The Devilin Fey (Naked Heat #1)

The Devilin Fey (Naked Heat #1) I have never read a paranormal romance but when I found Jess Scott s book featured on the exciting new Indie Books Blog, I figured I ll give it a try I was very pleasantly surprised The Devilin Fey is a fascinating, intriguing, unusual, and well written novella The supernatural elements not only add a sense of mystery to the story but underscore the different levels of meaning love in its many forms, lust, the danger of obsessive attraction, male versus female points of view, andThe images are convincing and the love scenes are spicy, juicy and tasteful Wonderful read, I can only recommend it. I enjoyed The Devilin Fey and wanted to give it 3.5 stars I can not so it will have to be 3 becasue it was not quite a 4 The Devilin Fey is a novella made up of two stories The Devilin Fey and Tongue Tied Both focus on life as a succubus in one way or another Note there may be a couple of spoilers below The Devilin Fey features Catlin Fey who at the start of the book is planning on a scathing article about Zac Walsh, best selling author of Seduction 101 All The Dirt on Women , she want s to highlight the damage his ideas are doing to society However she ends up falling for all his lines, and nothing like in her dreams The man in her dreams is so different, she finds out why when she goes for a walk to the beach and see Lucius in his true incubus form, wings and all She should not have been able to see him like that Catlin gradually notices some strange changes after a few encounters with Lucius, she can read peoples desires and know their love history She goes on a journey which lets out her inner devil, human by day succubus by night, having revenge on Zac on the way I enjoyed The Devilin Fey, I like the way Catlin took becoming a kind of succubus in her stride, simply adapting to it and finding Lucius along the way Tongue Tied is a short story about a lesbian succubus who finds something different about Adriana and watches in on her life to find out if her instincts are right This is the only story I ve come across so far with a gay succubus, I d kind of expected the usual going after men but Tongue Tied made a refreshing change However, if you don t like F F stories then this one may not be for you.My review was published on my blog, if you d like to check my blog out visit StoryThe Devilin Fey Features A Demure Young Woman Unleashing The Devil In Her, Through The Intimacy With An IncubusStoryTongue Tied Features A Voyeuristic Succubus Driven By Jealousy And A Dangerous FixationRecommended For Readers Seeking Something Different In The Paranormal Romance Genre These Stories Are About An Incubus And Succubus, So Yes, Sex Is Involved Part Of The Naked Heat Anthology GENRE Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy , Words 2.5 starsReviewed at A novella of two stories Story 1 features a demure young woman unleashing the devil in her, through the intimacy with an incubus Story 2 features a voyeuristic succubus driven by jealousy and a dangerous fixation The Devilin Fey story 1 A demure young woman unleashes the devil in her, through the intimacy with an incubus her incubus Caitlin is our heroine, a jilted journalist who is visited at night in her dreams by a succubus named Lucius Caitlin eventually meets Lucius in the awake world and recognizes him as the man from her dreams Through several intimate encounters, Caitlin discovers what Lucius is and his lovin awakens something powerfully sexual within her She realizes she is not as human as she once thought, and that being a little devilish is good for the soul.This story was really lacking in any kind of action and there was no real oomph for me I felt there should beintensity to some of the interactions considering it is a story based around succubi mythology There is quite a bit of fantasy wound in to a contemporary world which was nicely done If you are looking for a short paranormal read that is light and somewhat erotic, this could be an option for you Tongue Tied story 2 A voyeuristic succubus with jealousy and a fixation is dangerous, as you ll find out in this great little story This is a quickie read about a succubus who has become fixated on the human female Adriana We watch from the succubus POV as Adriana lives her daily life, takes a male lover, then explores her own desires of taking a woman sexually.This story was okay for me I don t really love stories where there is little character interaction, which is the nature of this story as it s from the voyeuristic succubus s perspective Any real interaction comes later towards the end of the story At some points I asked myself Who is Adriana and why do I care Yeah.It hurts me to rate 2.5 stars but I have to be honest, The Devilin Fey did nothing for me but it might float your boat. The Devilin in Fey is a quick, but intriguing read Oh, and don t let me forget it s paranormal eroticism The interaction between the two main characters, Caitlin and Lucius, is hot, but complicated by the fact that he is an incubus.They re both sick of the way they are leading their lives she isn t comfortable or confidant in her own body, and he is get bored of the monotony of casual sexual encounters with his customers After an unsatisfying night with Zac Walsh, a guy with a very large ego, Caitlin wanders off to the beach The stranger she meets turns out to be the man from her dreams, sexual dreams Thus begins their tenuous relationship.To make a short story, shorter, Caitlin and Lucius come to realize that she is becoming a succubus She isn t sure she wants that life for herself, but Lucius is determined to bring out the devil in her He comes to her often using up her body s strength Basically, she ends up having to decide whether to let her inner demon out or not.Overall, the story is pretty good I would have liked Caitlin and Lucius to have ameaningful relationship, but I m a hopeless romantic The Devilin Fey is a great late night read. This book is two short paranormal romances, and I found that I really enjoyed this book The Author requested that I review this book and I am glad that she did I love reading anything involving the world of the paranormal, which this one does at this The first story starts out with a story of a young woman who gets used sexually at the beginning by a modern rake, and she finds herself hurting from being used so badly Then she meets Lucien at night on the beach, who captivates her attention When she first meets him she see s him with wings, however the next moment they disappear and she wonders if she is imagining things As time goes on she finds out who Lucien really is, a incubus and after sharing some intense passionate encounters, there is something changing within in, when she realizes that she is part human and part incubus She finds within herself something unleashing, that she never imagined would ever happen to her There is a devilish quality that errupts within her, but she has a intimate connection to him that she can t resist I found this story to be a very passionate and strong love story that ignites the feeling of intimate sensation that heats up the room I found that I couldn t put this one down, and since it is the first one that I have read that involves a incubus, its pages