Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath In The Summer Of , Nineteen Year Old Mimi Beardsley Arrived By Train In Washington, DC To Begin An Internship In The White House Press Office The Kennedy Administration Had Reinvigorated The Capital And The Country And Mimi Was Eager To Contribute For A Young Woman From A Privileged But Sheltered Upbringing, The Job Was The Chance Of A Lifetime Although She Started As A Lowly Intern, Mimi Made An Impression On Kennedy S Inner Circle And, After Just Three Days At The White House, She Was Presented To The President Himself Almost Immediately, The Two Began An Affair That Would Continue For The Next Eighteen Months In An Era When Women In The Workplace Were Still Considered Girls, Mimi Was Literally A Girl Herself Na Ve, Innocent, Emotionally Unprepared For The Thrill That Came When The President S Charisma And Power Were Turned On Her Full Force She Was Also Unprepared For The Feelings Of Isolation That Would Follow As She Fell Into The Double Life Of A College Student Who Was Also The Secret Lover Of The Most Powerful Man In The World Then, After The President S Tragic Death In Dallas, She Grieved In Private, Locked Her Secret Away, And Tried To Start Her Life Anew, Only To Find That Her Past Would Cast A Long Shadow And Ultimately Destroy Her Relationship With The Man She Married In , A Kennedy Biographer Mentioned A Tall, Slender, Beautiful Nineteen Year Old College Sopho And White House Intern, Who Worked In The Press Office In Reference To One Of The President S Affairs The Disclosure Set Off A Tabloid Frenzy And Soon Exposed Mimi And The Secret That She Had Kept For Forty One Years Because Her Past Had Been Revealed In Such A Shocking, Public Way, She Was Forced, For The First Time, To Examine The Choices She D Made She Came To Understand That Shutting Down One Part Of Her Life So Completely Had Closed Her Off From So Much No Longer Defined By Silence Or Shame, Mimi Alford Has Finally Unburdened Herself With This Searingly Honest Account Of Her Life And Her Extremely Private Moments With A Very Public Man Once Upon A Secret Offers A New And Personal Depiction Of One Of Our Most Iconic Leaders And A Powerful, Moving Story Of A Woman Coming To Terms With Her Past And Moving Out Of The Shadows To Reclaim The Truth

Marion Mimi Alford born May 7, 1943 is an American woman who wrote a book first published in 2011 about her affair 50 years earlier with the United States President John F Kennedy when she was a 19 year old intern working in the White House Her book is titled Once Upon a Secret My Affair with President John F Kennedy and Its Aftermath.

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    I expected this to be a little salacious Mimi Beardsley was the original White House intern, in the Kennedy administration, and was basically outed a few years ago by the press What most struck me about this memoir is, though she wrote it in her late 60s, it reads every bit the na ve 19 year old she was I completely understood how and why things unfolded even if I was cringing on her behalf Her nineteen year old self shines through in a most realistic way It s crazy how long she kept this a secret from the people she loved And it s crazy that JFK would call the communal phone in the dorm and ask for her and people had no idea.She is very discreet with what she shares The sex scenes are no descriptive than he took his pants off and then we were done I didn t really feel why she was so enad of him other than the obvious and if there were sparks between the two they did not show up in here The writing is almost too discreet, which is not to say she should ve gone into physical details but it gave zero sense for the man JFK was behind closed doors and thus made their affair seem robotic and functional but not the least bit passionate And maybe it was just that In any case, a quick read.

