Soul Stealers (Clockwork Vampire Chronicles #2)

Soul Stealers (Clockwork Vampire Chronicles #2) THE CLOCKWORK VAMPIRES THIRST FOR BLOOD OIL The Land Of Falanor Has Fallen The Renegade Hero Kell Is Being Hunted By The Machine Vampires, The Vachine On His Way To Recruit Reinforcements To Launch The Counter Attack, The Mighty Hero Finds Himself The Prey Of Two Beautiful But Deadly Vampire Assassins Their Bronze Fangs Are Coming For HimFile Under Epic Fantasy A Land Despoiled A Dangerous Hero Campire Assassins Blood Oil

Andy Remic lives in Lincoln, UK, although his heart and viking soul belong to the Scottish mountains Married with two children, Andy has a variety of esoteric and sometimes contrasting loves, including sword fighting, climbing, mountain biking, kick boxing, Ducati motorcycles and retro gaming He recently wrote the computer version of his novel Biohell for the 48K Spectrum, in which many people a

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  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Soul Stealers (Clockwork Vampire Chronicles #2)
  • Andy Remic
  • English
  • 08 August 2019
  • 9780857660671

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    Le iba a dar 5 estrella pero le he quitado una por hacer trampas Y encima para meter con calzador algo que no cuadra ni a tiros Un personaje que va describiendo sus pensamientos no puede de repente ser un traidor desde el principio de la historia, y cuando lo hacen me jode bastante No le quito otra estrella de milagro Y encima pa n se pod aresolver de otra forma mucho mejor.En fin tampoco importa pero como me jode pues eso El libro es pura dinamita acci n a raudales, cliffhangers a tutiplen, vamos no puedes parar As que a pesar de la parida esta al final del libro pues merece la pena.En cuanto a la edici n de dilatando mentes pues muy chula como todo lo que publican aunque con el mismo estilo estra o de narices mezcla del sistema de publicaci n ingl s pero cambiando por Queda raro como ya coment en el primer libro as que no me extiendo m s Y eso s en papel una pena que no saquen en digital Odio cada vez m s el papel.

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    Please note this review contains spoilers for those that have not read Kell s Legend.When reading anything by Andy Remic you can rest assured that things are going to get brutal and bloody very quickly I would definitely not recommend Kell s Legend or it s sequel, Soul Stealers, to those of you that are faint of heart The violence is as graphic as it gets The author doesn t sugar coat anything There are seas of blood and everyone, irrespective of age and gender, are a potential victim.In Kell s Legend the main protagonist, Kell, is not a terribly nice man He is an aging warrior who is in a constant battle with the ravages of time He steadfastly refuses to give in to his inevitable decline, as well as trying to control an almost psychopathic temper His code of honour would make most people consider him a monster In fact with a few exceptions most of the characters aren t that nice.Personally, this didn t detract from my enjoyment of the story Quite the reverse in fact There is a refreshing honesty in the book which I liked Kell and his main companion Saark are both flawed men Kell with the dark voices in his head and violence in his heart while Saark is a self destructive hedonist It makes their relationship an endless back and forth of arguments which is very entertaining.The villain of the piece is General Graal He leads the Army of Iron They in turn are servants of the Vachine The Vachine are a race of clockwork vampires that use refined blood blood oil to power their mechanical enhancements.Soul Stealers, published this October by Angry Robot Books, picks up where Kell s Legend left off The Army of Iron has crushed the country of Falanor General Graal finally reveals his true colours, his long planned scheme to restore the ancient Vampire Lords and destroy the corrupt Vachine society Meanwhile Kell and Saark try to avoid Graal s forces as they race north in order to find Kell s missing grand daughter, Nienna.As the story races along, both Kell and Saark have to face their inner demons There is quite a lot of internal dialogue going on so the reader gets to learn the character s motivations for their actions.If I could change anything I think I would have liked to have learned about the characters of the Soul Stealers themselves, especially as the book is named after them They were not present in the first book, and I think they deserved a bit exposure in this sequel They are integral to both of the main strands of the plot, Graal s betrayal and Kell s search for his grand daughter.Kell s Legend ends on a rather nice cliffhanger Soul Stealers takes that excitement to the next level It ends with what I think they call a game changer It certainly left me wanting .Based on other reviews I ve read of Andy Remic s work I think it s fair to say that he is the literary equivalent of Marmite due to his extreme brutality, particularly towards his female characters You read his books and you either love them or hate them Personally I enjoy everything of his I ve read I ve been a fan since I read his first science fiction novel, Spiral His move to fantasy novels has been successful His characters are violent and flawed and can seem to be downright cruel but this always makes for an interesting read.I look forward to next book in the series.Soul Stealers will be launched at FantasyCon 2010 and will be on general release in October.

