Waking Dragons

Waking Dragons The Man Kumite Is One Of Karate S Toughest Tests, Reserved For Senior Black Belts With Years Of Experience One Person Fights A Line Up Of Thirty Fighters, One After Another, Full Contact, Moving Up The Grades To Face The Strongest, Most Dangerous Fighters Last Waking Dragons Is A True Account Of Goran Powell S Man Kumite And The Lifetime Of Martial Arts That Led Up To It He Covers The Fitness Training And Mental Preparations Required For Such A Brutal Test, Talking Openly Of The Conquest Of Fear And The Spiritual Growth That Is At The Heart Of The Traditional Martial Arts REVIEWS It Inspired Me, And I Know It Will Inspire You Geoff Thompson The Author S Journey Is One In Which We Can Find Great Wisdom, Information That All Martial Artists Should Know Lawrence Kane Quite Simply, This Book Is Impossible To Put Down Matthew Sylvester, Traditional Karate And Combat Magazine One Of Those Rare Books You Want To Keep Reading Because It S So Good, But Fear Reaching The End Because Then It Will Be Over Richard Revell, Waterstones, An Exciting And Tense Read With Lots Of Action Martial Arts Magazine, August I Only Wish I D Written The Damned Thing Myself Nick Hughes, Fight Survival Training I m the author of this book so rather than review it, I ll just tell you what it s about In karate, the 30 Man Kumite is a test that involves fighting 30 people in a row for one minute each in a full contact bout The book is my own experience of the test It includes the lifetime of martial arts training that went into it and the experiences and lessons learned from it You don t need to know anything about martial arts to understand it and hopefully enjoy it I picked up this book at the right time My friends and I were working out preparing for a week of activities in Hawaii Snorkeling, jet skiing, hiking, swimmingdoesn t sound like much, but since we work and live a mostly sedentary life like ours, we d only last a few minutes at each activity if we didn t shape up So we started watching our calories and working out mornings and evenings I started out with swimming a mile a week and worked my way up to four miles a week We started losing pounds, slimming down, and getting physically fit We even watched Rocky 1 6 Waking Dragons is an autobiographical account of a regular guy living a modern life with job and family the only thing is he s a passionate martial artist The tale begins with his childhood judo romps and follows him from one martial arts school to another He accumulates knowledge and trains his body over time, and the story culminates in a 30 man kumite where he has to fight 30 people, one every minute.As I was reading this book, I related to it on two levels First, I love martial arts, too Although I haven t pursued it as seriously, I know what it s like to search for the nearest karate dojo or kung fu teacher everywhere I go and to try one school and then another, learning something new from each teacher and martial arts style This passion and habit has made all the difference in my life Second, since I was on this Hawaii fitness program with my friends, I was inspired by Powell s efforts planning his fitness and diet program, balancing the demands of life work and fitness, and pushing against that wall while working out That said, I wonder how well a non martial artist would relate to this book I m thinking if you re one of those readers who s into books about interpersonal relationships or romantic dramas or occult intrigue, this is probably not the book for you However, if you re looking for a companion on your own journey towards fitness or someone who s experienced and pursued martial arts training, this book is one of the best martial arts literature out there. Waking Dragons originally captured my attention since it is about the martial arts and I am a student of Moo Duk Kwan The author, Goran Powell, a lifelong devotee of the martial arts, tells his story from starting Judo as a young boy to facing his ultimate challenge a 30 man kumite A 30 man kumite is a test in which one person, Powell, fights 30 fresh well trained black belts one after the other Martial arts ooze from the pages But as we follow Powell on his amazing journey, something magical takes place Yes, Waking Dragons is all about Powell but somewhere in there, it becomes about us, too It becomes not just his story, but motivation that if he can do this then we can also do amazing things It becomes our journey, too We fall when he falls, get kicked when he does, and stand back up when he refuses to stay down We feel glory when he triumphs and true grit and dtermination when he refuses to lose.Powell tells his story in a conversational banter that makes me feel he is sitting down next to me knocking back a few pints, not across the pond in another country I feel like I know him, I feel like he is my teacher on this journey.I may never fight a 30 man kumite But Powell s incredible story lets me know that if I try hard enough, I can do anything And I gave this book the highest praise possible when, upon finishing Waking Dragons, I automatically turned it over and started reading it again High praise indeed.

Goran is a writer who holds a 5th Dan in Goju Ryu Karate He lives in London and teaches and trains at Daigaku Karate Kai, one of the UK s strongest clubs In 2006 his first book Waking Dragons was an instant bestseller on s martial arts listing and is now in its second edition In 2008 he co produced the highly acclaimed Four Shades of Black written by his Sensei Gavin Mulholland Goran s

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  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • Waking Dragons
  • Goran Powell
  • English
  • 01 October 2019
  • 9781450515009

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