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    There is a difference between reviewing a book and psycho analyzing an author But this book provokes me to blur that distinction Characters in books are allowed to be three dimensional and textured, as multi layered as lasagna But when a narrator s approach to a character is unclear, when the narrator in fact vacillates between two opposing views, then the book will have problems Is this a story of the mutual, tender love affair between the charming young President and the woman he was drawn to in a passionate, if ill advised romance Or is this a story about the Most Powerful Man in the world and the way he brutally forced himself on a confused, 19 year old virgin It is the latter Alford is to be commended for not pulling punches in her description of her first encounter with Kennedy Indeed, the best writing in the book may be the opening The first ten pages are gripping, suspenseful, and free of any extraneous adornment It reads as Just the Facts, Ma am It is an outstanding beginning Unfortunately, even fifty years later, Alford remains ambivalent about her experience with Kennedy Perhaps he is the only man she has worked for who uses his overwhelming gifts of charm and personality to abuse everyone around him I have known and worked for several It does take some getting used to these kinds are such natural salesmen, they are accustomed to making everyone do things they do not want to do But if you work for them day in and day out, the abuse, the dangerous malevolence lurking just beneath that winsome smile begins to come out The title says this book is about keeping her secret and the damage it caused, and the healing that followed sharing it And there is a story there But the narrative is overwhelmed by a much larger story President Kennedy forced himself on a half drunk intern when he had barely had two or three conversations with her It was memories of Kennedy that destroyed Alford s later marriage not her secret It was Kennedy who forced her daughters to suffer through a broken home not mom s secret or dad s understandable if ridiculous reaction to it It is still Kennedy that has changed the course of the author s entire life I think she forgives the man, the beast, far too easily There is a reason such men are called wolves Once Upon a Secret brings to mind another odd title Once Upon a Mattress, fitting perhaps, because that first encounter on none other than Jackie s mattress seems to be the pivot point, on which so much turns The author bluntly faces some of the hard truths about how JFK pushed her and manipulated her But she always finds a way to defend him Perhaps as a victim of a classic case of sexual harassment, conquest, rape call it what you will , her mixed tone is forgivable The Stockholm Syndrome is to be expected John F Kennedy was not only the President he was one of the biggest rock stars alive at the time, a charismatic celebrity perhaps rivaled only by Elvis Presley Naturally being singled out by him was flattering on some level, and left the virginal 19 year old unsure what to do next.But the mixed emotions of the narrator her personal reaction do nothing to soften the truth of this terrible injustice Fifty years later, she continues to defend the President She frets about hurting his image, she reports every kind gesture or tender moment they ever shared, as if struggling to remind us all how sweet he was This dichotomy, this cognitive dissonance is even problematic when this book is viewed as a story, as a book after all The narrator endures this terrible thing, this crime that, were a few details changed, would never be tolerated Forget the President Imagine if your 19 year old daughter took an internship at the local newspaper, was invited out for drinks with the fat, fifty something editor in chief After they coerce her into drinking not one but two daquiries, the old man gets her alone, leans her over on a convenient bed, and puts his hands under her dress, robbing her of her virginity in minutes There are no grounds for mixed emotions The encounter is 100% one sided, unwelcome, and an absolute shock The narrator s odd reaction helping him with her dress does nothing to lessen the wickedness it is not consent He was the 45 year old President of the Free World She was not even twenty, a sheltered good girl from a girl s school, never had had a boyfriend, had not even kissed a boy since eighth grade If it were my daughter, there might never have been a grassy knoll And yet, this victim vacillates, alternately reporting the abuse, then defending the abuser In a book, this creates tone problems and incoherence Are you for him or against him Is he the good guy or the bad guy Who are we supposed to root for But I suspect this is exactly the sort of incoherence you have to live with when you are the young and powerless, nearly childlike victim of a powerful, admired nearly parent like older abuser Such a double mindedness should perhaps be expected in anyone victimized as Alford was.I am a lawyer, not a psychologist But some have said serious abuse can leave you emotionally stuck at the age when it happened When it comes to her reaction and continued defense of Kennedy, the author seems stuck in 1963 That is none of my business and beyond the scope of a book review, but it is the sort of impression her unyielding defense leaves It reminds me of women who suffer domestic violence, but refuse to press charges, telling police they fell down the stairs and got that black eye.Again, the author suffered a terrible abuse The confusion it left her with is just another part of it Thousands of people can understand that weird and terrifying bond that connects the victim to the abuser I only wish the author well I enjoyed the book.

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    America was in love with JFK Even those who hadn t voted for him in 1960, many of whom selectively edited their memories after his death to say that they had For 19 year old Mimi Beardsley, recruited as a summer intern following a fleeting meeting with the President, there was no chance.He literally tested the waters with her, inviting her to his regular lunchtime swim session and later giving her a private tour of the private areas of the White House, where she lost her virginity to JFK and began a two year affair with him Mimi, now Alford rather than Beardsley after two marriages, thinks of herself as a footnote to a footnote of history, but I see her as than this She is, very literally, a paragraph in at least two biographies of those Camelot years, and with historians breathing down her neck until she was finally outed, forty five years later, she decided to go public with her own story.There are two intimate glimpses here in this book Mimi looking back at her nineteen year old self, and her memories of the dashing young President We see the innocent college student, excited to be invited to work in the White House press office, where merely changing the rolls on Pierre Salinger s teletype machines was exciting She worries about clothing, she dreams of interviewing Jackie, she makes friends with the staff.And she is seduced by the President We see JFK as a charming predator, looking on 1960s Washington as a sexual smorgasbord, Mimi just one of many conquests He s a thoughtful lover, sometimes a little over confident, sometimes distracted by events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis.His womenising is an open secret, particularly with Jackie, who loses count of her husband s lovers Her absence from the White House is a signal for Jack to replace her, for a few minutes or a night, and we gasp at his brazen behaviour as he recruits his staff and his brothers to move women around, sometimes in secret, sometimes under the noses of the press corps.Now, this is not the salacious behind the bedroom door book it could have been The woman in her sixties telling the story reveals little about body parts and techniques Instead she tells the story of the relationship, before and after Kennedy s assassination, which is a turning point in her life and the beginning of a long and ultimately miserable marriage She keeps her secret for decades, though it poisons her life,band when she finally tells a few close friends and family and then later shares it with the world, we share her sense of relief and catharsis For one thing, she wants to set the record straight, correcting a few minor details, and she also wants to let the world know the devastating impact the affair had on her life I find myself, rather than shocked or salacilised, cheering Mimi on whenever she stands up for herself Poor woman, she s gone through so much, she deserves a little love and understanding Besides, I ve always been than a little in love with the charismatic young President myself, seduced by the legend.