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    This was a very good book I only had one problem with it If you read it, pay close attention to Queen Alloria s character What happens with her in the last pages does not make any sense at all Especially after all that business with the King being her true soul mate when she was on the mountain pass I mean wow I m not talking about the business with Saark..Im talking about the situation with Graal I was going Huh for a good 10 minutes after I read it Maybe in the next book that situation will get explored throughly but as of this moment it is why the book got 4 stars instead of 5.

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    An interesting techno modern twist to an old legend Cannot wait to read the final book.

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    Overall Rating 7.5 out of 10 Excellent Dark FantasyOverview In Book 1 of the Clockwork Vampires Review Here The Iron Army invaded the lands of men, bringing Kell and his bloodbond axe, Ilanna, out of retirement and into the battlefield Graal and his Iron Army are crushing the lands of men and their Harvesters are literally sucking the life blood from them.Kell is dying from poison as is his neice, Nienna, who has been abducted by a woman desperate for the cure the Vachine can provide her dying body Graal has sent his assassins, the beautiful and deadly Soul Stealers, to kill Kell as well.Kell needs to survive the poison, rescue his niece, and somehow get rid of an invading army of near immortals.Review Remic steps up the gore level a bit in this one If you read Kell s Legend and had a hard time eating dinner afterwards, stop now, it only gets better In addition to the increased action and gore levels, Remic changes things a bit from his first outing in the series Where Kell s Legend was very linearly told, Soul Stealers alternates viewpoints considerably giving us back story and motivations of the other players in the story.Remic didn t set out to write another Song of Ice and Fire The political machinations, plot twists, and motivations in the Clockwork Vampire series are fairly strait forward You don t need a wall sized map and a reference book on the family trees to keep up This is head on Sword Sorcery in the tradition of David Gemmell, Robert E Howard, or Fritz Leiber That said, you will find treachery, backstabbing, plot twists including some big ones , and a truck load of action Conclusion Do you need to read Kell s Legend first YES The books in this trilogy don t stand on their own. cliffhanger endings, insufficient back story, etc They are certainly meant to be read as a set.Thus, the review of this novel is heavily dependent on its predecessor I am enjoying the series, and have and will continue to recommend it I found the frequent viewpoint changes in this book a bit intrusive to the storyline and would have preferred linear continuity I gave Soul Stealers a half point less than the first of the trilogy primarily due to this If hardcover Sword Sorcery with clockwork and vampires thrown in sounds great to you, you won t be disappointed, The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles starts strong with Kell s Legend and continues strong with Soul Stealers Vampire Warlords is Book 3 and is available now as well.

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    Direct continuation of the first novel More basically serviceable plot with basically serviceable characters, with copious use of a small set of literal tropes to stir up maximum feelings.At this point, so many characters are so often set up with moments of noble purpose and resolve, as though they might now have a chance to change their fate, only to be instantly destroyed in the most pointless and useless way, it is almost like reading a literal tic Very annoying Characters die, but then comes back to life Characters seem to be important by their set up, but get killed after pages and pages of them doing this or that, without ultimately contributing anything to the plot Then there is the way the author ends every chapter with a clumsy cliff hanger is this book written and sold on a chapter to chapter basis Then there is the way the plot twists and turns with very little logic and clarity, with betrayals coming out of the left field, having no prior set up view spoiler If throughout an entire two novels a character is described from her perspective as being raped and tortured by the villain, then suddenly turns out to be an accomplice ALL ALONG in the last 5 pages of the book, without any reason given for WHY she turned traitorous this is truly lazy writing hide spoiler

