Gothic City Lights

Gothic City Lights It Was Just A Fling Lilith Templeton Had No Clue He Was A Human Agent Working For The Angels No Big Deal, But She Got Caught And Mother Superior, Portland S Most Powerful Angel, Wants Penance Or Death, Lilith S Choice Being A Lowly Half Demon And Therefore Not A Participant In The Never Ending War For Souls, She Knows It S Insane To Cross The Full Blood Demons Like Mother Superior Wants But Opting Out Isn T An Option Do Or Die For Additional Penance, She S Paired With An Angel Who Not Only Ignites Her Lust But Something Lilith Wants To Fall In Love, To Know What It Was Like To Share Herself With Just One Man Yet Since Succubi Needed To Stay Sexually Satisfied, Falling In Love With The Angel Of Chastity Is A Mistake She Can T Afford Gabriel Would Have Never Second Guessed His Choice To Ascend Through The Virtue Of Chastity Until He Meets Lilith Now, His Ascension Would Be Forfeit If He Cannot Vanquish His Need For Her Having No Choice But To Ignore The Fire Burning Inside Them, They Work Towards Tempting The Demon Cult S Human Leader Into Revealing The Hideout Lilith, Sexually Irresistible Half Succubus, Is The Perfect Bait Get In, Send The Signal And Wait For The Angel To Rescue Her Oh And Not Get Killed, Or Tempt The Angel Simple, Right


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    i m not a great reviewer and i don t go into detail about the book, because you can get that from the description but here you go i loved the main characters in this book almost from the beginning i think my favorite books are the i know i m not supposed to love you, but i do or the i just can t stay away from you and this definitely falls into that category.the writing was superb and something i loved was that you get the maximum effect of the scene and feel of everything, with the minimum amount of very choice words.i know that if another writer took on the same plot and tried to write the same book, there would be a very different feel to it the scenes could be the same and the characters could be the same, but everything i felt with this book would be different there is an almost romantic and sweet tone to everything that happens with the lil and gabriel it s very highly recommended

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    Forbidden love Can it get any forbidden than an Angle and a Demon One betterthat of an Angle of Chastity, a virgin and a Demon of Lust, a slave to sex Brindle Chase has taken two polar opposites, thrown them together as victim s of circumstance, within a war of sorts between immortals and has woven his story into such a dance of carnal need and lust that even the thought of putting the book down for a second becomes forbidden somehow.The plot line, the action, well written, see able, very believable as a Contemporary Gothic Erotic Romance But the suspense, the torment, the internal battles waged between the hero the heroin, are so deliciously portrayed Making what s right, denying a primal love and the ultimate sin, consummation of the forbidden, so tantalizing, you just can t help being pulled through so quickly, falling in love with every word only be left begging for .

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    4 1 2 stars Sexy fun featuring a virginal AND angelic hero and a succubus heroine Something about Gabriel reminded me a bit of Castiel from the Supernatural series so how could I resist Definite recommend for paranormal romantica fans with a strong emphasis on the romance.My JERR review is now on the website and can be read by clicking HERE You ll have to hit my link, click enter on the main page and then click my link again Sorry

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    3.5 stars Lilith Templeton is a sexually irresistible half succubus Going through life enjoying the sexual banquet that s always spread before her But she feasted off someone else s plate and now she must pay Mother Superior, high angel of Portland, has requested Lilith infiltrate a gang of humans consorting with demons to make amends for her transgression seducing a human agent of the light.And to help her is the one man whom she would give it all up for but can never ever have.As the Angel of Chasity Gabriel never thought that his ascension would ever be in danger until he met Lilith His job is to help Lilith with her mission while upholding his vows But when he s around Lilith his thoughts aren t virginal His thoughts are wicked and sinful But Gabriel will not, can not succumb to this temptation As Lilith and Gabriel work together to stop the demons their attraction to each other becomes unbearable All Lilith has to do is stop the demons, resist her nature, and keep her hands off Gabriel Piece of cake Right In Brindle Chase s novel Gothic City Lights she takes us into the mystical sexual world of demons, angel, and forbidden love Lilith Templeton has spent her entire life feasting and gorging her sexual appetites for thousands of years Menwomenit doesn t matter Lilith loves sex And being half succubus she has to have sex in order to survive.Chase has wrote a very erotic PNR with Christianity undertones The premise of war between Heaven and Hell is an old one but Chase adds an interesting twistby paring and not so bad demon with a not so good angel offering us a tantalizing look into forbidden delights.The story is well written with plenty of action in and out of bed The storyline flows smoothly with humorous dialog and soul searching scenes There is plenty of smexy steamy no holds bar scenes that hold you hostage Chase nails them perfectly.Read the rest of my review at Smexy Books