were filled with passion, adventure, mystery and a love that pulls at the hear strings The second story however it was a bit enjoyable, but not the kind that I usually read This story has a male succubus who is a voyeur Most of the book is how he follows Adriana and watches her day by day, including sexual encounter with a male friend It wasn t until the end that they start really connecting For me I likeinteraction with the main characters, and there was toward the end but not enough to fully satisfy me Overall it was a good book to read and I am grateful that this author chose me to review it Any normal person would know that an incubus story would be a little erotic, everyone that is but me, lol I was not prepared for it, but I definitely wasn t disappointed by it either.These types of creatures are always interesting to read about An incubus is usually a demon, and almost bad character, a creature that wants to use and abuse you, at least from what I have be told, and in this story, yes you can sense a little bit of evil from the incubus, but you also get attached to him as well and you can see a bit of his good side. You feel for him, understand what he is dealing with Very well written character.The main character, Catlin, is awesome You really feel for her at the beginning of the story, how many ladies have been in that situation But when she is discovering her succubus side, it is very interesting the way this story transitions You feel all the things that Catlin feels and it really gets you involved in the story You can see the struggle she has and in the end, it surprised me a little how it all ended up but it is a very good read 1 2 This book in 6 words almost did not finish this one Why did I read this And am I glad I did I came across this set of novellas during the Paranormal Romance Spotlight month at Ex Libris The post was about how the cover came about and between that the brief summary I thought the book sounded good It was almost a DNF for me I barely skimmed through the last novella and honestly am not sure why I wasted the time doing that Neither of the stories were romantic or sexy.The first novella wasn t terrible, but it was a little confusing at least for me I think it was too much for a novella If it was fleshed out and the mythology and characters were given a chance to grow, I could see it being a really interesting story However, it was rushed to the point where I didn t care about the story or anyone in it.The second novella was just creepy in my opinion Reading about someone stalking someone just didn t do it for me. The Devilin Fey by Jess C Scott I received this ARC free from the author in exchange for an honest review Story 1, The Devlin Fey centers around a female college student Caitlin who has been having dreams of a strange man coming to her at night Through her relationship with him, she takes on succubus qualities at night, while remaining human The incubus, Lucius is tired of a life of meaningless fornication and is looking for someone to share his world with him He hand picks Caitlin because he sees her devilish side inside and thinks she will be a good companion What he didn t expect was for her to object to being forced into his world.The story is about discovering oneself and finding out what your truest wants and desires are After a night about town as a succubus, her encounters lead her to believe that she can be both, human during the day and a succubus by night.At times the story was hard to follow for me but the further I got into the story the better it got At one point I almost put the book down when it looked like Lucius was going to become violent with her because she was turning him down I am glad that I kept reading because that was not the case, and she handled the situation well I like Caitlin s character, she has been this pure soul for so long but the devil has been hiding inside waiting to come out.The second story, Tongue Tied is about a succubus that comes across a female that she becomes obsessed with As she watches Adriana she is drawn to her They have an encounter at Adriana s apartment that leaves the succubus shaken She ends up following her around the next day to determine the things that will turn her on She wants to learn everything about her Throughout the day Adrianna has meetings with an internet friend, a counselor, and dinner with another friend, asking each one what is love and trying to figure out her own sexuality.In the end the succubus goes to her and it is sweet and touching Adrianna shares her notebook of private thoughts with her and both start to wonder if they can find love and companionship with each other.I liked reading the notes in the journal, they are private thoughts but they speak of the emotional turmoil that Adrianna has been going through all these years I liked the second story better than the first To me, it flowed a little better.Overall they are both good short stories with a different take on paranormal with some erotic elements thrown in I give The Devlin Fey 3 flaming hearts. I was first introduced to Jess C Scott through her blog novel Eyeleash While I found it very intriguing, and unquestionably unique it was also very difficult to critique her writing style due to its formatting so when she asked me to take a look at her novella The Devilin Fey I was excited Here was my chance to see how well Scott pushed her pen, and if hermainstream attempt at writing was as interesting as her previous work.It was not.Please do not misunderstand me Scott s writing was not bad, the quality of writing was quite good, what was lacking was focus The Devilin Fey is a novella comprised of 2 short stories The first is a story of a girl who learns to channel her anger through her relationship with an Incubus, the other is the story of a Succubus who doesn t know when to stop and is overrun with a wild jealousy.The first story is the one I am most concerned with The initial relationship set up between the main character and her incubus seemed somewhat disjointed as if Scott couldn t really make up her mind as to how she wanted her plot to begin It was not until half way through when the revenge scenario popped up that Scott seemed to finally hit her stride Lucky for her, she has a genuinely artistic way with words that almost and I stress the almost overshadowed the jumpiness that at times had me re reading paragraphs.The second story however was much better The choppiness was no longer present, the plot was was straight forward, and the details put into the characters was spot on Scott s writing grew and that is what s important.I can t say for certain that I would fork over the 1.99 this novel is currently priced at if for no other reason than the length alone but if you are a hardcore paranormal romance erotica fan the price tag should in no way be a deal breaker I think you will enjoy what you get for your dollars.On a side note I look forward to the day Scott decides to take on the world and write a full length book While rough and somewhat abstract her talent remains undeniable.Happy reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember Dreams are the windows to your soul so you might want to grab the Windex and clean those bitches.

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