Line of Fire (Firefighters of Station Five, #4)

Line of Fire (Firefighters of Station Five, #4)Sweet That s the word that keeps popping into my head when I think about this book Sweet and sexy The character of firefighter Tommy Skyler a young Brad Pitt look alike was just a sweetheart He was young 23 but he d already had a few knocks in his life a terrible family tragedy that altered the course of his life and ruined his hopes for a career in pro football and he was plagued with some self doubts about hisheroic career as a firefighter He met the heroine, 28 year old cute nurse Shea Ford in one of the previous books in the series, but even though they definitely had a spark she kept putting him off and tried to keep him as just a friend Shea had something devastating happen to her 10 years ago that made her doubt her judgment in men athletes in particular so that s why she kept resisting her attraction to Tommy When Shea finally decided that she couldn t resist eager puppy Tommy any and she threw caution to the wind, the two got along as if they were made for each other As well as connecting physically, I thought they communicated very well and connected emotionally they were good for each other There was some surprisingly for a non erotic book hot sex scenes, including some poolside exhibitionism for the benefit of some lusty neighbors, some oral sex scenes, and a token anal scene This all worked within the context of the book for me, because I felt that these two were in love or darn close to it I did not mind their heat at all The suspense plot wasn t all that gripping Shea s almost safe choice for a boyfriend, boring city planner Forrest something or other was involved in some underhanded insurance scheme that was tied to some terrorist plot that was left hanging at the end of this book sure to be continued in upcoming books Forrest and a couple of cronies one who needed money to pay for treatments his health insurance wouldn t cover were burning down some abandoned properties for the insurance money you d think the police would catch on and young Tommy who was thinking of a career change to arson investigation was the one to put two and two together Of course that was after he nearly lost his life in these fires a time or two Jo Davis really likes to physically beat up her heroes and had a big confrontation with the bad guys at the end where he nearly met his maker yet again.Although this book is part of a series, you could read it as a stand alone, as long as you don t mind some spoilers about the other firefighters of Station Five I loved seeing Six Pack, Zack, Julian, Eve, and Sean again Readers of this series know that one ongoing plot is the emotional and physical state of the Fire Captain, Sean Tanner, who lost his wife and children in a car accident a few years ago and has taken to the bottle In this book Sean finally hits rock bottom and that puts one of his men s life in danger, but causes him to get the help he desperately needs All that is a set up for his book which is next Ride the Fire.I m afraid Jo Davis may be running out of firefighters to write about, but she did introduce onein this book Clay Montana who hopefully will get his story after Sean If she runs out of firefighters she can easily write a story about Shea s hunky twin brother, police detective Shane Ford, or dangerous FBI man, Special Agent Dominic Nick Westfall Whew The way JD describes this guyhe just has to have a special story devoted to him So for all you fans of this series, this one s a winner It was a very easy read, had some very steamy moments, and had a couple of very likable characters The suspense part might not have been all that it could have been the villain was kind of ho hum , but I didn t mind I read these books for the characters and the romance, and I was satisfied on both counts A solid 4 stars. ITS A LINE OF HOTNESS Finally, its young boy Tommy s book, and his older love interest Then I realized Tommy aint so young and his love interest still got ways to go, to be considered older, way off of being considered old I liked book four, not the spectacularness that is book three but its still another great instalment What s not to love about firefighters, hot bodied men, and burning buildings Not a damn thing, not a damn bloody thing.Tommy is the baby of Station 5, only twenty three years old His co workers pick him on in a fun sort of way It s been good watching his colleagues fall in love, and hoping things might be the same for him He already has a woman in sight, but she s older and has been treating him like a kid brother Shea Ford is a nurse, and is seriously attracted to Tommy She feels like she has been through a lot in her life Therefore, his experiences and age might make him just a little too young for her She cannot deny that she is deeply attracted to him, and is starting to even care When Tommy is hurt on the job, all the feelings she has been denying comes rushing in head on.So here I am expecting some serious age gap right, I thought Shea was gonna be like 35 or something I was expecting BIG THINGS Shea is the tender age of twenty eight numeric 28 , Tommy is twenty three so that is an age gap of five years In my book not exactly something that would make my head spin I thought she was gonna be at least 10 years away from using depends or something, I just think they are in the same age group.Now the story and the characters are pretty exciting There is a freaking heart attack moment at the end, and I almost died I loved it, I think it amplified the whole series and is making me itch to read book five, I am talking swarmed by mosquitoes itch I really loved Tommy, he might be young, but he got skills in the bedroom Shea, I don t really clap my hands in glee for her, she was just alright for me Maybe it s because she s so old she could have been his mom or something sarcastic much.I would like to reflect on the popping up of anal in Miss Davis s sex scenes, reflecting It is good.So overall another great instalment in this sexy series It was great to hear about the other guys and drool, and spontaneously combust and all that. Opening LineGo wide Go wide Come on Skyler pass the ball Line Of Fire is book 4 in in the romantic, suspenseful and sexy firefighters