Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines: Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path

Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines: Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great PathMind expanding information about the Chod Aghora short path Read in conjunction with Aghora I by Svoboda Great and terrifying. This book is excellent A little confusing if you don t have background knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism which I had little so I plan on re reading this one in the future so I may better understand what they are talking about.The review above was written ten years ago according to goodreads date WOW In ten years, I will say, that this book has been a companion of mine I take it everywhere I go and review it It has lead me to many other questions, books, people, and states of mind I never anticipated Keep it near. L esprit est le grand assassin du r el Que le disciple tue l assassin La compassion parle et dit Peut il y avoir de la joie quand toute vie doit souffrir Serez vous sauv en entendant le monde entier pleurer Que le fier soleil ne s che pas une larme de souffrance avant que vous m me ne l ayez essuy e de l il de celui qui souffre L l ve doit retrouver l tat d enfant qu il a perdu avant que le premier son puisse vibrer son oreille D truis en toi le souvenir des exp riences pass es Ne regarde pas en arri re ou tu es perdu H las, h las, que tout homme poss dant laya L Imp rissable et n tant qu un avec la grande me, cette possession d laya soit de si peu de poids pour lui.L action et l inaction peuvent trouver place en toi ton corps agit , ton esprit tranquille, ton me aussi claire qu un lac de montagne Vivre pour tre bienfaisant pour l humanit est le premier pas Pratiquer les six vertus glorieuses est le second.Si tu ne peux tre le soleil, alors sois l humble plan te Le sentier est unique pour tous, les moyens d atteindre le but varient avec chaque p lerin.Ne laisse pas tes sens faire de ton esprit un terrain de jeux As tu mis ton tre au diapason de la grande souffrance de l humanit , candidat la lumi re Et sache que l ternel ne conna t pas le changement. Secret doctrines in this case means oral tradition Things that were not traditionally written down, but were passed on from teacher to student verbally This is a collection of some of the most insightful writings that I have ever come across It draws heavily from pre buddhist bon tradition and contains extensive ad explicit instructions and details on techniques of lucid dreaming among other things This is the real deal I would say about half of it is translations of true, but run of the mill type stuff The rest though, is some of the most densly packed pearls of philosophical insight one is likely to come across. Very engrossing and well written A must for anyone interested in the esoteric side of yoga consciousness. This is a classic translation and part of a series of translations of Tibetan Buddhist texts published by W.Y Evans Wentz The selection of texts present a coherent body of theoretical and practical aspects of religious praxis, especially the last third of the book which collects a number of tantric ritual texts. Books, Audiotapes, And Classes About Yoga Are Today As Familiar As They Are Widespread, But We In The West Have Only Recently Become Engaged In The Meditative Doctrines Of The East Only In The Last Or Years, In Fact In The Early Part Of The Th Century, It Was The Pioneering Efforts Of Keen Scholars Like W Y Evans Wentz, The Late Editor Of This Volume, That Triggered Our Ongoing Occidental Fascination With Such Phenomena As Yoga, Zen, And Meditation Tibetan Yoga And Secret Doctrines A Companion To The Popular Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Which Is Also Published By Oxford In An Authoritative Evans Wentz Edition Is A Collection Of Seven Authentic Tibetan Yoga Texts That First Appeared In English In In These Pages, Amid Useful Photographs And Reproductions Of Yoga Paintings And Manuscripts, Readers Will Encounter Some Of The Principal Meditations Used By Hindu And Tibetan Gurus And Philosophers Throughout The Ages In The Attainment Of Right Knowledge And Enlightenment Special Commentaries Precede Each Translated Text, And A Comprehensive Introduction Contrasts The Tenets Of Buddhism With European Notions Of Religion, Philosophy, And Science Evans Wentz Has Also Included A Body Of Orally Transmitted Traditions And Teachings That He Received Firsthand During His Fifteen Plus Years Of Study In The Orient, Findings That Will Interest Any Student Of Anthropology, Psychology, Comparative Religion, Or Applied Mah Ay Ana Yoga These Seven Distinct But Intimately Related Texts Will Grant Any Reader A Full And Complete View Of The Spiritual Teachings That Still Inform The Life And Culture Of The East As With Evans Wentz S Other Three Oxford Titles On Tibetan Religion, Which Are Also Appearing In New Editions, This Third Edition Of Tibetan Yoga And Secret Doctrines Features A New Foreword By Donald S Lopez, Author Of The Recent Prisoners Of Shangri La Tibetan Buddhism And The West

Walter Yeeling Evans Wentz M.A., Stanford University was an anthropologist and writer who was a pioneer in the study of Tibetan Buddhism.As a teenager, he read Madame Blavatsky s Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine and became interested in the teachings of Theosophy At Stanford he studied with William James and William Butler Yeats He then studied Celtic mythology and folklore at Jesus Colle

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  • Paperback
  • 434 pages
  • Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines: Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path
  • W.Y. Evans-Wentz
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780195133141

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