Life, Liberty, and Pursuit

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit Love Is Sudden, Fierce, And Full Of Choices When College Bound Eliza Falls Into A Cruise Ship Pool, She Doesn T Expect To Fall In Love And When Navy Recruit David Pulls Her From The Water, He Finds Her Surprisingly Hard To Resist But A Whirlwind Of Rescues, Candlelit Nights, And Beachside Misunderstandings Pulls Them Into A Four Day Love Affair That Threatens To Break Their Hearts Before Their Love Has A Chance To StartWhen David Leaves For Endless Drills And Physical Training In Boot Camp, And Eliza Returns To Albuquerque To Prepare For Princeton In The Fall, They Dare To Keep Loving Each Other And Struggle To Imagine A Future When They Can Be Together But When Miles And Mistrust Pull Them Apart, They Are Forced To Choose Between Keeping True To Their Dreams And Having The Courage To Love

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit book, this is one of the most wanted Susan K. Quinn author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • Life, Liberty, and Pursuit
  • Susan K. Quinn
  • English
  • 19 May 2019
  • 9781936305230

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    Sweet and Satisfying YA Romance Susan Kaye Quinn has created a warm, wet world in her debut novel Life, Liberty, and Pursuit Eliza and David meet when he rescues her from falling into a swimming pool, and they continue to have cruise ship adventures on their whirlwind romance until they re faced with the saddening prospect of a long distance relationship Susan keeps the reader in suspense the entire novel about what choices Eliza and David will make in navigating their murky future.At first I thought Here we go again with another wimpy damsel in distress but I was very pleasantly surprised when Eliza proves her own mettle by rescuing David right back They throw out a metaphorical life raft to each other, not only to save a life but also to save liberty and pursuit I thoroughly enjoyed how their love and support enabled each to develop and to reach new heights They became stronger individuals as a result of their union As the character Nicholas states on page 191, That s what love is supposed to be like It s supposed to make you better I couldn t agree A wonderful read, Susan

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    Here s what I liked about Life, Liberty and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn The two main characters David and Eliza are extremely likable and realistic I found myself thinking about them at odd times during the day like they were real people Always a good sign meaning the characters have gotten inside one s skin David has a Polish heritage, speaks with a slight accent, and sometimes uses Polish words in his speech A nice touch Never having read a book set on a cruise ship that didn t involve shipwreck or disaster or even been on a cruise ship , I really enjoyed the where they met setting The romance is sweet, passionate, and believable Romance isn t my usual genre, unless it s combined with humor as in chick lit or mystery as in cozy mysteries or classic lit as in Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights or anything Jane Austen But this one was fun to read and seemed grounded in reality that many of the romance novels I ve tried and set aside It s not YA, since the protagonists are past high school, although still young It s an example of the New Adult genre that hasn t quite taken hold but needs to Those of you in support of the New Adult genre should buy this book The first half was my favorite I didn t want to put it down David and Eliza enchanted me from the moment they first appeared Without being explicit, there is passion Without being prudish, there is restraint The alternate POV s work very well for this story Allowing the reader to see the anguish and attraction from both sides of the fence actually becomes a thematic element showing how confusion and mixed signals can threaten a beginning relationship The ending works very well David and Eliza resolve the distance, education and career obstacles in a realistic, satisfying way.Overall a fun quick read and a delightfully charming romance It brought back a lot of memories of my own first love s , and the agonizing ups and downs that go along with falling quickly, deeply in love Well done, Susan Kaye Quinn

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    I read this several months back and completely forgot to put up a review This is fun, light hearted read that is perfect for that week at the lake side cabin, the beach, or just a night at home The relationship between Eliza and David had me swept up with them.

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    I received a copy of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit for review from Omnific Publishing A huge thanks goes out to them for giving me the chance to read and review this book This book first caught my attention a few weeks ago when I saw the author post about it on Twitter A few days later, I ended up getting a review request, and, since the description sounded interesting, I decided to give it a shot My first impression was rather good exciting things were happening right off the bat However, I found myself lagging once Eliza and David actually got into a relationship This is the part I had a lot of trouble with To me, it seemed like everything that happened was too convenient I had a hard time believing that two people of their age could fall in love in just four days I m not saying that they couldn t have fallen in love eventually, but four days That seemed a bit unrealistic to me What David and Eliza had for each other was sweet, but it seemed like an infatuation than actual love, which made me doubt whether or not the characters actually understood what love meant.I did like some of the minor characters, especially Teagan, David s younger sister, and Nicolas, one of Eliza s best friends I thought that they were great additions to the story, and I enjoyed almost all of the parts where they made an appearance The author s writing style was good, and I thought that she had an interesting start to the book, but the problem I had with the main characters resulted in me just not clicking with Life, Liberty, and Pursuit One reason for this could be because I tend to be extremely critical at least I admit it, right about how characterization and love are portrayed in books I don t want to turn you off the book completely, because I think some of you romantic types might enjoy it It just wasn t for me.Like I mentioned before, I do think that some of you might enjoy this book, and I d like to give it another chance with a different reader, so I ll be including Life, Liberty, and Pursuit in my next Book Swapping post If you re interested, keep an eye out In a SentenceLife, Liberty, and Pursuit wasn t really my cup of tea, but if you re a big fan of romance, you might want to give it a shot anyways

