book is very funny however, it is also very thought provoking This book goes through the life of Taylor with her logical, and often times illogical, thought processes I read this when I was younger, yet reading it over a second time gave me a better idea of the syndrome, I loved it both times.

Beverley Brenna calls Saskatoon, Saskatchewan home base, and loves to travel both for real, and through reading She published her first poem in The Western Producer at age seven From this point, she was hooked on writing Much of what she writes contains autobiographical scenes, such as the friendship soup in The Keeper of the Trees, and the care and keeping of a pet tarantula in Spider Summe

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Waiting for No One
  • Beverley Brenna
  • English
  • 08 January 2019
  • 9780889954373

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