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    I totally, completely loved this book, much to my surprise I picked it up looking for a tawdry thrill and haven t stopped thinking about it since Why Here s why.First of all, the author came off as someone who has done a ton of self analysis and has really thought about what she did from every possible angle She s a well educated and thoughtful person and the way she can honestly report her motivation for doing everything that she did, whether they put her in a good light or not, was impressive I don t think there are that many people who really analyze their own actions and thoughts in any kind of objective way like she did.Second, everything she said about their relationship was totally and completely believable I can picture her perfectly as a naive but smart and willing young intern in the white house I believe everything she said she loved JFK, but she never had any false illusions about the outcome of their affair Both she and he handled the affair with class and propriety I have read my share of JFK books and trust me, this book gives a perspective on him that you will not find anywhere else Third, she did not write this for attention She kept this secret for a long time I think 40 something years And when she did finally tell it, it was because the press dug it up and she was forced to deal with it again.Fourth, the most interesting part of this book was NOT the details of what she did with JFK, although that was certainly interesting It was the way it affected her relationship with her husband She told him about the affair when they were engaged and JFK was assassinated He was appalled and told her he would still marry her but she could never speak of it again That secret was at the center of their married life and it ate at it like a cancer until the marriage fell apart That led me to think about the nature of secrets and how destructive they can be I realized when I was 18 that when there is something that can t be talked about between two people in a relationship that that relationship is essentially over Oh, it might take a while for the house to fall down but I truly believe it will eventually For her it took 20 something years.Secrets can be very destructive, but they can also be the catalysts for major personal growth.

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    Mimi Alford and I grew up during the same era, so I could relate to much of what she said about the times She had the advantage of being a member of the social register that got her into the best schools and gave her access to jobs such as the one she had as a White House intern I guess my thoughts about what I felt about the story she has to tell about her time as President Kennedy s mistress could be summed up by my reaction to a photo of President Kennedy in today s paper The article that went with the photo recounted how 50 years ago today, the President visited Pueblo, Colorado, as part of the Pan Ark Project I remember that day vividly President Kennedy was the hero of my generation We adored him Never in my wildest dreams would I have suspected that he was accompanied by a young woman just one year older than I was at the time Today, I thought of him in a totally different light I saw him as someone who blatantly took advantage of a young woman I see him as an emotionally compartmentalized person I see him as one who used his power to exert his desires on others in ways that left years of emotional damage for those who fell under his power of charisma The memoir is a good one in many ways At times, I felt the story was told at a surface level It seemed that the author did not dig as deeply into the ways that the affair affected her life as much as she revealed how the keeping of the secret affected her Perhaps the two can never be separated.I admire Mimi Alford for telling her story I admire her for trying to deal with the impact the secret held on her life For a woman of my generation, I know she had much to overcome We were raised in a different time Secrets such as hers were not to be told My guess is that President Kennedy was banking on that.