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    I am a visual person Book covers do influence me When I first saw the cover of LIFE, LIBERTY,AND PURSUIT, I wasn t sure I was going to like it But it grew on me, encapsulating the story to a greater degree than I could have imagined It fits it really does.This story was a pleasure to read The writing was easy to read, and had a poignant almost poetic flow to it Scenes were ordered for a quick pace which made the story hard to put away at times It didn t have or need any big, bad villians or paranormal monsters lurking around every corner to drive my interest The character driven threads were plenty to keep me reading At times I found myself fully drawn into the minds and hearts of Eliza and David, as if I had known themAnd herein lies when I began cheering for their success I especially enjoyed the awkward moments of their relationship I think most people, regardless of age, could relate This story was sweet and quaint, yet real and true to the trials a newly graduated teenage girl would face My favorite character arch was how Eliza and David grew together Susan does a magnificent job of subtly mapping out the struggles and growth of a young relationship It is a thing of beauty, and these two characters, in my opinion, will stand the test of time.As a writer, I found myself learning from the ease of Susan s style She has a way of soothing her reader into a scene, and then before the reader knows it the scene is over, filling them yet leaving them a little bit hungry It worked.

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    this book is awesome it had me from the 1st page i could not stop reading it.I loved all the people in the story and david in his navy uniform yummy 0 a YA version of Dear John but with a happy ending Defo a to read again book.

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    You will totally fall for David and Eliza A wonderful summer read with heart and excitement I highly recommend you put this one on your kindle

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    A sweet love at first sight YA romance what s not to enjoy

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    The author calls this a sweet teen romance, and that s exactly what it is It s about two young people falling in love at first sight I am personally a believer in true love at first sight, though if you are a skeptic you might struggle with this book It starts with a whirl wind four day romance on a Caribbean cruise ship, and the chapters alternate between the two main characters point of views David and Eliza Because you get both point of views, the book utterly immerses you in the feelings of falling in love twice over About 1 3 of the way through, the vacation ends and the young lovebirds start to face the difficulties of a long distance romance.I actually loved the long distance romance part best the excruciating wait that Eliza goes through after sending her first love letter to David and waiting to hear his response David is at boot camp and the setting of this part of this book is particularly well done I almost felt as if I was at boot camp with him I liked how he is wary of his bunkmate, Clayton, at first, and how that friendship develops over time I loved the letters that David and Eliza exchange and later on, it s fun to read some of their texts back and forth, too.The long distance issues with their relationship are realistic and I liked how Eliza works through her options and finally comes up with her decision about how to handle the long distance aspect Both Eliza and David are great characters with good backstory and growth during the story I would have liked to have read about David s Polish Irish background They are realistically portrayed for their ages 18 and 20 years old Clayton and Nicolas were great characters, too I really wanted to get to know Eliza s friend and sounding board better These are all characters I d love to revisit In summary, I loved this romantic escape back into innocent and formative years and the thrills of falling in love for the first time.

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    Eliza s mother and new stepfather decide to take a cruise and invite her along before she heads off to college As she stands on the deck enjoying the view of the ocean, she spots a very attractive young man near the rail When he turns and looks her way, she quickly backs into the shadows, falling into the pool.David is on the cruise with his family and sees a pretty young woman standing on the deck late at night When she backs into the pool, he rushes over to find her floundering He jumps in and pulls her out of the water and takes her right away to the infirmary Not satisfied with the care they are giving her, he brings his father, who just happens to be a doctor, to look her over.It s definitely a set up for a whirlwind romance between these two young adults, yet they keep finding reasons why they shouldn t attempt a relationship For one, David is getting ready to leave for boot camp as he is a new Navy recruit Secondly, Eliza will be heading for college once she gets back from home.To complicate matters, David s sister is doing everything she can to get them together, but their parents aren t very keen about the idea But after Eliza saves David from a band of robbers on shore, there s no stopping them from falling in love.This is such a fun book Written for young adults, Susan Kaye Quinn creates a story that has a wonderful flow to it I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters I especially liked David s brother Tomasz, who is such an entertaining flirt He brought such exuberance to the book.I had put off reading this book for a while because the print is so small and I wasn t sure if my eyes would get too tired, but it turned out to be OK I m glad it did I wouldn t have wanted to miss this story for the world

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