Kept FOR ALL TIMEOh to be a kept woman and have a Sugar Daddy When self made millionaire Reed Douglas over hears Tricia Barton and her cousin discussing one night the virtues of being a mistress, he makes the proposal to make it happen The plot builds at a nice level keeping the reader captivated as their arrangement blossoms The dialogue between Reed and Trish is entertaining and the chemistry continually develops as their arranged relationship develops over the years Unlike most stories with a mistress, they live together at a house she picked and he pays for She isn t your money hunger mistress and refuses gifts, which totally baffles him What starts out as a few swats to her bottom does eventually become OTK BB spankings The sex is not overly explicit. Loved this spanking story It was a quick steamy read with two appealing main characters The HEA ending was somewhat abrupt and I really wanted an epilogue Looking forward to by this author. Who Said Being A Dominant Sugar Daddy Was Going To Be Easy Self Made Millionaire Reed Douglas Wanted A Woman In His Life, But He Didn T Have The Time For Even The Barest Of Social Rituals Tricia Barton Flew Down To Spend Some Time With Her Cousins After The Death Of Her Mother, Hoping A Change Of Scenery Would Help Her Slough Off The Remnants Of DepressionShe Never Expected To Have Her Life Turned Upside Down By Her Cousin S Undeniably Hot And Very Dominant Boss Who Didn T Hesitate To Suggest That She Let Him Keep Her In A Style To Which She Definitely Didn T Want To Become Accustomed But One Of The Few Things Left Out Of Their Very Special Arrangement Was That She Ended Up Finding Herself Over His Lap Often Than Not A naughty little story that actually ends up being just as if not romantic than erotic, Kept is about a woman who comes out of the worst year of her life into a relationship with a man that begins as one thing and ends as something else all together.When Tricia Barton meets her cousin s boss, she s instantly attracted to his alpha male demeanor But billionaire Reed Douglas couldn t possibly want a staid school teacher like Tricia so she immediately dismisses him until, unbeknownst to her, he overhears Tricia informing her cousin she s decided she wants to become a kept woman When he approaches her with an offer, she s floored and intrigued Eventually agreeing to become his mistress for hire, she s adamant about the fact that this is all business no matter what her heart is telling her.Although Reed wants , he s willing to take her on her terms little does he know that than his money, and libido, are on the line, because this transaction is gonna steal his heart Though there is a little bit of dominance in this one as well as good amount of spanking kink , I was surprised to find I cared about the character development than I usually expect from erotica such as this Still the ending was rather abrupt and it just wasnt long enough to suit my tastes. Did I read this story and forget to note it down I must have because I know I ve read this story and I could have sworn it was earlier this year This is a 2.5 star for me It s a sweet romantic concept about a woman, Trish who is a highly paid mistress by her cousin s boss, Reed.The story is fancifully romantic The D s is mild and the spanking is fun Is this a fantasy I think of when I m over burdened at work YES Then I remember I m the bread winner in the family Sometimes it would nice to be a kept woman I could just read books, review them and write my own stories Trish has it made here. Tricia is 37 years old, she s a school teacher, she s been divorced for three years and she also writes erotica Her beloved mother recently passed away so she leaves New Hampshire to visit her cousin, Maggie and her husband in Tennessee Maggie picks her up at the airport with her boss, Reed Douglas who Trish is quite attracted to Reed is 45 years old and a self made millionaire who was dirt poor and worked his ass off after his dad left him and his mom to give her a better life Reed overhears Trish talking to Maggie saying she d like to be a kept woman by a rich man and he s intrigued by the idea He takes her out to dinner to discuss the idea with her and they decide on a year long contract where he takes care of her financially and she s available for sex when he wants it I absolutely loved Reed, he was hot as hell and sweet but Trish I thought was a cold, miserable bitch most of the time. KEPT is one of CFs best, IMHO The mistress for hire theme has been done before, but these characters were very likable and the arrangement was not your run of the mill paid escort fare.Reed Douglas is a busy man too busy for a social life Trisha Barton just lost her mother and decides to sped time with her cousin and regroup She meets Reed, the cousin s boss, and he makes her an offer she has some trouble refusing Be my hostess for parties, a companion on my arm, a sexual relationship if we both agree Not too terrible, right I liked the strength in Trish I liked that she had some real and fundamental objections to certain things in their contract and stood her ground I liked that Reed wasn t unreasonable all the time all of these things, unfortunately are so than not in DD D s books, so this relationship was refreshing The writing, of course, was terrific and the dialogue between the two characters was real and very sweet.CF is one of my favorites, and Kept is one of her best. 3.5 StarsThis was a well written short story and my first read of Carolyn Faulkner.I have stated many times that its hard to get a good mix between storyline, romance and sex in eroticas I would say this book had a good mix of all three, but the ending was so abrupt I liked the storyline, I don t recall recently reading a story about a kept woman, so it was refreshing I just wanted a little closure I also only gave it 3.5 stars because i m not into the whole spanking thing I didn t realise before hand that old love would be getting her ass whooped every second page, so I would have rated higher without that but that is obviously what the book was about I should have read about the book before hand my problem, definately not the authors. I m still trying to figure out what this book is about Review to come later Lovely story.Tricia had agreed to be a kept woman for self made millionaire Reed Douglas But as they stay together, their relationship slowly transformed from a business arrangement to something much , as each give the other person what he she secretly craves or needs.This is a spanking romance, so if you can t handle such scenes, avoid this novella But if you don t have any issues about such kinks, then read and meet two such delightful, strong willed individuals, and how in the end they find love with each other My only complaint is that the ending was a little too abrupt Overall, this story kept me riveted up to the last page.

Carolyn was one of you as a kid, with the intriguing seeds planted in her head of the shivering thrill thoughts that came with words like spanking, or discipline As with you, those kinds of words and thoughts connected the heated blush of her cheeks with feelings elsewhere, which got and interesting the older she got.I bet you know just what I m talking about.Like some, she started writ

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Kept  By Carolyn Faulkner –
  • ebook
  • 88 pages
  • Kept
  • Carolyn Faulkner
  • 12 February 2018
  • 9781935152828

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