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    More of the same from the first book I wish I hadn t picked up this set I hate it when a so so book has a cliffhanger ending Now I have to read all three books The first book was okay, and if it had ended, in a year or so I would have considered reading another book in a similar style, and might have gone back to this author, because I do enjoy the occasional fantasy pulp fiction But not back to back, and no way am I going to remember the plot of the first book a year from now especially not since I will have read a hundred or books in the interim So I m stuck reading the whole trilogy The only reason I m reviewing this here is so that I remember NEVER to pick up another Andy Remic, because I just can t stand books that end in the middle of the climax Even books that are destined to be trilogies or series have some kind of resolution regarding the main events to the book, with usually just a few loose ends floating around that carry over to the next book And what was enjoyable and fun to read in the first books has become tedious in the second, although it did pick up and become a bit exciting toward the endjust in time for yet another cliffhanger so I can groan and move onto the third book.

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    BOOM This one takes off like a lightning bolt, as the first book in the series does Kell and Saark are hell bent on getting out of the ruined city they are hiding in and getting after Kell s grand daughter Both of them were poisoned by the huntress and rogue who stole the young lady, so they have to go after them and catch up to receive the antidote Bloody battle after bloody battle ensues, and the whole while General Graal and the Clockwork Vampire army are rampaging all across the land.There is not much to say here that won t give spoilers away, however I can say this and I have to, as I laughed out loud for awhile after reading it Kell and Saark are roughing it, living where and how they can and trying to get to the grand daughter Saark picks up a donkey along the way, and of course Kell wants to eat it, but Mary is not for eating and proves to be a steadfast and able companion In a definitive scene, the Vampires send a heavily armed party to capture the two They catch them, and donkey in an abandoned shack Sending in a witch, who incapacitates Kell, the future looks very bad They donkey saves the day by kicking the witch in the face and breaks the spell, freeing Kell to his famous brand of ultra violence Good Stuff Danny

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    In the horror fantasy genre Andy Remic continues to reign supreme in my opinion , and he delivers than I ever expected in the great second installment of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles The story continues from right where Kell s Legend cliffhanger ended And, within reading the prologue and first chapter, Andy Remic has grabbed me with the new, surprising, and deadly abominations that live powerfully on the edge of blasphemy Also, I was deeply touched emotionally and then joyously surprised when I read about Jage, an injured boy left for dead There are still great mysteries to unfold as characters you thought you knew fooled me as well as others and prove to be someone else entirely These mysteries, unanswered questions, and as well as the history of Falanor are exposed There is far going on than the vachine conquering Falanor for the blood oil they require I was completely enraptured in the world that is Falanor, and did not want to put this book down Normally I don t do this I d rather wait for the next novel and go without a sneak preview to the next chapter in the series, but before I knew it I soon found myself reading the prologue to Vampire Warlords.

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    Andy Remic is new to me There are three books in the series I have now read all three It s been sometime since I read sword and sorcery novels I read them when I was somewhat younger Perhaps my tastes have changed because I found these three to be severely repetitive in nature to the point where the author uses the same phrases and descriptions and words over and over The banter between Saark and Kell became particularly annoying as well as the word piss throughout all there novels.The plot is good and he leaves the door wide open for continuing the series and at least three actors Women, I think, get short shrift though or at least that s my feeling These are manly men novels, male centered, male dominated The first in the series was less that way than the others By the third the author had gone from lust to somewhat explicit sex scenes A natural progression or pleasing his publishers and audience At the same time I felt the author progressed and gained some wisdom along the way in his writing I d be hard pressed to return to Kell and his cohorts I m afraid As I said perhaps my tastes have changed over the years This is macho candy where I want a good chew steak these days.

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