of station five series This time through we get apparent Brad Pitt lookalike Tommy Skylar s story At 23 he s the youngest member of A shift, a former star quarterback, Tommy had dreams of going to the NFL until the death of his brother in Iraq changed everything Striving to make his parents proud Tommy joined the Fire Dept but still isn t sure it s where he wants to be.So far I ve really enjoyed this series, I mean how could you not With hard bodied firemen heroes, smoking hot love scenes, and exciting action suspense storylines it s always a great ride Part of the fun in reading these books is also the anticipation of how many trips to the hospital our heroes will have to endure before they get the bad guy and win the girl Jo Davis just loves to beat up her men and it s become a bit of a game for me counting the injuries I also like how all the books are connected with updates from past characters and continuing story arcs Here we get to catch up with 6 Pack, Zach, Julian and their Captain Sean s ongoing struggle with the bottle.ER nurse Shea Ford has been trying to avoid Tommy s irresistible charm and ongoing advances She thinks that he s way too young for the strong feelings he brings out in her and that she d be much safer dating Prescott, a boring city planner After Tommy lands in her ER the 1st time Shea finally concedes to a date and the two fall for each other pretty quickly after that Of course while all the romance is taking place we also have an arsonist on the loose and while I didn t find his POV particularly interesting, his bad guy antics do enable Sean to finally hit bottom and land Tommy in the hospital again, this time with surprisingly devastating injuries Ironically I had just been saying to myself Davis is taking it easy on her hero when whammy a burning building collapses on him, changing his future forever.All in all a pretty good read although I have to admit it s my least favourite from the series I had a tough time feeling the connection between Tommy and Shea or believing that he was ready for a HEA at 23 especially when he read like such a mama s boy And then there was the gratuitous anal sex scene at Tommy s parents house which I suppose was meant to show the depth of their love in a Lora Leigh sort of way however I found it unnecessary and weird especially considering Shea s secret A lot of times this just felt like Davis was going through the motions with stilted, fluffy dialogue and an almost repetitive story line Still I can t wait to read Sean s conclusion to this series next in Ride the Fire. Line of Fire is the fourth book of the Firefighters of Station Five series and ended up liking muchthan I thought I would At 23 years old, Tommy Skylar is the youngest member of Station Five, and everyone treats him that way not like a kid per se, but they re always watching out for him and in fact, they do call him kid He s a sweet, easy going Brad Pitt lookalike who gets along with everyone, so he s come across as kind of wimpy in the other books But the thing about Tommy is that he s known some serious grief in his life, so his experiences have made him a mature, wiser than his years man, a side of him which we finally get to see now that he s got his own book.Shea Ford is a 28 year old ER nurse who happens to be on duty when Tommy is brought in with a head injury he received during a rescue Tommy hasn t hidden his feelings for Shea, and even though she s pushed him away time and time again, when she sees him this way she can no longer fight her feelings, and things really start to heat up between them.The story was pretty interesting, with a corrupt politician and a home grown terrorist trying to set up house in Sugarland, TN, but even so the most exciting things that happened actually took place during the scenes with the firefighters on the job But one thing that really bugged me and it s a plot detail so don t peek unless you ve read the book, but view spoiler when Tommy went back into that building the last time and was hit over the head and left to die how was it the person who attacked him was able to lay in waiting for him in a dangerously burning building How could said attacker see through the smoke to know that it was Tommy there, underneath all that gear And last but certainly not least, how could Tommy s murder have been planned in this way when they had absolutely no way of knowing he d be the one going into the building hide spoiler Another great addition to this series and it s reallylike 4.5 stars Tommy Shea were totally believeable together and made a great couple Tommy is definitely put through the ringer with accidents injuries although no where near as much as poor Zach and let s thank goodness for THAT The sex scenes were totally sizzling Tommy has a lot of experience in his short 23 years Great update on all of the other characters and we get to see Zach and Cori get married Sean is still tormenting himself with what happened to his family, but in this book he finally is forced to face reality I would suggest starting at the beginning of this series just so you can have the background of all of the characters Not totally necessary, but highly recommended The book ends with sort of a cliffhanger and there is a preview of Sean s book at the end I so can t wait for that one Nice, easy read Line of Fire picked up right where Hidden Fire left off, so be sure to read this series in order If I remember correctly, the main characters, Tommy Skyler and Shea Ford, were splashed on the pages in earlier books and the continuing saga about Sean the captain is escalated I feel like Sean s tragic story is winding down now Still heartbreaking.Very light on the suspense and heavy on the sweet romance, Line of Fire was about young love, heartache, life s tragedy s forcing characters onto other paths, mistakes and regrets Tommy was 23 and considered a kid by most including Shea who was 28 and an ER nurse How their drama unraveled was neat and it didn t take long for them to forgo their insecurities and leap into each other s arms There was a lot of leaping Some very hot scenes between the two of them Also, there werethan a few updates on past characters, which is always nice The epilogue ended with a cliffhanger for the overall plot, so