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    One night Lil visits her favorite haunt, Gothic City Lights Little does she know, it will change her life Lil is half human have succubus, she needs to have sex to live If she doesn t, she risks killing the next person she sleeps with.Holy Sexual Tension Batman Poor Lil, the man she would love to tempt is an angel That alone wouldn t be something Lil wouldn t take great pleasure in doing, but when Mother Superior asks for Lil s help she states Lil cannot sleep with Gabriel the angel of chastity Ouch Even worse, with Lil needing to have sex to survive.Gabriel might not get through this with chastity intact Brindle Chase surprised me, it s not a secret but Brindle is actually a male writer Does this matter No, but I wanted to get it out there for those of you who have been looking to try an erotica written by a male, Brindle is your man Gothic City Lights was well written with the good versus evil central to the storyline Brindle does well paring those aspects with strong sexual tension between Lil Gabriel, let me tell you the sexual tension is something out of this world I really felt for Lil, trying so hard to be good when all she wants to do is yeah, that.What held my attention was the characters, Lil isn t as bad as she seems Gabriel isn t as pure as an angel is supposed to be The journey, wasn t really that interesting to me, I d rather have learned about Lil Gabriel But the tension is really what keeps it going, you want to know if Lil lets loose on Gabriel and I m not telling you.

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    What s not to like when you mix a half Succubus demon with a virgin angel, and one she shouldn t dare touch I really enjoyed this ebook, the sexual tension is off the charts Few spoilers Lilith is a half succubus demon that finds she needs a purpose While she is in Gothic City Lights club looking for her next sexual encounter She s already had everyone in the bar twice, so she wants someone different When she notices a glow from a cigarette she cant help but see who it is When she gets to the table she finds tonight s special sitting with a Bible of all things Lilith thinks he is lost, but nope he is to bring her to mother superior herself for a job that the angles cant take total care of Mother Superior tells Lilith one thing in taking on this task and that is not to take Gabriel s Virginity ya, right Can Lilith hold out It may surprise you how long she lasted, it did me What I liked most was that for a succubus demon Lilith had urges, but after she seen Gabriel she couldn t act on any of them no matter what the consequence to her demon side Gabriel mad me mad in a few places he just never seem to take Lilith demon side in consideration I really liked the story It did drag a bit in the middle for me, but picked back up and was nonstop the rest of the way through I look forward reading form this author.

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    Well I just finished and let me tell you I enjoyed this book immensely.This is my first Paranormal Erotic book I ve read after about 100 or so paranormal romance books in the last year and I must say this was right up there with the best of them from well established Authors.While this story contains a great deal of erotic scenes, the suspenseful plot keeps you intrigued throughout the book And my favorite love concurs all ending has you biting you lips wanting .While this premier story is complete in its self, I see ample opportunity for sequels I see a great future in this writer I look forward to reading from him Great job Brindle Great job

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    Because it s Brindle, we know the sex is HOT That being said, I liked the complicated chemistry between Lillith and Gabriel Her inner tormoil, need for respect And, his need to understand the why s Definitely, a good read

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    As the Review Chair, for the Paranormal Romance Guild, I get to read the good, the bad and the ugly So on my down time if there is any, reading what I want is so heavenly I had heard about Brindle Chase on an Forum and looked him up on Books choosing Goth City Lights to read This was not a dissappointment What do you get when you have a Female Demon Succumbus, a Male Angel of Chastity and an Angel Mother Superior pairing up the two Fireworks Brindle Chase is an accomplished writer with a good storyline, and a great sense of humor Lillith our female, must have sex It is her succumbus nature She is hired by the Angel Mother Superior of her area to help eradicate a demon group They need someone to find where these Demons are located In turn she willhold Lillith harmless for having sex with someone from the church She has her work with the Angel Gabriel who has taken the vow of Chastity Mr Chase has written a wickedly smart, fast paced seduction, while keeping humor and imagination running throughout The different POV were fun to read as well. Lillith thinking her desires are grossing Gabriel out, while he is in bed alone filled with lust I think erotica is not apropo, although mature rating is involved it is truly a paranormal romance Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz Chair Person for the Paranormal Romance Guild

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    It took me longer than normal to finish this book because my Kindle broke right in the middle of it.I LOVED this story, Lilith is the perfect bad girl, as a part succubus it is in her nature to enjoy sexany sexall sexand she has been happy with her life until she finds herself helping out the Angels This partners her with a gorgous Angel named Gabriela virginan Angel of Chastity, and she has sworn not to have sex with himThis story has it all evil doers, love, lots of great sex, and a good ending.I m looking forward to reading books by Brindle.

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