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    Sex makes headlines We are bombarded by the scandalous headlines So I m not from America so I don t really care for JFK I bought this because it was cheap, I was curious and I love that blue color.Idk, I always feel kinda weird rating reviewing memoirs biographies blahblah because it s someone s life but yeah we all know that JFK was having sex with everyone but his wife.Was the relationship predatory and weird Yes it was Does she think it is Sadly no You build walls, you compartmentalize, you make sure that no one ever knows you completely

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    This was a quick read, only took a few hours, and I think you will find worth your time This is, at its essense, the story of a woman taking nearly a lifetime to claim her power It is also a story about a man s egregious abuse of power toward a innocent 19 year old girl She could have said no,you say I challenge any woman who has ever been 19 years old, love and attention starved, and naiive of the ways of the world, to say Mimi Alford could have said no to the President of the United States It was not in her making to say no to anyone And any of us women 50 or over really should understand, because growing up during those times, we know a good girl was taught not to say no, and to please at all costs As did this young woman, which ultimately contributed to a peril she wasn t aware of until many years later.Alford s title is also interesting and true, as she refers to the aftermath of her affair with Kennedy, which colored all her relationships, and devastated her first marriage Writing of this book is her catharsis While this story of a older man overpowering a young girl is a common tale at its core, this one still had me a bit shocked, even after all we know about JFK s infamous philandering If I had any respect for this man, after reading this, it is now gone I think all women will see little tidbits of their youthful self in Mimi Alford A good and quick read

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    I have to research about Mimi Alford Right now I m feeling such conflicting emotions I m sorry as a young adult being manipulated into being a mistress It s clear she needed to find a voice, but not sure it needed to be writing a book Even with her caring a secret so long, why didn t she just seek a therapist Give me a break Ok, you had a sexual relationship with a President, but he s gone Mimi If you felt it was important to give your side, I agree you are just a footnote to a footnote I m happy your family supported you, but why do you need rest of the world to soften your heart Ok, you had an unhappy marriage, but engaging again as an adulterous shouldn t result in it being ok I do not excuse our 35th President, but he left a daughter who has yet another book as a reminder Maybe you weren t phased that you disrespected our First Lady , but you should apologize to their family It s a joke to read how you rarely think about JFK, but didn t have trouble retelling your affair Seems you haven t let go Mimi Finally, if you truly have integrity..take every dime of proceeds of this book and support causes that help young ladies empowering their self esteem For the record, I got this book from my local library It will be right back on their shelf in a few short hours.

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    Hmmmm, I have mixed feelings about this book Obviously I finished it very quickly, which speaks to how interesting it was But it was also disturbing.It WAS fascinating to have this insight into the President s personal world and how things like having affairs with 19 year old interns got started and continued for 1.5 years with no one apparently the wiser or at least everyone choosing to ignore it or not acknowledge it publicly You can t help but be amazed considering the 24 hr news cycle we are on now wherein it would be INCREDIBLY difficult for a President to get away with as much philandering as JFK was doing In that way, I think our current way of doing things is better I don t believe a President deserves to be enabled to do things like cheat on his wife and have them kept totally secret by the media and those close to him BUT, as fascinating as her story was and sometimes sickening , this author is a fairly unlikeable unrelatable person While I respect that she kept this a secret for as long as she did and never tried to cash in on it until she was exposed, I thought it was exceedingly odd and off putting that she says SEVERAL times in the book that she felt no guilt about anything she did, and still doesn t and that she never once thought about Jackie or the kids or that maybe this was a bad choice Oh and btw, she was actually engaged to her future husband for part of the time that she was still sleeping with the Presidentso just maybe not the best moral compass here altogetherShe makes a big point to stand by her choices and claim that she wouldn t change anything and that there was nothing else she could have done as a 19 year old virgin but succumb to the wiles of an attractive man who was also the most powerful man in the world And while we ve all done some dumb things as teenagers and I certainly don t think she tried to seduce the President or anything, I guess I was very surprised and put off by the fact that now, as an adult looking back on those years, she still does not feel any regret or guilt for having a long term affair with a President who was also a married man with children She still seems to look back on this as a really special magical time in her life, with none of the wisdom or learning that one hopefully gains with age.

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    Ick, ick, ick If you don t want to be disgusted by JFK, then don t read this book ICK The book is an easy read, but everything about it is disturbing JFK s behavior, the behavior of his aides, but most of all, the disturbing retrospective account of this 70 year old woman who, even with 50 years distance, thinks that JFK did nothing wrong She s pretty delusional, not only excusing and justifying what is essentially multiple episodes of rape, but in believing that she and JFK shared an intimate relationship, and had he survived, they would have been good friends.While I remain suspicious as to just how intimate their relationship never was I won t provide a spoiler that pretty well addresses it , one thing is very clear this is the sad story of a woman who was used and abused by JFK, went on to have a miserable marriage with someone who was probably not much different, and writes about it now with the apologetic tone of someone who continues to make excuses for the bullies in her life.A fascinating read for a number of reasons, but most fascinating isn t JFK s vile behaviour, but the lack of perspective of the author.

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