to be continued should have been the final words of this book A few things bugged me about the final chapters recapping and a lot of useless, mundane, details began popping up Fillers It was a fairly short book A few funny lines in the beginning had me chuckling Someone needs to shove a rainbow up your ass Holy Love Sonnet, Batman My ears are bleeding Highlight of my day It was the context in which this was said that cracked me up. This was a really good read one thing that just really got my goat though The amount of references to Tommy s mum and dad I mean I get the guy is still only in his early 20 s but geez I dont think any hot blooded male talks about momsy and dadsy so much and to a woman he wasnt to do the hanky panky with no less Otherwise top notch Why I Read this Book One word firefighters.What I Liked Tommy Skyler is a 23 year old firefighter at Station Five in Sugarland Tennessee He was on his way to becoming a football hero, until the tragic death of his brother Tommy feels like he is constantly living in his late brother s shadow and will never live up to his parents expectations like his brother did Tommy comes to the realization that he became a firefighter for the wrong reason and now wants to pursue his interest in becoming an Arson Investigator One thing Tommy is sure about is the feelings he has for Shea.Shea is a 28 year old ER nurse at the Sugarland hospital She has a twin brother, Shane, who s on the police force She s casually dating Forrest Prescott, the city manager because he s boring and safe She has feelings for Tommy but won t act on them Shea has suffered through her own set of losses and is reluctant to be in a relationship with Tommy because of that.Tommy has no problem letting Shea know how he feels about her and what he wants The two have only been on a couple of dates but Shea will not allow herself to get involved with him Even though she has feelings for him, she keeps her distance She thinks he s too young and lacks experience She s been burnt in the past by someone like Tommy a handsome, sexy athlete and that s keeping her from allowing herself to have a relationship with him However, Shea cannot keep her emotions and desires bottled up any longer when the two share a steamy kiss at a friend s wedding Line of Fire is full of romance and steamy love scenes with a splash of mystery and suspense This combination had me eager to turn the page and left me wantingThe love scenes were scorching hot In her bedroom, he placed her gently on her bed, then straightened His pale blue gaze never leaving hers, he shed his shirt and slid his jeans off along with his boxer briefs, kicking them away Shea drank in the sight of his naked body like a woman dying of thirst Clothed, he was the sexiest man she d ever seen Wearing nothing except a grin, the man was a pagan god. I was rooting for Tommy and Shea all the way I found myself grinning ear to ear when I was reading most of this book I, for one, love a man in uniform, especially firefighters They are the epitome of sexy.What I Didn t Like The only parts of the book that didn t completely capture my interest were the narratives from William Hensley s and Joseph Hensley s point of view William is caught in the middle of the conspiracy that takes place Joseph is William s grandfather I understand the need to fill the reader in with what is going on but I didn t feel engaged during these parts Other than that, Line of Fire was a delicious read.Overall Impression Line of Fire is the 4th book in the Firefighters of Station Five series but can be read as a stand alone without a hitch I have not read the first three books in the series but that didn t hinder my reading experience whatsoever I ve already added them to my wishlist and cannot wait to read them The characters are enjoyable and not to mention hot and I want to get to know each one s story I hope that Shane, Shea s twin brother, will get a book of his own perhaps a spin off series. To His Fellow Firemen, Tommy Skyler Has It All But The Golden Boy Of Station Five Hides A Private Pain He Was Once A Star Quarterback Until Tragedy Derailed His Dream Since Then, He S Struggled With His Choices Including His Decision To Become A Firefighter His One Ray Of Light Shines In Beautiful Nurse Shea Ford When A Dangerous Rescue Lands Tommy In The ER, What Better Opportunity To Win Her Over But When A Conspiracy Culminates In Deadly Arson, Tommy Realizes That A Ruthless Enemy Is Closing In, Threatening To Destroy The Couple S Love And Their Lives It had a few good moments, but not that many Line of Fire was like an X rated blending of Leave It To Beaver and CHiPs If you re too young to know, CHiPs was a late 1970 s TV show featuring two motorcycle cops from the California Highway Patrol Hunky guys and beautiful women spouting poorly scripted lines, while occasionally having emotional heart to hearts with themselves or others I thought I might be blinded by the virtual gleam coming off the shiny teeth And the we ve been through hell but we re such a strong, above average looking, loving family underneath it all moments made me want to gag So maybe this islike an X rated Lifetime moviecheesy my new go to word for books these days.In summary Characters have emotional angst collectively and individually , hero and heroine decide they will try relationship anyway Sex is really good so they go at it like bunnies Now they know it s true love, only ADVERSITY happens and one character must pull away so the other character can get on with their life Thin suspense plot intervenes to bring characters back together Blood is spilled, and emotional, dramatic scenes ensue Really corny lines are said with supposedly straight faces Everyone crazy happy at end of book, except we are given a sinister teaser for the next book.

National Bestselling author Jo Davis is best known for her popular Firefighters of Station Five series written as Jo Davis, and her dark, sexy paranormal series Alpha Pack, written as J.D Tyler PRIMAL LAW, the first book in her Alpha Pack series, is the winner of the National Reader s Choice Award in Paranormal She s also been a multiple finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excelle

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